Monday, March 12, 2012

A Note to God

If I wrote a note to God,
I would speak what's in my soul~~

I'd say grant us the strength to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
'Cause it seems like so much is going wrong
On this road we're on~~

The Gardener and I have been away on travels for almost 3 weeks.  While we were gone, powerful and devastating storms raged their mighty forces wrecking havoc and destruction on neighboring communities - not only in our home area - but across 3 neighboring states.  

One of our near by communities was almost totally obliterated by tornado winds that reached upwards of 170 miles per hour.

My husband and I watched in fear (while we were on the cruise ship), as the television news related details of the approaching storms- realizing all the while that our home and our families were in the path that was designated as threatened areas. 

 You can not imagine the terror that fills your heart when you are thousands of miles away and are helpless to do anything but wait - and watch - and pray.  

Thankfully our home and families were spared. My hometown was untouched by the storms-- but a neighboring town was nearly destroyed.  90 miles away, our son and his wife had made preparations for protecting themselves and our precious grandbaby Keri Beth.  When I finally got word that all was well with them- the relief made me weak in the knees.  

 All across our region, homes and towns were devastated by the storms.  As my husband and I drove home from our travels - we witnessed some of the devastation that was left by these powerful storms. Many lives were tragically lost during these storms.  

Nature is a powerful force- one NOT to be reckoned with-- but the power of PRAYER is greater than the ravaging winds of any storm. 

I'm asking you all to prayerfully remember all those whose lives have been so tragically altered-- praying for their strength and determination as they rebuild their homes and their lives. 


The Gardener and I have just returned from a wonderful cruise to beautiful warm places.  I'll be back to share those photos with you soon~~ but I could not do that without first sharing with you all the heartache that I have for friends and neighbors who have lost so much.  Your prayers are appreciated more than you will ever know. 

 I was sitting on a beautiful beach in Antigua relaxing and listening to "my tunes" when the song "A Note to God" cycled through.  This song is one of my favorites on my playlist.  The beautiful and powerful message of the lyrics  were my inspiration for this post.  I'm including a video of this music so that you can hear it for yourself. 


"A Note to God" sung by Charice

I love you all~~


PoetessWug said...

Vicki, I am so so sorry to hear about all of the tragedy in your area. I saw when the tornadoes were going through those couple of days. In fact, I did a post talking about them. :-( My heart goes out to all those dealing with the aftermath of it all and trying to put their lives back together again.

Joluise said...

I can completely understand your sadness and grief. My family survived a huge bushfire that almost destroyed our home (wipe out our farm) and burnt through our town/community. Whilst we all get over the pain of these terrible events, you never forget what happened. I pray for all those that are suffering that they find the strenght to get up and start again.

Sending very big hugs in your direction :)

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima Vicki.....oh, yes, we too, even from very far followed the tornado tragedy with so much sorrows, send thoughts & prayers to all ........ .

Thankfully you were faaar away, & thankfully your family is safe & well.

Thinking today too, of all the people who have to rebuilt their lives; keeping on our well thoghts & prayers!

I am very happy you are back and wait with lots of joy your stories & adventures; carissima Vicki!!!!!

un abbraccio e ciao ciao elvira

Helen Campbell said...

A Note to God is a profound. Prayers for those who have been affected by the devastating storms, of gratitude that your community and families are safe.

Maggie said...

Hi Vicki,
Glad to know that you are back home and all is well in your neck of the woods. Those tornadoes have created such devastation I can't begin to imagine how much strength the victims will need to rebuild their lives now.
They are in my thoughts.
Loved your photo of the beach, would love to be there right now away from foggy, drizzly Normandy weather.
Once again a great big thank you for my woodland nest I will cherish it always.

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Welcome home. The devistation from the weather has been horrible. It's a reminder of how our lives can change in the blink of an eye. I'm happy for you that you and your family were spared. Your travel picture looks gorgeous and I'm looking forward to hearing about your wonderful cruise.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

When we saw those storms on the news, It was horrifying. How life can change in just a few minutes. So sorry that you had to go through such anguish, but so glad that you and your love ones are safe and sound.

Lili said...

I thought of you when I heard the reports of all those tornadoes but knew you were safely away on your cruise. We once had one while we were away too, at Easter when we lived in Ohio. It is such a strange feeling to see the devastation and destruction in one place and then see the nearby places untouched. So glad your home and your family were all safe. Saying prayers for those families that lost so much. Welcome back sweetie. Big hugs to you! xoxo ~Lili

SuZeQ said...

We both know about the power of prayer. Now, prayer - do your job! Welcome home ... can't wait to see your photos. If they're anything like the one you posted, they'll be beautiful, AS ALWAYS.

artistamyjo said...

I have been waiting for you to return so I could post my BEAUTIFUL nest. I love it and it sits beside my computer.
So sorry to see all the devastation but happy to know you and your family are ok.
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone during this difficult time.
Love to you, Amy

sophie...^5 said...

It must have been so difficult to witness from afar the ravages of Mother Nature. She can be so menacing and then turn around and be so beautiful. I hope you and your loved ones are coming back to some semblance of order and calmness in your hearts. Welcome home!

Sherri said...

Vicki, I can just imagine how you felt when you heard the news!! What horrible devastation to your area. I am so glad that you family, home and friends are all right. I can understand all the sadness you are experiencing right now. Your last photo of Antiqua brought back many memories for me. John and I spent 8 days and 7 nights at the Sandals Resort there about 11 yrs. ago. We had such a lovely and relaxation vacation there!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

it was all so sad and heart breaking to see this horrible tragedy unfold. my heart and prayers go out to all those souls whose lives will be forever changed by it.

Julie Marie said...

My prayers are going out to all who were affected Vicki... I am thankful your family is all ok... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Bead and Needle said...

Your photos, on top of the ones from the news these past few weeks, are so painful to heart goes out to all that were touched by the devastation. SO glad your family weathered the storms, and are all safe - can't even imagine your "panic" being that far away. Here's to a calmer remainder of the tornado season for all you midwest folk...may they be FEW! XOXO Tanya

Mila said...

My heart is broken.
I have no word in some "situations"..this is an apocalipse...
My prayer goes to all of family's victims...
So happy to gome home safe...

Low Tide High Style said...

It's easy for us to forget the tragedy so many have suffered with the recent tornadoes, thank you for the reminder to keep them in our hearts.


Cheryl said...

The storms were devastating and I am so sorry for the people involved, they are in my prayers. Thank goodness your loved ones were all okay. I am always checking the weather in the USA with trepidation - some of it is so vicious and who knows when and who it will strike.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Thoughts and prayers for those hit by the tornadoes. Thank goodness for the news reports on TV- I know lives were saved by being aware of the storms approaching. So difficult having to put back together.
Look forward to your travel photos!

Acorn to Oak said...

Tornados are so scary! I'm so glad to hear that you and your home are ok!

Jim said...

Yes Vicki, I am glad to hear that all is well with you and your family! All of us here were listening to the reports of total devastation in some parts of your country/state.
Amazing how we can be brought back to a stark reality after such a relaxing vacation.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

It's terrifying to realize how quickly and completely a tornado or other disaster can destroy a person's life and undermine all feelings of security and safety. It's then that we realize WE were never truly "in control." We have to let go ... and let God. I'm so glad your family is okay.

Joyful said...

We've just had a storm blow through my part of the world too leaving destruction behind. I'm not sure it was quite as bad as where you live but I'm sure those affected would think otherwise. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones and homes.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm sending prayers and love from New Zealand to all those affected by these terrible storms, and hope that gradually their lives will return to some kind of normality.

As you may remember just over a year ago we had a terrible earthquake in Christchurch with 185 lives lost. There have been aftershakes almost daily but the human spirit is very powerful and people are trying to rebuild their lives.

Blessings to you all
Shane in New Zealand

yaya said...

Those storms were so terrifying and I'm glad your family was spared. I'm from the midwest and as a child I can remember being so scared when tornado warnings were sent out. This has been a very strange weather year. I know our tornado weather has just started and hopefully it will pass with no more tragedy and loss of homes and friends.

LesleyAnn said...

I'm about 70 miles from West Liberty, KY in WV(less "the way the crow flies"). The tornadoes hit just a few miles from my home and changed the lives of many. I read on Facebook that neighbors found mail and papers (as did I and my immediate neighbor) from West Liberty. It's hard to believe that the winds could carry pieces of paper that far. The devestation has been heartbreaking. I'm glad your family and home are safe.

orchid said...

This is Orchid from Japan.
I came from Amy's site and SO sorry to hear about this tragedy. We heard the news even in Japan.
Oh, how powerful mother nature is!!!
Sincerely Yours, Orchid.

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, I am so glad that you are home. Mother Nature can not be controlled no matter how hard they try. She does what she wants and we just pray for those that have to suffer. We got terribly warm today and makes you wonder if we will get a storm or not. Am looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip. Hubby spent some time in the hospital while you gone. The only thing we know is that he didn't have a heart attack. Lots of follow up doctor appointments. Take care. Hugs from your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

Vicki I am so thankful you and your family were spared in this devastation. I have been praying for those in the paths of destruction and I shall continue my prayers.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Vicki, Since I haven't seen your blog lately I've been thinking of you. We all watched as those storms ravaged so many states and homes in particular. I am glad your family is safe. xo Jenny

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh Vicki I know how you felt! I had a similar, though not as devastating experience. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those folks.

MosaicMagpie said...

So very frightening those few days of storms we had. I too worried about other family members. Even when you are only an hour away it is still a worry about their safety. Glad to have you home!

Alexandra Jacobs said...

I came across your website and found it very enjoyable. I just had a couple of questions so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I am here as your NEWEST FOLLOWER. I was sent by Dear Sweet Maggie of Normandy Life(LOVE HER)! I am so sorry of the terror that you have been through and "KNOW that you all ARE forever in my prayers"!!! Mother Nature can be cruel and my heart aches for those in her path when she is in RAGE! I'm in Connecticut so we don't get too many extremes here, but things are not as calm as they used to be "ANYWHERE"!
I LOVE you work and I look forward to following you! I hope you will PEEK IN on my blog too and MAYBE if you like follow me too...

Sharon Lovejoy said...

My dear Vicki, I too felt that deep heartache and wondered how I would feel if the history of place, traditions, and family were erased as though they had never existed. My heart has been with these fellow humans before and after the storms, which were horrifying.

I cannot imagine the fear you felt worrying about your gorgeous little granddaughter. I can empathize completely.

Sending love and hope to all during this time of sorrow, but also this time of rebuilding.



P.S. Thanks for stopping by. I have been under a tremendous amount of pressure to finish my bird book. I am almost there, just about 5 more birds to draw and paint. Hurrah! The end of a lovely two years of bird focus after a lifetime of bird love. Hugs to you dear Vicki.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I wish I could hear the song but it isn't loading for me right now and it's time for me to head to bed. So glad that you are back safe and sound and that your family is well. Everyone has been so happy to have such a mild winter, but they say that's part of the reason for the strength of these tornadoes. All that warm air where it's not supposed to be. Right now I am listening the wind howling outside blowing all that dust around. Goodnight! Hugs and blessings, Tammy

susan jenkins said...

Oh vicki I'm so happy to hear of your saving grace! Your family, your home, your town, my God, thankfull all is fine with you and family!
Yes, prayers go out tho to those in the devastation. We never see it coming, maybe that's a good thing.
xo Susan

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Thank you for putting this on your blog. Over on my blog I have a post asking for help in making squares that will put together and made into blankets for the people of West Liberty KY...if you can spare the time, please consider making a few. Blessings always. :)

sjmcdowell said...

I remember when this happened as we were also in the line of fire here in Georgia. The Tornado's were all around us that night and I had Mom in the bathroom tucked safe and sound while my hubby and I were listening to where they were touching down next. Scary night indeed!!!
I was thinking of you that night and praying that you and all I knew were keeping safe. I am sorry to hear of all the devastation that was all around you. God Bless the families that were touched by these horrible tornado's. Amidst the pain and grief may they be able to rebuild their lives once again.

My friend I look forward to reading more posts from you. Till then...

Love and God Bless,


Happy Hawker !! said...

Hello Vickie
I just read your Note To God and the story following. How terrible . My community recently on Feb 29th, 2012 got hit as well with an F-2. It is still so shocking to see the damaging transformation after the fact. I love your blog and would love if you would follow mine as well. I am new to this actually i started blogging when computers were first popular put it down to pick it up now years later. It has changed so much the blogging world that is. God Bless and thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your travels !!

Andrea said...

Absolute chills from that music! Thank-you so much for sharing.

Peace and love to all those who suffered through those storms.