Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sacred Yarn Room Spring

I look out the window and think "oh at last!"
the spring days are coming, and winter has past~~~

Join me for a
little celebration of
here in the
Sacred Yarn Room ~

this beautiful Spring doll
made by dearest
she traveled so very far
just to join in this
"Welcome to Spring"

she has the most beautiful face
and I love
that she holds
a little

a "found" nest and eggs
a beautiful friendship card from Dorthe
a little vintage inspired

two more nests from nature
and some yarns
the color
of fresh green

a bird house crafted
from a vintage

a vintage Enid Collins purse~
this one is called
"Flower Garden"

a beautiful
treasure box
don't you love the vintage
bird decor?

my roses
made from
vintage patterns
remember ~
I bought the patterns at the flea market?
the roses were crafted
from the pattern

Don't you love
the vintage look of these

a closer look at this little bird house
I love
that it is made
from a
vintage book!

a treasured porcelain box
that once belonged
to my

a precious bird collage
made by Tami
and some
beaded yarns
in the colors

another view
of the

and the lovely

my "turtle bowl"
filled with
(does any body know why they are called turtle bowls?)

a piece of vintage Hall pottery
that belonged to my Mother
(found this in Mom's potting shed after she had passed away -
caked with dirt, this had once been a "pot" for flowers
took me forever to clean this up and make it usable again~~~)

a vintage inspired pitcher
(love the bird pattern!)
bought at my favorite store
Hobby Lobby!

a sweet little porcelain bird
sitting on a
of my "Wild Stuff"
Prism yarns

a beautiful sketch by Michelle
and a new little
pottery bird house
that I purchased
on a recent trip
Black Mountain.
However you celebrate the arrival of Spring,
I wish you the happiest of days~~~


michelle said...

so beautiful vicki what a priceless treasure indeed that you found of your mothers.have a great week sweetie,god bless michelle

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Vicki,

Oh How I love your Spring decor in your Sacred Yarn Room. I love all of it!! The Doll that Dorthe made is priceless, your spring Banner is wonderful..did you make it??
Yes I love Hobby Lobby too!!
Well my dear it would be a treat to visit you there in your lovely surroundings...Blessings to you and your family!



Tami said...

Awww Vicki you are so sweet!! Love all your spring inspired items! The roses are amazing as well as the vintage book bird house and oh my goodness the Hall pottery what a find and save!!

Hugs to you sweetie!!

Grace said...

I absolutely am in LOVE with the spring wall hanging! :D You can feel free to do a giveaway with that and award me! :D Haha totally kidding but it's sooo cute!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your spring decoration is very pretty, Vicki! Sweet Dorthe's gorgeous doll, the lovely birdhouses and the sweet banner look just wonderful together.
Have a great week!

paru's_circle said...

wow... surounded with all those lovlies.. who wouldnt enjoy spring?

T's Daily Treasures said...

Little Keri Beth is precious. And Springtime in the Sacred Yarn Room was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Many blessings, Tammy

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet,
I`m in love totally with all the beauty you are surrounded of,so love the birdhouses, and the sketch made of Michelle, I just ordered one for myself,of her new ones.---
I see for sure that my doll are living a very happy life here in your sacred yarn room, with all the most sweet creations from you and others, I think I envy her ,Vicki!!

This is my last day in Copenhagen,lieving this afternoon, and am already heawy in my heart,leeving Mathilde,--we had a wonderfull, and happy week-end together.
Thanks so much friend for showing my doll in those wonderfull photoes.
Love and hugs, and happy monday,dear.

Lisa said...

love it!! love the roses made from old pattern pieces!

myriamkreativ said...

Hy my dear Vicki,
you really are in birds an birds houses aren`t you lol? Wonderful treasures that you showed us, thank you for sharing. I wish you the most wonderful spring week. Hugs Myriam

MosaicMagpie said...

How nice to have a Sacred Yarn Room! Decorated so pretty, I love the little bird box that was your Mothers'. The turtle bowl was what you kept your pet turtle in also had a big rock in it for the turtle to sun himself on. That is as much sun as he could get with bowl sitting on a bookshelf far from the window. They also are great to hold mail and coupons.

Lululiz said...

When such beautiful treasures surround you, you can't help but feel happy, I'm sure. I am not certain how much creating I would get done though, I would probably spend far too much time just gazing at the beautiful objects and dreaming.

Lady Farmer said...

What an inspiring room for bringing out ones creativity! You have so many lovely treasures ~ gifts from friends and nature. You must enjoy spending many happy hours creating there!

Jules said...

thanks for the lovely tour - makes me feel all nostalgic and wistful Absolutely loving the roses you made from the vintage pattern tissue - clever old you!

Jody Hammer said...

I missed having spring weather this year. It was cold, now it is hot. Usually we have Autumn/Spring all during the winter, but not this year. I love how you have decorated the sacred yarn room. It looks so pretty and happy!!! I wish I could come and just sit with you there!!!

Fearless Nester said...

Oh how I would feel right at home in your Sacred Yarn Room, Vicki. I love birds and I love yarn. Oh my word, it's heaven. And those roses made from the vintage patterns! To die for. You are incredibly gifted and have the prettiest surroundings ever. And I'm so glad you have items from your Mother and Grandmother in there too, that makes it extra special. ~Lili

Tina said...

Every picture and lovely vignette made me smile. thanks for that.
Adore so many things in there.
Blessings and I'd love to know more about your birdnests.

Michelle Palmer said...

Such a sweet collection of Spring! Love every little treasure~ colors are beautiful!
Hope your day is sunny~

mary said...

Simply beautiful! I would go in and NEVER come out! Absolutely crazy about the "spring" wall hanging! You slipped that one in on me. Just LOVE it!

Karen said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the paper roses, the beautiful bird treasure box and the purse....Great collection.

Sea Angels said...

Now I really feel like Spring has arrived, what a beautiful collection of gorgeous crafts, and thankyou for your lovely comments xxx
Hugs Lynn xxxx
sunshiny waves xx

SuZeQ said...

GASP. These photos took my breath away. What wonderful treasures you have. I wanna come and play at your house!

myriamkreativ said...

Huhu my dear Vicki,
.... mmmph here it is still raining too, since 7 days. But now they tell the next weekend to be very warm with lots of sunshine - lets wait and see lol.
I think in this life our black devil cat is not quite happy with his incarnation - he prefers felling human (including eating my food, sleeping in my bed - if possibly no one is taking care, if he now would start drinking latte uuuuooooooh - I wish you a wonderful week and keep on saying "Im singing in the rain..." Hugs Myriam

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Loved your Spring post, Vicky. De first picture of the framed letters is so so sweet.
Hope you are having a wonderful week so far! xx

Silke said...

Oh, my, how beautiful all your treasures are!! Although it's strange for me to think about spring anymore when we are having temperatures near 90 in the afternoons. Sure feels like summer is here! Love all your vintage things. And that yarn.... swoon! Hugs, Silke