Monday, May 25, 2015

"Shabby Treasure" nest stories...

Tiny little treasures...pieces of the past.  Memories of special times, favorite things,..  collections, sentimental keepsakes, cherished remembrances of those we love.  Priceless, not in monetary value, but in sentiment.  We keep them in boxes, in bags, in cupboards and drawers, in the top of a closet...

 my "Shabby Treasure" nest 
gives new life to those tiny little tokens
that are treasured reminders of 
all that we love~

the best was saved for last...
after the Woodland and Shabby nests
were completed and traveled to their 
new homes~
six of these 
"Shabby Treasure" nests
were specially

 each precious nest
as different and unique
as the treasures that were sent to me
by their owner~

I'm sharing two versions
of these specially commissioned nests
with you today..

I actually FORGOT
to photograph the other four nests
after they were created!!
As crazy as that sounds,...
I was just so busy at the end of the
nesting season,
those four nests were boxed up
and out the door before I realized
that I had not photographed
(I was SO excited to be sending them to
their new homes where I knew
that they would be loved!)
hence-- I'm sharing
two versions with you today
instead of six!!

this beautiful nest was
created as a special request
using a favorite collection of vintage 
pink jewelry. 

Vintage pendants,
brooches, earrings, and pieces
of necklaces were all used
to create this lovely vision 
in pink.
some favorite pieces of pink fabric
were also included in the collection
that was sent to me
for the creation of this

I loved making this nest --
the vintage jewelry really spoke to me
as it all came together
so beautifully in this
"Shabby Treasure" nest...

Sometimes these nests
truly are a collection of treasured

they tell a story...

"the hankies came from both my family and 
my husband's..
the Battenburg lace bread cloth 
was purchased on my trip to Ireland,
it's been used for family dinners over the past 10 years,
 hence the stains...

 the purple ribbon was one of my favorites,
 it came with a gift 
that my husband had given
to me."

"the lace came from a bag of trimmings
 that once belonged to my
the lace was mixed in with a bag of sewing items
that she collected..."

"the silver heart necklace 
was given to me by a high school friend 
when we graduated...
the brooch belonged to my Grandmother~"

 "the pink heart 
has my daughter's fingerprint inside..
she made it for me in school 
one year for
Mother's Day...
It has always hung near my bed
 and I thought the nest was a perfect place
 for it to lay."
to know that these nests are loved 
and appreciated
means so very much to me...
that these nests bring 
a special joy 
is my very reason for their

" I absolutely love the nest. I hope you know how special it is and how much it will be treasured.
 One day I look forward to passing all of my nests from you down to my daughter. 
 They grace our house on a daily basis and the special ones for the seasons always add that final touch to the decorating Emma and I do together. She loves it when a new holiday is coming and we get to decorate the house. Thank God we found a house with a walk in attic for storage. Your nests however, have never seen the attic. They get placed in the China cabinet for safe keeping.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! " 
When your treasures arrive at my home,
I want you to know that I recognize
that you have entrusted them to
my safe keeping.  
I know how precious that they are to you.  
If your treasures have a story to tell,
 I want to hear it.  
Your stories help me to create
your special nest...
giving new life to your
precious collections
and keepsakes~
Thank you for allowing me to share these special nests and their stories with you.  Nesting is finished for right now --- and I'm so happy to say that serious progress is being made on my organization of the Sacred Yarn room!! There is a definite path now -- and some rhyme and reason to this madness!  
We've had some glorious spring days and my back deck is full of color and beautiful blooms.. my flowers are 
one of my summertime passions..
I'll take lots of photos
as the season progresses
and share them with you later
this summer...
For those of you who are following along on
our trip to the Gaspe Penninsula ---
(and SO many of you are!!)
(my monthly readership jumped to over 15,000
after the last blog post in the series!) 
and we haven't really even got to the best
places yet!!
 we are headed here next...


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What a lovely way to display those special things and moments of one's life.


All of your nests are so beautiful Vicki, but these are simply amazing! All those memories collected and arranged in such a lovely way by your talented hands. Cheers! on getting your Sacred Yarn Room in order!

Rain said...

Absolutely incredible post! What a lovely gift for these people that you make from their treasures. I truly hope I'm not being too bold- but have you ever considered or perhaps you have already - posted the directions for making one of these nests. They are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us! Enjoy your summer!!

Sue Kosec said...

Just beautiful, Vicki ... I love how the memories are all contained in one nest.

Oh, and the flowers are spectacular, as always. Looking forward to seeing more down the road into Summertime.


Amy at love made my home said...

Your nests really are works of art to be treasured!!! xx

Barb said...

What keepsake treasures you create! A nesting place for memories.

Julie Marie said...

Hello my dear friend... trying to catch up today... I have had some health issues, as has my precious Princess Tess... these nests are so beautiful!... and such precious treasures that fill them... so emotional to read about the treasures... I love that you call it your "nesting season"... I have missed you, and want to look at all of your previous posts now... I love you sweet friend, xoxo... Julie Marie

Karen Valentine said...

Dearest Vicki, as always your nest creations are gorgeous! I'm sure the new owners will cherish them forever! I hope you are enjoying your spring as much as we have. We're going to be in June before we hit 100!! That never happens!!!
Take my friend!

Pam L said...

Vicki these nests are stunning. I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing. Have fun organizing and dreaming in the Sacred Yarn Room. Pam

summer said...

Very beautiful, lots of treasures to keep forever.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Vicki, your nest are so incredibly beautiful and precious as well as you lovely blooms. Have a beautiful week my dear. Jo

NanaDiana said...

Vicki-Those nests are just the most amazing things ever. No one has ever created anything like them that I have ever seen. I think you put a little bit of your soul in each one and that is what makes them so special. xo Diana

Scrappy quilter said...

Oh my those nests are beautiful. I love how you use so many different items to make the nest.

Anonymous said...

Vicki your nests are so so meaningful. So much love goes into creating them, just like a mama bird making a nest for her precious eggs. I think you are the Nest Queen. Every single nest you create is a magical of a kind keepsake. Bless your mama bird heart. xxo love you dearly

Craftymoose Crafts said...

These nests are truly gorgeous heirloom treasures! Of course, MY eye went right to the french beaded flower in the pink one! Looking forward to the next stop on your trip.

maggiegracecreates said...

these are amazing - like every creation of yours, they are all beautiful and the stories are so special as well. that little pink heart with the thumbprint - perfect.

Dorthe said...

My very dear Vicki,
these nests are so very special both. they are gorgeous each in its own way, and will be so much treasured where they are going to lve.
The second one with all your own memories attached, I wish you could keep yourself. There are so many treasures from your family, and also things from your husbond, and I love how you used those handkerchieves .Vicki. It must be difficult sending such a art piece away !
Thank you dear friend, for your comforting me yesterday, it warmed and helped me, Vicki.
Hugs from me to you.

Fat Dormouse said...

Your nests are beautiful - you are so creative. I was wondering if there is any news about the delivery to Josephine's Children? I am REALLY looking forward to reading that post!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Seriously so beautiful! I do wonder who got my Mammaw's vintage jewelry when she passed away. My cousins and I used to enjoy going through her jewelry box trying on all the clip earrings and the brooches. And would sit at her vanity putting on Oil of Olay and Cover Girl makeup. I love how you are able to weave the lives and stories of people past into these lovely nests. Blessings, Tammy

Eugenia Maru said...

Muy hermosos tus nidos, qué decir.
Y lindas flores.
Un abrazo

Yarni Gras! said...

just lovely......

Mosaic Magpie said...

Your nests are the perfect way to represent a family and their memories. Just beautiful my friend.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am sadly behind in commenting, but there is a good reason (at least I think it is!!). When I see a post pop up from you in my reader I save it for when I have some time to sit and really appreciate all that you share. As always, I wasn't disappointed! I absolutely loved seeing all the pictures of your nest creations and reading the story that went along with them just made it more special. So lovely, and so worth the wait to see!!!

Gracie Saylor said...

Your creative work gives me a new appreciation for the meaning of "nesting" and I especially appreciated your story about your nest where your daughter's thumb print resides, Vicki...precious memories :) xx