Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dahlia Acres Farm... (a flower lover's dream come true)

 Don't we all love beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers?
Who knew that a visit to an early morning farmer's market would lead to an amazing opportunity to gaze upon fields of colorful Dahlia's and learn about the joy and (labors) of owning a flower farm...

 we ran away from home...
(the Gardner and I)
a brief little get away to one of our favorite places..
South Haven, Michigan

 one of our favorite things to do in South Haven
is to visit the early Saturday morning Farmer's Market..
a stunning display of "just picked" dahlia's at the market
led me to a conversation with Melissa..
and an invitation to visit 
this pretty little farm
with it's fields of dahlias...

 an hour's drive, just north of South Haven
is Allendale, Michigan...
on a quiet and quaint country road
is this pretty little place...

 sitting alongside the road
is a market cart filled with farm fresh produce
and beautiful "just picked" dahlia's...
 we're on the "honor system" here...
take what you want, and leave your money
in the box...
(don't you love that?)
just behind the market cart... for as far as you can see,
are beautiful fields of blooming dahlia's..
a colorful palette of blooms...

 we were warmly welcomed to Dahlia Acres
by Dave Buist,
he and his business partner, Marcy Krause
 are the owners
of this beautiful farm...
we were invited to walked through the fields
 and along the road,
taking photos...
(and photos, and photos...)
all the while I'm thinking,
I've got to share these photos
with all of you!

 Did you ever think that you would like
to own a flower farm?
( I will admit to maybe having those thoughts...)
however briefly... 

 Dave explained to us the business and the "busyness"
of running a Dahlia Farm...
..."the dahlia tubers (hundreds and hundreds of them)
are planted in early April... 
first blooms will begin to flower
by early July." 
 "the tubers are harvested (by a potato digger) after the first frost... 
during the late autumn weeks, 
they are then tediously sorted
 according to color..."

 Dahlia Acres is a family run farm
and the work is done by family members and a few hired laborers.
most of the planting, harvesting,sorting... 
is all done by hand
a million hours of labor
just to harvest these beautiful blooms

 what happens to all these 

nimble fingered bloom lovers
can make an appointment to pick their own flowers...
perhaps for a party, special occasion, wedding,
or just because we all love a
beautiful fresh bouquet...
~ those who are not so nimble,
can request to have their flowers
picked and made ready
for pick up...
 beautiful blooms are always for sale
at the roadside cart...

in season,
 you'll find Melissa or other family members
selling these beautiful blooms at the local
farmer's markets.
You'll notice them right away --
they will be the most colorful and stunning
display at the markets!

For those of you who are local...
you can find the blooms at the
 South Haven, Grand Haven, and Muskegon 
farmer's markets.

you can also purchase dahlia tubers
in the color of your choice
by visiting their website here...

 For the Ladies only....
a unique activity for your special
 "girl's night out"...
Attention all my Michigan readers...
if you are local to the area or want to plan
a special outing...
how fun would this be?

 a few more photos of this gorgeous vintage
truck display...

 If you find yourself in Michigan...
or want one of many excuses to travel in this direction..
(we LOVE Michigan!)
you can visit Dahlia Acres Farm at
7577 Buchanan St.
Allendale, MI

you can find these nice folks
on Facebook here...

And a note from me...
everyday we grow stronger,somehow. The pain is there still, and I often shed tears when a memory is stirred... but we are moving forward as we all must do.  Your notes of condolence and love continue to move me and warm my heart.  You are all so very precious to me.  Thank you for caring so much.

The summer has been one of non stop tasks and that has helped to keep our minds busy.  My son and the little girls have moved here to my hometown.  They have a beautiful home and live only about 10 miles from me. Needless to say I have spent endless days and hours packing up boxes and then unpacking them in the new house. In actuality ... we will probably still be unpacking boxes a year from now.. but at least they are here close by, and beginning to settle into a new life.

Somehow, the Gardener and I did manage to sneak away to Michigan for a few days.... it was wonderful to enjoy our travels again. You can see more photos from our beautiful Michigan trip on my 2 Bags Full Instagram page as well as more photos from the lovely Dahlia Farm. I'll be posting them soon! Please join me on Instagram if you wish.  (If you have never done Instagram.... it is SO easy! So much easier than Facebook or blogging!

An update on the Kindness Quilt Project...
You are amazing! We now have over 300 quilt squares for this project. Our deadline has passed so we will now move forward with the completion of the quilt (quilts!). Within the next few weeks I will announce the winners of the giveaway.  And -- I promise the photos are coming.  I have had hardly a spare minute to finish them this summer.  

Lets talk about the quilt (s)... how in the world am I going to put all of these quilt squares together??? I'm trying to think of a way that you all can help me with this.  Please put your thinking caps on and if you have any ideas, please leave a comment or email me.  The potential for this project has moved beyond anything that I could have imagined.  Your caring spirits are proof that there is genuine kindness and caring in this world. Let's all think about the best way to move forward with over 300 quilt squares!!....I welcome your input and ideas!!


you probably won't believe this... but I am now a chicken Mama. The little girls have chickens...(they came with the house) and I have claimed them as my own.  I know..... it's totally crazy, but I am in love with the chicky girls...
stop laughing...