Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grenada-The Spice Island (and my search for a new career!)

Grenada - the beautiful island known for spices~~

This was our early morning view of the island just after we docked at the pier.  This photo was taken from the top deck of the cruise ship. 

 The morning started out a little rainy - so we all walked into town to visit the spice market. 

The market was a blend of bright colors, vendors selling spices of every variety, and beautiful fresh fruits filling tables,baskets, and the back of rusty old trucks.  For me- this was a photography paradise.

  The incredible aroma of fresh nutmeg permeated the air. 

Fresh - (as in just picked off the tree)- bananas.


Our friend Bob and the Gardener - making some spice purchases.  We came home with some incredible spices!

 A fellow knitter!  This little guy was way cool!  We talked about yarns and such for a bit.  He offered to give me a pattern for his "rasta" hats!

Jan made a new friend at the spice market.  Her sweet friend loaded us up with some special goodies to bring home!

Our dear travel buddies, Bob and Jan.  This cruise was Jan's first big adventure since having her knee replacement several weeks ago.  She has shown amazing spirit and determination in her recovery.  I'm so very proud of her.  

The Gardener made some new friends too!  When we go someplace like this - and I lose him in the crowd -- I usually find him later on chatting with some of the vendors.  

 The morning continued to be cloudy and it just didn't seem to be a great "go to the beach" sort of day - so we all climbed into a taxi for a tour of the island.  On one of our stops - these ladies posed for a picture. The girl on the left was clearly the "manager".  She wanted to make sure that I understood that I was to give them each a dollar after I took the picture! 

They smiled really big when I gave them an extra dollar.  I thought their bright clothes and flower baskets were beautiful.  To me - it was worth the money to be able to take this picture.   

Our taxi tour included a stop at the highest point on the island where we were rewarded with some incredible views of the coastline and the harbor.

That's our cruise ship wayyyy over there!  The island was lush and full of beautiful blooming flowers.  The air was filled with their fragrance.  

Our taxi tour lasted about 2 hours and cost us $20 each plus a small tip.  You can take similar trips through the cruise lines- but we think it is so much more fun just to go out on our own rather than with a crowd of 20-30 people.  Our driver was as sweet as can be and was willing to let us stop and take photos as long as we wanted.  (you know I am all about the photo taking!) 

 Just beyond where we stopped for photos, was an abandoned building that had been heavily damaged by storms many years ago.  I think that we probably were not supposed to walk over there - but~~~

 The view was incredible.  You know me - I'll go just about anywhere to take a great picture.  

This site had previously been a beautiful hotel situated high atop this hill- with astounding views of the island.  Now all that was left standing was some rusted and twisted ironwork that surrounded the remains.  I thought they provided a fabulous backdrop for these photos~~ 
(I'm so weird like that!)

Our next stop took us to one of the parks on the island.  There was a lovely waterfall there - and- my opportunity to embark on a new career~~

I always did want to be one of the "Spice Girls"!  Now tell me the truth~ can you tell which one is ME?  I'm still waiting on them to offer me a contract.  I'm sure I could do the job - well - maybe just a little worried about holding that basket on top of my head all day~~ 

After our taxi tour concluded - we headed UP the hill (What a climb!!) to this old church. This church has intrigued me for several years.  I would stand on the deck of the cruise ship and gaze longingly at this steeple.   After several visits to the island, we finally were able to find the time to make the climb UP the hill so that I could take these photos.   

Hikers beware!  It's a serious climb to the top of this hill to where this church stands - but for me - it was worth it.  I am passionate about old churches, seek them out whenever we travel, and this one was definitely worth the hike.  Heavily damaged, only a few walls and the steeple remained - but I was thrilled to be able to take these photos.  

I also love that windswept tree that stands next to the church.

A walk along the harbor as we head back to the cruise ship. 

Our rainy day in Grenada turned out to be a fabulous one.  The rain in the morning gave way to clouds in the afternoon and it was a perfect day for picture taking.  We had a wonderful taxi tour, hiked around the town, and - I tried out for a job with the "Spice Girls". 

These cool dudes were waiting for us when we got back to the ship's pier.  And - I had another great idea~~

I'm thinking that if my career with the "Spice Girls" doesn't work out -- I could probably get a job hanging out with these guys!  What do you think?

A few pictures from our good times on the ship~

 Hmm- I'm thinking I've never shown photos of us all dressed up before!

Our friends look so beautiful in this photo~

It's kind of fun to get all dressed up.  This is one of my favorite things about cruising!

Coming up next~
I'll take you to the islands of Aruba and St.Lucia.  We visited some beautiful beaches on both islands. I'll give you some more great tips on things to do and places to go when you visit these beautiful places.  
When we finish our island visits - we will most certainly be in an "island " frame of mind.  So- I think we will need a giveaway - a little something to complete our island vacationing and make it more special.  Stay tuned!! 

Thanks for traveling with me!



Createology said...

I so enjoy your travels. Not going along with the big groups is how Mr. C and I like to explore the locals places. In St. Lucia we went to the marketplace and bought spices and fresh vanilla. I was appalled when the shop woman uncorked the bottle and let us taste it. What if we weren't the first to taste that bottle?! Mr. C is never afraid of germs. My undies smelled of wonderful curries the entire rest of the trip because that is where hubby stashed the my undie drawer! Gotta love him which I do. Beautiful photography Vicki Dear...

Joyful said...

What beautiful, colourful photo opportunities in Grenada. Everything looks lovely and it looks like you had lots of fun. I enjoyed seeing you and your friends all dressed up!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh, I really enjoyed this - this may be the closest I'll ever get to these places so thank you for sharing! Loved them...and I would totally want to hang out with those guys!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Vicki,
I love seeing your vacation photo's. It's like I'am right along with you smelling all the spieces and walking up the hill to the beautiful church.
It is fun dressing up for the dinners and photo's. Gary and I were able to get our anniversay photo taken on one of our cruises.
Have a sweet day, Hugs Elizabeth

Neesie said...

I had no idea we were off to Grenada today...I didn't even leave a note on the kitchen table for the boys as I usually do when I go out!
Phewph...where do I start...
What a ship! What colours, photographs, buildings, costumes, smiles, spices and spectacular views and that was just the beginning of the trip.
You all look so wonderful dressed up in your finest or as my Mother would have said 'you scrubbed up nicely' (north-west of England speak)
I can't wait for our next destination...bags are ready ;D

PoetessWug said...

Beautiful photos, as usual, Vicki! And I think your job as a "Spice Girl" might be able to be worked out! ^_^

Jenny Schouten Short said...

you followed my footsteps. I loved Granada. Your photos are gorgeous. xo Jenny

Petite Michelle Louise said...

what a lovely island! I nearly swooned when I saw that old serenely gorgeous! and, kindred spirits are we.....I just LOVED that old twisted ironwork from what was once an old hotel. soooooo beautiful! your pictures are breathtaking.....and you clean up NICE girl! ;) Can't wait to go with you to St. Lucia! What fun!

artistamyjo said...

What a delightful trip I've just been on......and didn't have to pack a thing!
How very blessed you are to travel and such an attractive pair you make.
Your photo's are amazing and you make a beautiful spice girl.
Hugs, Amy Jo

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I pushed the wrong button as I wanted to edit instead of publish. Anyway, as I was saying, I am glad you got your spices.

You and the gardener look marvelous in all your finery. I love getting dressed up also, and there are too few occasions to do so.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Vicki... as always, your photographs leave me drooling... what a beautiful place!... I don't think I would want to argue with the "manager" over the price of photos!... too cute though... and I LOVE the one of you with the guys... looks like they were having as much fun as you!... you are absolutely beautiful, and I loved seeing you all dressed up... what a gorgeous gown!... okay, I am getting that call of the sea now... wanting to go back to the ocean and sink my toes in the sand... thanks for sharing these beautiful sites... xoxo Julie Marie PS How fun too that you met a fellow "knitter"!

Bead and Needle said...

What a beautiful riot of color these photos are...absolutely gorgeous, Miss Sassy Spice - though I think the Cool Dudes at the end have funner makeup!

I LOVE how serious "The Manager" is in the first photo of the four women - she was all business, wasn't she?! And I hope you took the knitter up on his offer of the Rasta Cap pattern - fabulous! Can't wait for more from your trip - your photos ROCK - Happy Friday...Tanya

kerrie of sea cottage said...

You are just so beautiful! And how do you stay so tan all year long. My goodness you always look like you are in summer. These are just gorgeous places you traveled to. How lucky are you. And is your new career in world travel guide or maybe writing about world travel. You could write books about all of your travels. You really do allow us to see the beauty of these places.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

You look GORGEOUS all dressed up, but you look gorgeous in shorts, skirts, whatever.

LOVED the vibrant colors, the women carrying baskets on their heads, the NUTMEG!! Lovely, lovely.

I will wait until tomorrow to take the trip to Venice with you.

Thank you my friend.



Sherri said...

Vicki, you pictures are gorgeous! Look at you all dressed up in the pretty black, sparklie dress-just beautiful!! My friend brought Nutmeg back for me once from Grenada. I still have a little of the nut left! She also brought me the cutest grater for it!!

A Scattering said...

I'm not sure what's prettier - all the bright colours or you in your stunning black evening dress!

You're right, that steeple is a beauty.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Grenada and her spices look amazing. It must be a photographers dream to shoot there. I love the expression on the face of the Manager of the Spice girls. No dollar no smile.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Wow, what a wonderful trip! What really made me smile was the cool dude knitting...with red heart yarn no less! I use red heart for afghans, so it cracked me up to see someone other than my little place here in KY using red heart, too. :)

Happy Travels

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. It allows me to be a part of your trip with you and gives me a great view of what my parents have seen even before looking at their pictures with them.
Hugs and you are a blessing to be such great travel friends with them!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Gorgeous pictures! The next best thing to being there is seeing your pics. I can practically smell those spices.

Priscilla said...

Beautiful post and beautiful people, looks like you had alot of fun! Thank you for sharing your travels, such a treat and I am ab island girl at heart.

Silke said...

Oooooo, wonderful!! I just LOVE the colors on these islands - they make me happy just looking at them! And the people are so incredibly gorgeous! You look fabulous first as a spice girl and then all dressed up!! Wonderful!!! Love, Silke

Maggie said...

Hi Vicki,
I've just spent 5 lovely minutes cruising the islands with you. The photo's are stunning as always.
I've only ever seen dried nutmegs so to see fresh ones was amazing, you definitely have a new career ahead of you in Grenada, but which will you choose!
bon weekend

MosaicMagpie said...

Traveling with you is right! After all those great photos I feel as if I have been there with you. Love the 1 dollar girls, I think it is a great idea for them to charge for a photo! Love the dressed up photos too, did you get a dollar?

yaya said...

Beautiful pics Vicki! I love the flowers and could almost smell them from my computer room! Looks like a wonderful trip. Maybe your new job should be with the travel network. You do a great job of giving the best info and places to roam. You guys look wonderful all dressed up. Have you and hubby lost weight? You sure look good!

SuZeQ said...

OMG ... you have to go back there just so you can swipe me a big piece of that beautiful rusted ironwork fence. It's to die for. You KNOW I could make magic with it, don't you?!?

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Your pictures were just the ticket this rainy morning in Tennessee! I particularly like the pictures of the women with the baskets on their heads (WELL worth the money!) So beautiful!

Esme said...

Vicki, you look gorgeous all dressed up. that spice market looks incredible I would have loved to have perused that market for spices. The colors in the photos are just gorgeous-sounds like the perfect trip.

DreamChallenge said...

Although being in these beautiful places is so very special, seeing them through your eyes is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
LU, Jan

Low Tide High Style said...

Your posts are making me want to jump on a plane and head south...what a lovely trip!


myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear friend,
aaaaahhh, exjoying this wonderfum pictures is almost like being there.... *sigh*. I am having a little coffee too at the moment on my terrace... and it is a wonderful latte *lol*. At the moment the weather is marvellous and we love to be outside every possible minute. But it is awfully busy here with all the normal things to do and additional Lizzie going to the new school in September....I go up at 5.30 and go to bed at 23.30....not really fun. But - the always optimistic girl in me - I think it will get better. Hugs & kisses Myriam

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear friend,
looking at your wonderful pics is always a pleasure. I am also having a cup of coffee just at the moment. Crazy busy here.... but I hope it is getting better soon. Hope everybody at your home is well and you have a little more free time for your wonderful work than I have a the moment *sigh*
Hugs & kisses

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear friend,
looking at your wonderful pics is always a pleasure. I am also having a cup of coffee just at the moment. Crazy busy here.... but I hope it is getting better soon. Hope everybody at your home is well and you have a little more free time for your wonderful work than I have a the moment *sigh*
Hugs & kisses

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for taking us along on your trip to the islands. I love seeing all the spices and fresh produce of a country, and all the colorful and lively people too. :) Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

Lili said...

Hi there beautiful! You always bring so much fun wherever you go Vicki...that is quite apparent. Love all of the bright and colorful photography and your cute and crazy antics with the spice girls and the zany man band. I picture much love and laughter with the Gardener and your dear friends on your trips. I always leave here smiling. xoxo ~Lili

Rustique Gal said...

Vicki, What a great trip you took us on! I love the market! I dream of open air markets-maybe in a past life...? Anyway, I love traveling vicariously with you. Thanks for the great time!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi sweet Vicki,

What a wonderful adventure all of you had in Grenada! I love the scenery and all of the beautiful colors! You are too funny...joining the spice girls!!
I have traveled to many places but I have yet to go on a cruise. Hubby and I will have to someday!!
Vicki you look gorgeous in your beautiful black gown!!

Love and Blessings,


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ah, Grenada was on our list so thanks, Vicki, for taking me along now.

Nancy said...

I stumbled across your blog and can't tell you how fun it is to read of your adventures! And holy cow - you are a knockout in every single picture! Also love that you're a NICU nurse. (I spent many, many years in ICU before moving on to outpt.) Anyway, thanks for sharing about your travels and letting the rest of us live vicariously through you.
Best, Nancy
PS If you ever need a Sherpa, my rates are cheap. =)

Donna said...

Vicki...I so, SO appreciated your comments today!! It brought a tear to my eyes and I won't soon forget it.

Looks like you are having the time of your life...thanks for the mini vacation through your eyes!! Love all your photos and views...just breathtaking!!!
I'm sitting here next to the little nest you made, so I have a bit of you here with me. Thanks again!! Hugs.

knitalatte said...

Looks like the perfect trip. Love all your photos.
Especially with the Ladies holding the baskets on their heads. So colorful and yes, you fit right in. How wonderful that you can hang with the locals a bit.
The cruise life looks like a lot of fun.

Vintage Sandy said...


Your so much fun, I think you'd make an excellent "Spice girl" hehe your friends are very lucky having you & The Gardener as friends!
Keep smiling!

Angie Rueb said...

Such beautiful awesome photos!!! You make those islands look like places I for sure want to visit one day. Loved 'em all!!!! Thanks.....Angie