Saturday, November 7, 2009

and the winner of the "Cutest Baby in a Red Sweater" award is----


We stopped by Atlanta to see our sweet grandbaby on our way to Florida (for our cruise) a few weeks ago. This gb was so excited to finally get to try that little sweater on Mason. Hurray! It was a perfect fit! Nothing makes a knitter more excited than to see a project fit perfectly - and for babies that is huge. They can be pretty tricky (they have that big head you know!)

This was just the cutest sweater ever on this baby. I am thinking that I will make a vest out of this same pattern - maybe in blue to match his little blue jeans.

The hardest thing about taking pictures of a baby - they never stop moving! Just when you get ready to snap the picture - they move. So pardon some of the blurry images - he is a doll anyway!