Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create - My Sacred Yarn Room

When I create
I make a mess,
Try not to
but I do~~

Forgive me~~ I am in the middle of one of my "nesting" projects right now and I'm ashamed to admit how I've let things get so cluttered. Imagine about 200 different yarns in a variety of colors strung all over my Sacred Yarn Room~~






Then add to that the embellishments, ribbons, tissue, tags, packing boxes - I am surrounded by utter chaos right now! I am truly too embarrassed to show you actual photos of what my Sacred Yarn Room looks like - so I have "disguised" them a bit~

When I finish a project - I completely clean and straighten my craft room - (sometimes it takes days to crawl out of this mess!) ~~~ and then I start again on a new project - and another new mess!!

~such is my life!~




If you are new to my blog and would like to visit my post from last year - (when my Sacred Yarn Room was so nice and neat for the party!) -please click Here.
(And yes - you are allowed to say that this year I have totally wimped out:(

If you are curious about my latest big project and aren't scared off by my big mess - you can click the Twinkle, Twinkle photo at the top of my sidebar or click Here.



I am constantly adding to my yarn collection - as I am always in a state of "nesting" around here. My beautiful green yarns are displayed creatively here - it's the only neat thing in the room right now!



Do you make a great big mess when you create? Can anybody really be creative in a neat and tidy way? I'd love to hear your comments! If you make a mess, please tell me so! (It would make me feel so much better!) (all this company and I'm just not prepared - I'm so embarrassed!!)

May I offer you some delicious cookies? Will that make you feel more welcome? (and maybe forgive me for this mess!) Thank you for your visit - I really am so very happy that you stopped by to see me. Your comment will serve as your entry - and Miss Maddy girl will draw the winner. I will post the winner right HERE on this blog post on July 29. I'll have these wonderful pecan blueberry butter cream cookies delivered right to your door - wherever you live!

Update 7/29 - the winner of the cookies is Terry of the Blog Glorious Expressions.

I wish you all wonderful journeys as you visit the many talented and creative women who are participating in this great event. Thank you Karen for all the efforts that you put into making this such a special celebration of creativity among women!

xoxo, Vicki


Helen Campbell said...

I love how you "altered" your photos. I didn't see a mess at all. And oh my goodness, can I make a mess! I don't know how to create anything with out spreading supplies all over. I certainly would not be willing to show anyone my art room right now, even with altering the photos.

Thanks for showing us and altered view of your creative space.


The Feathered Nest said...

Girl, if you shook your room and rolled it down a hill, I would still love your beautiful yarn room ~ your creations are such treasures that come from this room!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful room of yarn! :D It is very inspiring. I just want to jump in your photos and play with all of that yarn! As far as being messy while creating, I am right there with you. Things fly here and there, like it's a mad scientist's lab or something. Hee hee hee :) Lovely place! Thank you for sharing!


Something Special said...

Don't you love vintage buttons. I am so in love with them. Thanks for sharing and the cookies look wonderful

Char said...

Vicki, I love your photos and yarn hanging from a wooden rod is just the best thing ever. Your buttons, wow, I would like to roam my fingers through it all.
You have a wonderful space and it's my pleasure to visit.
I work in chaos and always have. It's just the way we creative people are and it's all fun, Char

Carole said...

I like Dawns idea of rolling it down the hill. WOuld make the prettiest yard ball:) lol
but seriously you shouldn't be embarrassed. I wonder about the really overly tidy people. You know the AR ones. If you want to feel better I will send u pics of my craft room and sewing room. If it wasn't for company coming this Fall I wouldn't be cleaning my sewing/guest room. It's slow going and all I've managed to do is move one pile of junk and move it to the other side of the! Instead of cleaning up I seem to be finding new things to make. It's rediculous!
Ok enough about me.
I love everything that comes out of the sacred yard room so don't stop to straighten it out....just keep creating.

Thanks for the chance to win the cookies too!
Carole word verification is PROBUG!

Deb said...

Vicki ~ Yes, yes, yes I make one big mess when I create!! Thankfully, we have a large rec room with a ping-pong table in it. That table is full of my creative messes--on top and in containers underneath. And, yes, I clean up when the project is all done! But I tend to keep projects going all the time! :) Cookies look like they should be headed to my house!

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! I'm not gonna make you feel any better I'm afraid. I have a ton of supplies and stuff too, but I'm a bit of an "organize it" nut! ^_^ I have plastic, labeled bins, all stacked neatly, and saying on the side exactly what's inside. But of course they're clear, so you could look in them and see for yourself anyway! LOL My yarns are in color-coded bags!...Sorry. ^_^ If it's any help...I never judge what other people do. We all do our own thing to the beat of our own drummer!...But I love messy cookies!...if that's any consolation. ^_^

Sherri said...

Yarn is wonderful! I have 4 boxes full of lovely yarn just waiting to be created into something wonderful!!

Thanks for showing us your yarn room and creations!! ENJOY!!

Dayle said...

Your photos are lovely ... give such a soft effect. What a great space.

Beth said...

People who can create with yarn are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your space here with all of us. I visited you last year and I am still inspired by that huge bowl of buttons. The artistic effect of your photos is really cool.

marie said...

Oh my goodness ~ your creative space is amazing! I peeked at last year's post too. The colors are incredible. I love the pretty bird's all just lovely.
What a blessing to have such a special haven!!

PS. I make a HUGE mess when I'm creating!

Terri said...

Beautiful post...lovely blog and lovely creations! Yum-o! cookies!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yarn is my weakness! Your's is beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win those delicious looking cookies! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Anonymous said...

Wow, your photos are so beautiful. I love your creations too. What fun to give away cookies. I'm doing a giveaway also for the party but not sure what it is yet.

My studio in pictures looks all neat for the moment. That won't last long.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you used your photo's. If you work with Fiber then your allowed a mess:) I can't function in a tidy workroom...hence I have not been making much!!!It's a creative mess so it's a good mess:)

Gloria Westerman said...

Your room seem warm and fuzzy all over.....just like a place you would feel very welcome in....thank you for sharing....

Deborah said...

Beautiful. I enjoyed reading your story about the special gift you found in your mothers yarn. Please come over and visit my post.

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Vicki,
I clicked over to visit your 'Sacred Yarn Room' from last year and just love the way you display your beautiful yarns and accessories. Your collection of buttons are envious. I find it difficult to use some of the buttons I have.
I think that most creatives are so busy and lost in our creations that it's a given to have a huge mess while working. And yes, it takes me a while to clean up before the next project.
Love what you did to your photos for this year's party, so clever.
Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed my visit with you, see you again.
Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Well for someone who "whimped out" as you say - you did a mighty fine job girlfriend! :D And oh those cookies, my mouth started watering LOL
Hope you get the chance to stop by my blog as well, and do leave me a comment...I just love hearing from everyone!
Beth P

Geralyn Gray said...

Your pictures are beautiful......and yes one of the funniest post I ever made was when someone said.....look what I made.......a big mess!! Your collections look dreamy and thanks for the cookies!

SuZeQ said...

Vicki, dear ...

Thank you so much for inviting me into your Sacred Room again this year. It's always nice to pop in and say hello and run my fingers through the yard and play with all those beautiful buttons.

Mess? You say it's messy? I don't believe it one bit. There's no such thing as messy in an artists' playground. No such thing. If it were neat and tidy, then art is not being made. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, and you can't fool me ... I know exactly why Maddie is coming going to be pulling a lucky winner on the 29th. Yep - I know exactly why. Bet there'll be more than cookies, too!

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for the lovely tour! I enjoyed my visit.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki, those are gorgeous photos, love the soft, dreamy quality and feel. Your sacred yarn room is divine and love your 'sacred mess' as well -smile-.
I'm an ejit. I blogged about my travel journals and not my studio...oh no, why would anyone think I'm a scatterbrain? In the midst of life comes death; my beloved Aunt Esther passed away last night so I'll blame my scattiness on that event.
Bless you, Vicki, love your sacred room.

Cindy said...

I make a mess on my bench in my studio everytime I create. I like to get it cleaned up when I am done for the day. It helps me to think when I come out and it's clean. I love my little space!

Primitive Seasons said...

Wow a beautiful tour and a prize too! Cookies look as yummy as your space!


The French Bear said...

Well I do declare Miss Vicki, I never saw any mess!!!!!
I love the cookies, they are delicious to be sure!!!!
You are my inspiration no matter how your room looks!!!!
Margaret B

Esme said...

Vicki, I love what you have done with the photos-please tell. These photos are so you. I also want one of those cookies. Yummy. Have a good morning.

BK has a lovely room to snuggle up in .

Terry said...

Thank you for sharing your work and your studio. I love your knitted bird nests. I too am an avid knitter, so I had to take a peek at your studio. It is beautiful! I also collect Longaberger Baskets. I love your comment, "I knit when I pray." So do I.

Have a wonderful day!

Jan E O said...

I would love to see pictures of the mess. I totally make a mess when I am creating something. I will work in my shop and my bench is covered with scraps and bits of everything. I had a friend come over one day to make something and she wanted to "organize" my bench. I told her everything was in its proper place "on the bench." I do try to keep my tools picked up otherwise but a scrap might be just what I am looking for to complete the project. About once a month or so, I clean everything up and start messing around again.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I bet it's not as bad as you think it is. Besides, who cares! You are making beautiful things and that's all that matters. :) Have fun! And those cookies sound heavenly. Yum! Best wishes, Tammy

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think your mess is excused and admired, Vicki! I own one of your nests {bought last summer} and I know just what beauty comes out of that mess! The photos are really cool the way you posted them - very creative but I wouldn't expect anything else.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you did the photographs! And I have always been in love with your yarn bird nests. Thanks for sharing.


So lovely...your stuff- yarns, buttons and photos! And the cookies...yummy! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

Sara said...

Of course I make a mess too. I love the style of your photos, and I am with you on the yarns. Hugs Sara

Petite Michelle Louise said...

what an honor to get a glimpse of your sacred space mon amie! it's lovely....truly. as for making a respectable "artist" can create beauty without doing so!

donnaj said...

The photo's are beautiful as i'm sure your room and creations are~and those cookies look scrumptious!

gigi knits said...

Oh what a beautiful mess.. My yarn is all over the place even under the bed in plastic bags..
You have some of the most lovely yarns & embellishments..

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
Yes, I can so relate to making a big mess while I am creating. I dig out,clean and start again.
Your pics are great and the way you altered them are really awesome.
Love the buttons and your yarns hanging makes a display too.

Thank you for the delish cookies.

Enjoyed the tour.
Happy Creating.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Vicki!!
I don't think you woosed out at all!! The "altered" photos are fabulous as they are AND I'm sure took a lot of time to create. (You used Photofunia didn't you?) I LOVE that site!!

Thank you so much for joining the party again this year. I enjoyed visiting!!

Sandy said...

These photos are wonderful!!!! Your space is magical and soft and sweet.....thank you for the tour and the cookies were great! :):) Sandy

Claudia said...

A glorious mess is part of the process! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us.

Amy said...

I also love how you did these pictures. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your space!

fairyrocks said...

Vicki, thanks for the cookies!!
I know I am in good company when you admit to making a mess. I had to shift the piles around to get photos of my space too. I prefer to think of it as creative genius in the making. I am wild about your nests. I love your altered photos too.
Keep smiling and creating

Maddy*Moo said...

I have to create mess in order to create, it's the same even if I try to tidy up, it has to become messy before it becomes tidy so I know exactly how you feel. I actually moved a ton of stuff out of the way before I took photos of my creative space and attempted to tidy my table too... However with some clever photography it's not that bad, only now when I look at it, I just see a mess lol.

Thankyou for sharing your space and I adore your bird nests!!!

WindandHoney said...

Ah yes..... the mess that comes with creativity. I know it well!
By the way, the cookies smell wonderful. I could smell them right through the screen! : )

missshawna said...

Your nests are just unbelieveable! So much talent. Love your photos too. What mess??

Sandie said...

Anyone who says they don't make a mess when they are creating are telling porkies!
I must admit that, I rarely totally clear up my messes as they often inspire me on to the nest creative streak...sort of if it's all packed away out of sight, I don't think creatively. So you see, you need a certain amount of mess! And the cookies help too, I'm drooling just looking at them Ha!Ha!

Have a great week and weekdn!


Sandie xx

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Wellllllllllll.............I confess.......I can make the biggest messes ever. My Mum couldn't figure out how such a tidy girl could make such a mess.....but, if I stop to clean up all along the way I never make any progress..... Just don't pop by for coffee when I'm making something. There, I said it.

Wish I could knit....

Warm blessings,

Ann Tatum said...

LOL... I think my room is messier than yours! I photographed it just as it was. Take a look:

Nice to meet you!

Pretty Things said...

Your photos are ethereal and beautiful -- so calming and lovely, just like a day spent knitting!

I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!

Molly said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who makes a mess when I create :) Thanks for sharing, I'm stopping in from the creative spaces hop.

Pat said...

Vicki, Oh, My!!! I am loving your "altered photographs".....they'd make a lovely journal for those who love to stitch. And,dear friend, as for your work habits...well, I'd be the last to criticize as I can also make a "mess" and can't begin another project til everything has been re-organized. It seems to get my mind re-organized too. Nothing is better than a creative mess...seems to me. Stay cool, pat

Rustique Gal said...

Vicki, Your mess is very attractive. My mess, not so much. I neatened it up last year for Where Bloggers Create (Diane Valentine) and have totally messed it up so that I have to add another table every time I want to do another project. I'm out of tables. Time to get inside and do it, I guess.
I love your pictures!
Keep on Creating!

Teresa Young said...

I have been covered in work and projects, and felt alot like you getting my studio prepared for this party. I loved your photos and thank you for sharing your story. Hug, Teresa from

Dreams and Decor said...

Thanks for sharing your creative space with us! I love your photos that look liked beautiful drawings! As far as "making a mess" when creating, you should have seen my studio last week as compared to the photos I posted this week! The minute I got home from work each night I did nothing but work on that room! And I was still moving things out of the way for the photos! :)

I really enjoyed your tour! Patti

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

I Love the beautiful effect on your photos & caught up on last years too.... Beautiful Studio~ I finally just posted photos of my studio & it is a mess, but I had several days of crafting with the Grands & My Daughter, so Messy or Nothing.... I chose the Messy ~ Hope you get a chance to stop on by~

Jenny said...

I love Dawn's comment about shaking it and rolling it down a hill, too! What I, a fellow yarn addict, wouldn't give to stand in a fiber arts studio room like yours and just soak up all the inspiration!

I'd LOVE some cookies! And if you want to enter my giveaway (handmade from peacock colored yarn!), stop on by The Modest Peacock for your chance! :)

Bette said...

I love how you altered your pictures. Isn't that why we create - to legitimately make a mess? LOL. A friend of mine used to be in the rag trade and commented on how they would often have to recut the left sleeve because they could not fin the original! LOL

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet Vicki,
wonderful altered photoes, and as I have been visiting your sacred yarn room, once before, I know how wonderful there is- so even telling me it is chaos,now- I know it would be a treet to sit there sipping tea with you :)
Huhs and love, dearest-

Anonymous said...

Very creative photos! Your bird nests always make me smile. Just delightful! And yes, "MESSY" goes with creative or you ain't doin' it right! Xo, Sue

Shell said...

Love you my dear, Mess and all! HA! Wait till you see (or NOT see) my workshop NEXT week!

Off to work,,,,
Hugs and Kisses!

Jo said...

Oh yes, I make a massive mess when I create - just compare the picture in this post -
with the ones in my party post here - !!
I love how you have altered your photos. Thanks for the tour!

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Vicki,

Oh, it's totally OK for your sacred yarn room to be an explosion of yarn! Somehow in last years party I either didn't follow you or I lost your link with Blogger's antics this year.

I remembered you immediately when I saw the knitted still my heart I loved them last year and still think they are wonderful pieces of art.

I've started a new blog just for my crochet and other sewing related stuff. I'd love to have you visit.

Stephanie Suzanne ♥
Queen of Dreamsz

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Vicki! MY first time to your blog, and I LOVE IT! Yes, I get messy too - then I clean up. I love the way you disguised the pics, very enticing ~ makes one want to click on HERE to see last year...and I'm gonna. :) Seriously, VERY sweet post and I'm glad you felt safe to share with us - you are SECURE in your own Creative Space and I LOVE THAT! :) Can't wait to see some of the items you make with these lovely yarns...reading more now. ;)

Michela said...

Mmh, it's 5am and can't sleep at all, and now it's even worst at the sight of your delicious cookies, LOL!
Congratulations on your feature!
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, hope you're having a great weekend!

Gail said...

Hi Vicki. Good to see your still busy, busy with nests. Mine is receiving new eggs, some covered in yarns, some in glitter, some in sequins. It is such fun to look at.
I did not post my studio this year, when it was time to take pictures Kirk had it knee deep in saw dust. LOL. Maybe next year.
Gail - Wy

Miss Sandy said...

Now why did I not think of that? Very clever to disguise your creative work in progress. I personally love seeing a real studio in use, now I wish I would have left mine messy. I loved the altered photos and your nests are amazing! Thank you for sharing your art and creative space.

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

I'm not sure that anyone could NOT make a mess while creating ~ I know I most certainly do...then I stand back and look at it all and say "how on earth did I make such a mess", LOL :) I've enjoyed visiting you and seeing your creative space ~ Love the yarns!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Yummy. And I don't believe that I have ever seen such beautiful yarn and creations.

Anonymous said...

Vicki, my feeling is, a well cluttered studio is one ever in the works of a creative imagination! :))) Believe me, I endeavor, my very best, at keeping my office and studio tidy. I even solicit my husband once in while for the great clean. However, I never seem to keep it under those pristine conditions very long.
Besides, isn't it nice to work amidst all those lovely trims? They are so inspiring! Your space looks soft and heavenly ...

Terry said...

I love your knitted nests! They are absolutely stunning! I am a knitter also so I had to go have a peek at your studio. So pretty! Thank you for sharing your work and your studio.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear friend,

Oh how I wish my book tour would take me near you again. We were SO close last time, but this July tour will be in Austin, Texas, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Kansas. All HOT this time of year, but as soon as I finish we head for our little island in Maine where I find complete peace and joy.

I must finish my rewrites and illustrations for the new book as soon as we arrive there.

I loved peeping into your world of yarn...very inspirational. Oh, yes, I am putting my nest into a chest filled with cedar chips, lavender, and fir needles, which I HOPE will keep the moths away while we're in Maine.

Sending a nest full of love to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Bonjade said...

Such lovely room you have.....
All for yourself.....?
Looks like a real candy store to your pimped pictures.
Fine evening and fine new week

Kathy said...

I'm a slob when I create...I think the fact that you clean up and organize between projects is MORE then admirable!!!!
I just read your last post!
and not one bit surprised!!!!
I've always been traveling vicariously through you!
Perfect next step for you!!!!
Your talents abound...I wonder when you sleep?
maybe you don't!

Your greatest fan!!!!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Sherry said...

The baskets, the yarns, the buttons, it is all heavenly. I took a look at last years post too, they are both wonderful. The cookies look yummy too.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Vickie, thanks so much for your comment on my blog and for following me. I'm glad you have been to my part of the world for a visit. I love your photos! Beautiful. Have a blessed week. Pamela

Karen said...

Hi Vicki,
Your photos are so dream like and show a world full of imagination and creativity. I'm so happy that you are still busy making your beautiful nests. I too tend to be a bit messy during the process but try to tidy up between projects. You are a true artist...

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Okay, I'm letting you off the hook for these distressed photos because I was here last year & saw how beautiful it can be. Like you my room is a horrible mess 90% of the time. In fact for my WBC photo session I just put everything in a giant tupperware & relocated it to the kitchen (don't tell anyone). I am usually working on multiple projects & one time, & I use tons of elements so it's a big hot mess in there.
Love everything your doing sweetie!

Kim -Truly Tattered said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your studio!

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Vicki,
thank you for your sweet comment... and what do you mean with working creative without a mess??? How should this work? My multifunktional scrap/office/guest/everything-room always looks like the middle of the Bermuda triangle.... but on mysterious ways I always find the little things I need to create just by miracle *lol*. Hope your are all well... Hugs & kisses Myriam

Anonymous said...

Great post, Vicki - and yes, I DO make a huge mess when I create and then rinse & repeat. :)
Have a great week,

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Whatever I create, I make a mess..., quite a mess actually, just can't help it (I do start off organized, with things on different piles, in nice rows, etc.). This includes my cooking!!

DogsMom said...

Congratulations on your published essay!
As for your room and messy creating, I will say you are being honest and I appreciate that.
Even through the "disguised" photos I see some creative storage touches. I'll have to look at least years for a different view.

Jillayne said...

I love your mess, well, I guess I love the idea of your mess as you're not showing it to us!
I can get very messy when creating and my workspace will be heaped as well as any other flat space around, including the floor.
It doesn't matter how you get it done, it's the beauty of the things you make that matters!

Retired Knitter said...

I love what you did with the pictures. Very cool technique. Someday when I have more time I would like to get software that does that.

Jo said...

What a wonderful collection of photos, they are gorgeous. And what delicious biscuits . . . yum:).

I only have a small space so restricted to how much I can spread out. One day I will have a room of my own and them I will be able to make a crafty mess to fill a room:)

Tamatha said...

I visited your post for last year. You do some beautiful work! I loved the story about your mother's chair and that she taught you to knit. Thanks for the tour!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I'm sure you have had a ton of visits - first on the list! I am Soooo late getting started - have been stuffing bears. That being said, I got lost in your blogs. Beautiful birds nests! I've never seen anything like them. I'll be back. Love, Linda

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I'm sure you have had a ton of visits - first on the list! I am Soooo late getting started - have been stuffing bears. That being said, I got lost in your blogs. Beautiful birds nests! I've never seen anything like them. I'll be back. Love, Linda

Bumpkin Bears said...

I would love to get lost in your yarn room! I think being amongst the mess is half the fun of being creative :) It's always fun to put everything in their special places afterwards and see them all neat, but it never lasts long for me either :) mmmm now I'm hungry seeing those cookies! Hugs, Catherine x

. said...

And a beautiful mess it is, I like how you made the pictures look. I really like all the little birds you have collected and your business cards are lovely. And to answer your question, I always make a mess and each time I clean my space it takes only seconds before its back to a wonderful mess. Thanks for sharing your lovely mess!!!

Magic Gypsy said...

Beautiful photos - I didn't notice the mess! Mess is good when it comes to creativity!

Jenelle said...

Love your Sacred Yarn Room! Cool effects on your pics! As I scrolled down noticed you write for Living Better at 50 --just discovered that website this morning! Can't wait to read your article. Thanks so much for tour.


A Scattering said...

This is NOT good....I'm drooling on my desk.....OMG those cookies look divine! Elaine

Textile Queenie said...

loving your blog, I'm quite new to blogging myself and have come to realise that it is those little 'connections' throughout the day that make working alone a more a less lonesome experience. I also liked your weight quote about living more healthily. I hope you'll come and visit my blog...and there is a photo on it that shows how messy it can get here! somehow it seems to go hand in hand with creativity for me.

Charlene said...

GREAT TOUR!!!!! And it's not messy it's just creativity WAITING to happen. Fun to see where the MAGIC begins.

Lynette Killam said...

Your photos are stunning, and I have always adored your sweet nests! I haven't visited for a while, but mean to be back soon. It was a pleasure stopping have a wonderful weekend...:)

NanE said...

I really enjoyed looking at your pictures, they have such an artistic quality to them. Hmm, do I make a mess? Honey, I am the queen of messy and it doesn't get cleaned up for a while either. In fact, I cleaned my room for this party and the last time it was cleaned was for last years party! So don't fret, you are in good company! Thanks for sharing, Nan

Terry said...

Vicki, thank you! I am so excited to be the winner of your cookies. I look forward to sharing them with friends over a cup of tea and wonderful conversation. Thank you for bringing a great big smile to my face this morning!

Lili said...

Your sacred yarn room is totally gorgeous in your beautifully altered images Vicki! Love that effect, it's so perfect. Oh dear, you should SEE the mess we make when we are throwing pots, we're talking real mud here Vicki! And it usually doesn't even clean up anywhere near pretty ever! Those cookies look scrumptious, makes me want to crawl right through this screen and grab a handful!! xoxo ~Lili

Melissah said...

I just discovered your lovely blog. I look forward to popping by again for some inspiration! I'm just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty.
I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

Rita Barakat said...

I love all your photos - creative! I am so messy - it is embarrrassing LOL ! But you are good - cleaning up after each project! I an't say that I do the same!

Cheryl De Beer said...

I have re-visited the list and found your blog today. I love what you have done with your photos and really creating is to mess, there is no wother way!

Jynene said... absolutely lovely! i love your nests. love your photo style for this post.

Debbie said...

What a great blog and beautiful pictures too.
Thanks so much for sharing your time and space with us.

It is a wonderful space.


fatmi said...

I enjoyed visiting this blog, specially seeing the little girl pics.

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marda said...

Your mess is well hidden.. and NO I don't think you can create anything without making a mess in the process. Doesn't matter if I'm sewing, paper-crafting or cooking..there's going to be a mess to clean up afterwards. Thanks for the lovely pictures.