Sunday, August 28, 2016

September Surprise--(Woodland nests just listed in my ETSY shop)

The arrival of September brings to mind thoughts of Autumn days, colored leaves dancing in the breeze, cooler temperatures, perhaps even a hint of frost.... but in my Sacred yarn room, its a whole different story..

I've been working for months
to finish 15 little
 Woodland nests
so that I could share them with you...

things have been
very busy and hectic in my world,
my best made crafting plans
have found themselves delayed
again, and again...

they are finished...
the Woodland nests
have been "fancied up a bit" 
for this year's version...

this year's Woodland nest
has a little bit of bling
 incorporated into the design...
you will also notice
a pretty turquoise bird
and a tiny little nest made of moss...

a bit more ribbon,
some glass leaves,
and if it's possible...
exquisite yarns more beautiful
than ever before..

truly, it was my plan
to have these finished to share with you
in early summer...
but that just wasn't meant 
to be...

instead of saying that my nests
are late this year...
let's just say instead...
 that they are EARLY
to next year's
 Spring party! 

 in the past
I have made these nests
usually once a year..
but, I want to share with you now
that next year I will NOT be making
any version of this Woodland nest...
(so it will be 2 years before you will see this nest again...)

production has already started
on a beautiful new nest in my
Designer series...
that nest will be available
sometime next spring...

so, as you can see...
next year is planned out
and already looks to be very busy..

you will find 15 of these
beautiful Woodland nests
listed for purchase
now in my 

You may have noticed
that I've been away from my blog 
a lot this summer....
I just can't seem to catch up.
Is it ever that way for you too?
I've been trying to post
more regularly on my 
"2 Bags Full" Instagram account.
(because it's easier to do from my phone)
If you have an IG account,
I would love for you to follow me there...

I'm excited to share that my next post
will be the first update on the
"Kindness Quilt" project.
I'll be sharing beautiful photos 
of all the donated quilt blocks
that I have received so far. 
If you would like to read about this project
please click here..
perhaps you might consider joining 
in with friends from all over the world
on this amazing show of