Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just off my needles - a Winter Wrap

I adore mindless knitting and find it amazing the things you can create with just a simple knit stitch. This wrap was just finished - a gift for a friend. Using one of my favorite standby yarns - Lion Brand Homespun and a carrier thread - Yarn Bee Featherwisp - it is just simply knitted - no fancy stitches. Good luck finding the Featherwisp - as Hobby Lobby does not make that any more. Hopefully my stash will last my lifetime (actually it will probably last my lifetime and then some!)

I adorned the edge of the wrap with little crochet flowers and accented them with antique buttons. The vine is just some sort of funky green yarn that is tied on in several places - also from the stash!

It is amazing how creative you can be in the middle of the night while your husband is in bed - the perfect time for creativity if you ask me! I absolutely LOVE this wrap and now - I think I am going to have to make one for me!


Caprice said...

Well, the hat and the wrap are both beautiful! I still haven't tried cables. I am knitting a wrap, I think it may be done before I die! I don't like all the counting and such! Too much trouble for me! Not enough patience.

Anonymous said...

Your wrap is exquisite!!!!!!!

Jody Hammer

Anonymous said...

This wrap is absolutely beautiful. Yes make one for yourself. Jan