Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kindness Quilt Project -- an exciting FIRST UPDATE!!

"Because, that's what Kindness is...
       It's not doing something for someone because they can't...
                   It's doing something for someone because you can...."
                                                                             Andrew Iskander

Only 3 months into this amazing project,
 and already the response has been incredible! 
To date, there are 94 quilt block donations
(from all over the world!!)
and a gorgeous assortment of laces
and notions.

Every donation has been photographed 
and I am so excited
to share them with you here
in this first update
to the 
(you can read about the project here)

the first 3 photos in this set 
are the amazing creations of
Bridget Baker
who shared her amazing talents
all the way from
Great Britain...

this beautiful quilt block was anonymously
donated by a 
kind and generous soul...

these lovely crochet squares
were sent from England
and were created by Jayne Purchase...

this next group of 7 stunning quilt squares
were lovingly created by 
Marlynne Snare
from Missouri...

you can find Marlynne
and her amazing talents 
at her blog--

these beautiful, soft, and colorful 
knitted squares
are from Louise
in California...

stunningly beautiful and so so soft...
these crochet squares are lovely donations from
Suzanne Elkin,

these next 3 photos share
the amazing creations of the talented
Jo Butler
and come from the state of

5 lovely embellished quilt blocks..
you can find Jo and her creations at her blog

this beautifully embellished quilt square 
has traveled all the way
from Australia 
to become part of this project....
 created by my friend 
Deb Uhrig...
Deb created the first Kindness Quilt
as a gift for one of her friends who was in need
of some special kindness.
I was pleased to have participated in Deb's
 unique and special project...
 and from there, 
our Kindness Quilt group was formed on 
You can read more about our group
and you can find sweet Deb on Instagram
under the name
"Raspberry Treats- Deb"... 

Lovely fabric and beautiful embellishments...
these next 2 quilt square donations are from
Elaine Kewin,
Elaine also donated 
an assortment of lovely notions
for the project...

you can find Elaine 
and her beautiful creations 
at her website

these next 5 photos
share the donations from a dear and precious friend
here at home...

created by my friend
Janet Yost...
this assortment of knitted and crochet squares
are lovely editions to this project...

Jan also donated an incredible
assortment of laces and ribbons that will be used
to further embellish the quilt...

These unique and beautiful knitted
squares were donated by
Loretta Alcorn,

another stunning addition to the project...
this beautiful quilt piece
was donated by 
Lorraine Williams
from Australia...

and.... from Australia,
created by Eva McMahon,
a stunning collection of 41 quilt squares...

beautiful and simple..
evidence that even the most simple designs
are stunning additions to this project...

some of these lovely quilt squares
will receive embellishments
from the donated laces and notions
that have been
gifted to this project...

from this lovely collection,
I hope you will realize that if you have even the most
basic talents in knitting, crochet, or sewing...
your gift will be treasured beyond words for this project...
do you paint?
I would love to have some donations
from those of you who might add painted
designs to a quilt square...

and if you have no skills at these crafts....
please send notions for embellishment of the project.
Any gift will be so appreciated...

the project will run until next August,
and I will publish updates as the donations arrive...
every donation will be photographed and shared here
on my blog and also on my
"2 Bags Full " Instagram page...
(I will begin posting on my IG page this week...)

From the bottom of my heart,
please accept my heartfelt thank you to everyone
who has donated to this amazing project...
in my next update,
I hope to share some photos of the quilt
 in beginning stages of becoming
if you have any questions regarding
this project,
you may email me..



Terry said...

Hi Vicki!

Wow! Those are gorgeous! Mine will be coming to you soon. Do you think Loretta Alcorn would share those fabulous patterns?


Julie said...

What lovelies this post contains, such talented people who have donated to this cause.

Kim said...

Such a glorious post filled with exquisite pretties made with such love. Each and every one is filled with joy and heartfelt kindness. The finished quilts will be a sight to behold filled with much beauty.

Sue Kosec said...

Such talent. Very difficult to choose a favorite because each square is stunning.

You're so kind to do this, Vicki!!!!!


Mosaic Magpie said...

Such a beautiful outpouring of love! Love these and how each one is different but certainly all stitched with love. My favorites are those knitted squares they look so soft and comforting. The knitted square pink with the heart, I believe she also knitted a peace sign.....that block would be perfect to base a whole blanket on. The crazy quilt blocks also steal my heart, each so interesting. Now after seeing all these I need to retread the initial post and get busy stitching!

Quinn said...

WOW! So many, many, MANY ways to make an interesting and beautiful and heartfelt square! I'm glad this endeavor is going to continue for quite a long time, as I am just beginning a fabric-related venture and will (I hope!) be able to contribute to the Kindness Quilt Project before too long :)
Well done, everyone! Inspiring!

Summer said...

These blocks are absolutely pretty ♥

yaya said...

What a beautiful project you've taken on. How cool that so many squares are coming in from all over the world. I hope all goes well with this project and I'm sure the finished quilt will be amazing and bring much joy to the receiver.

Ariadne said...

All the squares look great!This is going to an amazing quilt.AriadnefromGreece!

Marlynne said...

Oh Vicki" Your photography is so beautiful! looks like you've got a good selection of blocks to work with! I would like to figure out how to share your post on my facebook.

kathyinozarks said...

ww awesome beautiful squares so far-these will make into some lovely quilts

Dorthe said...

As always you are the wonderful primus motor ,in giving love and care from your hands, to ones in need, dearest Vicki. How many wonderful squares and quilt pieces, so many , made with care for someone needing a little attention of love . A very beautiful project started by Deb and you, and made big, with the help of so many.
The photos are wonderful, showing all the handmade lovely squares ,in your artistic way of making them.
Vicki, I send you love.
Dorthe, xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Such amazing work. So beautiful!

Bohemian said...

How Wonderful that so many Creative Souls are donating their Talents towards this incredible Project! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

vintageandart said...

What a fantastic achievement and lovely to see so many creations and imaginings from so many countries...what an awesome quilt this will be.

Lulu said...

so lovely..

Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Vicki! It's been way too long since I visited your wonderful blog. I love this project, and I will definitely be donating to it ~ at the very least notions and supplies. And I've got lots of time before next August. Your artistry and creativity are only exceeded by your kindness and generosity. Good luck with this project!

Marfi-topia said...

what a beautiful collection. Such talent and generosity.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

So much beauty, it's awe inspiring, Vicki.

Esme said...

These are just lovely. You have outdone yourself again with your generosity and contributions.

Mosafer Fiine Art of Travel said...

These are soo lovely, very generous contribution to cancer awareness. I've lost 2 aunts and cancer and these post of yours warm my heart and I am sure it will serve as strength to those who are battling cancer. You've given me an inspiration to try knitting again. I studied before but I don't have patience. My favorite is crocheting though.

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

They are all so lovely. It's going to be a king size quilt when you are finished!
Love to you and your family.