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Grow Your Blog - 2014 (This is THE Official Sign Up Post)

If you are looking for the actual party post -- for January 25, 2014  you can find it here!

Anybody want to party? Would you like to make new blogging friends? Mark your calendars for January 25, 2014 and make plans to join me and LOTS of other bloggers from around the world for this incredible opportunity to increase the readership of your blogs and also to increase your followers! 

 Last year over 400 bloggers participated in this event-- and you are ALL invited to this winter's party!  This could be the perfect event to help us all with the winter doldrums!  When it's freezing outside and the snow is flying everywhere-- just snuggle in where it's warm and spend some time making new friends~~

My "GROW YOUR BLOG" event is designed to bring more readers and FOLLOWERS to your blogs. The premise is simple-- just visit as many blogs as you wish and sign up to follow those that interest you. In turn, all the other folks will be doing the same thing~ we will all be growing our blogs!

We need some guidelines for everyone to follow
so here they are~

1.Everyone who has a blog is invited -- 
this is an international event.  
Wherever you live~you are invited to party with us. 
Please note -- the deadline for entry is January 15.  This is THE official sign up post -- if you wish to participate - please leave a comment here on this post.  (I can't go back and forth between multiple posts for all the entries -- so please consider that this is the official sign up post.)

In your entry comment -- please tell me how many followers you have.  I will be grouping the participants according to their number of followers.  While you can certainly visit as many blogs as you wish -- those of you with only a few followers may wish to begin your visits by going to those blogs who, like you, only have a few followers -- that way you can support each other and more easily add to your follower lists!

***** in addition to your number of followers - please leave me a live link to your blog in your comment.  Copy the URL of your blog and paste it into your comment.  This will make it easier for me to go directly to your blog when I add you into the blog lists.  

2.  Please share the beautiful party badge 
(created by my friend Karen Valentine)
with your own blogging friends. 
 Post it on your sidebar and encourage your friends to do the same.  The more blogs that participate - the more chances we all have of growing our blogs.  SPREAD THE WORD!  Perhaps even consider doing a post about this on your own blog.

3. Prizes --- 
the choice is yours
 to give away prizes or not. 
 Last year it was about half and half.   In the many comments that I received relating to last year's event -- folks seemed to really enjoy the prizes that they won and appreciated the efforts by those who gave them away.  But - the choice is yours and there is no requirement to do so.  If  you do chose to give away a prize - it can be anything you want.  The rules need to be the same for everyone~ anybody can enter, anybody can win.  

PLEASE do not make it a requirement to follow your blog in order to enter. In fact -- you do not have to have a blog to be entered to win a prize.  Blogging has NO boundaries so you need to be willing to ship your prize any where in the world.  Everyone can enter - regardless of where they live.  

**Let's all do the same thing and give the prizes away on February 15.  You can announce the winner of your give away on your blog on that date. **

4.  Please publish your blog post 
late on the evening of January 24 --
 that way it will be ready for those on the other side of the world
 who wake up before us.
As the host blog, I will publish my post with the list on participants just after midnight on January 25.  

Some suggestions for making this a great and fun 
experience for us all~

1. Please title your blog post "GROW YOUR BLOG".  Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and why your love to blog.  If your blog pertains to a specific interest or area - tell us all about that. In short - we would all like to know what drives you create your blog. 

2. There is nothing more dreaded than the "no reply blogger" status.  Simply go to your blogger profile page and add your email address. This will allow folks to reply directly back to you from your comment on their blog. We all want to be able to reply directly back to our visitors - especially if they ask a question-- it's so frustrating when that cant be done.

3.  Comment moderation spam filter -- ugh.  Most of us hate it!  Please consider turning it off for this event. This is NOT a requirement - but it will definitely make your visitors more likely to stay longer and leave a comment if they don't have to play with the robot.

4.  VERY IMPORTANT-- if you want more followers - be sure to add your FOLLOWER gadget to your sidebar! Please have it positioned prominently where we can all see it.  (you can find the Follower button in the gadget section of your design page.  Just click on it and position it on your sidebar.)

5.  You might want to consider adding your email address to your public profile and also somewhere on your sidebar.  Mine is listed in 2 places on my sidebar -- I want my readers to easily be able  to reach me.

6. Consider telling us your name.  Seriously. Folks want to be able to call you by name and to connect with you when they leave a comment.You might want to also consider posting a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog- that helps your readers to connect with you also.  My name is Vicki. (see photo at bottom of this post) .  See -- that was painless!  

7.  I know that many of you are artists (like me) and that your blogs are often about the things that you create. If your craft is genuinely a part of who you are -- then by all means share with us what you make!  BUT -- this event is not about selling our wares-- this event is to meet people and grow our blogs. Just have your website or ETSY shop listed on your blog sidebar-- if your visitors are interested in making a purchase -- they will go to the trouble to find your shop on the sidebar or to email you. 

8.  Sometimes when you go to a party -- you just feel like getting a new dress or outfit.  So-- if you would like to update the appearance of your blog -- a new blog header --or a whole new layout-- you might want to contact my friend Karen Valentine.  Karen has dedicated her entire blogging career to helping us all with our blogging concerns,questions, and also helping us create beautiful blogs.    Karen is my very own "go to person" when it comes to anything that I need help with relating to my blog. She has practically "adopted" me.  I know that she would be thrilled to help you with updating your blogs in preparation for all the company you will be receiving at this event!  

 SO -- please mark your calendars.  Make a poster - put it in your datebook-- place a reminder on your phone -- a sticky note on your computer--write the date on your bathroom mirror~~~ if you are a reader or follower of my blog, I won't let your forget! 

As I add blogs to the lists, I won't be sending emails to each of you this year telling you that you have been added in.  I just can't-- that took hours and hours of extra work.  So please, if participating in this event is important to you - please save the date, mark the date -- and refer to this post for all the info that  you need. 

*** please note~
After the party begins, I will wait 24 hours and then begin to visit the blogs-- those that do not have a specific "GROW YOUR BLOG" post, will have to be deleted from the lists. (I'm so sorry-- but I want this to be fair to everyone.)  So please do remember the date.

***I'm looking for a few volunteers to help me visit the blogs who are participating.  It's really easy -- all you have to do is visit the short list of blogs that I assign to you and report back to me which ones forgot to do a "Grow Your Blog" post.    If you are available to help me -- just send me an email 

*****UPDATE JANUARY 15,2014---
We now have over 500 blogs entered in the GYB event.  (I have tyled in blogs until my little fingers are stubby!) Please understand that I can not leave a comment on every blog to say that you are loaded in for the party.  If you have left a comment here on this post ---- you ARE loaded in for the party.  When the party date arrives -- if your blog is not listed -- email me, I can quickly fix it -- but if you left all of the requirred info on your comment -- you are already now loaded in for the party!  Wow -- 500 -- can you even believe it???

*****UPDATE JANUARY 24, 2014
I have completed the post for the party. If you left a comment here with your info --- link to your blog and your follower info --- than, rest assured you have been included for the party.  With now almost 600 blogs participating -- I am sorry, but I simply cannot come to each of your blogs and leave a comment here stating that you have been entered.  Comment #596 is the last blog to be included in the event.  The cut off date was January 15 --- but I have worked very, very hard to include those of you who have entered at the last minute.  I am now ready for tomorrow --- bring on the party!!   

This has been an incredible year - a year of great blessings and gratitude. The Pink Scarf Project is nearing completion.  All the scarves are here and are photographed.  They have traveled with me (and friends) on an incredible journey to places rich with the history of another era ~ places so beautiful that finding the right words to describe them are difficult. 

This photo was taken while on that journey.  A beautiful barn, sitting by the side of the road, inviting me to come and visit. You can see the rest of the barn photos in the "Pink Scarf Project" finale. The final posts have been divided into 3 parts -- so many scarves - I could not put them into just one or two posts! Watch for the first of the scarves to appear here in mid November~

Your compassion for the "Pink Scarf Project" has been nothing short of amazing.  Together, you all have helped to make this great big world~ a whole lot smaller, bringing us all together with your love and support for women braving breast cancer.  

My "Grow Your Blog" event is, once again, my gift to you all. A chance for you to expand your circle of friends, making your own personal world a bit smaller and filling it with new friendships and opportunities.  Blogging has changed my life and opened doors that I never thought possible. This is my way of opening those doors for you all~



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Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi If I am not too late I would love to join the party.
My name is Jane and I blog at
I have 1130 followers but love to meet and make new friends. Thank you so much. The button will go on my blog tomorrow. And I am now following you through Feedly.

kate steeper said...

Merely a beginner in the blog realm ,


Cindy said...

Thank you so much for hosting this again this year! I participated last year, and loved visiting so many blogs and meeting new people. I'd love to sign up again this year. I currently have 97 followers, here's my info


Charlene S said...

I would love to join this party. I currently have 63 wonderful followers.

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Would like to join the fun.
I have around 550 followers between BL GFC and email.
Will add your hop logo and share a post about it.
Sew much fun!

Aunt Marti said...

Vicki, I would love to play along with your blog party! My blog is called "52 Quilts in 52 Weeks" (yes, I really make one quilt per week) and the url is:
I have 400+ followers on Bloglovin'. This will be so fun!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for this opportunity! I blog at a glimpse of our life. and # of followers depends on the platform. In google friends, nearly 600 and in bloglovin' it just passed 100.

sophie said...

I would love to join the party. My Sophie Junction blog has 205 followers via Google Friend Connect, 77 readers on Feedly and 130 followers on Bloglovin. I suspect there's a lot of overlap, so adding them probably doesn't reflect a real number.

Judy said...

Well, I will also try :-))

I started blogging only 4 months ago, to present the projects from blog hops.
I have 28 followers up to now, hopefully growing soon :-))

Thank you for your effort und a big hug from rainy Switzerland!


Bev said...

Oh good! It looks like I just made it! Please add me to your blog party!

I have 807 followers on GFC. Here's my link:

Thanks so much!

Cheery wave from

sophie said...

Can I also include the Block Lotto blog which I lead?

It has 28 followers on Bloglovin, 38 readers on Feedly and 236 follow by email (Feedburner).

Calicojoan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calicojoan said...

OOPS I forgot my link on the last post.

I would love to participate. Right now I have 713 followers thru Blogger and 395 from Bloglovin.
I look forward to meeting new friends.

Derrith said...

Vicki: I don't think I have signed up yet...yikes! I would love to join the party again this year. I have exactly 100 followers. Now the tricky part...I'm not sure how to do a link within a comment. My blog address is

Unknown said...

I would love to participate this year !!

I currently have 12 blog followers, and 15 followers on Blolovin and 14 on Twitter, so I could defiantly use boost !

Blog is located at

fairyrocks said...

Hi, Just happened upon this event, in the eleventh hour it seems.
Would love to be hooked up. I have your button in the side bar and will be setting up a post to go for the 25th. Thank You for hosting. Here is my blog address, I currently have 211 followers.

Kim said...

This sounds like fun. I would love to join. I have 507 GFC followers. I blog at:

Lessons on Linen said...

I would love to be included on this. My name is Jaime. My blog is an embroidery/cross-stitch blog:
It is a new blog, and I don't think that anyone is following it.
Thank you so much! ~Jaime

Lessons on Linen said...

Thank you so much for organizing this. I would love to be included. My blog is new, and I don't believe has any followers. My url is:

Thank you!

canuckquilter said...

Great idea! Thanks for hosting and organising this meet-and-greet. I have 66 followers at

Sharm said...

Hi Vicki, Yes please I have just stumbled across this just in time it seems and would love to take part. I have 2 blogs that are set up differently so would like to include both of them if possible please:
My main blog has 49 followers: http//
My other blog has just 17 followers:
I'm off to work shortly, but will pop on the badge and such when I get home tonight. Thanks so very much for all the info you also included in this post, and the link to your wonderful helper, whom I am sure I will be in contact with at some point.
Hugs Sharm (in Australia,with heat wave conditions - no snow LOL)

Karen B. said...

Hi my dear friend,
I am so glad I didn't miss the chance to sign up for this great event! Thank you for doing this for us bloggers. I can now be found under either and since today again also under!
Many hugs to you,
Karen B.


Looking forward to growing along with everyone here! Presently there are only 15 blogger followers and I'm not sure how to check about bloglovin, or google+, but would love to join in the GYBP event.


Susie said...

Hi Vicki, I would love to participate in Grow Your Blog 2014 and visited your site from a blog I read every day!

I have 42 followers to my site and 24 on Blogger so 66 in total.

My blog is Susie's World at Quilt Creations and the address is :

Thank you for hosting such a great idea.

Susie x

Deborah Montgomery said...

I'd love to participate! My blog is less than two months old, so I really would like to make some connections. I have 18 followers. Thank you so much for doing this.

Mu URL is

tealeafquilts said...

I'm signing up! I sew want to become an accomplished blogger. I have a big 5 followers.

Unknown said...

I would love to participate in Grow Your Blog! New to blogging and I currently have 26 followers.

My blog is

Thank you for doing this Vicki!

Sew Hungryhippie said...

Yes I'd love to join in! My blog has 475 followers. Here is the link: I mostly blog about quilting, sewing, crafting, & cooking. Can't wait to meet other creatives out there! Yippee! (As I scurry off to jot it in the diary.) Thank you for hosting. x

Wendy said...

I would love to join in this...I have 175 followers through my blog and 93 on bloglovin...

thank you for arranging this as I would love to increase my followers this year.

Sandi said...

Wow what an amazing list you have, please add me to the group.

I'm Sandi and currently have 17 followers and my blog focuses on travel, photography, antiques and quilting. is where you can find me I'll try and add your button. Fortunately my best friends birthday is the 25 so I will be sure to remember to put up a post on the 25th.

Thanks for organizing this.

Elise Lea said...

Hi! I would love to be part of the grow your blog party! I currently have 47 followers.

Thank you for putting this on!


Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

added the button, working on my post now! woot woot

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would love to sign up for this party - Sharon

Pauline G said...

Would love to join in - I have 125 great followers and follow lots of great blogs.
My blog can be found at

Winter_Pixie said...

I would love to participate in this party!
I have seven (7) followers and my blog url is:

Melissa said...

I would like to participate. I have 29 followers. Cool idea! Can't wait to make some new friends!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry - I'm such a dope, I forgot to add my link!

Cath said...

I may have just got in by the skin of my teeth here but I would love to be involved in your Grow your Blog party. I currently have 130 followers.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Becky said...

I think I will just visit blogs this year. I would be happy to visit blogs for you and report back those who didn't write a post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much- I would love to participate in Grow Your Blog. I'm a quilter and just started my blog; I have zero followers- do I win? I'm looking forward to meeting (and learning from) all the other bloggers out there!

You can link me up at Red Door Quilts:

Thanks again, Vicki for putting this together!

Jo :)

Joanna said...

Yes, I do want to join in. I have 131 followers. My blog address is:

Thank you for doing this; it's super.

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

I'd love to join in! I have 81 followers. Many seem to be following my by email or Blogsy since my new blog started recently. Would love to grow subscribers interested in my style to share in similar tastes. My blog is about my pattern company, Traditional Primitives. I love to show hints for English Paper Piecing, appliqué, wool appliqué and favorite things!

Sheri said...

I would like to participate in your Grow Your Blog event. I will volunteer to help you visit a small list of bloggers if you need me. Thanks!

carol fun said...

Thanks for this opportunity. I'd love to find new blogs and have others find my blog. Here is the link to my blog.

carol fun

carol fun said...

Oh darn -- I forgot to tell you that my blog has about 235 followers --here's the link again -

sorry I'm so scatterbrained - and thanks again -
carol fun

Amy said...

Hello, It is so nice to meet you. This is my first time signing up and would love to participate this year. I have 630 GFC Followers. Thanks for the party. I can't wait to check out all the great new blogs.


Sarah Craig said...

Thanks to Sharon over at Vrooman's Quilts, I've heard about your lovely party! What fun! I have two blogs, one old, one very new.

Blog #1 - with 953 followers (boy I'd love to get over that 1K mark!)

Blog #2 - with 19 followers (I just started this one this week and would love to spread the word!)


Cheryl said...

I would love to participate, thank you so much for hosting!

My blog is:

I have about 120 followers currently.


Dolores Quilts said...

This sounds like fun, just found out about it a few minutes ago. I have 25 followers. My blog kink is

Thanks for hosting!


barbara woods said...

I already got in touch with you but want to make sure, wonttobequilter@blogspot

Elaine said...

Oh, I would love to be included in this growing activity! That is so kind of you to host it! By followers you mean on the facebook thingy (89)or bloglovin or email sign ups? I am not sure but I'm excited! I revamped my blog this year on it's 2nd year you can see it at Thanks so much! I heard of you from Sheri at Sunshine in the attic

HalfDozen said...

I would love to participate, I have 88 followers to date
Thank you so much for hosting this.

Suzie said...

I would love to sign up. My blog has 264 followers and I'd love to participate.

My URL is

Thanks again for organising this.


Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

You must have been reading my mind! I just opened a new blog about my sewing/quilting. The one I had was more to promote my Etsy shop and sales, but that didn't work so well, so I just want to do my blog and share my experience, talents, helps etc with others as they have with me. And I didn't know how I was going to "get it out there". My old blog has 2 members.. I hope they transfer over to my new one! My name is Cheri (or Quilting Nanny). My blog is
Fabric and Memories
Thanks for the chance to be in the Grow Your Blog blog hop!

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Please sign me up if I'm not too late. I'm always looking for new blogs and crafts to watch.

I have 163 followers and about 30 on my google+ circles.

Here is my blog.

Dasha said...

I found this link up at the eleventh hour. I have just had my first anniversary of blogging, and would love to join in on Grow Your Blog. I currently have 12 followers. The url is
Thanks Vicki for putting this on.

Quinn said...

Hi Vicki - I'd love to participate again this year! It was your 2013 Party that got me started blogging, and it's been a lot of fun. Here's to 2014 and another Party! :)

I have 78 followers at Comptonia

Now to think of a nifty giveaway...
thank you so much for hosting this event again!

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

What a lovely idea, I would love to join in this year. Excited to hop on new blogs and making ne blogger friends.

I blog at with ~360 followers

Unknown said...

HI Vicki This is the first time I am reading your blog. I want to say a heartfelt thanks for the pink scarf project. I am so new to blogging and Karen Valentine just finished my blog today. I have maybe 5 followers and would love to do a post for Grow your Blog. I am a stage IV Breast Cancer survivor and am recovering as I write this from my second radical mastectomy. you have blessed my life thank you.Susie, my blog is Cake plates and Other

Lyndsey said...

I'd love to take part if not too late to register. I have 250 followers.

My url is

Micupoftea said...

Hello- what fun. Please add my blog.
I have 253 followers. Thank you for hosting this event.

Peg said...

I would love to join in with the party, my blog currently has 39 followers.
The link is : http//

My email is visible on the right hand side bar. I'll pop your lovely new badge on now.

Oooh it's rather exciting isn't it. :0) Thank you for arranging this.

Peg x

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

Sounds like fun, sign me up please. At the moment I have 89 Followers

Christina Paul said...

I signed up but not sure if I had included a link to my blog! So excited to be included in the party and Thanks for hosting! Last year's party was wonderful!

~ Toni ~ said...

I would love to participate in your grow your blog party this year. I currently have 11 followers and my blog address is

Thank you!!!

Christine said...

I would like to grow my blog. I currently have 39 followers.
My blog is about quilting, cross stitching, crocheting and other crafty things I may be working on. Thank you for organizing.

jeanga6 said...

I would like to join in the fun too. I have 43 followers right now.


Ida said...

Boy am I cutting the deadline close. I thought I'd bookmarked your page but then had to do a search instead but here I am. Yes I would like to sign up for the Grow Your Blog Event. It sounds like a lot of fun. I have 99 followers (well actually 98 because it counts me as a follower for some weird reason). I've been blogging about 7 years now. My blog is mainly Photography related although I do crafts (most card making) and have another blog for that. Here is the link to my main blog:
Thanks for hosting this.

Unknown said...

Thank you Vicki! I have approximately 500 followers. My blog is

Ashley cramp said...

Big hello and even bigger thank you for hosting...

My name is Daisy

I blog about sewing, crochet,vintage-retro goodies oh yes and life!

I have 347 followers....

bestest wishes to you and yours

Daisy jones

Unknown said...

I would love to sign up for your Grow Your Blog party. I will have my admin person (my SIL) put the button up right away.

I currently have about 160 followers, though others follow on feeds so they don't "subscribe".

My blog is located at

My name is Marsha.

thank you for doing this!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Hi Vicki -- I just recieved an email from Karen Walker and have decided to join in the fun!! Love to Grow my Blog!!

I currently have about 450 followers between GFC, Feedburner and Bloglovin -- I would love to break that 500 mark!

Thanks so much for the great party!


Maria said...

This is all new to me and sounds like so much fun. I would love to join if I'm not too late.

I have 146 followers and my URL is:

Thank you


Wendy said...

I'd like to sign up please. Http://
I have about 450 followers. I'm on my phone right now but I'll add the button to my sidebar tomorrow.

jan said...

Hi Vicki,
If it is not too late I would love to participate. My blog is Sew and Sow Farm. Here is the link.
I have 349 followers through GFC and Bloglovin. Don't know how to check followers through email etc.. I look forward to participating. I will be adding the badge to my blog tonight. Thanks for the opportunity. I love meeting so many new peple through their blogs. xo jan

Carla said...

Sounds like fun. I would love to participate.
I have 207 followers.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for a party! It is such a pleasure to meet you and I would love to be included.

I have 391 followers and my URL is..

Thank you for all of your efforts, and how on earth do you get through all of these comments? ;-) Mina

LittleHouseontheDairy said...

I would love to join the hop! My blog is and I am just getting started with 14 followers.

Melinda said...

I would like to join in. I currently have 334 followers. Here is the link to my blog.

jeanchaneyaz said...

Wow, I just found out about this in the nick of time! I would like to participate. I have 20 followers on my blog. The link is:
Thank you,

Melody said...

This is a brilliant idea and I would love to participate. My blog, The House on the Side of the Hill, is at
I post every day including a link to a free project and I would love some new followers. I have 667 followers at the moment.
Many thanks Melody in Melbourne

Second Hand said...

Please sign us up for this awesome event. We have 141 followers. Here is our link:

Thank you so much (in advance) for doing this.

Kathy and Deb

Melody said...

This is a brilliant idea and I would love to participate. My blog, The House on the Side of the Hill, is at
I post every day including a link to a free project and I would love some new followers. I have 667 followers at the moment.
Many thanks Melody in Melbourne

Stitches and Seeds said...

Hi I just found you from Gilly makes. Am I too late to join the party? My blog address is At the mo I have 48 followers. Will put the poster on my side bar asap. Thanks Eleanor

prince snow farm said...

I hope I am not too late!! Just saw this on beth P's blog, and it's still the 15th!

I am Monica from

I have 388 followers and I am looking to grow my blog!

How nice! I won't put the sign on my sidebar until you give me an ok! Thanks!

prince snow farm said...

I hope I am not too late!! Just saw this on beth P's blog, and it's still the 15th!

I am Monica from

I have 388 followers and I am looking to grow my blog!

How nice! I won't put the sign on my sidebar until you give me an ok! Thanks!

liniecat said...

I would love to participate please.
I found some lovely blogs last year and gained a few new friends along the way.
Thank you so much for setting this up, Ive been looking out for this and almost missed you despite that! duhh

liniecat said...

Oops - I have 81 followers lol

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope I'm not too late! I love is idea and I'd love to join in! I've recently celebrated by first Blogversary and only have 6 followers but here's hoping it'll change!
My blog is :

Thanks again!


Bquiltin said...

WOW I;m in time to sign up!! I have 77 followers and sometimes I don't quite know my niche.... just my love of quiltin and handcrafts! Wanting friends.... worldwide! My URL

creations.1 said...

Hi, don't know if I have made the Jan 15th deadline - My name is Kerrie, I have 36 followers, my blog is My blog is a bit of a diary of my crafting and what goes on in my life! I love visiting other peoples blogs - a great way to make new 'friends'; learn about people and places and just be able to connect.

Bquiltin said...

WOW I;m in time to sign up!! I have 77 followers and sometimes I don't quite know my niche.... just my love of quiltin and handcrafts! Wanting friends.... worldwide! My URL

Jayne said...

Hi my name is Jayne I have 34 followers my blog is mainly about the crafts I do and the exchanges I take part in.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the chance to join the party! My blog has 14 followers.
Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope I'm not too late! I love is idea and I'd love to join in! I've recently celebrated by first Blogversary and only have 6 followers but here's hoping it'll change!
My blog is :

Thanks again!

Oh, I have no idea how to add a button on my side bar... Appreciate ANY help!!! :-)

DeAnna said...

I would love to join in! Sounds like lots of fun and your participant list has really grown from last year.

I have 131 followers. My URL is:

Thanks for hosting!

Unknown said...

Hi! Hope I'm not too late! I love is idea and I'd love to join in! I've recently celebrated by first Blogversary and only have 6 followers but here's hoping it'll change!
My blog is :

Thanks again!

Oh, I have no idea how to add a button on my side bar... Appreciate ANY help!!! :-)

Gina Loomis said...

I would like to participate. My blog is I have 61 followers. Thanks so much for the opportunity and all your work in putting this together!

KatieQ said...

I would love to join the blog hop. Luckily, I found out about it before it was too late
My Google Friends Connect number claims I have 110 followers, but since only about 6 people comment on a regular basis, I suspect many of these people are no longer actively following. I will be offering a prize. Since my blog is primarily concerned with quilting, it will be fabric and a quilter's cook book.
Katie Q at:Katie's Salt Marsh Path

Unknown said...

I would love to sign up, it sounds great fun. I'm very new to blogging so have no followers yet. I found your blog perfect timing.

Here's the link to my blog

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I would love to participate along with everyone else and Grow My Blog. I currently have 87 followers on Google+ and more from Bloglovin. I'm putting your button on my side bar as soon as I post this thanks for hosting and see everyone soon.
Patrica at Dogwood Lane Rambles

Anne said...

Yes I'd like to participate. I'm just starting to set things up to get followers - up to now I've been linking from Facebook and getting comments that way. Time to move on - I'd like to go from 0 followers and hopefully get some signed up.

Susan said...

I hope its not to late to join. I missed it last year and just found you again. I have 83 followers. This sounds like great fun. Thanks for doing this.

Cindy Gay said...

I'd like to participate. I have 210 followers.
I love to create, scrapbook and healthy meals.
Thank you!

Christine M said...

I'm not sure if I've made the cut off in time but I'd love to join in. My name is Christine and I blog at
I have 174 followers. My blog is the happenings here at MacDonald's Patch with my quilting and family news. Thank you. Christine

barbara woods said...

my blog is HTTP;postID=6364321775665678127;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=2;src=postname;[[[//]]]
thanks don't know whether this is what you wanted or not

barbara woods said...

i have 187 on gfc

Linda said...

I missed out on this last year and would love to join in this year. I have 315 followers.
My blog is Stitchin With my Furbabies.
Here is the link:

Thank you,

genie said...

Dear Vicki...I am so excited about what you are doing with the Grow Your Blog 2014. Because of my focusing on my photography and my Climbing the Digital Mountain bog over the past year and a half, I let my Buttons for Baga blog go into hibernation. At that time I had 100 followers, but now that I have returned to it and to my quilting, sewing, and knitting, the followers names are still there but I have basically lost them and am having to start over from scratch. It looks like I have 7 followers even though the listing shows 106. Gradually I am trying to contact each of them, but it a slow process. I finally retired from teaching after 54 years so now I have lots of time to do the things I love the most...blogging, sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery, photography, and hiking. It is going to be a long undertaking getting my following back plus totally new ones, but I love reading others’ blogs and commenting so I will persevere. I thank you so much for hosting this Grow Your Blog Party. It is going to be wonderful meeting you, and the other artisans who want to grow their blogs. So, please add my name and blog to your list.
Name-Genie Robinson~VA
email - genier39atgmaildotcom
I have already added your beautiful badge to the top of my sidebar and moved my list of followers up there, too. Hope I have given you all the info you need at this time. Hugs, genie

Patty Sumner said...

I would love to be part of the "Grow your blog" event..

I have 209 followers...
I am also willing to visit other blogs....I will email you..

White Lace and Promises said...

I have so much to learn and I am looking forward to this.
I posted your link to my blog. Here's my link.

Unknown said...


A friend told me about this and I would love to participate.

I have 1,673 followers. My blog celebrates the urban homestead and self-sufficiency.

Unknown said...

Hi Vicki,

I would love to be part of this. My blog can be found at:

I have 1,673 followers. My blog celebrates the urban homestead.

Rhonda said...

This sounds like fun! I took most of last year off but now it's time to get back into the swing of things. My blog:
I have 13 followers.
Thanks :)

Furball Farm Quilting said...

I hope I'm not to late to sign up for this party. My name is Judy and I blog at
I have 66 followers, and I've now started following you via BlogLovin. I'll make sure I do the post with your button on my blog tomorrow (Australian time!!)

Erica said...

Oh my goodness, I just saw this and it's nearly the end of January 15. I would love to join this. I have 66 followers and my blog is found at:

Thank you for organizing this!

CatieAn said...

Hi Vicki
I hope I am not too late we have been out of town for several weeks.
I am excited for the party again this year. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event. I have 66 followers

Sherry said...

If it is not to late I would love to join the party. I have 297 followers on GFC and 85 on Bloglovin and a few others. I will add your button to my sidebar.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I would love to be included! I am pretty new at blogging. I have 98 followers. Thanks so much!

Jen said...

Yes please,I would love to participate and have my blog added, first time for me. or www. Aussie Quilters Cotton Club.
I have 47 followers with Blogger and 17 with Bloglovin.

Linda said...

Hi! I'd love to join your party! My blog is mostly photography , with a bit of personal love as well.
I have 26 followers, I'm excited to add some new friends and follow some as well.


Sue Burgess said...

Please let me in?

Lorette said...

I am so thankful to you for allowing me to participate. I am new to blogging and I have 8 registered followers.

I blog at

thank you Vicki!

Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

I thought sure I'd joined and then bookmarked your page, but I don't see myself here, maybe I am just missing my post ..I do want to join!
Fabric and Memories

I just opened so I have NO followers!And I will do a giveaway!

Anne Warburton said...

#102 above - the link may not work. Symbols got added, so use

Anne Warburton

marie said...

This is such a fun idea...wish I'd heard about it sooner! I hope you do it again next year. For now, I look forward to visiting everyone else.
How wonderful of you to do this!!

vicky myers said...

I have just seen this, and am rather sad to have missed the deadline. It looks such fun! Please let me join in, pretty please:)
30 followers on Bloglovin, and 84 through wrodpress reader/e-mail
It looks an enormous amount of organisation, thanks for hosting,

lynet said...

Hello Girl!
Please Let me in???
I'm sorry I'm late,I am very interested in participating, but ignore that date. I would appreciate if you can accept.
my blog is
my email:
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That's great idea, I'm in of course
I have 105 followers and my URL

Thank you for the opportunity

Jean said...

I just found this party through "...laugh yourself into Stitches" I would love to join. I only have 11 followers. My blog is called Putting the Pieces Together. My URL is

Thank you. I look forward to this.

Jean said...

Oh dear... I just realized...I am a day late. Sorry

Erika said...

Yes I would very much like to participate. I hope it is not to late, as I just found out about it. Thank you!


Unknown said...

Phew! Just in time! Would love to participate in this awesome event! "mercy" mon amie!

BluMoon said...

I would love to participate in your Grow Your Blog as I would really like to get more readers and make friends round the world and inspiration for my blog I only have 84 followers at present.

Eugenia Maru said...

Vuelvo a escribir para pedir disculpas por no poder poner el banner de 2014 en mi blog. Algo falla y no puedo poner nada en Java. Espero que eso no sea motivo para dejarme fuera, yo escribí en octubre diciendo que quería participar. Por problemas de idioma, no sé qué más hay que hacer. Pero por favor no me dejes fuera.
Gracias querida Vicki. Tu abrigo está precioso. Sé que allá están en invierno, nosotros en verano con muchísimo calor, así que verte de abrigo me da más calor, jaja.
Un abrazo.

A little bit country said...

Is it to late to sign up? I would love to join in.


Best regards

Carolyn said...

Would love to grow my blog. I have 45 followers.

My blog can be found at:



Shanna said...

I think I missed the sign-up by a day, oh well. I did see the part where you need volunteers to visit specific blogs I would be open to doing that! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, could I be added please I am a teddy bear artist and I need to grow my own blogger Vicki I only have 12 followers at the moment :) Many Thanks Amanda

Unknown said...

oops...forgot to tell you how many followers i have....between google, bloglovin and my RSS feed, i have about 1,800. thanks vicki! ;)

Shirlee Fassell said...

I just found this. If it's not to late I would like to participate.
My URL is
Shirlee Fassell

Diane E W said...

I'm late but want to join in. I have 58 followers and would like to "grow" some more.
Link to my blog

Kathy M said...

I know I'm late, but just found out about your blog party today. If at all possible, I'd love to participate. I'm new to blogging and only have two followers, but would love to have more. If I'm too late, than thank you anyways for doing this for all those others who are trying to get noticed. My blog address is

Nonnie said...

I have two blogs.
I have 30 followers on the first and 7 on the second one. I am considering combining the two, but I am so indecisive. I'd appreciate feedback about that. I want to increase my following, but I need help. I'd buy the ebook on tips for that, but I'd rather have an actual book in hand.

Unknown said...

Shoot! I just heard about this and I'm two days after the deadline...any chance you could still squeeze me in? I've got about 100 followers between the blog and Bloglovin'. Thanks! Beth @ Words & Stiches,

Unknown said...

Oops, and my blog is (Words & Stitches)

Shauna said...

If I can still join I would love to do so. My blog is


I currently have 20 bloglovin followers an 17 google followers.

Chris Flynn said...

Hi Vicki,
I know I'm two days late... bummer. I loved participating last year. My blog increased from about 60 something to 116!! (

Any chance you can make room for one more this year? I've been sick as a dog with the flu for two weeks! (double bummer). please?
thanks, Chris

jan said...

I have this pit in the bottom of my belly but I'm going to do this anyway! I have a Facebook page but their is nothing on sister has purchased my domain name and will be setting that up for me. The name is Nana's Birds in honor of my grandmother. My daughter weaves and I will be showing and selling her baby wraps. Our youngest daughter hasn't quite decided what is going to do. The middle daughter maked the most delightful crochet items both big and small and a few gigantic ones thrown in. As for me I like to take something broken off the junk pile and make it into something functional. I'm not big on having things around that you can't use. You have something you better get to using it, I'm excited to get things set up and then share with you....see all your ideas! Thanks and I pray you have a blessed day~

jan said...

I can't get Blogger to accept the url/name for my blog addy. Keeps saying it's in use. Anyway to check and see if there is a way around by changing a letter or two of by something else? It's named after my chldren called her Nana and she was known for these sweet little birds she drew that carried love letters in their mouths. Wanting to use the name Nana's Birds - taken. Gramma Nana's Birds - taken. Maybe I could make it something along the lines of it being the 5th generation now using her birds. Help? Ideas? Janet.Literal.Skiles AT gmail DOT com

Denise said...

WOW! I knew I wouldn't be able to verify for Myself that I'm on the list-it being so long and all.So just to make sure ..... and I did a post, a few back, concerning Your party and Your badge has been up on My sidebar.Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage.... Or should I say obsessive-compulsive (TEHE) Denise

Ladyquiltsalot said...

I just discovered this now, hope it is not too late. I have 18 google followers and 16 on bloglovin
My blog is:

victorine bland said...

It would be such a sweet joy to be added to this blog event. My blog is shares my greatest little events in my making my dreams come true. I also just opened up an eee commerce store. pleasecheck out.... hugs and peace to all. Vicki bland aka transitionsformeee.blogspotcom

vicki said...

This is my second comment as I did not put my blog. My name is Vicki Bland and my secret garden is my blog...
My followers number is one. My dear friend Lorene... but one is a good start for me... Hugs and Peace

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Thanks Vicki....I have 349 GFC Followers and 157 Bloglovin.

Tanyia said...

I am sad I missed the sign up for this as it would have been fun!

Tanyia said...

thanks so much for giving me the opportunity

My blog link is

and I am currently at 859 followers.

simplestitches said...

Hi Vicki, I think I have missed the deadline for signing up.... :(

if I haven't these are my details:
I have 58 followers.
I love quilting and stitcheries.

sounds like a fun party, so even if I have missed the cutoff, I'll still go around and have a look at some new to me blogs! and pop your lovely badge up so I don't forget

Peggy said...

So sorry that I only heard of this after the fact, but will watch for it next year, if it happens! Thanks for being such a faithful blogger and helping out others. I will certainly be checking out as many of the bloggers who signed up as I can!

Peggy said...

Wow, what a great opportunity. And thanks so much for including me even at this late date! Blog is

Cathy said...

Thank you for this opportunity, even though I'm a little late. I had so much fun participating last year that I knew I had to do it again. My blog is called CraftyCat, and I have 162 followers.

Looking forward to the party!


Unknown said...

I just found this event! I hope I am not to late to join... My blog has 11 followers and I created it hoping to make friends and find inspiration in blog-land.
My address is

Thanks for hosted such a great event!

Unknown said...

I just found this event! I hope I am not to late to join... My blog has 11 followers and I created it hoping to make friends and find inspiration in blog-land.
My address is

Thanks for hosted such a great event!

Create With Joy said...

Dear Vicki,

I just heard about this event and would love to join if it is still possible! Please let me know - I appreciate it so much!

Create With Joy

fairiesmarket said...

This may be my second post. I have the event in my calendar but I reviewed most of the comments but do not see a comment requesting to participate.


Create With Joy said...

Thank you so much for the late inclusion! I have 1132 followers on Blog Lovin.

Create With Joy

Anonymous said...

I have just come across this and would LOVE to sign up! I have 27 followers at the moment, started blogging in December and would love to find more lovely blogs to read.

I cheekily noticed that some folks have managed a late sign up, so if there is still a chance to do that I would be very grateful; BUT I totally understand that I'm cutting it fine, so if not no problem. I will hope to be involved in the next one.

It is a wonderful idea! I hope all goes well!

My blog is:

Very best wishes
Keli x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding me on! It is very kind of you :) Looking forward to the 25th. Keli x

Beth in NEPA said...

Uh oh, I guess I am late to the party. But if I can join I would like to.... and I will still be visiting as many as possible on that day.

Beth in NEPA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth in NEPA said...

OK, now here is the proper comment. I am looking forward to this so much. I have a blog that features tea cup Tuesdays as well as some of my travels and some of my crafting adventures. So far I am small with just 63 followers but would love more. My link is

I have already posted the pretty link button on my blog. Thank you Vicki!

Karen said...

I just found your blog. So I will be hopping from blog to blog to see what inspiration I can find. I don't have many followers but that is ok.

Joann said...

I'm a little late to the party but I would love to join in.

I have 225 followers.

This is a fantastic idea, just hope I am not to late.

Big Hugs,

liniecat said...

Just checking that I gave you all the info you require!
I had 21 last year and ended up with 80 so was thrilled that folks stayed after visiting.
Am looking forward to it and am sorting out a giveaway bundle this week lol

Bird said...

Hi Vicki, I had left a comment a few weeks back to join in this event but I don't see it anywhere. I know you are incredibly busy, but would mind checking if I'm on the list. It would be under Bird Gardener and this blog:

Thank you.

J9sHappiness said...

Hi - I've just found this through another blog - can I please join in? I have 45 blog followers and would love to be involved? Either way I'll be checking you out!! Thanks! J9 x

Unknown said...

Thank you for hosting such an awesome event!

I have two blogs each with 3 followers.

Thank you again for arranging this event!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you would include me to. I had visited blogs last year but missed the sign up post for this year. I for sure will be visiting, it was so much fun and I won some things too :).

Neat of you to host this. What a lot of work.

I am Peggy and I have 17 followers at

Would be so cool to be a part of this!

Inkypinkydelights said...

I would love to join you in your event of Grow Your Blog. This is new to me but looks so exciting. I have 256 followers and my Blog is all about my hobby of cardmaking which I am very passionate about. My Blog is

allthingzsewn said...

Hello, my name is Tonia and I would love to be part of this. My blog was started in Nov, 2013. I have no followers at this time. But would love to make new friends.
This is a learning experience for me, so if I miss some required thing I will understand not appearing on the list of blogs. I am going to request help from your friend. Thanks so much

Grabbing button now.

Treasures by Louise said...

Vicki - This is exciting, Right now, I have 7 (yes seven) followers. I'd love to triple that! Ha, Ha.
My live link is:

Princess Stupidhead said...

Hi !!! I would love to join!. I have been trying to resurrect an old blog and this would be a great way for me to attract some followers. Right now I only have 12 left. This is a humorous blog about life - usually my life.

Here is the link. I'm sorry this is a little late - I hope not too late.

judith said...

Hi Vicki, My name is Judith from
I think it is BLOGGER who it is done thru.
I only have 12 followers and they may not read it much any more.
I want to play Grow Your Blog
Thank you for all your have done to make this possible, and may you have many blessings in return.

judith said...

I want to play.Grow Your Blog. I have 12 followers
thru blogger.
Thank you for all you have done to make this happen.

Foxhollow Studio said...

Karen Valentine just mentioned this to me, and I would like to join in. My link to my blog is Http:// I only have 4 followers and would love to grow my blog. Thank you so much for this wonderful event and I look forward to reading lots blogs!!
Hugs, Teresa Young

judith said...

I hope I am in, I want to grow My Blog, by being a part of GROW YOUR BLOG.
I have 12 follower thru Blogger.
Thank you for letting me in.

Vicki said...

I know this is late, but I thought it was worth a try. I have about 100 followers, and my URL is:

Laura said...

Thank you for doing this again!

Yes, please sign me up.


Thank you!

Cheryl said...

Hi Vicki,
I would love to participate in this party, it sounds like loads of fun! My blog has 11 followers on Linky, 695 on Google Friend and 217 on Networked blogs :-)

Thanks for hosting this event--- I love events like this, its hard to find fellow like minded bloggers.
big hugs,
My blog is: Artsy Fartsy
here is the link:

The Country Witch said...

Hi, I know I'm really late but I only just came across this blog! Hopefully I can still participate.

My blog is: and I have 65 followers.

Maddy said...

What a fantastic idea. Always on the look out for new and interesting blogs to follow. So many talented people out there in blog land.
I only have 35 followers, maybe others can help me learn more about blogging.

Here is my URL:

E. said...

Too bad I missed the deadline! Maybe next time! Brilliant idea!

Lisbeths Verden said...

Lisbeths Verden said...

Mascha said...

I've made a nice welcome-post for the party and wanted to set it in the blog now, but my dashboard is down, there's nothing working now.
I'll try tomorrow morning, I'm sorry, it's not my fault :-(

Unknown said...

Just found out about this through Monica at Prince Snow Farm! How neat that you do this! I will certainly participate for January 2015! Thank you for this! So glad I found you! xoxo Jen

Unknown said...

I am a new follower. wish I knew about your "Grow Your Blog" before now. I have hope to do better blogging in the future.

Looking forward to your future blogs.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Wow, this is so cool, wish I'd heard about it in time to join! Next year??

Unknown said...

Hey :-)

I was cruising Blogger and found out about this Blog Party; I see that I've missed the deadline - darn!

On an off-chance that I "may" be included anyway, here's my addy: ... and I'll post your "GROW YOUR BLOG" Button on my Page.



Jacqui Galloway said...

This is my first time. Only 10 followers at the moment but lots of people read it.

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