Friday, November 15, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project - Covered Bridge Edition (part 2)

We are continuing our journey across Kentucky in search of the historical covered bridges. Your pink scarf donations are safely tucked into the back seat of my car and the entire back of the hatch is filled with vintage props for the photos.  This second day of travels began early and ended LATE -- my friend Maria and I traveled almost 12 hours on winding country roads in the course of this magnificent autumn day~~

Walcott Covered Bridge

Walcott covered bridge was first constructed in 1824. It was rebuilt in 1881 and remained at the original site until 1999.  Severely damaged in the floods of 1997 and 1998, engineers determined that a site about  400 ft east of the original site would be better for the bridge's chances of survival. The bridge was reconstructed in 2002.  The bridge is a combination of king and queen post truss design and is no longer in use.

The bridge was privately owned until 1953 when it was deeded to the Bracken County Historical Society. In 1993 the bridge was donated to the Department of Parks. In the Civil War this bridge played a part in the raid on Augusta. Basil Duke's men came across this bridge on their way to Brooksville on September 27,1862.

The Walcott Bridge is also known as "The White Bridge" because local residents have continuously kept the bridge painted white. This beautiful bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic places in 1975.  

donated by Renee Coursey

donated by Bernadette Rauski

 donated by Angela Almond

donated by Sunny Schroeder

donated by Karen and Celia Bradsell

donated by Susan McConnell

donated by Sandra Bennett

Valley Pike Covered Bridge
Valley Pike Covered Bridge is located in Mason County, Ky.  It crosses the Frasier Branch of Lee Creek.  The span is short, 30-35 feet and the structure has a tin roof and siding. It is the only privately owned covered bridge in Kentucky and still provides access to farmland. Constructed in 1864, this is the shortest covered bridge in the state.

Donated by Audrey Fish Pfiefer
The Magic, Miracles and Joy of an Artist

Donated by Freda Butler

Donated by Peggy Jones

Donated by Jody Amos

Donated by Marjorie Fagen

Donated by Anita Haasen

Donated by Carloa Bartz
carola bARTz 

Donated by Sara Kate McFarland
My Favorite Things

The Dover covered bridge spans 62 feet over Lees Creek and has the distinctive honor of being the oldest covered bridge in Kentucky. Built in 1835 as a toll bridge, this bridge is still open to traffic today. The bridge was built using the unusual Queen post truss design making it similar in appearance to an old barn.  The Kirk family, owners of a grist mill located near the Lee Creek in the early 1800's, built this bridge and charged a toll for those who crossed the bridge to get to their mill. 

Donated by Rene Burns

Donated by Karen Dorcas

Donated by Gail Cassidy

The Johnson Creek covered bridge is located near Burika, Kentucky in Robertson county.  The 131 foot bridge was built in 1874 and has a rustic, weathered appearance.  The bridge is open to foot traffic only.  The bridge is located 4 miles north of  Blue Licks Battlefield State Park.  The bridge has a history of great suffering- severe flooding, fire, and vandalism.  In 2003 restoration began on the bridge, with completion in 2009. 

Donated by Diana Kosmoski

Donated by Karen Gass

Donated by Penny Holland

Donated by Judy Boyd

Donated by Cory Dogwood Moore
Pink Dogwood Blossom

Donated by Kerry James
Tales of a Needle and Thread

Donated by Tanya Grieb
Bead and Needle

Donated by Linda McNeely

Just keepin' it real~

 a true "action" shot

Seriously - would YOU do this?

Actually, the whole "walk up the creek" idea
was Maria's idea~
"you know Vicki, you could probably get some great shots
from the middle of the creek!"

a great workout for your abs!

just a few of my "favorite things"

Maria took this picture -- "sideways" 
she should keep her day job
as "Prop Manager"!!

 "my Maria"

sometimes she gets kind of

us girls know how to
"pack a car"!!

me-- "Maria, take another picture."
Maria--"I think I got it this time. No, no-- let me take one more. No, no, just one more." 
me-- "did you get it this time?"
Maria--"I don't like your camera."

I could probably get in trouble for this!
shhh- don't tell!

Maria made a new friend~
Maria and Willy
(he was pickin' up walnuts while we were taking photos)
sweetest guy ever:)
You can't see it but the entire bed of his truck
is filled with walnuts!

The rest of the story~
If there was ever any doubt that a higher power was in charge of this project -- this little story should make you a believer~ 

~~So tucked inside the back of my car amongst all the photo props was something so dear and special to me and my sisters-- this little antique chair that had once belonged to my Father when he was a child. My parents have been gone now for almost 10 years, so you can only imagine how dear this little chair is to us. It actually belongs to my sister, Denise now-- but she was nice enough to allow me to borrow it for these photo sessions. 

The Johnson Creek Covered bridge was the last one that Maria and I visited on day 2 of our travels.  After I took the picture shown above, we moved our photo taking to the back side of the bridge so that I could catch the evening sun and the reflections on the water.  I was in such a hurry to catch the last few rays of good daylight, that I left the little chair sitting right where it is in this photo --- just to the side of the bridge, in the grass -- right out in front for all the world to see. 

After we finished the photos and started home, I did not even realize that I had forgotten the chair until 2 days later.  I was unpacking some of the photo props in order to make room for more as I was preparing to take off on the 3rd day of travels across the state.  My heart stopped when I realized that the chair was not there.  Where was it???? I could not even hardly breathe I was in such a panic.  Grabbing my camera, I went back through all the photos until I came to the last one that was taken using this chair --- omg, I left it at the bridge! Three days ago! And the bridge was a 4 hour drive from my house. My heart sank as I realized that there was NO way that it would still be there. 

Panicked, I thought what can I do? Who can I call?  OK - calm down. Take a breath.  Think.  I phoned the Robertson County fire department.  Surely someone there might could help me.  The phone rang for over 10 minutes, no one ever answered.  Omg, now what. Who can I call?  Still, I am not breathing. I called the Robertson County police department.  The phone rang for 10 minutes, no one ever answered.  By now I am seriously distraught. Crying, sobbing, and--- I have to tell my sister that I have lost the chair.   I know I will be excommunicated from the family. I was feeling sick -- seriously sick.

Then it came to me.   I remembered that this bridge was located just minutes from the Blue Licks State Park. Just minutes from the entrance to the park.  Maybe someone there can help me. Oh God please~

Illana answered the phone when I called the Park office. 
I said, "I know you don't know me, but I really need to ask you a favor. I was at the covered bridge taking some photos 3 days ago -- and I left something there that is very precious to me. Is there any way at all that you might just drive by and see if it is still there." By now, I am crying~  "I've left a chair there that belonged to my Father, and he is gone now and I can't believe that I've let this happen and I'm never going to get over this and please, please can you help me?" 

In the calmest sweetest voice ever, Illana said that she would drive by there as soon as she got off work that afternoon at 3 o'clock. We exchanged phone numbers and she promised to call as soon as she got there -- either way she would let me know if the chair was there or not.  I said, "I'm going to pray until I hear back from you."  

My phone rang at 3:15 -- Illana said,"you've been praying really hard haven't you? Your chair was there, sitting right where you left it.  I have it for you in the back of my truck." I'm sobbing uncontrollably now -- totally in disbelieve that the chair could still be there.  That the weather had been perfect for the last 3 days, no rain, and that somehow, this was really true, that the chair had been found. My knees felt like jelly. 

The next day I traveled with my friend Deb to take more photos for the project - the last of the scarf photos. At the end of our day we back tracked and drove to the state park where I met my angel Illana and recovered my Father's chair.  There are true Angel's in this world, people who will reach out to help a total stranger and ask nothing in return.  I will never forget the blessing of that day, meeting Illana and the gift that she returned to my life. As I have said before regarding this Pink Scarf Project --- this is not MY project.  It never was~

ps -- coming up next - the "whoop de do" finale of the Pink Scarf Project! 


Julie Marie said...

Oooh Vicki... whan an incredible post... the beautiful covered bridges... the lovely scarves... Maria... you... Maria's new friend... and your daddy's chair... I am so happy it was still there for you!... and that Ilana was able to get it and give it to you... yes, there ARE angels watching over us... and YOU precious Vicki are an angel here on earth... I know this has been an overwhelming project for you... and a truly heartwarming one to read about, (although I know you know I have a hard time sometimes even still)... when will the scarves be given to the beautiful ladies who are receiving them?... I do hope you will post about that too... sending you much love... and I hope you are calmed down now that your dadd's precious chair is back home... I would have been so scared too... I probably would have called the National Guard out... xoxoxo Julie Marie

Shirley said...

Vicki, Your journey has been amazing the people who have given all those beautiful pink scarves and seeing the countryside as you and Maria travel. It has been truly a gift of love from everyone who has been involved. We do have angels watching over us. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

there are soooo many good and wonderful people in this world!! If we could only hear more about the "good ones!"

audrey said...

God works in mysterious ways ~ something I've heard many times in my life, Vicki. I am SO happy for you that the chair remained in the spot where you left it, watched over by angels, no doubt.
Wonderful wonderful photographs you've taken. Each and every scarf is beautiful and will be appreciated and loved.
You, dear lady, are one of God's angels.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

The scarves are so beautiful. And I am so blessed with you sharing the story about your Dad's chair. The Angels were watching over it for you :-)


Createology said...

Prayers do work and thank goodness for Illana being such an Angel to retrieve your precious chair. Lovely scarves and settings for your photos. Somehow a photo should accompany each scarf that is given showing where it was exploring this great world we live in. You Vicki dear are a true Angel. Blessings Dear...

Sea Angels said...

Breathtaking in every way. All those scarves are beautiful.
Love Lynn xxx

Quinn said...

Bless you for this post, Vicki. As I was scrolling slowly through all the scarf pictures, I was thinking you and Maria are just amazing! Then I got the story about your Dad's chair and now I have tears in my eyes. Thank you, Illana, for giving us all a heartwarming reminder of the goodness and kindness people can share!

SuZeQ said...

Oh my goodness. Of all the bridges, Valley Pike Covered Bridge is my absolute favorite. It looks as if it's ready to fall down, which makes it so special. I hope that it is allowed to fall down all by itself. I would hate to see that it was taken down.

What beautiful pictures, what generous hearts and what gorgeous scarves.

But most of all, what a beautiful story about Ilana. It's heartwarming to me that there are still good people in this world. I feel the lump in your throat reading this. Daddy's chair ... I have one, too!

Cannot wait for the whoop de do finale. You are the best of the best, Vicki and I love you!

kathyinozarks said...

I was holding back tears as I read about your father's chair-I now have tears of joy-
You always take such awesome photos-loved all the bridges and lovely scarves
I do believe in angels

Suztats said...

Oh, my goodness! Wonderful post, and so happy about your father's chair!

Dorthe said...

Dearest Vicki,-
such a post filled with love from everywhere, such beautiful pictures of those beautiful bridges ,and I loved to read their history .
But most of all a post of love and angels coming to help ...both with all the wonderful shawls, but also the dear woman helping you get your precious chair back,- the world are filled with angels among us, and you my dear is one of them !!! Love from Dorthe

Mosaic Magpie said...

Illana was truly an angel. She was a sweetheart for going to find that precious chair...I enjoyed meeting her. So many beautiful scarves!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Illana was truly an angel, to go find your dad's precious chair. So many beautiful scarves!

Peggy Jones said...

Vickie this is. Indeed a blessed project. Loved your story. Thank u so much for the shots of my project. My wish is that one day I may get to meet u and Maria. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Vicki, OMGosh! This has been such a beautiful love filled post! The bridges and the scarf photos bring a depth to this project that somehow connects the past with the present and the future. Your guardian angel has followed along with you every step of the way, proven by that last horrifying almost but not quite disaster of losing your little chair. llana is one of those angels that walks the earth, as are you my dear friend!!!
Hugs to you my dear friend,
Beth P

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

If we think hard, we all have moment(s) when we KNEW our angels got involved. Thank you for showing your beautiful photos and amazing story, Vicki!

FredaB said...

With all that you do for others it was your turn to have something done for you. That was so nice of Illiana to check it out and to save it for you. What we call a RAOK.

I was so pleased to see my scarves shown along with so many other beautiful ones. They will bring a bit of joy to some gals suffering with BC.


gigi knits said...

Your post just shows us all that there are higher powers working for all of us..

Julia said...

Wow, what a story to mark this occasion. Of course the little chair was still there, your dad would not let his little girl down.
I'n real glad that you got it back. and thank goodness that there are angels amongst us.

Sara Kate MacFarland said...

Vicki,I am so very glad that you and Ilana "found" each other at the perfect time and place, and that you were able to recover your dad's chair. Your photos of these historic bridges and the scarves are simply lovely. Thank you for including my project among them.

SEO Philippinesw said...

Lovely pictures!

Jenny Short said...

Amazing and I can believe the angels held the chair for you. Your scarves are beautiful and the settings, too. I am back in Texas now and will mail you my scarf this week. xo Jenny

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

There are most definitely angels among us. Love this story, Vicki. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Fat Dormouse said...

It's lovely to see all the beautiful scarves knitted, crocheted, sewn, and bought by people...and so beautifully photographed by you, Vicki.

You have taken so much care to get each one photographed "just so" and to show your appreciation for what people have done.

Thank you. God bless.

Fundy Blue said...

Vicki, I am amazed at all you have done with The Pink Scarf Project. The time, effort, and most importantly, the heart and the love, you have given, are almost unbelievable. I am so grateful that your Dad's chair is safely back with you! Thanks for making my scarves look so lovely! You have created a monster ~ I've now been knitting scarves for my sisters and my friends! Take care! Thank you for this wonderful project!

Bumpkin Bears said...

What a beautiful and very special journey. Catherine x

Dogwood said...

I think you are the angle in this story. Thank you so much for The Pink Scarf project. Thank you also for posting all the most beautiful photos!
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Eugenia Maru said...

Qué lindas tus historias. Esos puentes me recuerdan la película Los puentes de Madison.

Bernadett Rauski said...

Dear Vicki,

I am so happy that I see my scarf.:) My heart is full .:)