Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Island Memories --(Introducing my "Seraphina" knitted wrap)

She ordered a latte
            and a raspberry peach pastry~

I thought she was beautiful~

 ~not just the beauty
that came from her dark hair
and "tanned from the sun"

her true beauty was in the way
she walked into the 
pastry shop--
~head held high,
she was elegant.
perfect posture,
a genuine smile--
(I loved her sunglasses)~

  for just a brief moment in time--
I wanted to be

sitting in the sun,
at my own little table~
I found myself staring at her.
(I just couldn't help it)

lightly draped around her shoulders,
she was wearing the most
beautiful wrap~

colorful flowers~
they appeared to be dancing
across the fabric
~when she moved,
they seemed to sway~

 finding an excuse to walk
beside her table,
gave me a closer

~that summer memory was almost 
2 years ago--
a moment, a vision, from the beautiful island of
St. Martin

the impression
 still lingers
(I came straight home and put it in my sketchbook)

 I never knew her name~
but to this day,
I still remember that moment in time,
that beautiful wrap~
a memory from "Seraphina's"
a most wonderful bakery 
on the island of 
St. Martin.

"Seraphina's" bakery
Marigot, St. Martin

is my beautiful
"Seraphina" knitted wrap
a most exquisite knitted design,
an intricate stitch
 accented with colorful flowers
each handmade flower is
embellished with tiny seed beads, crystal beads,
and glass beads
~there are hundreds and hundreds
of beads used  to embellish
this stunning design.

you can find it here
in my ETSY shop
I made it just for you
I only made one-
this is THE only one~

Introducing the first of my new
knitted wrap designs
for this 
fall and winter
this is the first in my
"Seraphina" series.
(there are more lovely wraps
in this series to come a bit later~)

A note from me~
I hope you have been having a wonderful summer. The days of sun and lovely warm days are passing much too quickly for me. Fall is just around the corner, and although I love our beautiful autumn weather here, I am just not ready to let summer go yet! 

I have been working ever so hard on some new and unique designs to share with you this fall and winter. On my needles right now is another beautiful design in this "Seraphina" series.  

I've been taking time to read and enjoy some wonderful books.  Most recently I finished City of Women, and also The Keeper of Secrets -- I truly loved them both. While knitting,knitting, knitting~ I've been watching  some great series on Netflix and Amazon Prime as well~ Selfridges, The Paradise, and now I am watching the Cedar Cove Series. In two lifetimes, I won't ever have the time to watch all the great stuff I have on my lists! (or to knit up my yarn stash -- but I'm sure trying!)

~So many of you have written to me over the past months to ask if I would be hosting another charitable event. Last year's Pink Scarf Project was amazing -- it exceeded anything that I could have ever imagined --, I loved every moment spent on that project and I am so proud of you all for the support that  you gave-- 
(but after it was all said and done --I must admit that it wore me out.) 
 All those photos, all the miles traveled to take the photos, honestly  -- my plan was to take this year off as a much needed break.

God had other plans~~
across the miles, across the waters, across the winds that blow from places so very far away~~
a letter came~

My newest charitable project is coming up next. With the slightest  effort on your part, you can touch a life, change a life, make your heart feel good. (and maybe-- win some incredible gifts!)
I hope you will join me in this very special charity project coming up very soon~


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dinner in the Garden

The ambiance of enjoying a wonderful dinner outside, in the garden-- surrounded by all things relating to farm life -- at what is probably the worlds most beautiful and longest table -- is truly hard to describe~

Last fall, the Gardener and I attended our third 
farm dinner~
to spend the evening on a beautiful farm,
eat a fabulous dinner at this amazing table -- 
in the middle of the field,
the food, the wine, the scenery, the table~
the whole experience is truly
a memorable feast for your

once you have attended one of these
incredible dinners -- you get it!
You totally understand why the tickets to these events
often sell out in a matter of minutes!!
I am an "Outstanding in the Field"

 the dinner we attended last fall, was hosted by
in North Bend, Ohio
this beautiful farm was once the home
to our 9th President,
William Henry Harrison
 before we take off across the field
to this beautiful table--
let's take a little tour of this lovely
historical farm~
 the farmhouse

I'm loving those ancient concrete columns
by the gate~
(and yes, I love that handsome guy too!)
 the folks here opened up their farm to us 
and we walked all around the beautiful property.
I took so many photos, it was hard to choose
just a few~
 there's just something about an old gate
that makes you want to take
 a picture~
(actually a lot of pictures!)
the BUS!!
Part of the excitement
 of attending these dinners 
is the opportunity
to be able to see their vintage
 1953 Flxible tour bus. 
(I climbed the hill behind the farm to get this photo) 

 (they even let us take a peek inside!)
How would you like to spend an entire year
living on this bus, traveling all over
the United States  -- 
from one farm dinner to the next~
(the wonderful folks who sponsor these events
call this bus their home!)
fall was is in the air~
a beautiful setting for the table,
right next to the grape vines~
(nope -- we aren't going there yet --
going to walk around a bit more~)
that's my chair :)
If only this tree could talk --
I'm betting it has seen a lot of history~

are you thirsty?
they're serving drinks and refreshments
on the front lawn~

honey anyone?
each farm dinner's focus is on
produce and meats that are produced
by local area farms and gardens.
Local chefs prepare the meals
on site.
(we will go visit them in a minute!)
 across the road from the farm house
is the beautiful stable 
and grounds~

I made a new friend outside the stable

loving this old barn house

~ and the stable house
 bring your own plate
and drop it off

such a pretty mix of vintage colors
and designs
forgot to bring a plate??
no worries--
you can borrow one from here! 

Let's go see what's cooking for dinner!

(are you hungry yet?)

the aromas were incredible~

seriously --
 just looking at these 
photos again is making me hungry!
there's the table --
let's go have a closer look~
there is no assigned seating-
all the food is served family style,
so you can sit wherever 
you want~ 

it was the most perfect autumn day
for this outdoor farm dinner~

love, LOVE this beautiful table~
the sun is just starting to set-
so that means
it's almost dinner time! 
(let's go find a seat at the table~)

the menu

the Gardener smiles after a wonderful dinner:)
 that's OITF founder Jim Denevan  (in the cowboy hat)
talking to guests

after dinner,
the whole crew pose for photos in front of the bus
these have to be some of the nicest, 
most hard working people

with dinner now a memory~
we all walk around a bit more
trying to take in every last beautiful moment
of this amazing experience.
isn't this what "groupie's" do?
He's a super nice guy~
 as the darkness overtakes us all-
it's time to go home~
(I really had intended to post these photos last fall
but somehow time just got away from me.
I'm pretty sure it had something to do
with all those beautiful pink scarves! )
Seedling Farm
South Haven, Michigan
(photo borrowed from OITF website)

in just a few weeks, 
my friend Marsha and I
 are taking a little "Girl Trip" to here.
We will travel almost 500 miles
to beautiful coastal Michigan
just to sit at this 
You can look forward to photos from
our incredible trip and the farm dinner
later this fall~
(I think we might win the prize for most distance traveled! LOL!) 
ps -- I've been working all summer on some incredible new designs -- one of those is coming up next!