Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ode to the Gardener -- "Colorful Autumn"

Autumn begins with a subtle change in the light,
       the sky is a deeper blue.
                 When the sun is asleep,
                               the air is crisp and cool~

    Change is a measurement of time,
and in the Autumn,
 time seems to be on a fast forward

we find ourselves amongst
cool and foggy shadows.
The stunning afternoons of summer
will soon be gone.

Our garden
displays a colorful perspective
on this passage of time~

Already the days are noticeably shorter.
I leave for work in the morning darkness 
and return home
to early evening dark.
I hope you all find time
to savor the change of the seasons,
as each brings it's own
special beauty
to our lives.

Some updates~~

For those of you who followed me and my friend Marsha as we journeyed to the Blue Ridge Mountains to trace her Mother's footsteps -- sadly, I want to tell you that her Mother passed away last week.  So many of you left such moving comments relating to her parent's incredible love story in the most difficult of times.
~  Those of you who may wish to leave condolences for Marsha may do so here. Her Mother was able to read the blog post and relive those memories in conversations with Marsha before she passed away. Time spent with those you love is truly a precious and priceless gift.



okcamp said...

So pretty, like a dreamland.

dreamchallenge said...

Marsha's love and the ability to share that love with us was heartwarming. Her caregiver will be caring for me on Friday. Blessings to Marsha and her Family...Jan

NanaDiana said...

Vicki- I am so very sorry about your friend's Mom. How wonderful though that she could relive that through her daughter's eyes. I am praying for peace for your friend and the whole family. Blessings to you- xo Diana

Julia said...

Vicki, it saddens me to hear that Marsha's mother passed away last week. I'm glad that she could read your blog about you and Marsha retracing her climb to the top of the mountain before passing away.

Her life story was very touching.
My sincere condolenses to Marsha on the lost of her dear mother.

Hugs to both of you.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Although I love it, fall comes too soon.

So sorry to hear of your friend's mother passing. The seasons of life go by too quickly for us all.

marda said...

My condolences to Marsha, but how sweet they had the time to read the blog and see the pictures you took on top of the mountain.
Your home place looks magical. I'd never want to leave!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Createology said...

Condolences to Marsha and may her memories bring her much comfort. Your ode to Autumn and the Gardner's breathtaking landscape is beautiful. I am embracing Falling into Autumn this year...

Maggie said...

So sad to hear that Marsha's mother passed away recently, like many others I really enjoyed hearing Marsha's parents love story and seeing your wonderful photos. Looks like the Gardener has been well occupied outdoors this summer, beautiful garden shots, so very pretty.
We're on our travels once again tomorrow, heading for the Greek island of Kos,a bientot.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Your garden is the most beautiful I have seen this summer. Do you live in the woods? It looks like you are at the hem of a forest. I have really missed you since I have been away from blogging. You were always in my thoughts. Oxox

Anonymous said...

My Mother passed away this summer. I am still trying to sort through the many emotions that this change has brung into my life. I am glad that they shared special moments before she passed.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dear Vicki my sincere condolances to Marsha and her family. I'm so glad her mother could read that special last post!

Your garden sweet friend is like a pretty fairyland walking under those magnificent trees. We are both so very fortunate to live in a place surrounded by so much natural beauty!

Oh those pink scarves Vicki keep rolling in up to 300 now - how incredible a dream is that being fulfilled and I am so proud to be such a tiny part of it!

Love and blessings sweetie!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thinking of Marsha in her time of sorrow. How nice it must have been for her mom to read the blog post and chat about her memories. That is something Marsha will always be thankful for.
The Gardener.....what a treasure you have there...all those photos and I did not see a single weed!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sending my deepest sympathies to Marsha and her family...

Vicki, your garden reflects your own beauty so well! blessings ~ tanna

Sue said...

Marsha, I know this is a very difficult time in your life. Mothers are very special. To keep her spirit alive, hold your great memories of her close to your heart. As time passes, so will your deep sadness. Until you get to a quieter place, I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May peace replace your heartache.

Catherine said...

Sending thought and prayers for Marsha and her family. So glad to have been able to read her wonderful life story...

maggiegracecreates said...

Sending prayers to Marsha and her family. The story was beautiful and I am so glad she and her mom had that special time to share the post. Much love to all of you.

Deb said...

Vicki, I can see that the Gardener (and the Master Gardener) have been hard at work! All the blooms and landscaping are just beautiful!

Marsha, I'm so very sorry for your recent loss of your mother. I've not experienced that loss yet, so I can't say I've experienced all the emotions you have now. But I understand losses and can surely pray for strength and consolation for you, and I will do that. So glad that your mom was able to enjoy Vicki's post and remember with you. (I don't know if you'll remember me, but I met you at a halfway point between Florida and KY/VA when you and Vicki were headed down to the condo and I was headed home with my mom and daughter. I'm glad I had the chance to meet you.)

jeanniemc said...

Sending Marsha and family prayers for peace, comfort and rest...How wonderful that Marsha and her mom got to see the pictures and read the blog comments--a great memory for Marsha...

Your garden is breath-taking..would stay all day..hugs, Jeannie

Shurooq Mohamed said...

Beautiful! :)

Fundy Blue said...

What a lovely garden, Vicki! You just spread beauty everywhere!

Terry said...


Please give Marsha my deepest condolences. It does not matter if you are eight or seventy-eight it is always hard to lose your mom.


Fat Dormouse said...

Stunning photography as always.

My prayers for Marsha and her friends and family as they mourn the loss of her mother, and celebrate her life as well. As you say, the seasons turn and our lives turn with them.


Erica said...

Vicki, your gardens are always so beautiful. I just bought a new house, and if your hubby would like to try his hands at a full-TX-sun garden, come on down! First we're working on clearing out the overgrowth left from years of neglect.
I'm sorry to hear of your friend's loss. What a beautiful tribute you both did for her on your recent trip.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Vicki, I`m sorry for your friend Marsha and her loosing her mother!! So wonderful for both of them they could share the old memories before she passed away!---
Your dear gardener keeps such a very beautiful garden, filled with many beautiful flowers and plants . Such a big work, and many hours of pleasure!!
Sweet friend wish you a beaytiful fall and all the best!
Hugs and love,

Bernadett Rauski said...

Wonderful garden.:)


Anonymous said...

Vicki you have such a lovely home! Those gardens are just so full and colorful...!
I am sorry to hear of Marsha's loss - this kind of change is probably one of the most challenging we face. Hugs and prayers ...
Beth P

Little Penpen said...

So sorry to hear about Marsha's mom; but how wonderful that she was able to relive that time on the mountain through you and Marsha's photo's.

SummersStudio said...

Beautiful and if the Gardener ever runs out of things to do at yours, you can send him down here. BTW, we're still hot in the afternoon but enjoying the beautiful cool of early morning. It's a lovely time of year during this transition to autumn.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope my scarf arrived Vicki. I did not put tracking on it. It was such a delight to make. I can't wait to hear the final totals. I've had so many hits on my stats from my blog post about it. Almost 1000!!!

Thanks again for being such a blessing to these ladies.


Mereknits said...

Thank you for the beautiful post today Vicki, so gorgeous. And I wish Marsha and her family the best as they move through this difficult time.

kathyinozarks said...

Love your garden photos-always so breathtaking.
I am so happy to read that your friend's mother was able to read the blog post-that's special.
Please share my sympathies for her and her family Kathy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear Vicki, your gardens are ever solovely. Would be a true pleasure to walk around them every day and ponder. So sorry to hear of the passing of Marsha's mother. God bless, Tammy

Eugenia Maru said...

Lindo jardín.
Nosotros con mucha lluvia todavía, esperando la primavera. Pero con ganas de hacer cosas productivas.
Un beso.

yaya said...

I enjoyed that blog post about your friend's parents...Please send my condolences and thank her for sharing that wonderful story. I love your garden..the Gardener has the touch! Ours is looking very fall-like and the temps are matching it! Very cool tonight. Have a good weekend.

Neesie said...

A gorgeous tribute to the changing season Vicki with such exquisite photographs.

My deepest sympathy to Marsha and all her family. I lost my Mother three years ago and it's very difficult at times. I never got to say goodbye. I was travelling from Australia to visit her when she silently slipped away.
I hope that Marsha feels some comfort in having retraced that journey and to share her memories of it with her.
She has a true friend in you Vicki.
Blessings to you both ♥♥♥

Eugenia Maru said...

Muy lindas fotografías, como siempre. Nosotros esperamos la primavera, vamos viendo como muy poco a poco (por esta zona del país) va brotando alguna flor por aquí y por allá.
Este invierno fue muy largo, ¡quiero sol!
Besos querida amiga.

Willow said...

The stroll through your garden was beautiful.
I am sure that blog stroll your friends mom took with her before she passed was priceless . My heart goes out to her loss, and my condolences.

Esme said...


it looks like a little piece of heaven. I could read forever there. Have a lovely week. Sorry about Marsha's mum.

kareninkenai said...

Thank you, Vicki, for sharing your "gardeners" beautiful work; the grounds are peaceful and lovely. Very special.

And, to Marsha, please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers during this transition. We are always so fortunate to have the memories to revisit. God Bless.


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