Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring at the Biltmore Estate

Spring has returned. The earth is like a child that knows
The Biltmore Estate is one of our very favorite places to visit. Only about a five hour drive from our home - we are fortunate enough to visit here and relish in the colors and transformation of all the seasons. I love every season here at this beautiful estate - but there is something very special about the spring~~

Over the years I have watched this magnificent forsythia grow and continue to bloom each spring in the most magnificent show of bright yellow color. Simply stunning!

From every angle and vantage point - the mansion is so beautiful to view.

I love this picture of the gardener. Our favorite tree on the estate grounds is this beautiful Japanese cherry. When in bloom - it is so beautiful, it will take your breath away.
Another lovely view of the house, taken by me while standing under the cherry tree.

We are all smiles because we had the most wonderful day here! We have season passes to the estate - and we come here sometimes just to see a certain tree, or flower, or eat at one of our favorite restaurants. We are just silly about the Biltmore!

The coach house - one of our most beloved places here on the estate. The history of this coach house is so interesting. I am dying to go inside for a tour. Currently they do not offer tours inside the coach house - but if I can find a way to sneak in~~~

Our visit was just a little early for the tulips to be in bloom - but the flowering trees were simply outstanding. We were here right at their gorgeous peak. There is always something in bloom here - it is never the same - but it is always beautiful.

Our magnificent Japanese cherry tree is just in the back ground here. This picture is taken at the wisteria arbor - which is not in bloom yet. But when it is - Wow!

The arbor is always a welcome and wonderfully shady place to sit during the summer when we visit there.

This beautiful tree is among the oldest on the estate. I am always amazed when I see early pictures of the estate and see this tree when it was just beginning~~

The gardener is always so happy to be among the flowers here on the estate. (he hates to pose for pictures - but I can always get a smile from him here!) This is the walkway that leads from the azalea gardens to the estate.

This is the archway that leads to the conservatory. The blooms of the red and yellow mixed are so beautiful here. In the summer, this whole area is planted in lavender.

The trees are just beginning to leaf out on the estate. The colors of the red bud are striking against the early buds of the other trees. This archway is one of the entrances to the walled gardens. The area against the wall is planted in sculpted pear trees in the summer. That is an amazing sight!

Doesn't everyone who visits the Biltmore take a picture like this? How can you resist? This is the lattice grape arbor within the walled gardens.

One of my favorite places to view - the potting shed at the conservatory. My heart sings just to see this place. What I wouldn't give to be digging in the dirt here. (I wonder if they need volunteers for plantings here?)

The reflecting pond. Always so very peaceful and lovely here. Sometimes we just come here and sit~~~

The sound of the busy bees in this tree was amazing. The bees were so loving the blooms of this tree and they were so busy doing whatever it is that busy bees do. Just to stand here and listen to them was really something!

Another view of the house taken from the west lawn. Just beyond this picture is the lily pond. Sometime in early June - the pond will be full of magnificent water lily blooms. It is an amazing sight.

The tulip trees were at their peak for our visit. So rarely do the trees actually get to bloom - seems like the frost always seems to get them just before they bloom. This picture was taken just outside the winery.

A view of the winery and the walkway that leads to the newest part of the estate - the new Antler Village.

Who wouldn't want to pose in front of this beautiful tulip tree! This is taken just outside the entrance to our favorite restaurant - the Arbor Grill.

These next pictures were taken just after we left the Biltmore and went to visit the Montreat chapel. (I posted about that earlier~~). The view of Lake Sharon on the campus of the Montreat College was lovely with the reflections of the cherry trees upon the water.

Those little swans are swimming right over to us because they just knew that we were going to feed them! And they were right!

I feel as though I have been away from the blog for a while - and I have. I know that I have been remiss about visiting my dear blogging friends - and I am asking for a little patience. I will be back to visit you all again soon, but right now, I am called upon to help with the new little one. (Do any of you remember what it is like to a brand new Mommy and Daddy?) This gb is trying to help Kerri Beth's parents get a little rest~~~
I did bring you a few pictures of my recent visit. Do you remember the little beaded princess coat that I knitted? It is actually a little big and she has room to grow a bit and wear it for a while. (Whew!)

These pictures were taken early this morning. We had a little photo shoot in honor of her one week birthday tomorrow!

She is doing very well. Nursing great and sleeping and all the things that little brand new babies do. She does not cry very much - just when she is hungry.

Don't you just want to pick her up and kiss on her? (I have been for the last few days!) Thank you all for your continued blessings and best wishes for our new little one. I feel so very blessed to have you all as my very dear friends.

ps - Don't worry - I am still knitting your bird nests!!!


michelle said...

oh my goodness vicki how beautiful those trees are and the little princess Keri ,shes an absolute enjoy your time with her and helping out your family,life goes by so fast .so take time and enjoy yourself with your family.god bless you and take care of yourself and that little one .god bless michelle

Lori said...

Thank you a million times for sharing these marvelous pictures! I hope to one day visit there! Your precious grand daughter in her cute little pink shrug!!! Lori

Klik said...

I'd like to post a comment about spring time, but forgot about, when saw photos of this sweet baby :)))

Zlata said...

Какая красота!!!! очень красивая у вас весна! И вы с мужем на фоне цветущих деревьев выглядите такими молодыми и счастливыми!!!! Сто лет еще прожить вам вместе!

А малышка уже подросла!!!! Так смотрит умными глазками! И ей очень нравится ее розовая кофточка.

Lisa said...

I've always wanted to visit Biltmore! It's beautiful...and the little princess is so the little coat you knitted her with the beads!

LISA said...

These pictures are beautiful!!m thanks for sharing! I love the baby pics! The sweater looks precious!

myriamkreativ said...

My dear friend,
thank you very very much for my wonderful nest - I love it. And thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of spring - its like a little journey lol.
And your brand new granddaughter is really so beautiful. What a precious little darling. You do have to enjoy every little minute you can see her growing up. My babies - hmpf I should not say so due to them - are 8 and 11 now and I simply lost where the hime has gone so quickly. Seems yesterday they just have been brand new babies and now they are very healthy, sporty, self confident children.... enjoy the the wonderful time while they like you to cuddle and kiss them the whole day lol. Hugs and all the best for the family and a big kiss for baby Kerri Beht. Have a great week Myriam

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

What a princess! Came over to see your 'nests' from Lorraine's blog and found your treasure gbaby!

Deb said...

Vicki, I've been to Biltmore many times, but for some reason never in the spring. And these pictures are just awesome! I visited my sister in Greenville SC last summer, and we went to Biltmore and enjoyed all the gardens. Yes, I took that same picture through the little wooden frame window. It's a must! She bought a season pass to go back in the fall, but I haven't heard her say she went again. If I lived closer I'd go each season for sure!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Vicki
Thanks for the virtual visit to this amazingly beautiful place. It looks so tranquil and pretty with all the blossom. It looks the kind of place you can relax and unwind. You will have to take us back there later in the year to see how it's changed.
Thanks for sharing the adorable baby pictures too. Glad to hear she is doing well.
Stella is still in Florida but will be on her way home soon.

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet, and thankd for taking me on this wonderfull tour, in your sunny,blooming landscape, how very beautifull.
So good for the little family, that you can come helping them out, here in the first period, I`m sure they love you for doing that, and yes I have done the same,Vicki, it is so wonderfull being a grandma, and your little wonder is so sweet looking in her pink shrug.

Your little gift went off today,

Hugs, and love, Dorthe

Jules said...

found your blog via my sister's blog ( and just had to stop by when I saw the mention of Biltmore Estate. I lived near Asheville for a couple of years and was lucky enough to visit all year round although I didn't visit in the height of the Summer - too much of a crush. Have you been to the candlelight tour at Christmas? It's truly magical and though I come from England and we have historical homes galore, Biltmore is rather special and will always have a special place in my heart.

Fearless Nester said...

How lucky you are to live so close to this fabulous and magical place! I've always wanted to visit, but our timing while traveling in the area was never quite right. Your lovely images made me realize that I really must make it a point to finally get there. And to think that I was very near here there just 2 weeks ago and missed it then too! That sweet pink wrap you knit for your new baby granddaughter Keri is absolutely precious. As is she. I love seeing pictures of you and "the gardener"! It took me a little bit to realize you weren't talking about Biltmore's gardener!!LOL! ~Lili

Shirley said...

Your pictures were so beautiful and it makes you want to go for a visit.The 5 hour drive would be worth it for such beautiful scenery. Your little one is so precious and she will grow so very fast. I do remember when mine were little. I was always so thankful when they would sleep through the night with out an earlier morning feeding. I always fed them at bed time so I could get some sleep and we never had a schedule, We just fed them whenever they were hungry. She does make you want to pick her up and hold her. Have a wonderful day. Your Missouri Friend.

Jo said...

BEAUTIFUL garden photos - the blossom is just magical and the shrub covered in yellow flowers is so lovely - it would add light to any garden. This shows why spring is such a God given season.

Bub is looking very well and so sweet in her pink top:)

Bumpkin Bears said...

That garden is a total dream, the cherry blossom is just breath taking, what a wonderful place to visit, oh how I wish I could walk there and OH that Potting Shed, now I could spend hours and hours there! The forsythia is like a glowing sun! Talking of little rays of sunshine, your wee grand daughter is just SO cute, love her knitting jacket too. Hugs, Catherine x

mary said...

I am thinking a "girl trip" to the Biltmore is in order. Or, better yet, a girl trip just for knitters! Wouldn't we have the best day just moving from place to place and knitting?!
Give Keri Beth a great big kiss from "Auntie M"!

The French Bear said...

She is so adorable in her little are so good to help out, I know how precious the time is when they are so new!!!!
Margaret B

Lisa said...

You are in my neck of the woods at Biltmore. Well I am east still but same state! It is lovely here! And Biltmore is wonderful! Lived here my whole life and I have only ever seen the grounds! Shame on me! Enjoy that baby she won't be that size long! You are great to help!
Hugs, Lisa

Karen said...

Pink, pink, pink and beautiful. Loved looking at all the flowers and trees at the estate, and then your grandbaby girl, oh, she is just adorable. The knitted sweater fits perfectly. I think she really likes it.

Shelly said...

I've just got to say again how blessed I feel to get to know more about you in this "Blogland."

I held my breath the morning you posted the baby was coming and cried tears of JOY to see your lovely pictures of that little one in your son's arms and Your arms! She instantly became such an intregal part of your family!

What a wonderful world where we can experience changes and love in others lives and perspectives!

But, I just think that, like sharing the lovely photos/gardens today, that is who YOU are! Open, compassionate, loving and creative!Thanks for sharing your adventures. Don't apologize for spending time with "the "Hubbs" or that gorgeous new grandaughter! That is your "here and now." Posting can wait!

Hugs and "love you to pieces" as my family says!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous naration and pictures. We too have enjoyed each area of the beautiful estate. LU, J

Tina said...

Hi Vicki, Congratulations on your sweet little grandaughter, what a sweet little blossom she is:) thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of Biltmore, I have never heard of this place, but it is just spectacular! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

Sandi said...

Oh Vicki,
Keri Beth is adorable and she wears her little knitted coat well!!

The Biltmore estate...never been , but it looks amazingly beautiful!! I love sping trees in blossom and you took some gorgeous photos!!

Ineke van den Akker said...

What a beauty!
greetings from Holland,

Erica said...

I really enjoyed browsing through your blog today. Your photos and your creations are fabulous! Love your "real" nests and those hummingbird eggs are amazing.

We went to Biltmore for a Christmas tour a couple of years ago and loved it. Now you've made me need to go for a spring tour with all of those flowers! Lovely.