Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knitting on the Beach - in St. Marteen

This blog is supposed to be about knitting and also about my travels - so how about both? We just got back from a fabulous trip to the beautiful island of St. Marteen. I plan to post a slide show of our pictures in a few days----. But until then here is a small preview. I call this first picture "Knitting with a View". That is the turquoise waters of the Orient Bay in the background. Don't you love my yarn - I am knitting on a Christmas sweater for our sweet little grandson, Mason.

This is the path that we walked everyday to get to the beach. That sand was as soft as powder. You can just almost feel the ocean breezes when you look at this picture! I will have more pictures posted in just a few days. Sadly - I have to work a few days first!


J said...

Vicki, I read and reread your blog. It is so full of the blessed life you live. LU, J

Louise said...

I always knit on vacation but forget to take pictures of me knitting. I just love the color of the yarn and it looks great with that turquoise blue water.