Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Delights - Winners, Friends, and a yummy treat!

The purpose of life is to discover your gift,
The meaning of life is to give it away~~~
Henry David Thoreau

Maddy girl and her favorite Auntie Vicki are celebrating summer at her Meme's new swimming pool. After a little swim we got down to the business of drawing winners for the knitted bird nest and the Create/Dream earrings.

Maddy is the absolute best little random number generator ever! Rest assured she does not play favorites - she loves to mix up all the papers!

Really now - is that a trusting little face or what! She is waving at all her adoring fans!

Here she is holding the winner for the knitted bird nest! Who will it be! The suspense is killing you, I know~~~.

Some photos of the newly created winning nest~~ This little nest will soon be traveling to a new home!


The lucky winner is one of my followers! Yea!!!! As a special treat to the lucky follower/winner this little nest was updated with this cute little jeweled bird! How sweet is this!

And the winner is~~~~~ Subbota! Subbota's winning ticket was one of her extra chances that she received for posting about the giveaway on her blog. How cool is that! Sweet Natasha - please email me your mailing address!

Better get this suitcase and passport out again because dear Natasha lives in Russia! (Can you believe this little nest is going to travel all the way to Russia!) This little nest had better write to her Mama Knitter when she gets there for sure!
I am so grateful for all the wonderful comments and the fabulous responses to these little nest creations. I never would have imagined that they would be so loved by so many - all over the world. There will be new nest surprises coming up soon~~ hint, hint~~~ so keep watching!

And the winner of the earrings that were especially created by Mary Jane for my participation in the "Where Women Create" event is~~~

Marcy Antle from QueenMarcyOriginals. Congratulations Marcy! Please contact me with your mailing address! You are going to love these earrings!

My very special thanks to everyone who visited me at my Sacred Yarn Room. Having you (my dear friends) visit me there was a special honor. In case some of you were not able to make the visit ~ there is a link on my sidebar that will take you directly to the Sacred Yarn Room. I will meet you there and show you around~~~

Now on to some other summer blessings ~~~

A few days ago, a package arrived unexpectedly from Germany. What a wonderful surprise was inside! My dear friend Myriam had sent me a coffee cup and some fabulous (!!) latte mixes so that we could enjoy them together as we visit each other's blogs. That a cherished friend would send this to me -from so very far away - is such a precious surprise. Thank you again dearest Myriam - you know how much I care for you. I think of you every time that I enjoy a latte~~~

These were my afternoon treat on some days at work when a special something was so needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon! OMG these were fabulous! I have one left sweet Myriam - I am saving it for hard times!

A little something yummy to share with you all! The Gardener has spent the last few days picking fresh blackberries. So, of course, he was rewarded with a fresh summer cobbler - his favorite! We have a family recipe that we love to use. You can find the recipe for our favorite cobbler here. This recipe works well for any type of fruit - sometimes we even mix all types of fruits together.

The nests have gained notoriety and have recently been featured on a shopping blog in the UK! They were recently mentioned on the Shopoholic blog there. This blog showcases the latest in shopping trends, shopping advice and product reviews. The blog covers new ideas on lifestyle, shopping needs and features important online shopping information. I am going to have to talk to those nests now - they have become a little uppity since they have been getting all of this attention!

Don't forget the latest contest! These fabulous Pottery Barn plates and mugs are going to some lucky winner on July 29 - my birthday! Miss Maddy girl will draw the winners - we will be wearing our birthday party hats for the big occasion!

You can enter the contest at the conclusion of the "Maddy's Tea Party" posting.


I hope you are enjoying your summer! Things have been pretty busy around here for the Gardener and I. Lots of travel, back and forth to see the grandbabies, lots of yardwork, and not enough sitting by the pool! Coming up next on the blog - I will be inviting you all to join me for a summer drink on the back deck~~~



Diane said...

Congrats to the winner...sucha beautiful nest...sigh.....and Nellie and I were sure it wascoming to live with us.....but if it writes home to you once in awhile that wouold be nice to hear, too! The cobbler looks yummy, and we have those berries growing wild along the edge of the woods, maybe will pick some today and try your recipe...tell the gardener the flowers look beautiful.....have a nice and safe holiday!!

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Soulsister,
these berries seem to be just perfect - I love these. I hope everybody is feeling great at your home. It made me happy that my little gift gives you so much fun and pleasure. It`s always a wonderful thing to make a cherished friend happy - also if she is living at the other side of the worldö. Its the spirit that counts lol.
Watching your wonderful garden impressions makes me fell like leaving the PC and running into my garden... thats what I will do right know. And in the afternoon I will watch football with all my friends dreaming that Germany wins against Argentina wooooh....
Hugs and love and lots of kisses

The French Bear said...

Lucky winners! I know she will love the nest and what a trip it will be to get there!!! It must be lovely to take a dip in a pool when the sun is shining and you have such sweet company. Enjoy!!!
Margaret B

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie, such a gorgeus party little Maddy girl, had, I would love one myself,too.
You did a fantastic day for her.
I still have my two dears here, so not much time for blogging,--but congratulations to the two very lucky winners,of your beautifull gifts, -and you with the fantastic pool.
The photoes are so beautifull Vicki
Yopu will hear more from me, when allone again ,tuesday. Happy, week-end to you dear.

SuZeQ said...

The pool is inviting and that cobbler is SCREAMING my name. Hear it? I think you should box that little Maddy up and send her down here to the big "D" ... she is just adorable!

Karen said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Great gifts and I am sure they will be appreciated. The berry cobbler looks fantastic. I was just thinking about wanting to make one, so thank you for the link to the recipe.
Vicki, you look so cute with Maddie girl there by the pool. Have the best Holiday.

Fearless Nester said...

From Russia to the UK, your fabulous little nests are being adored worldwide Vicki! You are so very creative, I just love the eggs and the little bird that you added to it. Congrats to the lucky winner! And that blackberry cobbler is perfection! Can't wait to harvest some of ours, but it will be a little while longer here. And sure, I would love to join you on the back deck for a summer drink. I just love it over here at your place! ~Lili

Pat said...

Vicki, Oh, that cute Maddy Girl, she did a fine job. Congrats to the winners. Looks like your summer is turning into a fine one and I'm so's fun to come to your blog and enjoy it with you! Have a lovely 4th of July...pat

Lululiz said...

Oh no, how could I have missed out again?!?!? I had the perfect spot for the nest already picked out. LOLOL. One of these days......
Congratulations to the very lucky winners, they are going to be so delighted.
Your little Maddy is such a sweet little darling. Reminds me very much of my youngest granddaughter Grace.

Createology said...

Congratulations to both winners...the nest to Russia and the Dream earrings.
Such a wonderful and generous giveaway. Happy creating...
P.S. Time to enjoy Maddy and your new pool to keep cool.

Shelly said...

Are More babies born during the 4th

Will you email me your physical address please? Not tellin' what I'm sending!

And,,,PLEASE, when you have time,,,scroll down to my posts of Amy's 40th,,,,they are a whoot! Lets see,,,,,,Thursday night (Was that like the 30th of June?) and my Friday AM post....OOOH's, Ahhhh's and SO many laughs and smiles~! We had SO MUCH fun!!!

Love you,,,feel like I've been out of touch! So busy lately!

Love that your little nesty is going to Russia! Your "babies" are going worldwide!!!

Hugs and let's catch up soon! And send me that physical addy,,,,,Your Birthday will be here soon!!!


Esme said...

Congrats tot he winners-they will enjoy their gifts. Those blackberries look awesome.

PS I put the book in the mail along with the golf cover. I need to send you my address-long story with the post office.

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Vicki,
hope you survived you working weekend lol. My weekend was just perfect. Germany wins against Argentina 4 : ß - out of the world - everybody was so happy. How long are you going away???????? When will you be back???? Just can`t miss you! Enjoy the time with your family - also if it is a pretty long journey (hate these long trips uuuurrgh). I wish you a wnderful time and come back safe. Hugs to you Myriam

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh what lucky winners. Congrats to all of you and I know how surprised and happy you are to be getting such beautiful gifts.
I love what your friend sent you from Germany. How thoughtful everyone on these blogs are is just amazing. Yourself included.
Since my accident I am way behind visiting sites because I can't sit up too long at one time

Bumpkin Bears said...

yummmmmmy those blackberries look heavenly. I remember picking them with my Granny and getting lovely purple fingers! xx

Jody Hammer said...

Congratulations to the winners!!! You are lucky people!!! I have loved watching Miss Maddie grow!!! She is so blessed to have an Auntie like you!!! Please give her a big squeeze for me.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congrats to the winners! I'm okay with not winning the nest because I know I'm on the list for August, Vicki! : ) One more month and I'll be able to purchase mine! I'm very excited about that.

Silke said...

Oh, my, Vicki, I felt like I had a very personal visit from you today! All those comments you left me just made my heart so happy this morning!! And then to come here and see the sweet photos of you and Maddy - with all that it didn't even matter that I didn't win... However congrats to the lucky winners!! Love, Silke

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What lovely treasures, Vicki, to give and to receive!
Wishing you a happy happy Tuesday and a wonderful rest of the week. I'm off to get my last cup of evening tea...
Hugs to you always. xx

T's Daily Treasures said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners! Your little Maddy was such a good little helper. That cobbler looks absolutely fantastic! There used to be blackberry bushes around my aunt's place until "progress" took over. Sounds like you are having a great summer. Best wishes, Tammy

Patty C. said...

Congrats to the winner :)