Thursday, October 12, 2017

October knitted wrap for a Warrior Princess

October is here and with it comes the awareness and attentions given to the prevention and early detection of Breast Cancer. For my family, we think of it every day. I suppose it's going to be that way for a long, long time. Our hearts still hurt...

I have always created a beautiful
and special knitted wrap
to raise awareness...

this year's knitted wrap
is truly special..

 a creation
to honor of our own beautiful
Warrior Princess..

 my commitment
to raising awareness is unwavering,
although humble,
this is my little contribution
to the cause..

  as always,
the charitable proceeds 
will be donated
to a local organization that provides
assistance to women
with breast cancer.

this wrap was created
with amazingly soft yarns,
every stitch bound together with a

68 inches long
18 inches wide

the wrap is embellished with a garden of blooms...
  vintage fabrics, old crochet pieces, lace, ribbons..
exquisitely and intricately 
hand beaded.

each embellishment is unique
and special..
no two are alike.

a tiny patch 
in the corner of the wrap
bears a beaded breast cancer awareness
subtle, yet powerful reminder
of the cause..

 the body of the wrap is
knitted with muted tones of tan and light brown...
leading into
 a banner of soft, pink awareness..

uniquely special...
there is only this one...
the wrap is available for purchase
in my ETSY shop
 my thoughts on October...
It has been hard to see the signs and advertisements everywhere you look. The whole world is pink right now...and sometimes, that's not pretty. Our wounds are still raw, and the month of October is like a giant stab of salt to what still hurts. I care deeply about raising awareness, my commitment will remain strong. I do this to honor our beautiful Alicia and for all those, who like her, must find a way to live their lives while fighting this disease. My contribution seems so very small. I hope and pray that through this meager effort, someone will gain strength and know that they have within themselves the power and the courage to become a warrior princess like no other..


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh Vicki, you have created something utterly amazing and so filled with love and caring. I'm sure your Alicia is looking down on you and loving you for it. Your heart must have hurt so much while you were making it and whoever gets it will feel the love that went into it. ((Hugs to you and your family))

Julia said...

Dear Vicki, your wrap is supremely beautiful. I can see it a real labour of love.

Like you, October is a marked month because it will be a year on the 17th since my daughter Nicole's passing. It's still very fresh for us too. Time heals but it is a slow process...
Warm hugs my friend.
Hugs, Julia

gigi knits said...

I have to tell you about the breast cancer shawl I purchased from you I'm thinking maybe 2yrs ago. Last year I actioned it to raise money for the Syracuse NY Susan B Komen chapter. In memory of my sweet Fonda DIL . The lady who won it promised she would do the same with it this year. So your shawl I purchased two years ago is still raising money for our WARRIORS.💞

Dorthe said...

My dearest Vicki,

A most beautiful post, filled with sorrow, but also love and respect for your Alicia, and how she was one of the strong fighters, to the bitter end. I know it must hurt so much, and always will.
This stunning wrap, created while also still hoping and praying for your Daughter in Law , is a prove of your love for her, and the beauty floating from you, even in such a sad situation.
You are a wonderful woman, Vicki, I admire you so much, dear.
Someone will be so happy, and feel so special, wrapping your art around her shoulders !!

Sending you love.

The Dutchess said...

How very beautiful...This post is very special to me ! Thank you xoxo

LisaS said...


Julie said...

So very beautiful and luxurious.
You are often in my thoughts

Quinn said...

Dear Vicki - you are an inspiration to so many, and your creations send so much goodness into the world. Bless you for carrying on through your own deep loss and pain. I hope the love that went into each stitch also brought a little balm to your own soul.
xoxo Quinn

Little Wandering Wren said...

Just beautiful from start to end, what a treasure for the new owner. We feel your pain and how it must have been with every stitch. You have produced something truly wonderful through your grief. With lots of love
Wren x

Down On The Farm said...

Many things we just don't understand. We want to know the "why" . . . and God whispers "Trust Me." Peace is found when we can lay down the why, and focus on the "Who." I'm trying to do that in my own life as well. Prayers for you and your family. Blessings from Missouri.