Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Bling (a wintery contest)

You are ice and fire~~
the touch of you burns my hands like the cold, cold snow.
Amy Lowell (1874-1925)

My friend Andria makes the most beautiful sea glass jewelry that I have ever seen. Her creations are truly stunning~~ they take my breath away.

Andria combines sea glass with beautiful beads and vintage elements to create pieces that are a vision of loveliness - in both color and design. For these fabulous designs she used copper wire to hold the pieces of glass. (I love the mix of the copper against the vibrant colors of the glass. The combination of textures combines for the creation of pieces that I can only describe as stunning!)

For Christmas, Andria designed all of the pieces shown here for me to give as gifts to friends and family. Needless to say - each recipient was thrilled beyond words with their gifts.

The glass and pottery that Andria used in these fabulous designs was collected by me on this beautiful beach in Bermuda. The Gardener and I spent hours and hours collecting pieces for me to send to Andria for the making of these unbelievable creations.

Andria created this gorgeous "fire and ice" piece as a surprise gift for me! I cannot even describe how I adore this gorgeous necklace. Blue sea glass is so treasured and so rare~~
She also created these beautiful matching earrings. Those of you who are true sea glass collectors know that blue is the rarest of colors to be found on the beaches. The Gardener and thought we had died and gone to heaven when we found this unbelievable beach that was covered in sea glass and blue was actually plentiful!

Thank you Andria for this stunning creation that is the true vision of "Fire and Ice." (As you all are reading this post - the Gardener and I are preparing to embark on a long awaited 2 week cruise to the Caribbean. I will be wearing this beautiful creation and I am sure that I will be the absolute "Belle of the Ball" when I show up at the dinner table on formal night wearing this!)

Before you run and pack your bags to take off to Bermuda - I regret to tell you that the week after we left Bermuda - the island was hit by one of the worst hurricanes in years. My sources tell me that this little hideaway beach was all but destroyed in that storm. (I will let you know after I check this out for myself later on this summer~~)
More of Andria's beautiful creations~~








Andria has a fabulous collection of sea glass jewelry pieces for sale in her
ETSY shop. Each piece is unique and original - made from sea glass and pottery that came from that gorgeous beach in Bermuda. She also has this beautiful calendar for sale in her shop~~


If you have sea glass of your own that you have collected from your beach walks and travels - Andria would be happy to create a beautiful piece of jewelry for you using your own special pieces. You can contact her through her shop.

My Mama taught me that it is polite to share~~

So~ I am offering this stunning pendant ~ crafted by my friend Andria from a found pottery shard ~ as my end of winter giveaway. Are you as happy as I am that winter is almost over? Is this not a wonderful way to celebrate? A little bit of "snow bling" to celebrate the end of this long, long winter.

The contest is open to anyone ~~~ from anywhere! To enter simply leave me a comment on this post. Please enter only once. However - if you wish to post about this contest on your own wonderful blogs - please leave me a separate comment here telling me that you have done so. Andria and I would be so grateful if you would share this contest with your blogging friends. (If you post about this contest - and your name is drawn as the winner - I will also be sending you a little token souvenir from our cruise travels.)
I am also going to bring home a box of wonderful Belgian chocolates from our favorite chocolate shop in St. Martin. Our friend Beatrix makes the most delectable chocolates there. One of my lucky followers is going to win this sweet surprise. Maddy girl will pick the winners and I will post next on March 21. (it will officially be spring then!)
~~~ The Gardener and I are doing some traveling right now. We will cross the ocean, visiting the islands of St. Marteen, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Curaco, Bonaire, and Grenada. Please say a prayer for our safe travels~
I will see you again when the days are a bit warmer and a bit longer~~~

ps - I won some wonderful prizes in the recent OWOH event~~

This gorgeous necklace was created by Andrea from the blog My Everything Corner. Andrea is a busy stay at home Mom - she crafts and makes beautiful jewelry. Her etsy shop is filled with her lovely creations. She also has a wonderful selection of vintage jewelry pieces. I am crazy in love with this beautiful necklace - I especially love that she used so many different findings in her design - love the colors of the stones - this necklace has so much character - Thank you Andrea!!

I also won this fabulous bird themed stamp collection! Is this not THE perfect prize for me!! This wonderful gift was from Linda at the blog Lambsworld.
Linda is a mixed media artist who crafts beautiful collages and cards. She is a nurse (love her for that - me too you know!) She stays very busy with her blog and participates in many fun exchanges and activities. I would love to see her craft room - I bet it is filled with wonderful stamps and crafting materials. Linda - I adore this stamp collection - it is a perfect selection for me and it will be treasured! Thank you very very much!
xoxo V.