Thursday, May 1, 2014

Introducing the "Vintage Spring" nest

Spring is here!
"The little Woodland creatures 
have made it through the long winter
 and are preparing for the celebration of Spring."
Thornton Burgess
"Forest Babies"

After what seems like the longest winter 
that I can ever remember~
Spring is finally here!

vintage millinery, a little bird nest, and beautiful blooms-
all to welcome the new
"Vintage Spring"

Over a year in the making ~
each little nest is a unique interpretation
of all that Spring means
 to us.

 my inspiration for this nest
was the "traditional" festive spring
Maypole dance~
beautiful blooms, ribbons, greenery
all intertwined to symbolize
the glorious arrival of

for over two years,
I collected some of the most beautiful
pieces of vintage millinery
that I could find.
(you can click here to visit that Vintage Millinery post.)

my favorite pieces of millinery 
are the stunning large velvet mauve 
this newest Designer nest was created
around the use of those beautiful
mauve flowers

 a stunning Maypole bouquet
is clustered around one side of the nest~
added to that festive arrangement
are the adornments of vintage flower brooches
in a variety of designs and colors
while each nest is alike in design~
they are each different and
beautifully unique.

each and every one of my Designer nests 
are made more special by the 
contributing artists
who donate their time and talents
to these little nest 
my beautiful and dear friend Deb
created these embroidered muslin strips
as tie on embellishments.
(you can find Deb at her beautiful blog Mosaic Magpie)
this little embroidered 
grape hyacinth
accents each of the nests and
is truly a reminder of one of spring's
most beloved flowers.
thank you dear Deb
for all that you do to support me in my little projects,
and for always, always, always,
being here for me

 what is spring 
without a butterfly?
Karen's lovely crochet darlings
are the most perfect 
accent to these Spring nests!
(you can find Karen at her beautiful blog Todolwen)
Thank you dear Karen for all the love
and talent you put into your lovely little "flutter-by"
my friend Mary added a little
glitter and some bling 
(because that's what she does!)
these are the happiest little butterflies
now that they have a new home
for the Spring!

who doesn't love a festive little
spring bunting?

These precious and colorful little buntings
were created by my friend Suzy
using a variety of laces and
(You can find Suzy at her beautiful blog Suziqu's Threadworks)
Thank you dearest Suzy for
the love and attentions
that you gave to the making 
of these tiny little
you'll find them peeking out amongst the fibers--
see if you can pick out Suzy's 
adorable little buntings 
in some of the following

tiny little birdnests,
nestled between the flowers~ 

love, love, love,
I love this vintage plastic flower brooch~
this nest is one of my most favorites
(but actually, I love them all!)

do you see the little bunting
 and the lovely vintage

a variety of beautiful laces and textures 
encircle this intricate little

some of the vintage millinery used in these nests
 were found in their original packaging~
for me to be the first to bring these
beautiful pieces to an artistic life
was truly a blessing

My grateful thanks
to all of you who waited
so very long for this nest to be created.

Thank you for trusting me
to make this nest not only beautiful for you~
but worthy of your patience
and waiting~

those of you on the Reserved list
for this special charitable
Designer nest~
can find your nest waiting for you
(the nests are listed according to your
first initial and last name)

each nest will arrive
wearing a little tag that I have
signed and dated~
these precious little tags
were created by my dear friend
Sue Kosec

 your nest will arrive
beautifully wrapped  in tissue
and wearing one of these
adorable lilac bird tags.
these tags were also created by my friend
Sue Kosec
I'm proud to say that Sue is the exclusive
designer for my tissue, tags, and paper
(you know I love you girlfriend!~xoxo)

the charitable proceeds for these nests
will be donated to
Our new Pediatric Addiction recovery center
is the first in the nation.
Our infants will receive the highest standard of care
in their recovery resulting from
their birth to a drug addicted Mother.

to those of you who so willingly
support this little thing I do~
thank you for allowing me the ability
to support this charity
which is so dear to my heart.
and ~
another huge thank you
to my friend Deb -
who made me the adorable little nest jar 
in the photo above and below~
(I told you I loved it!)

Although Spring is here -
and the trees in our yard are starting to bud --
today, the day of my photo shoot-
it is freezing!
the wind is blowing 
and as I finish the last of the photos, 
it starts to rain.
(the wind blowing actually helped me to take some lovely photos of the fibers!)

I captured the photos
in the midst of the fibers blowing in the breeze~

a happy little butterfly~
Spring is finally

Thank you to my dear friend,
 my best friend,
you are the most special part
of these nests.
Without you, 
they would not be~

while I have truly loved 
every nest that I have created~

is my most favorite

Just keepin' it real~

Some updates~
To the over 200 of you who emailed me after the release of the 
"Woodland Bling" nest --(a few weeks ago)~
 I think I have finally finished the last of those emails and replied to you all.  I had NO idea that this nest would create so much attention.  While it is my practice to never repeat a design, I think I do have to backtrack a little since only 6 of those were made ---- so~ there will be more "Woodland Bling" nests (with the dragonfly) in the future.  While I do not have a date -- and it will be at least another year yet -- you may email me now if you wish to be placed on the Reserved list for that nest.
(And, I'm truly so very sorry -- I will never make just 6 nests again!) xoxo

Coming up next~

my biggest giveaway
it's all about Spring
and all about
(in oh so many wonderful ways!)


kathyinozarks said...

Vicki all I can say is Awesome-so lovely-no words to describe how wonderful these nests are that you create-hugs

Sue said...

SPECTACULAR ... there are no other words. Thank you for your spin on Spring.

You know I love you, too!


Karen B. said...

Wow, wow, wow ... my dear friend!
The nest is amazing and I love what you did with my little "Flutter~Bys' ~ they look so pretty! I am over the moon and honoured to be a tiny part of this amazing creation!
Love you.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Julia said...

WoW!!! Congratulations on the great response on your beautiful special nests fund raiser. You did an amazing job for a great cause. God bless your compassionate heart dear Vicki.


Terry said...


I just purchased my nest at your Etsy shop! I am so excited! They are sooooooo gorgeous! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Kim Stevens said...

I am just beyond excited Vicki! This is just truly an amazing work of art by you and all who participated in helping make it come alive. And I'm so happy to see the proceeds go to such a great cause. Thank you for all you do, all your love and work that goes into these amazing nests. It's so beautiful and can't wait to get mine! xo ((hugs)) :)

marda said...

Of all the nests, this has to be my favorite as well. I don't know how you keep outdoing yourself, but this one is beyond breathtaking. I've just placed my order, with a note attached telling you the special meaning of Maypole flowers to me. All the artisans who've created special embellishments clearly helped to make this next extra special. Glad to see the profits go to such a worthy cause. Thank you soooo much Vicki. I'm proud to think of you as a special faraway friend in Blogland! Blessings.

Createology said...

Vicki Dear you and your dear friends have done it again. This Vintage Spring Nest is simply beautiful. Such an array of special elements truly define divine. Creative Nesting Bliss...

NanaDiana said...

Vicki- I have been looking at those and they are the most amazing things-so creative and beautifully done. I love all the bits and pieces you have worked into them. One of them would make a memorable piece to give someone using bits and pieces of their life that is collected over the years.

I am just smitten with them..smitten!!! You are amazing! xo Diana

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow, wow, wow! There are never enough words to convey just how beautiful your nests are. All the different fibers and attention to detail. And the collaboration between friends is absolutely incredible. God bless everyone involved and bless those babies who need special care. Hugs, Tammy

Lululiz said...

This is such a very special nest, combining the talents of so many wonderful people and dear friends. I am so very excited, and can't wait for our post lady to drive up in her little van and hand me the package over the garden gate. You are an incredibly special person, Vicki, and I can't find the words to tell you how much I admire your dedication and hard work in supporting such a worthwhile cause. Heartfelt thank you.

Betty said...

wow- I love your work but this welcome to Spring is absolutely your best ever ever ever- my favourite features are the precious little blue eggs and the Todolwen butterfly - I found a blackbirds nest with eggs in it recently, I so wanted to take it home when the birds were gone, then I found an empty egg on my last walk, but crushed it when I fell over! Nature is best left where it's found I have concluded, your nests though are the most fabulous interpretation that you can have and hold. I love what you have created here. Betty

Jenny Short said...

How fun to have a little help from your friends. The nests are spectacular in the vintage spring theme. I love all the photos. I can just picture your workroom sprouting with flowers, ribbons and forget-me-nots of all kinds. Congratulations. xo Jenn

Izzybeads by Laney said...

I LOVE these nests they are so beautiful :)

Petite Michelle Louise said...

each of your nest designs are truly stunning works of art. so much love and thought goes into each and every one....this one is truly amazing. simply lovely. i adore all of the sweet details you've knitted into each of them!!! oh wow...speechless here. sigh....

Lorraine said...

Vicky, another gorgeous design! YES, this one reminds me of spring. I can imagine dancing around the maypole. Love all the contributors additions too. All for a VERY worthy cause....

Sea Angels said...

I am so lucky to have my own nest xxx though every time you make them they are more beautiful than ever.
Hugs Lynn xxxxx

Emma Elliott said...

Loving.all.these colours and textures :D

Neesie said...

I could spend hours looking over all the amazing detail enclosed into each of these exquisite nests.
You are so talented Vicki.
You really know how to make it feel like spring ;D
Hugs to you xoxo

~ Dixie said...

Stunningly beautiful!

Bohemian said...

Such Attention to Detail makes each Creation a Feast for the Eyes! And to be supporting such a worthy Ministry really warms the Heart. A am a Custodial Grandma of two G-Kids who were such babies as those your Wonderful Charity supports and Ministers to. Here's Hoping there will one day be more across the Country as sadly, the need is so great.

Blessings and a Virtual Hug from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Suztats said...

Oh, Vicki! Such beauty springing from Love, friends, and creative hands! Blessings for your giving hearts.

Fat Dormouse said...

Dear Vicki, you make beautiful things...and with such generosity. How creative and clever and wise you are, knowing what to place in your stunning nests. Give your lovely friends a special hug.

Jen Ham said...

Oh wow, Vicki! I am truly in awe of you!! Whatever you touch turns to gold! GOLD! xo Jen

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Vicki
Your Vintage Spring nests are beyond beautiful made even more so by your stunning collection of vintage millinery flowers - especially love the mauve silk one also! The flowers somehow bring so much Spring love to the nests.
I love the additions from dear Deb, Karen and, of course, Sue's sweet tags and I am so honored to be a contributing artist for these so special nests. Thank you so much for inviting me to share in your gorgeous creations but it especially pleases me that funds from the sale of these will assist so many babies at Lily's Place!
You are a persevering star loved by so many and me too.
Big hugs,


My goodness, you've outdone yourself once again Vicki! What a glorious vision of spring in your precious little nests. And what a wonderful thing you have done for the precious little babes in your hospital's recovery center, as with the coming of spring when Mother Nature brings forth new life into our glorious world.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

The nests are pretty! They truly make me think of Spring! You are so very talented. :)


Jackie said...

They are all so delicate! I love the birds and the little pennets! So adorable, I wish I could snuggle down in one and sleep!! Nice work and for such a good cause, poor little babes!

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my sweet friend,
thank you for your sweet comment.... I just spent a wonderful lunch break strolling through your adventures on your blog..... thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful experiences. Looooove your new nest! Wonderful art work. I hope everybody is well over at your home and you are enjoying spring. Here we are all very busy because there are lots of new thins ahead that we have to roganize.... send you hugs & kisses Myriam

Mr Paul said...

Brilliant Vicki. Love those cute little knitted butterflies and that Woodland bling nest is absolutely fantastic.

Eugenia Maru said...

Hermoso! , como todos tus nidos!

Marlynne said...

What precious little treasures!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Okay, I guess I need to come inside and get caught up on my blog reading!!! You took such great photos of the nests and my little flower! Truly a work of art you create with your knitting and weaving in of all the bits and pieces. From the tags to the buntings, flutter-bys and pins you work it all together in harmony and love. It is an honor to be a small part of your work and I am honored to call you my friend. xo sister!

gigi knits said...

Dearest Vicki.
I received my nest today .. This is the most beautiful nest .there really are no words .. Every time I look I see something new..Thank You So So Much

Debbie said...

I just found your blog. I love it. The birds nests are beautiful. I really like the verse from your book. Would you share the title?
Debbie A

Louise Doney said...

Your Blog is so much eye candy , I can hardly take it all in. So much talent . I also love all your friends arts , because that is what it is "Art"! Discoverd you through a special lady Pat Eaton .
Louise D.

Roxanne Pafundi said...

Oh I Love all things Birds! Springtime always a Fav because that is when many birds 'come to life'-busy building nests, chatting away in the morning, the ducks that live nearby have their sweet babies following everywhere! You make Adorable nests! What bird would not feel like King & Queen in these creations! Love all the Bird/nest creations too. How sweet to see this Spring Inspiration! Thanks for sharing! And a chance to win! :)

Erica said...

How generous of you to organise this giveaway. Everything unique and precious. Spring is a long way off here in New Zealand - but it is coming!

Anonymous said...

I love Spring weddings, with all the love in the air!

Liz said...

I think my favorite thing about spring is the farmers markets that open in my area, reminding us of the bounty nature restores with the season.

Liz said...

I shared on Pinterest, if that counts.

Anonymous said...

You brought joy to my heart today. It is one more rainy, cloudy Maine day and I long for sun and birds. Your nests are beyond exquisite! Thank You!

I hope to get news from you on Summer Solstice.

ViLmus said...

Hi, NICE to meet you! :) I am happy to find you. I saw a couple of videos of some friends on Youtube, and they showed your beautiful nests. Very pretty !!! I confess that I had seen a couple of nests of other people out there, but yours, with the spring look, they are beautiful. I was wanting to make a nest for me long ago, but always postpone. You are an inspiration!
I will browse your blog a bit now, to learn more about you and your work. :)
Greetings from Chile