Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sharing some YARN LOVE.... a lovely giveaway for you

February is the month of love...
sweetheart love, family love,... and for me, yarn love...

 the wonderful and talented 
ladies at Tink yarn
make beautiful, beautiful yarns...
(click on the link above to be directed to their website)

Ashley, Terri,and Laci 
have taken their love of knitting and yarns
to the next level...
creating their very own 
yarn dying company...

these sweet ladies have shared some of their
gorgeous yarns with me
so that I could tell
 how wonderful they really are... 

these are the softest yarns
that I have ever held between
my fingers...
the colors are blended just perfectly,
this yarn is to die for!

 I think that I have just found
my new favorite yarn...
 last week,
 we were in the midst of a blizzard~
more than 15 inches of snow
covered our world in a blanket
of white... 

so of course..
I grabbed my beautiful yarns
and went out into the middle of it all
to take these photos...
(doesn't everyone photograph yarn
in the middle of a blizzard?)
 because I love this yarn SO much...
I am going to giveaway two beautiful skeins
of this yarn to one of you...
(please note, that the yarn in the photos is my yarn...
yours will be just as lovely,
you will LOVE it!
To enter..
simply leave a comment here
 on my blog.
(as always, my giveaways are open to all my readers,
regardless of where you live 
in this big wide world...)
For another chance to win...
please share this post 
or link to it on your own blog, Facebook, or Instagram page.
then come back here and leave another comment
 telling me that you have done so..
the winner will be announced HERE on
this page on March 1,2016.
perhaps you would like
to purchase some of these beautiful yarns
for yourself...
you may use this discount code--
for a 15% discount 
when you make your purchase. 
(you can even share the yarn love...
and share this discount code with your friends!)
February is upon us...
the shortest month of the year.  I always feel that once February is here, we are closer to March, and that March brings us closer to spring. Its that little trick that I do that makes me think that winter is almost over...
I've been doing lots of knitting, (of course!) and will have some new projects to share soon. I have watched some great shows while I am clicking away at my needles....
 Downton Abbey, of course...(I'm so sad that it is ending)
Anzac Girls (have you seen it?  I thought it was wonderful!!)
Call the Midwife...(I am so behind on this one, and loving every minute of it!)
Some books that I recently finished and loved...
Circling the Sun, Along the Infinte Sea, and the Milliner's Secret.
 All were wonderful books that I could hardly put down -- perhaps you will love them too... 
For those of us still in the midst of winter... hang on just a bit longer...spring will be here soon! 

I'll be sharing some of these photos
later today on my Instagram page
"2 BagsFull"...
if you are an IG person, 
I would love for you to follow me there

and to share this with your
friends who follow you on 
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Introducing my beautiful Snowbird Nest...

a wintry forest, 
  trees laden with snow and ice,
     sunlight filters through the dense woods
         casting glittery shadows all around...

 in the hush of the frozen forest~
the little Snowbird sings
her song...

Inspiration is a funny thing,
you never know when it will come to you,
and most always..
 it comes from a place
that you never expected...

 my inspiration for this beautiful
 "Snowbird" nest
came from one of my most favorite books,
by Paul Gallico

a hauntingly beautiful tale..
it is a tribute to the human spirit,
and the bonds that hold us together~ 
it is a story of love, bravery, loneliness,
and the healing of a beautiful
wounded Snow Goose..
   a wonderful heart-warming parable 
about love, friendship and loyalty 
during one of the hardest times in the world's history - WWII.
 a young girl brings the snow goose with a broken wing 
to a lonely and disappointed man...
 thus begins
 a very special friendship 
between the three. 
a couple of years ago,
while sorting through my books,
some of them going to charity,
keeping only a few of my
very favorites...
this beautiful book crept out from among the stacks..
it once again captivated me
and I sat down to reread 
the story...

from the minute that I first opened the book, 
seeing the soft and shadowy illustrations,
reliving the story through the beautiful prose...
I knew that I wanted to create
a beautiful icy nest...
 a place 
where a little 
winter bird might live..
 In my dreams...
this is where she lives...

this little book was first published in 1941...
 telling a sentimental story that happened 
on the Essex coast of England
 from 1930 to 1940. 

The "Snow Goose" is a short story 
about unexpected love--
wild love~
of an alienated, tender soul, Philip,
 a Canadian Snow Goose,
 and a beautiful young
 Saxon girl. 
in this beautiful wintry tale...
 every sentence seems to shiver with the salt-laden 
chill of the desolate landscape 
in which it is set~
The "Snow Goose"
was originally published as a short story
 in the Saturday Evening Post in the 9 November 1940 edition.
 A year later, it was released as a novella 
and won honorable mention in the 
O. Henry Memorial Prize 
The "Snow Goose" was made into a special television movie...
the Hallmark Hall of Fame television production 
of this story in 1971
 was a priceless gift to those viewers 
lucky enough to have seen it. 
the program was run at least twice in the '70s 
but is now "lost" to the public --- 
no VHS, no DVD copies are available... 

but of course,
I found it for you...
if you wish, you can watch 
the entire 
Hallmark Hall of Fame production
via U-tube from this link
(scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link)
it is shown in 5 parts -- 10 minutes each,
they flow together smoothly from one part to the other..
you'll need tissues -- trust me on this!
those of you who purchase
this beautiful nest,
will find inside your package
a little gift from me...
a glittery glass
snowbird for your own little
(there are 2 variations of the little birds,
yours will be a surprise..
they are both lovely...) 

one of the most beautiful embellishments 
on this lovely nest
are the tiny crochet snowflakes
created by my friend Karen.
tiny, exquisite little snowflakes...
 they were generously donated
by dear Karen to grace this beautiful nest..
(you can find  her amazing artistic creations at her
own beautiful blog...Todolwen)
Thank you dear Karen
for your amazing, precious little gifts..

 Presentation is everything--
and I want you to say "WOW"
the minute that you open your box...
Your nest will be beautifully wrapped
with the lovliest tissue and tags
created by my talented friend
Sue Kosec.
(you can visit Sue at her blog by clicking the link above)

this beautiful "Snow Bird" nest
has been over two years in the making...
perhaps I could tell you
 a little bit about the making of a nest in my
"Designer series"...

~once the decision is made to create a themed nest
for the series...
the shopping is non stop for at least 2-3 years,
flea markets, antique stores,
yard sales,.... everywhere imaginable--
looking for the perfect vintage embellishments
for these nests.  
my craft room closet is full of tubs
that hold vintage treasures,
 designated for a special nest...
waiting to be brought to life sometime in
the future...
it. takes. years.
just in case you thought I might just say--
"lets make a Snowbird nest"--
and then magically, perhaps 3 months later,
30 of these little nests appear all
pretty and ready to come live with you...
that's just not how it happens in real life.
 once production actually starts on these nests...
it is a full year from start to finish
to make a 30 count series
of a themed nest.
And -- I can't do it alone.  
my (BFF) Mary is an integral part of this
"nesting" team....
(I simply could NOT do this without her help!!)
(a million thanks to my dear friend
for all the hours that she has
devoted to this amazing
We have both worked diligently all year to
produce this beautiful "Snowbird"nest...
(in between living our busy lives, grandbabies, travels,
and... did I forget to tell you that I still
work full time as a Neonatal nurse....) 
 the creation of these nests is a true 
and absolute passion for me...
I love bringing them to life,
using exquisite yarns and embellishments...
I love sharing each of their stories
 with you all...
 knowing that these nests
make you so happy 
and that they
serve a greater good... 
  as always,
my Designer nest series is linked to 
a charitable organization...
a few weeks ago,
was conducting an auction on her own blog
to raise money for 
several of the animal rescue centers
near her home in France.
(please do visit my friend Liz at her beautiful blog) 
she is continuing her charitable work for the animal shelters
by creating the most beautiful Lavender hearts 
to be sold at auction, benefiting
the animal shelters near her home.
I was so touched by her efforts to help
some of God's little 4 legged creatures
that I wanted to do the same... 
 is a terrible time to
be a stray dog or cat without
a warm and loving home,...
I know that our local shelters are full
 and overflowing
right now...
charitable funds
from the sale of these 
"Snowbird" nests
will be donated to local
animal shelters near my home.
your purchase of this beautiful nest
will help to care for desperately
needy and lost dogs and cats
through this winter
while they wait to find
their own forever
Those of you who 
RESERVED your nests
will find them listed here in my ETSY shop...
all but 4 of these nests were RESERVED when I posted
about this nest last January...
(click the link above to see the beautiful Preview post from last January) 
If you would like to give a home to one of the
remaining little nests...
and in return...
 know that your donation
will go towards helping desperate
creatures this winter,
please visit my ETSY shop
(please be sure to purchase a nest listing
that says "NOT RESERVED"
 thank you
for allowing my to live my creative dreams
and bring these beautiful nests
 to life...
I hope you have enjoyed the story
 of how this special nest came to be
and the hauntingly beautiful book
that inspired me to create
this nest...
although the original book,"The Snow Goose"
is no longer in print production,
you may still be able to secure a copy
for  yourself from a vintage book seller.
I found some for you here... 
you can find later productions of the book 
here.... (but this is not the same version of the book
 that has the beautiful illustrations found
in the original printing of the book.
My copy is the original, first edition
printing of the book.... 
hold out for the original version if you can...

I thought you might like to see
how my "Snowbird" nest is displayed
in my house...
My "Snow Goose" book is resting on top of a
glass cake plate and my beautiful nest
is sitting on top of the book...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Appalachian Christmas...

Appalachia is not just a place ... it is a heritage. A heritage that defines a people and their way of life.  Living in Appalachia is to live among places of incredible beauty, vast open spaces surrounded by mountains and hills, valleys that ring with the history of those who first came to this country and settled here to make their homes and raise their families.  We recently visited the amazing and beautiful Museum of Appalachia during their special holiday season.  The pioneer settlement there was all decked out and decorated just as our great great grandparents would have done all those many years ago.  My holiday gift to you is to share some of these holiday photos of our wonderful day at this incredible place...

 the pioneer settlement 
at the museum consists of more than
30 cabins...
each of them were a picture postcard
of holidays
 in years gone by...

follow us along as we tour the cabins
and wonder at the simple but beautiful
holiday decorations...

loved the display of 
vintage toys..

loved this wreath
hung on the outside of one of the cabins...

this photo would
make a beautiful Christmas card...

simple, beautiful, elegant... 

 loved the nature
holiday decorations of this

you just know 
that my heart beat faster
when I saw this little bird nest 
in the holiday

 such a beautiful mantle display...

the settlement at the museum
includes a historic 
old church..

there is also an old 

how beautiful is this
tree decorated
with children's handmade

the schoolhouse diaplay
was one ofour

in addition to the pioneer settlement,
the Museum of Appalachia
also has 2 amazing
 exhibition display rooms.
this pretty kitty
 followed me around inside the
display areas--
he was my little tour guide!

My Christmas wish for you is to enjoy peace and love this holiday season... may you feel the joy in your home that you have shared with me throughout this past year.  This is a joyous season to take a step back from our busy lives and enjoy time with our loved ones. Best wishes to you and yours...

ps -- I'm taking a little break from my blog as I work frantically to complete the last little details on the newest nest design.  Those of you on the waiting list for the "Snowbird " nest will be hearing from me soon.  30 little winter nests are almost ready to fly out the door soon!  I'll be back to share photos when they are completed.