Monday, January 5, 2015

An Island Holiday --(part 3)---St. Kitts

I've finally fallen into the rhythm of the sea~
    Now that I have returned, it's like I never left. 
       The breeze that blows across the sand is the same 
          from so many years ago,
                from a hundred years ago, 
                       from before there were stones upon this place~

 Returning to the photo review of our wonderful Caribbean cruise over the holidays -- this time I am taking you to the beautiful island of St. Kitts.

The island of St. Kitts is an island steeped in history. Our last visit here was several years ago and we spent the day touring the Brimstone Fortress -- magnificent ruins located high on the hill with amazing coastal views.  But this time --- well, we opted for something a little different~

this-- is the "famous"
Lion Rock Beach Bar.
Our day here was absolutely amazing!!
(you are just going to have to trust me on this!!) 

located on the beautiful
Cockelshell Beach,
this place is so totally unique.
Being here is truly an "island" experience!
(and we felt like we had the place all to ourselves!)
(there were maybe 20 people from the ship on our end of the beach -- 
and way down the beach at the Reggie Beach Bar --
there were about 300!)  

 if you are looking for "fancy"--
this won't be it.
If you want a "true island experience"
that you will remember forever,
will dream about when your trip 
is but a memory--
this IS it.

Meet our "new best friend"
Lincoln Abraham--
he took great care of us when we spent 
the day on the beach~

a view of the beach looking south
towards Lion Rock Beach bar

just behind the beach is a dirt road
that leads around the tip of the island--
it made for a nice little walk 
in the early morning~

you have to admit --
it's got character!

we loved the colorful decor
and the total laid back atmosphere of this place~

this photo was taken from the tip of the island --
if you walk ALL the way to the absolute far end of the beach,
you will be at the "Reggae Beach" bar.  
(with 300 of your closest friends!)
But -- if you buy a drink there, 
you can take advantage of their free wifi --
(I'm always on the look out for the free wifi!)
when we were there-
 they were all rocking out to Reggae Christmas carols --
you have not lived until you have heard
"Silent Night" -- reggae style!

but on the other end of the beach--
it was so peaceful,
 just us and the waves.
~my very own "little piece of beach heaven"
for the day~

the view from "my" beach chair

it's not just the atmosphere
that makes this place so special~

it's the food and -- the drink!
Lion Rock Beach Bar 
is famous for it's grilled fish and ribs --
and the Rum Punch here is truly
the best ever!

if you're going to walk the beach --
you might need to do it before you drink the punch --
I'm just sayin'! 
it's truly out of this world delicious --
(but you need to drink it slow!)
(it WILL knock you on your butt!)
this is Mr. Lion himself --
he's the owner and--
the cook!

 we've traveled all over the world --
and I've been blessed to eat some mighty fine meals -
but this ---
this is the best grilled fish I have ever had!
my husband had the grilled ribs 
and said they were
 "to die for"!

our day here was simply
Later, after we had returned to the ship--
we just couldn't stop talking about it!
and the next day,
and the day after that~

you know--
you can't judge a shack by it's

just in case you want to go--
(which of course, 
now you do!)

 out parting view of the beach
as we headed back to
 our taxi~ 

some stuff you might want to know~
~all the photos were taken with my Iphone 5.  I had my "good" camera with me, but -- it's just so easy with the iPhone!

~ our taxi ride to the Lion Rock Beach bar cost us $58 US for just the two of us.  On the way back there were 2 other folks in the car with us.  We had made arrangements with our driver to return in the afternoon to pick us up -- and he was right there waiting when we were ready to leave.   The taxi ride was about 15 minutes each way.

We sailed on the Celebrity Eclipse for their 2 week cruise to the Southern Caribbean --- we visited a total of 9 ports, but I've shared with you our favorites this trip.
 If you missed my post on Bonaire-- you can find it here. 
 If you milled the post on St.Lucia -- you can find it here.  

 Some updates--
there are only a few more days if you wish to participate in my "Grow Your Blog" party-- the deadline to enter your blog is January 15.  You can find all the info on the sidebar of my blog.  

I'm working on my latest travel series -- "Traveling Gaspese". Three weeks spent traveling the Gaspe Penninsula in Quebec -- you just know there are lots of photos -- and -- they are amazing! We started in Quebec City -- and I hope to have that post up before the blog party later this month. If not -- then the it will go up shortly after that.  We will be traveling ALL winter  here on my blog, as this is definitely going to be series of several blog posts -- filled with info and scenery that will make your jaw drop!

And one more thing--
just in case you thought I wasn't doing anything -- (with the blog party, the Gaspese travel series, working full time, loving on our grand babies,...)  I'm also working on those nests!  (info on my sidebar if  you don't have a clue what that excitement is about!) If your name is on the list -- you will be hearing from me in the next several months. I will have them all completed by April or early May.  You are always welcome to email me at any time to see where you are on the list~

oh --- and I almost forgot --- a new post coming up sometime with the latest of my knitted hat and scarf designs --- (I'm so crazy busy right now its just stupid!!)  xoxo


busybusybeejay said...

You are sooo making me want to go back to the Caribbean.I have only been to the British Virgin Islands but it was a wonderful holiday.My son worked there ,in a bank as part of his training post uni,for a whole year.Barbara

Kelly_Deal said...

Looks like heaven!

Halinka said...

Cudowne miejsce!!!!!! Przepiękne zdjęcia!!!! Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! Pozdrawiam

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your pictures are incredible - definitely a pleasure to look at after freezing rain here yesterday (and having to chip it off our car this morning). Looking forward to seeing Gaspe through your eyes.

Lisa Comperry said...

I love these awesome travel photos..I hope to take a trip like this someday :-)

Julia said...

Wow Vicki, it does sound like an extra ordinary experience. The food looks so good. His beard leaves a bit to be desired but as long as it's clean. lol... I bet that my oldest daughter who travels all over the world would really love this place. i must tell her about it...

He sure looks like he enjoys what he does.
I'm so glad that you had the time of your life at St Kitts.

I'm looking forward to reading your next holiday trip.

You are so productive with all you do and so talented.

Take care, hugs,

Joyful said...

Beautiful! That view in the first shot is fantastic. I'm sure all the Caribbean Islands are just as pretty but there are some views that are more spectacular than others. I hope to get to travel to the area some day.

I too love places like where you chose to spend your day on the island. I like laid back, casual and fairly private and quiet. So you chose well for me ;-) The great food and drink is an added bonus.

Looking forward to seeing the beautiful Quebec City and Gaspesie again. Hugs from Canada.xx

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

With the cold winds blowing here at about 40 mph, St. Kits looks mighty tempting. Hopefully, we will get away from this winter for a week or so and I do hope our scenery will be as good as yours.

Bev said...

That photo of the early morning walk is amazing! The sky! The clouds! The composition! Great job!

Jen said...

Thank you Vicky for shareing your holiday photos it looks amazing a wonderful experience,A lovely place to visit and you both looked so relaxed.

Esme said...

Vicki, you look so relaxed and happy. The places looks serene. Just the perfect place to relax and read.

kathyinozarks said...

I have never been to an island before-sounds-and looks awesome

Mosaic Magpie said...

It is on these trips your energy and soul are restored and fed. Or at least that is what I attribute your non stop energy to! Vicki the new Energizer Bunny!

Sue Kosec said...

More than seeing the beautiful rainbow. More than dipping my toes in the inviting water. More than tasting that delicious food. More than sipping on that cocktail. Yes, more than all that, I wish I could have heard "Silent Night" ... it's my favorite song and I would have loved to have heard it. Ahhhhhhha.

Happy New Year, sweet friend!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Vicki, do you ever sleep? Gosh, I don't know how you do it all. I much prefer quiet locales so I would definitely have enjoyed the Lion Rock Beach Bar and walking around the island. So lovely! Best wishes, Tammy

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Wonderful photos! So envious, as it is -28 C here, and with the wind, -40! Brrrr. Staying cozy in my wee house today, and enjoying photos like yours.

LuAnn Braley said...

Wow...beautiful pictures! I'd like to see those sites up close one day. :O)

Dorthe said...

Dear Vicki ,
I so love the photo of you two and Mr. Lion, -and love your stories of the beautiful nature, the food and drinks, lol- seems they are wonderful, and very strong :-)
This must be a beautiful place to take in all the athmosphere of living more relaxed and enjoying life .
Hugs dear friend.

Josephine Namujumbi said...

Very beautiful pics! I am loving to visit just now but one day ...I am keeping dreaming but thanks so much for taking us around...its beautiful

Josephine Namujumbi said...

Very beautiful pics! I am loving to visit just now but one day ...I am keeping dreaming but thanks so much for taking us around...its beautiful

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

How in the world do you do it all, Vicki??? Mercy! I want to be sitting at the Lion Rock RIGHT NOW!! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Dasha said...

Your photography is stunning Vicki. If mine were half as good as that I would be dead pleased!
And yes. This post did make me want to go visit St Kitts, but it is a little harder from my side of the world than yours. Maybe one day....

Jeanne said...

looks as if you had an amazing day at this beautiful beach. All the best to you in the new year vicki!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

St Kitts looks marvellous and with just righ "chill factor" for a go-go girl like you Vicki!!!
I find the sea is my calming place too, the worries and cares and lists of 'must do' are all put into perspective.
A beautiful travelogue for us to enjoy!
Shane x

Seawashed Living said...

I love love love traveling with you. Thank you for taking us along with your posts. Your drinks, food, view are unbelievable. I could not get over the sky in your photos!!!! It stood out to me more than the water, if you can believe that knowing how much I love the sea. But some of the clouds are wild looking! I can only imagine what they looked like after having some rum punch. Lol.

You are sooo busy. Fingers crossed that you stay well. You have no time for the flu.

Love & peace

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Sitting on the beach, eating the local bounty and enjoying a bit of punch... my idea of heaven :) Thanks for sharing your lovely visit, Vicki!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Right now is a great time to head to the Caribbean; Vicki, your travelogues are wonderful, almost like being there.

Beth L. said...

I enjoyed reading about your adventure on St. Kitts and seeing all your beautiful pictures.

We were lucky enough to live in Puerto Rico for three years back in the 70s. My husband was a pilot so we joined the flying club and we flew off to some of the other islands. I never made it to St. Kitts but we spent time in Saint Martin, Anguilla, St. Thomas, St. Croix and the Dominican Republic as well as enjoying our life in PR. I was happy to get back to the US but we thoroughly enjoyed our years there.


Vicki these are absolutely wonderful! I must have one, in fact the evening I first saw this post I had thought to myself while getting dressed that morning to go out in the cold, that I wished I had a pretty slouchy hat to wear. I wanted to also thank you for visiting my blog recently; its so nice to know I still have readers even though I've been down my rabbit hole for so long!