Monday, November 21, 2011

The Partridge Nests are Here!

On the First Day of Christmas~~

I am so excited to finally realize my dream of creating a very special Christmas nest.  This little nest has been well over a year in the making~

The charitable portion of the proceeds from the sale of this nest will be donated to our local Ronald McDonald House.  So many families can't be at home during the holidays because they have sick children in the hospital.  These funds will be used to help make their Christmas a little brighter. 

These last few days have been a blur of non- stop creating in my Sacred Yarn Room.  Mary has been here with me and we have worked all day and into the night adding beautiful embellishments to these exquisite nests.  

Each nest is unique - no two nests are totally alike - they each have their very own personality ~~

Each nest is adorned with little vintage millinery pears that we glitter dusted to give them a beautiful "bling" for these exquisite nests~

In the center of each nest - nestled into the softest of yarns- rests a beautiful glazed pottery pear that was specially created for these nests by my friend Susan Jenkins.  

And~~ because these nests are SO very special - each nest will come with a beautiful partridge ornament that you can display as you wish alongside your nest.  Susan created these adorable partridges specially for this Holiday nest.  
Susan is an artist of incredible vision and talent.  She is a painter, a sculptor, a creator of many art forms.  Her work is highly praised and in demand.  I am so grateful that she dedicated some of her special talents to help make my dream of this Partridge nest come true.  You can visit Susan at her blog and also visit her ETSY shop where she sells her beautiful and imaginative creations.   (Thank you dear Susan - I am so, so grateful for your willing heart and your gracious help in making the most precious little pears and partridges for this nest!)

 Because she is a beading extraordinaire - Mary broke apart one of her beloved "Talbot's" necklaces just so that she could use the beautiful little yellow beads to embellish these Partridge ornaments.  Is she dedicated to the cause or what? (Each little ornament will come with a gold hanger for you to use when you display your Partridge.)  


Some of the embellishments for these nests are from a collection of vintage finds that I have been saving for almost 2 years.  We've also added various unique adornments as well as some exquisite pieces of vintage jewelry. 

My Mother once owned a florist and craft shop.  After her passing, my sisters and I found a huge bag of floral decorations in her attic.  Some of those have also been used in these very special nests. 

Presentation is everything~~
My friend Sue Kosac is my ever constant creator of beautiful (drop dead gorgeous!!!) tags for my little nest packages.  Your package will arrive wrapped in beautiful tissue that Sue specially created for this designer nest - and hanging on the outside of the package will be one of these fabulous little note cards. 

 Also - tucked into the package will be one of these little pear tags (in the upper right hand corner).  Mary and I added a special little embellishment for those - a little surprise for each of you~
You can contact my friend Sue at her email address~   
(Thank you my sweet friend - you always, always make the most beautiful packaging for my nests.  You know what I want - even when I don't!  I love you to pieces!)

The response to these nests has totally taken me by surprise.  From the minute I showed that first little sneak peak a few weeks ago- the number of emails that I have received has been overwhelming.  So many of you have written to me expressing a desire to own one of these very special Designer nests ~~

 Because so many of you asked to Reserve one of these nests~~ as this post goes live today~~ there are NO nests left for purchase - every single nest has been Reserved.  While I am humbled that so many of you love and desire my specialty nests - I am honestly so very sad that some of you are going to be disappointed today.  (Seriously - the knot in my stomach is THIS big!)

 These nests have taken hours, and hours, and hours to design and create.  If it were possible - I would  make more - to ensure that each of you who desired one would be able to have one.  But, I just can't.  I know you understand that it is just not possible.  I honestly did not expect this to happen.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have so many requests for these little nests.  I am overwhelmed with a mix of emotions right now.  Part of me is happy that they are so loved~ and another part of me is distraught that I have none left to sell.  I feel as though I need to apologize - I am so so very sorry that this has happened so unexpectedly.  I know that there are some of you who have waited till this appointed hour hoping to perhaps purchase a nest~~    

 Because of this unique situation - I am going to try extra hard next year to make more than usual of the upcoming Harvest Nest. I am going to bring in the troops,  Mary (bless her heart!!)  and we are going to make up to 40 of these special nests next year.   (Right now - there are 24 names on the Harvest nest waiting list~ if your name is on the list - you will be guaranteed a nest. They will be priced similar to these Partridge nests.  I cannot promise that there will be any extra - I will be doing good to make 40!)  So please do email me if you desire to own one of these~~)

(and please, please, please~ don't hate me because these Christmas nest's sold out so quickly :(   

 This nest has been a dream of mine for such a long time.  The making of a nest like this - for me- takes months - even years to create.  I work on collecting the embellishments for a very long time - always looking when we travel, when I go to the flea markets, every where I go.   The planning for a nest   - and the actual creating of the nest is intense - I've neglected this house, the laundry, the shopping, ~~ my sweet Gardener (!!).  Somewhere in this Sacred Yarn room full of nests, and boxes, and tissue and tags, and YARN - I've lost my "nesting" sketch book!  (please pray that I find it before spring or we are all doomed!!)
Although next year is designated as the year for that Harvest Nest - plans are ALREADY in the works for a new Holiday/Winter nest.  Be watching (and waiting) for the new Shorebird Winter nest~~ (there - I said it!)   (coming in the winter of 2013)

And lastly~~

Did you know that I was this goofy? We have had the most glorious fall Indian summer days of late - but not today - (not the day that I have had planned for weeks) to do the photos for the Partridge nest!  Cold - rainy - freezing wind~~

No photos of Mary this time ~~ she flatly refused to wear this Monkey hat!  Seriously - I could not, would not, won't ever~~ be doing a Designer nest without her amazing talents and creativity.  Thank you my dear best friend in the whole world~~

Thank you all - for loving my nests, for always supporting me, and for your understanding of this totally unexpected situation.  To those of you who purchased a nest - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make Christmas a little more Merry for our families at the Ronald McDonald House. 
 Love, love, love


audrey said...

Oh. Vicki, these Partridge nests are exquisite!!!! I went to etsy and I see they are all spoken for. Any extras or someone changes their mind, please email me ~ I would love to have one.
You are a true Nest Master!!!! (:
♥ audrey

Createology said...

Breathtaking! I have coveted your knitted nests since the very first time I saw one online. I am sad you are sold out and I won't be able to get one...this year...however I am thrilled you are sold out. You are a true artist with yarn. Bless you for all you do for Ronald McDonald House and the families. Blissful...

Silke Powers said...

Wonderful, wonderful Vicki!! And I am not at all surprised that they are all sold!! I'm glad I'm on the list for the Harvest nest... Hugs, Silke

Kim Stevens said...

Oh my, I am sad that I missed the opportunity to purchase one of these - this is truly the most magical thing I have ever seen!! My heart stopped for a moment . . . .

Dorthe said...

Dearest Vicki, oh they are fabolous, so fantastic in their jewel colours,
and filled with so beautiful mini items. They will be treasures for many ,many christmasses to come.
I`m so happy for you, and the kids,and their families, that they are all spoken for, sweet friend.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Jenny said...

Wow, Vicki! I want to see your magic yarn room. How fun and creative. I want one. xo Jenny

Unknown said...

Ok, I'll be the first to say it. Yes, I do see you. I see you in all those gold balls. And you thought we wouldn't catch it. Or you wanted to see who would catch it. Clever, clever shots.

Lululiz said...

They are truly beautiful beautiful creations, Vicki.

Maureen said...

The nest is so beautiful, and it's lovely that some of the sale goes to charity. I think that's what Christmas is truly about. I go to London and work with the charity 'Crisis' looking after the homeless on Christmas day and I do another shift on 27th dec, it's so rewarding and I get back more than I give.
Have a lovely week crafting your beautiful nests.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Gorgeous beyond words and filled with so many unique touches. I just kept noticing all the different elements. All those yummy yarns too! What a wondeerful thing to have so much interest in your labors of love.


Phyllis said...

Hey Vicki,

These nests are gorgeous and I know you're glad to have them completed. I know are a labor of love and I so admire you for giving a portion to charity.

I can't wait to get my beautiful partridge nest!!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Phyllis said...

Hi Vicki,

These are so gorgeous and I admire that you give a portion of the money to charity. I know these are a labor of love and that they are completed.

I can't wait to receive my beautiful nest!!!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

yaya said...

Wow, my jaw dropped when I saw this beautiful. I hope they raise a ton of money for such a great cause.

marda said...

Hi Vicki.. I just had to take another look at the pictures and reading the comments makes me even more thankful that I have one coming. Every nest I've gotten is so beautiful and creative beyond my somewhat limited imagination and I think how could you top this, but you always do. Again I'm fortunate to have one of these beauties in my home and my purchse thanks to, you goes to such a good cause. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

Sherri said...

Vicki, those nests are just spectacular!! I love that you will be donating some of the proceeds from the wreath to the Ronald McDonald House! What a wonderful cause! You are such a very special person and amazing!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! HUGS!

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Vicki,
hope you are enjoying the last few days til start of the most wonderful time in the winter.... all the candles, cookies, nice bits and pieces. Hugs & kisses Myriam

gigi knits said...

They are absolutely gorgeous !! So So Happy to be one of the very lucky ones to be waiting to receive one of the Partridge Nests.
Have very Happy Thanksgiving>

Sea Angels said...

Totally amazing and a beautiful idea lovely Vicki, my lovely green nest is sat here with a couple of fat silver doves in and they look lovely,in this mossy treasure I am always thrilled to use it...
Hugs Lynn

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima seems to me as if I would step into a fairytale; stepping into your enchanting beautiful creativ world.....: So colourful & joyful & sparkling these christmas nests....: each time I am looking at them I discover a new little jewel on them....SUBLIMISSIMI!!!!!

...The participation of your Art-friend is FABULOUS....I do love your FANTASTIC TEAM-WORK...!!!

WOOOOOONDERFUL, just WOOOOONDERFUL....& now I step into your ETSY- Shop & I am convinced there are other JEWELS awaiting us...!!!!!!!

...Wishing you wonderful & happy Thanksgiving, cara amica!!!!!!

bacio ed abbraccio ciao ciao elvira

dreamchallenge said...

In case you have not read, these nest are absolutely beautiful. Jan

Lorraine said...

These are beautiful Vicki! I see mine every day I walk into my studio!

Taylor Scott said...

Congrats, Vicki and Mom, for not only finishing these gorgeous nests for this season, but also for creating what appears to be a "must have" item for holiday seasons to come. Also a very cool OneMoreStep on the Ronald McDonald House donation...I'm very proud!


SuZeQ said...

... and I love you to pieces right back. You are a joy to work with.

Maggie said...

Dear Vicki
the partridge nest is absolutely stunning, how I wish I could get my hands on one!
Je rêve.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I think we should play, "Where's (Waldo) Vicki" in all those photos. I see your reflection in quite a few ornaments!

Esme said...

Vicki, you have outdone yourself on these. These are beyond stunning. They would be beautiful in any home. I am not surprised that you have sold them out.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Vicki, it's no wonder they are a hit --your nests are absolutely magnificent. You shouldn't apologize for wanting to create something by hand for such a good cause. You are only one and can only do so much. And what you are doing is wonderful. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

Lili said...

Oh my dear Vicki, there is simply magic and loads of love woven into those nests! And your sweet Mama must be smiling down from heaven knowing some of her embellishments are being used for this most worthy cause. Each one of them already being spoken for does not surprise me at all. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday Vicki, and I hope someone else is doing all the my dear deserve some pampering right about now! xoxo ~Lili

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Vicki
Your Christmas nests are so so special. It is just so wonderous and wonderful that they are going to be so loved by so many in their homes for Christmas and so kind of you to offer some donation to Ronald McDonald House.
You are the genious nest builder of Blogland and I wish for you the continuation of sales throughout the
coming year also.
I so loved your ideas in your recent email sweetie and will reply very soon!
And thank you also for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog recently.
Sending you many smiles across the miles with love and hugs to fill your heart!

Cheryl said...

Wow they turned out as beautifully as I expected them to. You are amazing Vicki!

susan jenkins said...

They turned out beautifully!! Your nests are amazing!!xo

The French Bear said...

Wow, Vicki, you really outdid yourself, they are stunning!!!!!! They are a perfect reflection of the sparkling and inspiring person you are.....always thinking of others and letting your love shine through!!!! Awesome.
Margaret B

Mary LaRue Groft said...

The Partridge Nests are too, too beautiful!