Monday, June 27, 2016

Donna's Shabby Treasure Nest...

Another beautiful treasure nest
                   has flown away to a new home...

 This nest was created for Donna,
using her own vintage 
and treasured items...

 Donna sent me a lovely note,
explaining the story behind the pieces
that she choose for her nest...

 with her permission,
I will share this note and her beautiful

 Hi Vicki,
When I look at my treasure nest I see my 2 loves,
 the love I have for my daughter and my love for all things vintage.
 To begin I will start with the love for my daughter. 
A year ago she was married and had a beautiful vintage wedding 
at the oldest wedding venue in the country Plimoth Plantation.
 I created a vintage wedding lace journal 
that contained a lot of the elements
 I sent you to use in
 my nest. 

 The vintage silver filigree pieces, 
clear and silver beaded trim and my parents wedding picture
 were all used in her lace wedding journal.
 It was such a labor of love. 
 There were so many hours spent on that journal,
 it came out beautiful and I loved 
every minute of it. 
 The other elements used in the nest 
were from my love of vintage and vintage inspired pieces. 
To see some of the vintage inspired pieces that I made
 incorporated into the nest, 
warms my heart. 
 I can look at this nest in years to come 
and see some of my most favorite vintage pieces I collected,
 especially the little beaded handbag.
 I knew that this was the perfect canvas to display such a wonderful trinket.
 I find great joy admiring the many beautiful pieces 
I have acquired over the years and I am delighted 
to say this is one I will "treasure" forever. 
 I have this displayed on a glass cake pedestal under a glass dome. 
 A very special place for a very treasured nest! 
Thank you so much.....
Kindest regards,

 A note from me...
Have you all been as busy as me this summer.  I waited all winter for these warm summer days to be here, counted every minute until spring, and then summer...and now that it is here... its flying by!! I have not stopped.  I think that because we were gone for so much in May, we have been working overtime to catch up since we have returned back home.  Everyday, I work in my flowers.  The Gardener and I both start our days out playing in the dirt every morning -- he in the yard, me on my back deck.  In my next post I will share some of our summertime photos from our home...
ps -- OF COURSE I am behind in returning your gracious and kind comments..... I'm all about that this week! 

And lastly -- please remember to check out my post on the Kindness Quilt Project.  It runs for a full year and I am hosting a lovely giveaway for that project as well.  There are ways for EVERYONE to get involved. Donations are already starting to arrive and It's exciting, even at this early point in the project. I will begin taking photos soon... Please do visit and consider being a part of this great project.

My friend Karen Valentine
is once again hosting her incredible
"Where Blogger's Create" blog party.
This is a wonderful way to make new friends
and share your own blogging and crafting talents with others.
I'll be there to share my crafty place,
my "Sacred Yarn Room"...
I hope you will consider joining me there!
It's gonna be great fun!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Virginia's Shabby Treasure Nest...

Treasured keepsakes...
tiny fragments of our past that we keep because they are connected to precious memories...

 so often,
we tuck these keepsakes
into a special place, thinking all the while,
that one day we will
"do something" 
with that tiny treasure...
more often, than not..
we forget...


this beautiful treasure nest 
was created for
using her own personal and treasured
She has graciously allowed me to share
with you the story behind the pieces
that she chose for her 
"Shabby Treasure nest"...
Virginia's story..
"I have had a love affair with vintage jewelry
since I was about 14 years old.  
I  still have the first piece of vintage jewelry
that my grandfather gave to me.."

"Autumn is my favorite season. 
I love to see the leaves change their colors. 
I also love it in the spring when the leaves are just starting to grow.
 So I was really happy that you used the beautiful leaf brooch in the nest."
 "I have had a love of birds ever since
I can remember.
I was so happy to see that you were able to use
the vintage bird piece, it goes so well with the nest. 
I have bird nests, bird houses, bird baths, and feeders
throughout my whole yard.
I was so happy that you used the nest charm too..." 
 "I love flowers and all that goes with them.
I like to take long walks and look at people's
yards and flower gardens. 
The vintage pink flower brooch is one of my favorites...

"I love fibers and ribbons, laces and trims. 
So many different colors, textures, styles. 
And you can never have enough...
I was so happy that you used strips of my wedding dress.
 I am making a lace book with it and a few lap quilts for my children
 using pieces of my dress..."
 "I love anything that sparkles.
Since I was a child, one of my favorite things to do
when it snowed,
was to wait for the moon to come out
and see the snow glitter and shine in the darkness...
I could watch it forever.."  

"I didn't see the little doily you used behind the bird brooch until later.
 I swear, every time I pick up the nest I find something new that I missed.
I love doilies in every style and shape.
I love to make books and flowers out of them..."
 "I choose the word BEAUTY...
because I try to surround myself with beauty every day.
And I knew before you finished my nest....
that it would be a beauty..."

"I also love to collect feathers and use them in my crafts.
 I have birds thru out my home and my craft room.
To me they are so beautiful and soothing.." 

I am always so humbled when I have the opportunity
to make a treasure nest for someone.
To create a nest using precious keepsakes that
belong to others,
is truly a special privilege. 
Thank you Virginia, 
for allowing me to share the story
of the building of your nest..

We are just back from travels...
the person who cruise travels
 back and forth to the Caribbean at least once
a year...
has just packed up her winter clothes 
and long johns and taken a cruise to

 We flew to England and toured the Cotswold region
and the Cornish coast before boarding our cruise ship
for Guernsey, Iceland, and Ireland.
It was incredible. 
I'm going to take you all along
on our travels -- 
you won't even have to leave your favorite chair. 
Stay tuned for photos...
lots of photos...

ps-- the first of the packages and donations have started to arrive for the Kindness Quilt Project.  If you would like to be involved in this amazing charitable venture -- please see my post here