Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Bling (a wintery contest)

You are ice and fire~~
the touch of you burns my hands like the cold, cold snow.
Amy Lowell (1874-1925)

My friend Andria makes the most beautiful sea glass jewelry that I have ever seen. Her creations are truly stunning~~ they take my breath away.

Andria combines sea glass with beautiful beads and vintage elements to create pieces that are a vision of loveliness - in both color and design. For these fabulous designs she used copper wire to hold the pieces of glass. (I love the mix of the copper against the vibrant colors of the glass. The combination of textures combines for the creation of pieces that I can only describe as stunning!)

For Christmas, Andria designed all of the pieces shown here for me to give as gifts to friends and family. Needless to say - each recipient was thrilled beyond words with their gifts.

The glass and pottery that Andria used in these fabulous designs was collected by me on this beautiful beach in Bermuda. The Gardener and I spent hours and hours collecting pieces for me to send to Andria for the making of these unbelievable creations.

Andria created this gorgeous "fire and ice" piece as a surprise gift for me! I cannot even describe how I adore this gorgeous necklace. Blue sea glass is so treasured and so rare~~
She also created these beautiful matching earrings. Those of you who are true sea glass collectors know that blue is the rarest of colors to be found on the beaches. The Gardener and thought we had died and gone to heaven when we found this unbelievable beach that was covered in sea glass and blue was actually plentiful!

Thank you Andria for this stunning creation that is the true vision of "Fire and Ice." (As you all are reading this post - the Gardener and I are preparing to embark on a long awaited 2 week cruise to the Caribbean. I will be wearing this beautiful creation and I am sure that I will be the absolute "Belle of the Ball" when I show up at the dinner table on formal night wearing this!)

Before you run and pack your bags to take off to Bermuda - I regret to tell you that the week after we left Bermuda - the island was hit by one of the worst hurricanes in years. My sources tell me that this little hideaway beach was all but destroyed in that storm. (I will let you know after I check this out for myself later on this summer~~)
More of Andria's beautiful creations~~








Andria has a fabulous collection of sea glass jewelry pieces for sale in her
ETSY shop. Each piece is unique and original - made from sea glass and pottery that came from that gorgeous beach in Bermuda. She also has this beautiful calendar for sale in her shop~~


If you have sea glass of your own that you have collected from your beach walks and travels - Andria would be happy to create a beautiful piece of jewelry for you using your own special pieces. You can contact her through her shop.

My Mama taught me that it is polite to share~~

So~ I am offering this stunning pendant ~ crafted by my friend Andria from a found pottery shard ~ as my end of winter giveaway. Are you as happy as I am that winter is almost over? Is this not a wonderful way to celebrate? A little bit of "snow bling" to celebrate the end of this long, long winter.

The contest is open to anyone ~~~ from anywhere! To enter simply leave me a comment on this post. Please enter only once. However - if you wish to post about this contest on your own wonderful blogs - please leave me a separate comment here telling me that you have done so. Andria and I would be so grateful if you would share this contest with your blogging friends. (If you post about this contest - and your name is drawn as the winner - I will also be sending you a little token souvenir from our cruise travels.)
I am also going to bring home a box of wonderful Belgian chocolates from our favorite chocolate shop in St. Martin. Our friend Beatrix makes the most delectable chocolates there. One of my lucky followers is going to win this sweet surprise. Maddy girl will pick the winners and I will post next on March 21. (it will officially be spring then!)
~~~ The Gardener and I are doing some traveling right now. We will cross the ocean, visiting the islands of St. Marteen, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Curaco, Bonaire, and Grenada. Please say a prayer for our safe travels~
I will see you again when the days are a bit warmer and a bit longer~~~

ps - I won some wonderful prizes in the recent OWOH event~~

This gorgeous necklace was created by Andrea from the blog My Everything Corner. Andrea is a busy stay at home Mom - she crafts and makes beautiful jewelry. Her etsy shop is filled with her lovely creations. She also has a wonderful selection of vintage jewelry pieces. I am crazy in love with this beautiful necklace - I especially love that she used so many different findings in her design - love the colors of the stones - this necklace has so much character - Thank you Andrea!!

I also won this fabulous bird themed stamp collection! Is this not THE perfect prize for me!! This wonderful gift was from Linda at the blog Lambsworld.
Linda is a mixed media artist who crafts beautiful collages and cards. She is a nurse (love her for that - me too you know!) She stays very busy with her blog and participates in many fun exchanges and activities. I would love to see her craft room - I bet it is filled with wonderful stamps and crafting materials. Linda - I adore this stamp collection - it is a perfect selection for me and it will be treasured! Thank you very very much!
xoxo V.


Anonymous said...

Glorious jewellery and a very generous giveaway as usual. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Aren't you a sweetie to share such beautiful goodies! Have a wonderful vacation on the warm seas. :)

Anonymous said...

After going through ALL of your beautiful photos of Andreas necklaces, I can only say one thing: BRILLIANT! She is very talented, to say the least and your blue necklace is definately going to WOW them on the cruise.

Your blog is always wonderful to visit and I'd be so happy to have you put my name into the hat for the generous giveaway for the end of winter. The shard looks just like a heart (which I collect) and the total piece is outstanding.

I will post you on my sidebar so that other people can find it. Thanks for the opportunity and I DO wish you a lovely trip. We just saw a PBS special about the hurricanes where you are headed. Be safe!


sjmcdowell said...

Dearest Vicki,

Oh my Oh my...I can not breath these fabulous jewelry creations by Andria are beyond gorgeous!!!

Yes please enter my name in this wonderful Giveaway. Thank you dear lady for this chance to win.

Vicki I am praying that you and Gardener will travel in safety and in good health. May God keep his Angles all around you both.

Vicki, I have a new picture of baby "Lucia" on my blog..go take a peek!

Love and Hugs,


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Vicki,

I just posted you beautiful Giveaway on my sidebar.



Petite Michelle Louise said...

wow..your friend creates the most stunning sea glass jewelry! i wil go check out her easy shop now. i would be over the moan to win your wonderful giveaway...and chocolates too??? oui..oui..enter me! i hope you have wonderful travels! we'll catch up when you return! ok? (don't forget to tune into he academy awards on sunday to see our boy, colin, take away a golden statue!)

Andrea said...

Oh My Gosh! Those sea glass necklaces by Andria are an inspiration! Stunning!
Your necklace is on it's way. I can't wait to see what you think of it in person.
Enjoy your trip! You are sure to get plenty of compliments, and "Where did you get that?"s during your cruise.

PoetessWug said...

What beautiful jewelry Vicki! The sea glass and everything else too!...Enjoy your travels...and be safe! The weather all over the world has be shocking lately!

yaya said...

What a great giveaway! I've had it with winter and we're getting a snow storm as I type have fun in the sun..don't forget your cold, freezing followers who love this jewelry! (That would be me!) Have fun!

gigi knits said...

Have a safe a wonderful cruise.We are just back from a southern Caribbean cruise, stopping at some of the same ports you will be visiting.
The jewelry your friend makes is beautiful. will be visiting her Etsy Shop .

susan jenkins said...

A beautiful post Vicki! I have lots of beautiful glass from the beaches here but I have to say that blue, absolutely lovely! Yes, difficult to find.
The necklaces are so wonderful! She is really an artist, putting it all together so tastefully with the copper wire. Terrific!!
Have a really wonderful trip, be safe and enjoy!!
xx Susan

A Scattering said...

Beautiful jewellery, I'll be sure to visit your friend's site. Please, please enter me in your draw.

Love your OWOH prizes! You lucky girl. I had great fun visiting other participants and reading the comments left on my blog. My prize winners live in Israel, North Carolina and California. I didn't win anything myself but really enjoyed the adventure.

Have fun on your warm adventure!


Low Tide High Style said...

What beautiful jewelry Andria makes! I would have loved to have seen that beach on Bermuda. It may be gone, because when I was there a few years ago I didn't see anything like it. I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip and thank you for the opportunity to win! I'm off to check out all of the great blogs and Etsy shops you've linked to!

Kat :)

Ellen said...

wow, these are beautiful!!! amazing colors!

Sharon said...

What beautiful jewelry she has created. Also my mouth just dropped open when I saw that beach. I certainly hope not all was lost. I love searching out sea glass here on the pacific coast but have never seen anything like that. Enjoy your travels and stay safe. Please put my name in the hat for that beautiful pendant.

Lili said...

Hello dear Vicki! I can imagine how gorgeous you will look wearing that stunning sea glass necklace. The Gardener must be sure to capture that for us. Wishing you both a wonderful and relaxing time away together. I will excuse myself from entering this giveaway as you and your Maddy girl were just very very good to me having just won that gorgeous and very warm sweater cowl, that I adore even more knowing it was made by your sweet hands. Wishing you safe travels and lots more sea glass finds! xo ~Lili

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, the jewelry is absolutely beautiful. I would love to have your blue necklace. It is stunning. I would love to entry your giveaway. Your friend truly makes beautiful jewelry. Have a wonderful trip and I hope you share some pictures of it with us. It will be the only way I will be traveling this year.Take care.Your Missouri Friend.

Diane said...

These are incredible creations. So is that beautiful beach in Bermuda. You must have had a wonderful time picking through the gorgeous glass. Yes, I'm ready for winter to be over, too.

Sherri said...

Hi Vicki! I love the pendant you are giving away in your giveaway! I love all your friends creations! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and enjoy your trip!

random thoughts do or di said...

How sweet of you to offer another give away.Have a safe and enjoyable cruise. Mr Romance and I are going on a cruise too...Panama Canal in mid-March.
Please enter my name for one of the necklaces. I would be thrilled to win.

Deb said...

Hi Vicki ~~ I think I may be officially jealous of your wonderful trips! As I type this, it is sleeting outside, and we might awake to wintry mix, snow, other words no spring-like weather or waves or seaglass here! I hope you have a wonderful time away! I would love for you to put my name in for the gorgeous goody you're giving away. Your friend's work is very creative, and the pieces are beautiful. Thank you for being so generous, and we'll look forward to reading of your adventures in March when you get back.

Createology said...

These unique and very personal pieces are over the moon gorgeous. Such fabulous gifts you gave. Happy collecting sea glass...

HHCampbell said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE sea glass. We don't find a lot on our Washington beaches though.
What gorgeous jewelry! Your friend si so talented! The pendant is just stunning!
I hope you and Mr. Gardener have a wonderful vacation! Happy Spring!

slumberless42 said...

Oh Vicki I hope and pray the beach of sea glass is still there. Her creations and yours are amazing. Enjoy your trip, patiently awaiting your next blog.

Christina said...

The jewelry she makes is some of the most beautifully hand-crafted jewelry I have seen! Would love to be the one to wear this lovely necklace. Don't have a blog, but do tell people about yours! Always enjoy reading about your adventures and your knitting!

Christina said...

This handcrafted jewelry is some of the most beautiful I have seen. Would love to be the one to wear the prize. I don't have a blog, but always tell everyone about yours. Always enjoy reading about your travels and knitting.

Silke said...

Oh, Vicki, I got so lost in your post dreaming of beaches and sunshine.

I adore anything made with sea glass, but even more I love finding it on the beaches. Here on Tybee Island we never see any, but when we visited a friend in Maine, we found quite a bit of it and I have a little jar of it to remind me of a wonderful vacation...

Wishing you an incredible trip - I will be traveling with you in spirit!!!

Much love and safe travels!! Silke

Jules said...

Well, you certainly weren't fibbing - the jewellery is truly wonderful, made more special since it contains your fabulous finds. Safe travels - I look forward to seeing the posts all about it xx

Sea Angels said...

Well what a fabulous clever friend you have those pieces are gorgeous and the colours so vibrant.
I am so pleased that you have had some you time too.
Hugs lovely Vicki
Lynn xxxx

Lululiz said...

I am stunned, the jewellery your friend creates is breathtakingly beautiful. I haven't seen a piece of sea glass in years here on our beach, but I remember finding a few pieces many many years ago when I was a young girl and spending my summer holidays on Juist, a little island off the German coast.
The pendant you so generously offer as a giveaway to one very very lucky follower is so beautiful. of course I would be thrilled to win it.

Sandie's Patch said...

Oh Pat! Andrea is so talented!
I'm also quite envious......sun,sea, sand.......aaah dreaming of a such a wonderful holiday, even though I'm not good with heat!
Have a great time both of you, you deserve it!
Take care, safe journies,
Sandie xx

Donna said...

Your snow bling is just gorgeous! I am especially drawn to that green just pops! The way you present it in the snow is just stunning...what an artistic way to show it all off. That is an amazing giveaway and the winner will be very lucky. Soon you'll have a tan to show off these fabulous necklaces!!

francis said...

I am so glad I visited your blog today . What beauty ! Oh my...
I live in Holland but I'm now going to try to buy the calender Love it ! Thank you so much for sharing .

Whimsey Creations said...

How horrible to think that beautiful sea glass beach might no longer be there. Your friend who made the sea glass necklaces and earrings is so talented. They are simply beautiful and I'd love to win the pendant. I hope you have a fantastic cruise. Hugs!

SuZeQ said...

Yubba Dubba Do ... Andria sure knows how to rock out some glass, doesn't she? I'd love to win (don't we all???) one of her creations. I, too, would be the belle of the ball. As you know, I don't have a blog to post about your giveaway, but I will pass it on via e-mail. Have a safe trip - prayers will be offered up while you're gone. Enjoy yourself!

Marina Satt said...

Vikki, it's wonderfool treasered!

Kristen said...

Wow, that sea glass is amazing!! Beautiful work!

MistyGirl said...

Oh my goodness! Andria's jewelry is to die for! I absolutely love it and will go check iout her shop next.
How i would love to win this piece and show off her work! :-)
Wendy in Tucson, AZ

Judi said...

Kim!!!!! I can't believe that beach with all that beautiful glass. I wish I could find a spot like that. You must have brought lots home. I wonder why no one has found it...or I guess it just comes up with the tide?

The jewellery is all beautiful. I love twisted wire jewellery...beautiful glass and stones.

Please enter my name in your generous of you and good luck to me...well to everyone...

Have a wonderful trip. I've been to a few of those places and they are glorious. Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

Judi said...

and I'm not sure why I called you Kim...Vicki*s*..

Dale Marie said...

I have ALWAYS loved sea glass, and Andria's such a talented sea glass artist. I visited her Etsy shop and was in awe of her designs. Perhaps if I am really sweet I can convince my hubby to buy a piece or two for me(anniversary coming soon:-) I absolutely love your beautiful blue glass set! Simply stunning:-)

I hope the sea has not reclaimed all its many treasures from the beach you and the gardener visited. I hope you have many opportunities to revisit your little hideaway:-) It must have been such a delight walking a beach cover in tiny bits of smooth glass shining like emeralds and rubies. I would love a chance to comb those shores!

I am so thankful for the OWOH adventure leading me to your blog. If not for OWOH I might never have been introduced to your lovely works or Andria's. I look forward to your next post, and to seeing who wins this very generous giveaway! I would absolutely love to win, a I am sure we ALL would:-)

Dorthe said...

Oh dearest Vicki,
they are truly beautifull- and all so different, in shapes, and wonderfull colors- I remember when you postet about this fantastic place- what a shame if it is distroyed!
Vicki, sweet, you are truly alwayes so generous, and this piece of beauty ,to give away, is such a lovely gesture- I love how it reflects all about the sea.
Please let me be in your drawing.

Take good care, my friend, and have a wonderfull time-I will pray for you two ,to return safe and sound again.
Much love, and hugs, Vicki.
p.s. for now I will add your giveaway on my sidebar.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

These sea glass pieces are stunning..., and the wiring is amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this gorgeous chard necklace!!! Thanks!

Jody Hammer said...

Wow! Everything was stunning. I especially loved your blue necklace! When you are good to others, others are good to prove that over and over again! Enjoy your trip and relax!!! =)

Everything Coastal said...

Hi Vicki!
You know me, and my obsession with collecting sea glass, this jewelry is really special and unique. What a treat to see!

Can't decide which one is my favorite, but love how you've displayed everything in the snow.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Vicki -- wow oh wow! I have never seen a beach filled with so much beautiful sea glass. Granted, we all know the reason it is there isn't such a good one, but when someone takes it and makes such gorgeous pieces of jewelry, it is a wonderful thing. So brilliant in color. Her designs are fantastic! And lucky you winning such a beautiful stone necklace through OWOH and those bird stamps are perfect for you. Have safe travels. We head to Sri Lanka tonite where I will celebrate my birthday. Be back on Monday! Best wishes to you and the Gardener. :) Tammy

Juju said...

The jewelry is so perfect! What a way to capture some of the sea and reflect the light!! Prayers to you and yours on your trip..and some envy, too. Enjoy, Vicki!! Come back with a tan!

Erica said...

What stunning creations! I'm amazed at all the lovely colors of glass. I told my husband about the beach and we want to get there. Please let us know if it still exists.

Suztats said...

Wow! Beautiful sea glass jewellery! And what a wonderful giveaway! I'd love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.
May you have joyous, safe travels.

Campbell or @FELTit or Designs by Anna said...

one word...STUNNING!

Your friend does an amazing job of making that sea glass speak, showing it off with the bits of stuff that frame the worn edges. thank you for sharing!


Cathy said...

How have I missed such a wonderful site? I will be adding it to my favorites at once. Beautiful and generous give away.

audrey said...

This is a beautiful post with beautiful photos of Andria's sea glass jewelry. How generous of you to give away the gorgeous pendant. Please enter me in your giveaway.
I hope you find the sea glass beach still in good enough shape to find more glass. What a shame it would be to find it in ruins.
I wish you safe travels and hopes for a blessed and wonderful time.
♥ audrey

audrey said...

I've posted about your Giveaway on the sidebar of my Blog.
♥ audrey

Kathleen said...

What stunning jewelry and a beautiful giveaway. Please enter my name in your contest.

Love the music on your blog.
Safe travels!

Jim said...

Thanks for your comment on my last post. It is a pleasure to have you as as follower now!
Your 'work' is lovely, as is Andrea's.
I would have been in 7th heaven on that beach full of sea glass!! It is a passion of ours too and we have 'ton's of it we have gathered from beaches in and around the Maritime Provinces here on the east coast of Canada.
Welcome aboard and I look forward to your travels and pictures.

sophie...^5 said...

Vicki..Do enjoy your sojourn to the crystal blue(all shades) waters of the Caribbean...I hope you find some special treasures on some little beach somewhere. Andria's jewelry is absolutely gorgeous.So sorry to hear about that goldmine of a beach in Bermuda. Maybe the glass will wash up on another deserted cove. Again, enjoy your well deserved vacation.PS tks for your comments recently Sophie is always so happy to hear from you.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear Vicki,

LOVELY. That aqua color of the sea glass just sends me into the stratosphere. Love the way she curlicues around the sea glass. Lovely and sculptural.

I collect sea glass in Maine, but NOWHERE do I find such a vast offering as what you found in Bermuda. My luggage would be confiscated for sheer weight violations.

Sending love across the miles to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Anonymous said...

Oh my.... these pieces are truly STUNNING! Andria is so VERY talented!! I have never seen any jewels such as these.

How sad to know such a treasure of a beach has been destroyed. I have seen beaches abound with seashells but never so much beautiful glass!

Wishing you much fun on your time away! Sending hugs your way ... PLEASE bring back sunshine and warmth on your return!! :))

Rustique Gal said...

Vicki, Andrea's jewelry is the most beautiful I have seen ever! I love sea glass, the soft and the bright. And mixed with copper, it is sublime. Please enter me in the drawing.
And most of all, have a wonderful time in your travels with the gardener. I envy you your tropical cruise at this cold dreary (in my neck of the woods) time of the year.
Enjoy yourselves!

Jo said...

What amazing jewelry, some of those blues are just beautiful.

Like another lady wrote, it is always a joh visiting yor blog, I leave with a smile on my face, your blog makes me happy:)


Karen said...

Hi Vicki,
Enjoy your vacation. I'm glad to hear you and the Gardner are taking a break from the cold and headed to fun in the sun. We are experiencing another storm and threats of snow in So Cal? How strange is that. The sea glass necklaces are so pretty. Andrea is truly a talent. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Vicki,
wonderful jewellery and a perfect giveaway .... *jump* in I am to try my luck. Your wonderful blue jewellery will be just perfect for your trip. I wish you a warm, wonderful time in the carribean. Hugs & love Myriam

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i enjoyed your post about these wonderful pieces. i was at the beach last weekend and found a few pieces of sea glass and planned to make something with them. and then i came across this post. wow!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i have just put your wonderful giveaway on my sidebar

Sunny said...

You will love Antigua and who wouldn't want to escape the frigid winter this year and travel the Caribbean islands, right? I haven't been on blogs for awhile and as I was scrolling down, the turquoise, aqua and cobalt blue necklace with the starfish took my breath away! Your friend made stunning jewelry for you which will look great on your cruise. I'm headed to her etsy shop now.

elvira pajarola said...

FANTASTIC ARTIST; your friend Andria...!

I really think each and every creation is a piece of wonderful art....!!


Cara Vicki....Thank you sooooooo very much for your always so lovely visits and comments in my Tuscany; you are a very unique and special Lady!!!

I wish you a relaxing, peaceful and regenerating stay at the sea....lots amd lots of sunny days, looooong walks and wonderful evenings!!!!

See you soon and abbraccio e ciao ciao elvira

.....I will now visit your friend Andria.....!!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

What beautiful art your friend creates. Just amazing. And what a perfect way to hold on to each piece by preserving it in a calendar. I'll have to go check out her shop.
I love to live vicariously through your exotic travels. How sad that the beach may be lost forever. I would be in heaven walking around collecting all those treasures!
Have a great cruise & knock em dead in your jewels!

Exchange server 2010 said...

Lovely work!

Green thumb said...

Hello Vicky, please don't count me in, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment (sorry for the delay of this message, but I was ill).
Hope you had a safe trip and are enjoying yourself!
Greetings from Venice, Italy :)

Annabelle said...

Adore the heart giveaway.
Would luv to be included in your draw.

Annabelle >A_A<

The Tablescaper said...

Wow! what glorious jewlery. I love the one in pale pink and green. It's so soft.

- The Tablescaper

Caprice said...

The Jewelry is absolutely beautiful and I would love to win the fabulous necklace!

Lindsey said...

what beautiful stones...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What amazing jewelry! I LOVE sea glass! I posted about the pretty pink hearts you gave me on my blog this morning! Hope you can stop by soon! Hugs! ♥

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Stunning is THE word for this sea glass jewelery; it's so beautiful.
God speed on your travels, you're tucked into prayer. Saint Martin is one of my favorite islands and love shopping at the little French market and shop on the north side.

Mary Lea said...

What absolutely gorgeous pieces! I am heading on over to her Etsy shop right away! And I am going to post your giveaway on my blog!

Mountain Mama said...

I've picked up a lot of beach glass from my many walks and often wondered what could be done with it. Now I know. Your friend does beautiful work. I have no idea how it's done but I could try.

Beth W. said...

Oh my...her jewelry is beautiful. I love the colors...absolutely amazing!

dedicated exchange server said...

Those are amazing darling!!

Lora said...

So glad you are back safely & in a nesting mood! I had not seen anything like that lovely beach with all the gorgeous glass before-what talent to put it all together in such a stunning way.Thank you for your generosity in sharing with us! Blessings to you!!!!

Welcome said...

I have done wire wrapped seaglass myself...but nothing like this ! Andria's work is beyond beutiful!
I would be thrilled to win this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Sea Glass is so fabulous.