Friday, September 4, 2015

Bitty's Knitted "Sunflower Dress"

Our youngest granddaughter is a tiny little thing,
 we call her "Bitty"~
             this is the little "Sunflower" dress
                                                   that I knitted for her...

who doesn't love
happy little sunflowers
blooming so bright and cheery?

 the dainty neckline
is beaded to resemble a tiny
complete with a special
little sunflower bloom
to make it extra

each little bloom
is filled with tiny seed beads
to make the blooms
more vibrant
and beautiful...

"made by gb"
that's me...
(that's what our babes call me)

a happy little bluebird
sits on her nest...
(her pretty red wing is accented with seed beads)

seriously --
you just know I would have to add
a little bird nest 
to this dress! 

the little neckline
is beaded from "shoulder to shoulder"
along the front of the dress...

this little dress was a delight to knit..
it fits her perfectly
and hangs beautifully 
when she dances
 and twirls...

pattern info-
"Daisy dress" from Minnow knits
(although I made some alterations in the pattern
to suit my own taste and to fit our "Bitty")
Cobasi Plus
 (a worsted weight wonder
 that combines cotton, bamboo and silk
 with a generous amount of elastic nylon)
 this yarn has incredible
sheen and the stitches knit perfectly.
when knitted, it is a bit
weighty, but that only helps
to make the dress hang more beautifully. 
Our little Bitty is beautiful
in this dress..

Welcome to fall....
I can feel it in the foggy mornings and at night when the temps drop -- at times, it's almost sweater weather in the evenings.  Our days though, are incredibly hot -- so for at least the next few weeks, our summer will continue. We are  trying to enjoy the last little bit of warm weather and our pool.  I'm just not ready to give it all up yet!

I've been knitting like crazy, some pretties to share with you later this fall, and working on little dresses for our granddaughters.  I have one more little dress to share with you in a few days...(it's adorable too!) I've also been making jam from a wonderful selection of summer fruits, spending lots of happy days in my kitchen! Everyday brings a new project of some kind and I seem to have happily been busy, busy, busy this entire summer... 

Somehow, I totally missed out on the whole Instagram thing these past few YEARS!  Hello!! --- well, I've caught up with the times and you can now find me on Instagram--just search for me
 @ 2 Bags Full.  I would love for you to be my Instagram friend!

The beautiful "BeachComber" nest was a wonderful success.
  Thank you to those of you who sent me 
such wonderful notes and to those of you
 who sent letters and 
to me. 
 I am so thrilled that you love your nests.
  YOU are the reason that I make these little creations,
 I am so grateful that you want to bring them into your homes
and that they bring you so much


Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, Your little dress for Bitty is adorable and I know she will love whatever grandma made for her. They are what keeps us young and active. Your best were awesome. I would hate to have to choose one because I have loved all of them. I enjoy your adventures that you take and wish I lived closer to try some of your salsa and jellies that you make. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend Shirley

Gracie Saylor said...

The dress is precious, Vicki! I am especially fond of the sweet little bluebird in its nest :) I have been galavanting around this summer and am not as a prolific a maker as you are, but I am almost done with a little blanket I am making for a baby in one of our local neonatal units. I will eventually publish a post about it, but my last posts have mainly been focused on family camping trips and travels. I am glad your nests have nearly all found loving homes! xx

marda said...

What a lucky little girl. Nothing like a wee dress to twirl in. Absolutely love it Vicki.

Sea Cottage said...

This dress is precious. The colors and the tiny bird just perfect. My Grandmother knitted a special sweater for each of my children when they were toddlers. They are treasures that I have kept for their own babies, if they have any. They are a bit worn in areas but they are still so beautiful. This dress you have knitted for your Bitty will be so loved and become an heirloom in your family.

Betty Wood Fairy said...

it's a lovely dress, especially with all the personal touches, the birds nest is so sweet.

Dorthe said...

My dearest Vicki, what a fairy tale dream dress , for your sweet pea, so filled with little magic tales, and sweetness. I love your bird on its nest, and all the little pearls, glittering in the sun, must look so very sweet. You are as well of every other wonderful names I can call you- a wonderful grandmother , dear friend.
Helping my daughter pack up, to moove to another flat, dosent give me much computer time, theese days, lol- but see you later again !!
Hugs, Dorthe

Sarah said...

What a beautiful dress and a beautiful blog!

BluMoon said...

What a pretty knitted dress it is so sweet, I used to sew dresses for my daughter and she was always sad when she grew out of her favourite ones!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I bet that beautiful little dress, knitted so lovingly by her grandmother, will be passed down to Bitty's daughter some day. It is a keeper.

Mereknits said...

I am still missing out on the Instagram thing, I am so far behind the times I can't seem to get caught up. Love the dress Vicki, you do amazing work.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Absolutely beautiful Vicki!!
Such a great idea to stitch on the little necklace!!
Since I don't knit - you have given me an awesome idea to paint on a sweatshirt big flowers and stitch on a necklace !!!
You are so wonderfully talented Vicki!!!
Have a great long weekend!!

Julie said...

Such an adorable little dress knitted with love in every stitch, your embellished details are so pretty.

Una said...

That dress is gorgeous. It deserves so many photos. The neckline is amazing.

racheld said...

What a perfectly charming little dress! I know the Model is quite the picture herself, twirling away in that marvelous Just For Me creation.

I so wish I could knit or sew or do crafts of any kind---I totally got left out of the dexterity crowd when those talents were being given out. I cook really well and write some, but there's little to keep and show for those efforts.

Your family is so fortunate to have such a generous, gifted YOU to make things for them.


Amy at love made my home said...

What a beautiful dress!! I am sure that it will be very well loved and worn lots. xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The dress is just precious. I especially love the neckline. Welcome to Instagram! You'll love it! :) Best wishes, Tammy

Sue Kosec said...

Love the dress. Love the nest. And I'm sure I'll love the next dress, too.

Lucky grandbabies, GB!!!

gigi knits said...

Beautiful little dress 🐞!!! Bet you little granddaughter looks adorable in it.
Still in ny worth family. Will let you know when to send my nest. Can't wait to see it.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Vicki, you make me want to rescue my knitting needles out of my basket and start some Fall projects. The dress is so beautifully made, every little detail is gorgeous. I'll bet Bitty looks darling in it. Sounds like you are really enjoying your late summer early Fall days. Fall is when I feel a sweet spark come into my being. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Jo

Tanya said...

THIS, my friend, is absolutely PRICELESS! You have outdone your creative self with this one, GB! XOXOXOXOXO

NanaDiana said...

That dress is SOOOOOOOOO cute! I love it and you do amazing work. I do all sorts of handicrafts but have never learned to knit...shame on me! Your nests, as always, are just amazing! xo Diana

Bohemian said...

What a lucky little Girl she is to have OOAK Wardrobe Creations Lovingly designed by her Grandma, I am sure she looks Adorable in this Labor of Love, it is Beautiful.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

kathyinozarks said...

Vicki this is such a lovely dress! I can smell fall in the air too this week-I can't wait this year especially to have the humidity go away-lol
enjoy your week Kathy

Sue said...

So beautiful. I love the pretty neckline and sunflowers and the little bird in her nest is just so cute. I am sure your little granddaughter will adore it.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your Bitty is a lucky little girl to have something so beautiful to wear and created by a special grandma like you. I wish I had a little girl to knit pretties for but have to content myself with boy things (for now).

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki, the dress is adorable and the wrap is to be cherished. It must be Anne Morrow Lindburgh season for I've included some of her quotes on my post for tomorrow.
Weather here is coolish...autumn is tapping at the door. I've no news but feel when it happens, it'll happen with a fury.