Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Surprise -- a (very) limited new Woodland Bling nest

Deep in the woods~~

in the quiet
          echos of

no one ever sees the

the silent makings
of nature's most intricate

~~ except
for the dragonfly~
(who quietly watches and is amazed)

Knitting is more than just a hobby for me-
it is a true passion.
The art of knitting calms 
my restless spirit
and fills my soul with
my knitted nests
are the result of this passion.

A lover of nature
and of "nests" of all kinds~
my knitted nest designs
allow me to creatively bring to life
my own interpretation 
of one of nature's most amazing creations.

"Woodland Bling" 
this beautiful nest 
is part of my Designer nest series.

~while each of my Designer nests
are limited in production,
this specialty nest is very limited~
as there are only 6 nests
in this series.

this nest was created 
to welcome the long awaited
(Honestly, I thought maybe it was not coming this year!)

 profits from my Designer Series nests
are always
donated to charity
the charitable profits
from these
"Woodland Bling" nests
will be donated to
the local food bank in my hometown.
"in my life, 
I have never had to live hungry,
but I know that there are those who do,

"Woodland Bling" 
can be found here in
my ETSY shop.

(many thanks to my friend Mary
for always helping me to make these
nests so beautiful for you) ~

Some updates~
Your Vintage Spring nests are finished (!!) and will debut on my blog the first of May. I am now already at work on new designs for my ETSY shop later this fall. New hats and wraps are already in progress~

One of my lovely and generous blog readers (from France) sent me this cute little owl brooch in the mail a few days ago -- but there was NO name attached to the card or envelope.  I would LOVE to thank you properly -- won't you email me please?  Thank you so much for this adorable little gift and sweet card! xoxo

We have had a few warm days --- already I have been outside among our spring daffodils taking photographs for my upcoming Spring giveaway --- you won't want to miss this one! 

My windows are open (although it is a tad bit cool today) and the birds are singing their spring songs --- I am so happy:)


Mosaic Magpie said...

Yes, indeed it seems as though Spring has Sprung! Woodland Bling Nest...what a beauty. I love the dragonfly!!!! The nests are always stunning and have so many details. The yarns, blts of bling and love that went into creating them all add up to one amazing nest...no make that 6 amazing nests!

Lululiz said...

What a beauty!!! OMG, I am so tempted, but I was so lucky to get on the list for the Vintage Spring nests, I would feel very selfish snapping up one of these exquisite nests as well. Sigh.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Vicki! The dragonfly is the perfect finishing touch and the colors of the yarn are just beautiful! I honestly don't know how you are able to do all that you do. My creativity has taken a big nose dive lately. But the good news is that in just two days, Spring Break will begin and I will have 10 days of freedom. Woohoo! Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

Lorraine said...

Another gorgeous nest Vicky! Welcome Spring....

Lois Evensen said...

How very lovely. :) I just "favorited" your Etsy shop.

All the best,

Kim Stevens said...

I'm just pretty convinced that you are about the kindest person ever! xo

maggiegracecreates said...

this is beautiful.

Acorn to Oak said...

It's beautiful! :-)

Jen Ham said...

Vicki, not only are you a true artist, you are also a poet! Your words are exquisite! Just beautiful! Everything! xo Jen

Sue said...

Exquisite ... as always. I know these will fly out the door.


Sherri said...

Vicki, that nest is just absolutely gorgeous! I love the dragonfly!! You are such an artist and a very giving person! HUGS!!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Once again you have outdone yourself and inspired us all with your talent!!! These nests are a breath of (finally) spring air. :)

Low Tide High Style said...

Your nests are always a beautiful representation of your amazing creativity! I have had my doors open for the past few days, even though it has been windy and chilly, I just needed to feel a little spring air!

xo Kat

NanaDiana said...

Vicki- Those are so so so very amazing. You do beautiful work. I guess I never realized that you KNITTED them!!! WOW!!! What a wonderful gift to buy for oneself! xo Diana

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Wow Vicki! They are all gone already... :(
So beautiful! I can just imagine how much prettier they are to hold.

Jeanne Gwin said...

I checked Etsy and it was empty. Are they all gone? Oh, I hope not, I want one! I will try again. :)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Always such beautiful colors!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your dragon fly!! Hey for spring!! Thrilled it is finally here!!

Jenny Short said...

I wondered where you have been keeping yourself. What a gorgeous nest. I will be looking for the May debut of the others. You are such a beautiful artist, Vicki. The Art Spirit is alive and well in you. So glad it's Spring in you next of the Woods. xo Jenny


Absolutely enchanting! I don't think I've ever seen anything like your beautiful nests. Truly original! And how wonderful that the proceeds will go to your local food bank. Such amazing talent and generosity!

LesleyAnn said...

This is the most beautiful, in my eyes, of the nests you've created. The dragonfly. I'm in awe when I see one. I stop whatever I'm doing to watch them 'til they're gone. Even when those around me think I'm silly. :-)

The owl pin is lovely. Such a kind gift.

Suztats said...

Your spring nests are gorgeous--I love the dragonfly! I was worried spring might not arrive this year as well, but perhaps the magic in your creations made it happen!

Cache-Mire said...

Oh I just love the little "bling" eggs! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Hugs, Terri

kathyinozarks said...

Wow! this is just stunning-I love the dragonfly-This nest is my favorite of your nests so far-just gorgeous Vicki

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wouldn't one of your nests make the *perfect* vehicle for an engagement ring or pearl necklace...hmmm, if only Dave were alive -LOL-.
Seriously, more seriously, Vicki, it's beautiful!

yaya said...

Hi Vicki! I'm glad Spring has arrived..we had a taste of it this past weekend but had snow today...crazy! I think your nests are so beautiful but this one is fabulous! I love the dragonfly! You are a wonderful artist. Have a lovely Easter!

Beedeebabee said...

How absolutely gorgeous these nests are Vicki!!! I love every beautiful nest you've made...and of course, your beautiful big heart too! xoxo

Julia said...

Happy Easter Vicki and thanks so much for visiting and leaving some beautiful comments on my blog.
I so appreciate you.

Your bling nest is fabulous and the dragon fly is the bomb. I'm sure they will bring you some profit for your favorite charities...

I hope that you have a beautiful Spring and that you enjoy that beautiful Owl pin. It's just so thoughtful of your blogging friend from France and I know that you truly deserve to be recognized for all that you do and you do it so well.
Sending hugs and love,

Mr Paul said...

Hey girl, I am loving the woodland bling. I have a real connection to the woods and most weekends we go for woodland walks and hikes. In fact most of the wreaths we do have some kind of woodland connection. Hope alls well and that the Spring is being generous with sunshine.
Paul x

Createology said...

Your nests never disappoint in their beauty and unique style. The beaded dragonfly is just the right touch. Creative Woodland Bling Nest...