Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because you ask~~ my new Shabby Chic nest

So many of you have asked for a shabby chic nest - in shades of white, with lace, and lace, and more lace~~

 and soft white feathers~~

and vintage ribbons~~

 just a touch of beige~~

I've been collecting ribbons and lace now for several months.  Searching through every shabby box at the flea markets and antique stores~~


As with all my nests -- these little creations contain over 200 beautiful white and beige yarns.
 Gorgeous yarns.
(you should see my white yarn stash !)
  (With just a tiny bit of a green petticoat peeking out from underneath.) 

I'm sharing some precious lace and linen fragments from my Mother's collections in these exquisite nests.
  In my heart, I believe that they are worthy of belonging here, nestled between the yarns. 
 I know my Mother would approve~

   And sweetly tucked deep inside - 2 little beige stoneware eggs,
 sculpted with love
can do. 
(Michelle --can I just say right here in front of everyone that I love you?) 
Thank you for sculpting these precious little eggs.

These nests are NOT part of my designer series -- 
 I will make these nests once a year, in the fall when I make the Woodland nests.
  If you would like to have one of these little creations,
 you are welcome to email me for the info
 and be placed on the waiting list.
 Production will start in late November
 and continue
 through the winter months.  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts
 regarding the "building" of this nest. 
 I read every email that you send, I take notes, I think,
 -- a lot -- 
(sometimes too much!)   My sketch book is working overtime right now!  
I have tried so very hard to embrace your desires and to create a nest that you will love~~

 Introducing my "next BIG thing"~~
The Shabby Chic nest.


A little update!  I am totally overwhelmed with the response to this nest - thank you for loving it so much!  My email box is going crazy with all of your private emails -- please be patient - I will answer every one of them today or tomorrow.  

Someone just ask me if they could send a bit of treasured lace from their Mother's wedding dress for me to weave into this nest.  Another just emailed to ask if they could send a remnant from a treasured handkerchief --- are you kidding me --- YES!  I will be honored to weave a treasured bit of ribbon, lace,or fabric into these little nests. Even bits of a treasured necklace or jewelry. It would be my greatest pleasure to make this a nest that could also serve as a home from a treasured heirloom.  (Why didn't I think of that!!!)  

I was also ask if there would be an extra charge for adding the little treasures -- are you kidding me --- NO!  It would be the most wonderful gift that I could give to you~~ 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Gardener's Big Airplane Adventure

The Gardener's Bucket list just got a big check mark earlier this spring when he was able to fulfill one of his aviation dreams~~ 

My birthday gift to the Gardener was a 1 hour plane ride in a vintage warbird aircraft - an AT6. For a pilot and aviation enthusiast like my husband -- this was a dream come true.  Few pilots have the opportunity to see one of these vintage planes up close, let alone ride in one.  The Gardener was able to actually fly the plane AND to experience acrobatic maneuvers during this experience.  (yes ladies -- I scored big points with this birthday gift for my husband!  And, I just gotta say - that the look on his face when he opened the envelope was -- priceless!)  

The plane is located at the Peachtree DeKalb airport near Atlanta.  Our little 3 year old grandson  lives there.  Mason loves airplanes as much as his Papaw - so we made this outing a special day for the guys! 

 The airport is home to an exceptional World War II aviation themed restaurant - the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant.
The grounds are designed to resemble an early 1940's French farmhouse.  There are actual vintage war relics incorporated into the design and we used them to take photos with our sweet little guy.  (be sure to check out the link to the restaurant.  There is a great slideshow with lots of photos there.) 

Mason thought this was "way cool" to be able to sit and stand on these relics.  He was NOT however, too crazy about the fact that his gb wanted to take lots of photos!  Getting him to sit still or stand -- was no easy feat!  

 Mason -- look at gb.  Mason -- give gb a smile.  Mason--
(he was having nothing to do with my camera!)  So funny!!

  (Isn't he a doll?)

After the picture taking session-- it was time for the
 BIG adventure!

 The North American Aviation T-6 Texan was a single-engine advanced trainer aircraft used to train pilots of the United States Army Air Forces, United States Navy, Royal Air Force and other air forces of the British Commonwealth during World War II  and into the 1950s. Designed by North American Aviation, the T-6 is known by a variety of designations depending on the model and operating air force. The USAAC designated it as the AT-6, the United States Navy the SNJ, and British Commonwealth air forces, the Harvard, the name it is best known by outside of the US. It remains a popular warbird aircraft.

The outside dining area of the restaurant.  Mason and I waited here while his Papaw went for a ride in the plane.  (you can see the reflection of the plane in the windows of the restaurant.)

 The pre-flight check

and off he goes~

(the video is just actually the plane starting up -- its a whole minute of the plane just getting ready to take off.  I wanted to make it shorter, but I don't know how to edit the video - LOL!!) 

 Mason was in charge of watching the sky-- waiting for his Papaw to return!

 Mason saw his Papaw coming over the horizon before I did.  He started yelling - "here comes Papaw! Look gb - here he comes!!"  

The Gardener is all smiles!

 waiting for his Papaw!

The pilot of the airplane (Odie) was nice enough to let us take photos of Mason and his Papaw with the plane. 
Mason was SO excited!  

(just in case you want to make someones dream come true!
In addition to the AT6 experience, they also offer biplane rides.)

My two favorite guys had a big day with their airplane adventure!  Mason is about to have a really big adventure of his own-- he is about to become a "Big Brother" later next month when his new baby sister arrives! Of course - I've been busy knitting for our new little grand daughter -- I'll share pictures of those items here in a bit!

Don't forget -- you have until the 27th to enter my nest giveaway.  AND -- at the bottom of that sea turtle post is my Vera tropical giveaway-- a lovely Vera Bradley purse and beach towel.  You can enter there as well!  2 giveaways at the same time-- not so good planning on my part!! LOL!

Coming up next--
a little shabby chic surprise!  MY next big thing!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swimming with Sea Turtles in Barbados

They are one of Earth's most ancient creatures~~

Their ancestry takes them back 150 million years~

Swimming, they are poetry in motion.

From the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean
just off the coast of Barbados
these are 
the Gardener's 
sea turtle photos

(yep- that's me and my purple floaty!)

These underwater photos were taken by the Gardener with his
Panasonic Lumix camera
(Model No. DMC - TS2)

(our friend Bob is in the upper right corner) 

(that's the Gardener in the left corner here.  Taking pictures with his camera!)

(Thanks to my friend Jan for taking these photos of me swimming with the turtles.)

If you are traveling to Barbados and would like to have your own experiences swimming with sea turtles you can contact these folks.

 Can we talk? Seriously?
When I started this blog just over 2 years ago my goal was just to maybe have 20 or 30 or (long shot goal - 50) people who would maybe read my blog and leave me comments -- and be my friend :)

Now - just this week - there are over 600 smiling faces who visit, leave comments,write to me, cheer me on - cheer me up!- support me in this blogging adventure - and give me reason to want to continue to do this thing I do~~

 I know you are there - I feel your love and support every time I write on this blog. Some of you visit often, some of you visit every now and then, some of you just when you have the chance -- we are all so very busy in our own lives.  I am overwhelmed with your show of support for me - thank you for being here~~

 SO-- Let's Celebrate!!

 My Vera tropical give away.

To enter - just leave a comment here on this post.
This Vera Bradley Tote bag will be given to a lucky winner drawn from all of the entries.  Anyone who visits here and reads my blog is welcome to enter. You KNOW I don't care where you live - I love you ALL!

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Miss Maddy girl or baby Keri Beth will draw the winners.  We are going to have to start taking turns now you know!  The winners will be announced on June 28.  I'll post the winners right HERE . 

***This Contest is Now Closed***

6/27  So here they are -- the BIG winners!!  (I am actually posting this a few hours early because I have to work in the morning  :(
# 48 YaYa from the Whispering Pines blog- the Vera purse winner
#17 Tanya from the Bead and Needle Blog - the Vera beach towel.  
You all need to send many thanks to Maddy girl for fishing your names out of the bucket!!

 Coming up next -- the Gardener's big Airplane Adventure!  You might want to invite your husbands to share this one with you!  (that's our little grandson Mason hanging on to the fence-- he LOVES airplanes!) I'll be sharing lots of pictures of him too - wait till you see how big he is!