Friday, March 19, 2010

Vintage Baby Gift Tags - Decorated Grapevine Tree

Have you ever had a friend who did something so precious and wonderful for you that just seeing it moved you to tears?

My dear friend Mary created this sweet little grapevine tree using the Vintage Baby story gift tags. When I posted about these earlier, so many of you contributed such creative ideas. (Thank you for your suggestions!) Your ideas caused me to remember this little grapevine tree tucked away in the attic.

Using her imagination, Mary created this magical little tree using tulle, ribbons, flowers, and her very own little beaded creations. She made beautiful little pink ribbon flowers~~~

She wrapped the gorgeous pink tulle all around the tree and then added the little Vintage story tags. Don't you love that little bunny? And how about that little bunny stamped ribbon - my favorite!

She glued some of her beautiful crystal beads to the tulle~~~

Those pink plastic flowers were part of a collection that once belonged to my mother. My mother use to own a little florist and she was a master at creating floral arrangements. After she passed away, I found several boxes of these plastic flowers in her attic. When Mary's daughter got married a few years ago, I made several flower arrangements for her bridal shower using some of my mother's flowers. Mary in turn, took these flowers and gave them new life in this little grapevine tree. I think it was seeing those flowers again that really set me to bawling.

Here is my favorite little tag - the one that says "The End." I just love that one. I love the little heart on the tag also - so very sweet.

Is this not the most wonderful gift of time and talent from a friend? Can you not just see the love that she put into this creation?

She made these little beaded flower vines from her fabulous bead collection. (Mary makes the most beautiful jewelry - I simply must show you the piece that she made for me on the occasion of my 50th birthday!)

Some little piece of beauty and imagination every where you look~~~
And just for me - this cute little turtle because she and I both love turtles! Isn't he just adorable? This is going to be the most beautiful thing at the baby shower!

Here is a picture of her work in progress~~~

and here is a picture of the tree in her little craft room - the place where I first saw it and had to sit down and have a big cry!

Tomorrow is her birthday and yet the one who got the gift is me. Thank you dear friend. Happy Birthday~~~


Shelly said...

Okay, Missy!

You are in serious trouble, because, of course once again you made me cry! But tears of memories, of dear friends and new life/new beginnings as well.

Life IS bittersweet. Remembering the past and looking towards the promises of the future! You are going to be one heck of a Grandma!

Thanks for the tears AND the smiles!


(send me an email addy sometime...don't see it listed through your blog)

Dorthe said...

Oh sweet, what a beautifull tree, and a beautifull memmory,from way back, -it is so awsome, and I understand your tears, Vicki.
(sorry for my not long talks here, my granddaughter is ,as you know here, and calling :grandma -every sekond minut.....)

Love and hugs, Dorthe

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Vicki,
thank you for beeing around... seems you are a very sweet person - with wonderful friends. This little tree really is unique and everybody at the baby shower will burst in tears for the love and the work and the wonderful idea. But then you will have lots of fun. And the little birdies will be patient and wait for their nest lol.
I wish you a wonderful weekend dear freind Hugs Myriam

The Garden Bell said...

What a sweet blog you have here. Going to poke around a little and follow. Thanks for stopping by my garden.

Just back from Publix with K.L. pie. I'll have a bit for you after dinner.....

Happy at the Beach,
The Garden Bell - Kate

Jody Hammer said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Jenn said...

Absolutely beautiful!! A very special friend to have indeed.
Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I'm keeping this short since I'm trying to make sure everything is ready for hubby to take kids to the neighbors tomorrow before he goes to work, while I am on a 'knitting retreat' that my lys is hosting for a few hours on a local cruise ship. :)

The Feathered Nest said...

VICKI!!!!! Ohmygoodness. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! What an angel of a friend to have decorated this beautiful tree for you ~ it's is really so breathtaking!! I can't WAIT to see all the photos from this precious baby shower ~ and of course you can copy my split bedspread idea!!! Hugs and love, Dawn

Maya said...

Thanks so much Vicki for posting about the rug giveaway. I love the turtles too..., I think I love ALL of the rugs, ha!

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Vicki,

The Story Book Blanket is absolutely stunning and Vicki the your idea to put it into a little story is so precious. You are Blessed dear friend and your family is Blessed to have a wonderfully caring person such as yourself. I am very proud to know you...just a little but!! :D
Love and Hugs, Susan

sjmcdowell said...

I forgot to say your friend that made the wonderful tree for you is so talented and how beautiful it is as well.
Hugs and Smiles,