Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Nest for the Children

I think it was only natural -- fate perhaps --
that someday I would make a nest that would benefit the babies and children~~

A specially commissioned Nest
for the
 benefit of the
Hoops Family Children's Hospital. 

A safe haven
A place to be nurtured~
A place for waiting
(an expectation of good things to happen) 
A precious place where new
life springs forth.
A place of HOPE.



These heirloom quality nests are available within our community
as truly special keepsakes
honoring the generosity
of corporate and individual donations
for a generous donation of
$2500 or more.  


of these Limited Edition Designer nests
have been created to
financial gifts given to further
the medical well-being of infants and children
within our community.


In designing this nest~
I knew that it would be completely different-- totally unlike anything that I had ever done before.
I wanted this nest to tell a story about the children.

  I thought about the design of this nest for several weeks-
Then one morning I was walking through the pediatric floor on my way to the NICU- it was about 6 am, and this little toddler was walking down the hall followed by his Mommy and Daddy.  He was carrying a teddy bear that was almost as big as he was and dragging a blanket that looked like it had seen better days-- and I thought - that's it--
That's the story I want to tell with this nest. 

~~a story about security and promise and hope~~
All the things that this new Children's Hospital will represent for our children. 

A project such as this could not have been done by just my own two hands~~

The saying is true that it "takes a village" -- and my village begins with 
my best friend Mary. 

Mary's special contribution to this project is her beautiful beaded and sequined gauze-- her special creation that totally brings together the idea that this nest is created to benefit a Children's Hospital.  Tea dyed -- and embellished with tiny Swarovski crystal, seed pearls,and sequins (all sewn on by hand)-- it's simply gorgeous.  The very idea of using medical gauze in this incredible design still amazes me -- she's totally genius.  Mary is my biggest supporter, she is my sounding board, my "call your best friend up in the middle of the night" just to listen to another of my ideas-- FRIEND.  She is the person beside me in every nest that I create.  
Mary says--"Many years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Crohns Disease.  We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Yorum Elitsur and are so very thankful for his care of our daughter.  He became a true friend to our family.  I want to honor his life's work through my contributions to this fundraiser.  I am truly honored to be working with my best friend on the Children's Nest.  This Children's Hospital is a blessing to our area." 

A nest such as this takes months to create.
From idea -- to sketch -- to design coordination -- to completion.
These nests consumed nearly 8 months of my life.

If the beauty of art is realized in the details~
this Children's nest
is truly a shining illustration. 

More of my "village"~~ 
Deb Hembree's miniature crazy quilts are the result of hours and hours (and hours!!) of intricate beadwork and embroidery.  Her beautiful contribution to this project is not only a work of art -- it is a treasure.  Each little quilt is made by hand, embroidered and beaded, then lined with warm snugly felt-- just as a little child would want his "blankie" to be.  



On the back~
each little blanket is embroidered
with a message of LOVE.

When her first daughter was born prematurely, Deb Hembree of Shelbyville, Ky experienced an overwhelming range of emotions as she sought to care for her child.  Grateful that her local hospital was equipped to handle her daughter's needs, a burden to provide comfort for parent's in similar circumstances was placed on her heart. Her gorgeous "miniature crazy quilts" are created with thoughts of the healing and nurturing to come with the building of this new Children's Hospital.  Having so many hours and dreams stitched in to each one, the quilts were among the few items that Deb gathered on her way to her basement earlier this summer when tornadoes struck  her home area. 
"I did not want to miss this opportunity to share in something that could benefit so many.  The building of a well-equipped, state-of-the-art hospital-- where babies are the No. 1 concern-- is the perfect place for me to make a difference." 
You can find Deb at her blog 

Mary Jane Dodd's metalwork leaves are stamped with the word HOPE.  A visual reminder of what this collective effort represents:  a charitable cause to bring HOPE to our children.  The addition of the beautiful leaves was a latecomer to this project -- Totally out of the blue I received an email from MJ stating that she had been thinking about me and wondered if I had a current charity project in progress that she could assist with.  Her participation in this effort is a true gift from God.  I've said from the very beginning that I was not in charge of this project--clearly God is a nest designer as well.  

Mary Jane Dodd of Neptune, NJ is a mixed media metalsmith, mother of three children, and intimately familiar with children's hospitals.  In 1998, her third child was born at 23 weeks gestation and weighed just over a pound. After spending 4 months in the Intensive Care Nursery -- he required a tracheotomy and 24 hour respiratory support. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia became their temporary home where he received incredible care from multiple specialists.  Mary Jane's belief in the importance of  excellent pediatric care was further strengthened when her daughter was diagnosed in 2009 with Crohns disease at the age of 17.
"You cannot put a price on the piece of mind that comes with having an excellent children's specialty hospital.  It was a great honor to be able to help with this project.  I wish all of the families that come to this hospital peace and good health and extend to the staff my deepest appreciation." 
You can find Mary Jane at her blog,

My friend Sue Kosec has been a dedicated supported of my nest creations;  she can read my mind when it comes to designing the little tags, and cards that accompany my nests. Her creations are stunning.  For this nest she created miniature rosettes made from vintage fabrics-- a special touch that brings to these nest that "shabby chic" appeal that I wanted to create.  

 Sue also created the little tags that will accompany each nest.  She truly took my jumbled thoughts and turned them into these adorable tags that will embellish the wrapping of these nests.  Presentation is everything -- and I can always count on Sue to create something so very beautiful. 
Drawn to anything that involves paper, Sue Kosec of Euless, Tx.  fell in love with papercrafting about eight years ago and today it is truly her passion.  Her work has been featured in Stamping, Stationery, and Scrapbooking Magazine. 
"I am honored and thrilled to make a difference, support a dream, and be a part of this amazing endeavor for the building of the Children's Hospital.  It is a joy for me to help raise money for a much needed and worthwhile project."
You can find Sue at her Facebook page --Sue Daggett Kosec

Mary and I dedicated almost 2 weeks to the final phase of "building" these nests. Each nest was intricately embellished with the artisan creations and then we added the final adornments~ the handmade felted teddy bears, each clutching that gorgeous quilt under it's movable arms.  Completing this special design is a monogrammed sterling silver charm commemorating the special occasion for which this nest was built. 

From start to finish -- each nest has collectively consumed over 20 hours of intricate creating and embellishing.  "My hope is that individuals will be moved by the story of the nests and will want to contribute to this most worthy cause --the building of a dedicated Children's Hospital for our children.  In exchange for a most generous donation -- they can take home one of these heirloom nests -- a memento of a contribution that will change the lives of our children forever."   

"I think maybe one of the better things about getting older, is that it has given me time to do something really worthwhile. For over 30 years I have been blessed to have a career that allows me to witness miracles every day.  Working alongside amazing physicians and nurses... I see their dedication to the mission of saving the lives of premature infants. One of my dearest friends, Dr. Gilbert Ratcliff, recently retired after a lifelong service of taking care of tiny babies. His legacy has inspired me to want to leave something special of my own...

Another dear friend and collegue, Dr. Joe Werthammer... has been caring for tiny infants as many years as I have been a nurse in the NICU-- I often think about the fragile lives, the hundreds of babies that he has helped to save ... he, along with the rest of the nurses and physicians in my work place -- we are all building a legacy of caring for the babies.  In the creating of these Children's Nests -- I believe that perhaps I am creating a legacy of my own ...using my talents to help continue the care of our community's children -- for today and tomorrow ... and for years to come."  

  To inquire about making a donation to the Hoops Family Children's Hospital 
 please contact:

 Velma Workman
Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation Development Coordinator
For more information about the building of our Children's Hospital
click HERE

A special note to my readers and followers~
Although time consuming -- this project has been a true labor of love.  This is my very first commission nest and I am thrilled to finally be able to share the photos and the story with you -- this has been a year long endeavor and I have waited so very long to make you all a part of this amazing project.  I appreciate your support, your comments -- and the love that you have always, always shown to me. 

I'm very busy here in the Sacred Yarn Room -- the winter nesting has begun!  If your are on the list -- then shortly after the first of the year some of you will start to hear from me.  As you go about your holiday activities and  all the business of "making merry"-- remember to make a little time, a little special effort, a little something special for those who are not as lucky as you or me. 



Joyful said...

What a beautiful nest and what beautiful and thoughtful ideas that went into the making of it. I love the story behind your inspiration and how you've brought the vision to life. I pray that God would bring in those donors and that he would bless all that hands that poured love into these artistic creations. xoxo

Bead and Needle said...

This is a truly STUNNING post - visually AND emotionally! And how wonderful to get to spend quality creative time with your best friend on such a wonderfully rewarding effort as this. You amaze me, Vicki - Mary, too. XOXOXOXOXO Tanya

Bead and Needle said...

P.S. The photo of you two together is SOOOO beautiful! I'm more than a little speechless about all this wonderfulness, right now! Happy Friday, dear friend...XOXO

Regina said...

What a wonderful way to show LOVE!! These are beautiful not only in how they look but in the meaning behind them.

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to those little hearts that need them.


marda said...

Oh Vicki..the beautiful nest expresses all the heartfelt emotions you and everyone involved in this project put into their contribution. What a perfect story this little nest tells. Congratulations to you for being given this consignment.. they chose well. May there be many many donors...and best wishes to those lucky few who will be the recipient of a handcrafted by Vicki nest. Blessings.

Betty said...

A fabulous idea and so very special to have all these talented people working together to create something so unique. I hope the hospital can display them for visitors to appreciate. Hope you get some very generous donations from the community. Betty

Kim Stevens said...

Oh Vicki, I could barely read this before I got to the end...through the tears. You and your talented creative friends are truly inspirational and I pray that every single nest will find it's way home. It's not often that I am at a loss for words, but I really am. There are just not enough words to describe the thought and detail and the story that is behind all of this....XO

Dorthe said...

My dearest Vicki,
your heart and concern again makes me want to tell you, how much I admire the woman,that is you- ,not only beautiful, outside,but also so very much inside. You are really making a difference for a beautiful cause ,with this gorgeous nests.
And so does all your friends ,contributing to this wonderful result .
I hope they will all find lovely homes, where to bring joy and happines within long.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Karen B. said...

Sweet Vicki,
you have done it again!! A beyond beautiful nest and the reason behind it ~ you are a wonderful person!!!

sending you much love and hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Suztats said...

A beautiful endeavor, Vicki, and one that I hope results in wonderful donations for the hospital.
The nests are gorgeous, and I applaud each and every one who has labored to create them. One can feel the love.

Suztats said...

A beautiful endeavor, Vicki, which I hope results in many wonderful donations for the hospital.
The nests are gorgeous, and I applaud each and every one who has been a part of their creation. One can feel the love.

Kristie Franklin said...

I can see that lots of love, patience and a steady hand went into making this stunning nest. Congratulations on being given this consignment...I think you have succeeded in creating a masterpiece.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Helen"s Hope said...

So very beautiful and awe inspiring. Treasures.

Vintage Sandy said...


You are such an amazing person, so loving, caring and sharing and yes, creative. Your nests represent only something you can give your ♥

God Bless you

Vintage Sandy said...


You are such an amazing person so loving, caring & sharing and yes, creative your nests are beyond beautiful they represent something only you can give!

God Bless you!

Whimsey Creations said...

You are truly a special person and such a blessing to others. Hugs!

gigi knits said...

You are the most thoughtful giving lady. You would have loved my Fonda as she like you always put everyone else's needs ahead of hers.
My granddaughter is in her 2nd year of pediatric nursing ...she is also a very special lady like you.. who loves to take care of our children.
Your nests are so "BEAUTIFUL'.

Ryan's Mommy said...

Amazing work! Thanks to you and your friends for your commitment to children.

Ryan's Mommy said...

Amazing work! Thanks to you and your friends for your commitment to children.

Jim said...

I am speechless, Vicki! Other than to say these are beautifully handcrafted, exquisitely colourful, and made with love, I commend you and your friends for a job well done.

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, Your nest are truly amazing and going for such a good cause. You all do such beautiful work. The little blankets are truly awesome. Everything fits right in with the little bear. Teddy Bears help little ones get through the night sometimes. Just to lay and look at them. Your group is truly a wonderful bunch and I can't wait to see the pictures of your winter ones. Thank you for your visits and including me in your etsy links. Hugs and Prayers Your Missouri Friend.

sophie...^5 said...

These beautiful creations are going to definitely put smiles on children's faces now and for years to come...such love and true compassion for children splashes across this post.

Great work all of you!


Createology said...

I am speechless at the beauty and the cause for this special "Nest for the Children. You and your team are remarkable human beings. Thank you from my heart! Blessings of love...

DeeDee said...

Deb and Sue are my personal friends and I know their work is so stunning and to add it to the others.. oh what project you have created.. the cast is set you couldn't get any better...I am so in awe of all the separate works of art.. together as one is nothing less than amazing!!!.. I am just amazed... what a treasure you all have shared.. stunning women...truely stunning.. <3

Wendy D. said...

Vicki, your nests for the children and their families are simply exquisite -- a loving tribute that will remind donors that the hospital is a safe haven (a nest!) for children with health challenges and their families.

Best wishes to everyone involved in this loving project!

Wendy (peds RN)

Wendy D. said...

Vicki, your nests for the children and their families are simply exquisite -- a loving tribute that will remind donors that the hospital is a safe haven (a nest!) for children with health challenges and their families.

Best wishes to everyone involved in this loving project!

Wendy (peds RN)

Rosemary Aubut said...

Simply gorgeous! From the hands of God you work! How wonderful so many talented people have gathered together to make this work! BRAVO!!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Our little secret project....Thank you for allowing me to participate
in all the fun.

kareninkenai said...

Vicki - What a special and love-filled project for you and your friends. God Bless each of you for supporting those in need. Much love and hugs from Alaska. Karen

Petite Michelle Louise said...

just when i thought your beautiful nests couldn't get any make these!! there are now words to describe them...truly. petite wrks of art....every detail revealing the love and hope that was poured into them by the many talented hands who contributed. brilliant! beautiful! beyond inspiring!!! ;)

Teacup Mosaics said...

Simply spendid in every way. Truly a labor of love!

val said...

gorgeous nests and I love the story behind it all.......

Carolyn Phillips said...

That is beautiful.

SuZeQ said...

Vicki, your dream nests have finally come to fruition. I am having difficulty putting to words exactly how I feel about these nests. First of all, your vision, inspiration, hard work, dedication, heartfelt emotions and your heart of love is what makes this nest so special. You are to be commended in the utmost way. This world needs more people just like you. Forget the village - we are nothing without YOU.

Countrylovers said...

Liebe Vicki,
man muß das tun im Leben, was man im Herzen fühlt. Es ist keine Mühe, keine Arbeit, keine Bürde anderen zu helfen, es wird aus unserem Innern heraus geboren, jeden Tag auf´s neue. Die Quelle all dieser Liebe entspringt in uns selbst. Ich würde mir wünschen es gäbe mehr Menschen auf dieser Welt die so denken, fühlen, handeln, was wäre die Welt doch für ein paradisischer Ort. Laßt uns die Welt jeden Tag ein wenig besser, liebenswerter machen, wir haben nur diese eine.

In Gedanken bin ich bei dir,
alles Liebe Babsi

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Vicki,
The nest is truly a nest created with love and it reflects so many wonderful thoughts about the children as well as the love of those creating it.
Thank you for sharing the story and inspiration behind the nest.
I pray that you will have lots of donors and that God will bless them as well as the creators.

P.S. I just mailed you some samples of the little cards.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Wow, Vicki, the nest looks truly incredible. I love how you got the inspiration too. And the gauze idea, totally genius!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

These creations are spectacular Vicki and for such a worthy cause. The work and dedication that goes into creating such stunning pieces is incredible. The bead fairies have been hard at work. Thank you so much for your visits. Happy holidays.x

Lisa said...

These nests positively take my breath away. What a beautiful thing you & your talented friends are doing. These are truly museum quality, down to every single detail. I wish I could commission one but I have 3 little preemies of my own to raise:) This post touches me in so many ways. Lisa

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a beautiful work of heart! These nests are just amazing. I think it is wonderful that you are using your creative gift for such a worthy cause. I'm so glad to have found your wonderful blog!
New follower,

Marlynne said...

So happy to be a new follower of your charming and inspiring blog. I have a pretty pink scarf ready to mail as I promised sometime back. I believe I signed up for the build your blog quite sometime ago. Please let me know if I am wrong Marlynne Snare at and Thanks!

audrey said...

Every sweet detail of these nests is precious, but your heart and the hearts of your friends who helped you with these nests are big, precious, and beautiful. People like you are what make this world what God wanted it to be ~ a place for mankind to love and care for each other.
I know you will be fully blessed one day.
audrey xoxo

Low Tide High Style said...

Wow, what and amazingly beautiful collaborative effort and for such a wonderful cause! Congratulations on this lovely and meaningful creation!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hello Sweetie,
Just stopped by to wish you the Merriest of Christmases, and see this gorgeousness you have created with your generous heart

Esme said...

Vicki, these are the prettiest nests yet-I cannot believe the creativity that you have come up with-I know that you are going to help the hospital raise some well needed money with these nests. I hope that your hospital realizes how fortunate they are to have you on their staff. Your talent, dedication and compassion are truly to be admired.

Maureen said...

Wow! "Incredible" doesn't even come close to describing how wonderful you, your co-artists and your creations are. Simply amazing. May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season!

KarenB said...


Lili said...

You just leave me speechless sometimes Vicki! Such an emotional, heartwarming and creative mission you have been on. I loved hearing the details of what sparked your idea for the design. Breathtaking, inspiring and so very moving. xoxo

catiean said...

Oh joyful, stunning, love filled beauty--each and every part. As a fellow nurse--who spent a life time helping-- to make sick children well --------I know how much love and and loss, joy and despair, is reperesented in each fiber and dram of metal in these amazing offerings. You have made a difference and a footprint of your life in each and every minute spent in your nursing career. To have this vision and to have shared it with your special friends' additions in bringing all of this to fruition is truly spectacular!!! Bless you richly.

Marsha said...

Vicki. I am so proud to call you my friend! I know this nesting for the children will be a total success, so much meaning has gone into each nest!
Marsha ^..^~

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

You are a vessel of God in the truest sense.
These nests, what they represent, how they will benefit the children, all through your hands and the hands of your saints.
God bless you, Vicki, for you are a blessing to God.


Euge Brandt said...

Hermoso lo que haces, no había visto eso.
Creo que tendrán que cortarme la Internet, si no, pasaré 24 horas viendo maravillas como éstas.


SuzySomething said...

Vicki, I can only echo the sentiments of all the comments before me. The same love and care you put into your nursing shows so clearly in these special nests. I am in awe of their fragile beauty. I pray that each nest will find the exactly right home. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and works of heart with all of us. You bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Sara Kate