Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knitted Baby Blanket - A Fair Isle Challenge

This blanket was actually knitted a few months ago for our Maddy Girl, but I recently just finished putting on the fleece backing. This was my first attempt at anything Fair Isle - and it was not exactly a beginner project (!!!). But - you know - it was great fun - and I am definitely a Fair Isle convert - I love the whole process.

When you knit Fair Isle - you have to deal with all those extra strings on the back of the project. I wanted to do this right - so I consulted books by the expert on Fair Isle, my new favorite knitting Guru - Kaffe Fassett. Kaffe says to leave the strings about 1/4 inch long after weaving them in along the back stitches. So - I did----

Well, - I just could not stand all of those strings hanging and swishing back and forth when I picked up the blanket. (Sorry Kaffe---). So after weaving them in more tightly, I covered the back of the blanket with this wonderful yellow fleece. I sewed it around the edges and then
tied it in random places to the blanket. Now - I am satisfied!

You know - I just thought - if I am going to spend all this time knitting this heirloom - I don't want somebody to say (after I am dead and gone) - why in the world did she leave all those strings hanging? Probably they won't have this Kaffe hero worship thing going on like I do - so I figured I had better fix this now.
If anyone is interested in this little knitting challenge - the pattern is here. I am so silly - I would actually like to make it again in a different color scheme. So many projects, so little time---


Anonymous said...

Loved the blanket before and thought you were obsessing when you "backed" it but...once again, you were right! It is just perfect! Just matches her Winnie the Pooh color scheme!

Anonymous said...

This blanket is beautiful!!!! I have tried intarsia (spelling?) stuff in crochet and it drives me crazy. I don't have access to my e-mail right now. My computer needs work. Oh well....

Jody Hammer