Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flea Market Treasures (and peach cobbler)

My flea market buddies (Kim and Hubert) and I took a little trip to the Burlington Flea Market today. Was about a 2 hour drive - we left early - at 6 am. What a perfect day for treasure hunting - the weather was a little cool and partly cloudy - just what you want for a day at the flea. (Of course true treasure hunters go rain or shine - and believe me - we have trudged many a day in the rain in search of the perfect treasure! ) This is the first time that I have ever been to this flea market - and it was wonderful - not too big and not too small - just right for a day "at the flea!" After our time at the flea market, we also visited the Florence Antique mall and made a few purchases there as well!
Here are a few pictures of my treasures. This glass beaded necklace ($20)and rhinestone stretch bracelet ($15) were both purchased at the antique mall. My most expensive treasures of this day! I also found an audio book at the antique mall ($10). That may have been an iffy purchase - hope it plays well in my car.

I LOVE these earrings - 3 pair at $2 each. Will be just perfect for crafting. Might use them in my jewelry creations or could be used on a little knitted hat. We will see---. The little multicolored bracelet was also a great buy at $8. Love it!

This children's story book was published in 1942 and has colorful beach themed photographs - (like we don't already know where this little purchase is headed. ) Was a great price - $4.
I also bought two pairs of straight knitting needles and two circular needles - will save all of those for when I create my next Knitting basket to be donated at the Ronald McDonald Auction. Always thinking ahead you know! Paid $1 each for the needles. Also bought some extra large snaps for use in knitted baby things. I love to pilfer through the sewing supplies at the flea market. You can just find the neatest stuff!

This silly book was suggested by Hubert as a purchase that I was sure to want--- NOT! No way was I going to buy that book! We always make a game of finding silly things that we think each other should by. My suggestion for Hubert was a perfectly awful statue of Liberty thing - yea, we do that stuff all day long!
(The 1001 Ways to Please Your Husband book - was a cookbook - what were you thinking!)


Came home from the flea market and the Gardener has sliced up our Georgia peaches that we brought home from our trip to Atlanta last week. (We went to visit our grand baby - those pictures will be posted soon.)
He also picked a few blackberries that grow at the edge of our yard. He was hinting for a cobbler----. So, of course I made him one. The way to a man's heart - you know the saying---. Don't think I needed that book, my guy is always happy with a fresh cobbler!

If you missed the first posting for this recipe, click here to take you to the original posting.

Was a wonderful day - full of treasures both at the flea market and at home. One of the best surprises of the day was running in to my dear friend Judy - both of us standing at the dollar jewelry table not knowing that either was there! You just have to know Judy to appreciate how poetic it was to run into her at the dollar table - she is like the Queen of finding bargains - and she did - a beautiful gold necklace. Bet she wears it on our next cruise together! A wonderful surprise to see her there - good friends are a true blessing.

My bite of this cobbler - smothered in a little ice cream will truly be the end to a perfect day!


Caprice said...

Lucky you! I love flea markets, I just never take the time to go. Give me a call next time! The earrings are a great find!