Friday, January 25, 2013

A Leisurely Day In San Juan - My latest online travel feature is published!

San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of our favorite places to visit.  For us it has all the comforts of a tropical island and is only a short flight from the mainland US.  There is no hassle of having to learn a foreign language or deal with foreign currency.  And best of all ~ my cell phone works just like I was here at home!  

My latest travel feature takes us to San Juan - a city noted for it's cobblestone streets and amazing history.  If your cruise ship is headed for this great city -- follow me along on my 6 hour itinerary designed to help you get the most out of your cruise day here.  Hour by hour -- turn by turn -- I take you to all of our favorite places. 

~ View of the island as you approach by cruise ship~

~View of the city from the cruise ship pier~

the famous red door
~the ancient entry to the walled city of San Juan~

~walking along the harbor view path~

~stunning views along the harbor~

~stray kittys live in the rocks along the harbor path~
If you love kitties -- you will love San Juan!
little bowls of food and water are tucked into nooks and crannies all over the city

~El Convento~
this beautifully restored 16th century building was once a nunnery
Now - it is a 5 star hotel and is a perfect place for an afternoon lunch break

~El Morro Fortress~
one of San Juan's most beloved historical treasures

~the hill below El Morro is the perfect place for kite flying~
the Gardener takes his kite along whenever we visit San Juan
(it's one of his favorite things to do when we visit there!)

~one of my favorite places to photograph~
Santa Maria Magdalena Cemetery

~the statues there are hauntingly beautiful~

~with the turquoise ocean as a backdrop- this is my favorite place to linger~
call me crazy -- but I could spend an entire day in this beautiful place

~such a peaceful place of eternal rest~

~so quiet - humble- like no other place I have ever been~

~this view leaves me breathless~

~you can find my latest travel feature HERE~
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Coming up next - (on February 1) -- a beautiful tribute to my Pink Scarf Project. Your gifts of heart -- a stunning collection of scarves donated by YOU!  Get ready -- you are going to be amazed!!

ps -- The response to my Grow Your Blog party has been absolutely amazing. So many of you have written to say that you have doubled your follower list already and have made so many new friends!  Last week - the Grow Your Blog post had over 20,000 hits --- all of those people here to meet all of you! The link will remain at the top of my sidebar ALL year -- the party will live on and on and on and on~~!!! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Welcome to my "Grow Your Blog" party!!

Welcome to my very first international blogging event!  I'm just truly so very excited to be hosting this "party" and to have so many of you participate.  As of this posting there are almost 400 blogs here -- all for the purpose of meeting new people and "growing" their blogs!

For those of you who do not know me~~

I'm a yarn obsessed knitter of "nests". I'm  passionate about beautiful yarns and I love to "play" and create with them.  My blog is about my knitting creations~ my knitted nests and also my various knitting projects.  My husband and I love to travel -- so I also share photos and stories of our travels with my readers.
My blogging family means the world to me.  Those of you who take the time to comment here~ are truly precious,and I try -- although I'm not always timely -- to visit your blogs in return. 
This Blogging event is my gift to all of you.  Blogging has truly changed my life and opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.  I've made cherished friends all over the world and have learned so much from all of you about SO many things.  I am truly a better person for having met all of you and for participating in the blogging world.  I want you all to have these same experiences - to make new friends -- have new opportunities -- and to have a reason and desire to "grow your blogs". 
Please enjoy your visits with the many blogs listed below. This list will not go away - this post will remain active and I will have a link on my sidebar to this particular post.  So - there is no great rush -- you have - basically "forever" to make your visits and make new friends.  Please note -- all contests will close on February 1 - and the winners will be announced then.  You can find my giveaway at the end of this post~ 

 I will be visiting all of your blogs so  that I can get to know you and learn why you love blogging. With almost 400 blogs here - it is obviously going to take me a little while.  But I promise -- I will be there sooner ~~ or later!  Thank you all for particpating - I can't wait to meet you! xoxo

***UPDATE 1/23--- we began this party with over 400 blogs - but after 3 days I deleted those blogs who clearly were not intending to participate -- those that did not do a special post for the party and those that had not posted in days -- and those that were not participating but were misusing this opportunity for their own purposes (!!).  I want this to be fair to everyone -- so those that are here now are here because they want to grow and to meet new readers and followers.  Enjoy!!  xoxo~

Less than 50 followers

51-100 Followers

101-200 Followers

More than 200 Followers

~~ after the closing date of January 15  -- I still had over 50 emails and comments from blogs that I sadly just could not work into the listings here.  I have worked hours and hours (and hours and hours) typing all of the blogs in to the lists and I only just finished shortly before this post was published. I'm just so sorry :(       Hopefully those of you who missed out will watch for the announcement info next year and make the entry in time to participate.)  If I had more than 2 hands -- this would not have been a problem~     

My Giveaway--

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win
one dozen of these fabulous cookies baked by my friends at ButterBlossoms.  These cookies will be mailed directly for their ovens to YOUR house.  The winner will be announced HERE on February 1.  Please make sure that your comment includes your email or blog so that I can reach you if you are the winner!

*** Winner Update*** February 1, 2013
Sharon from the blog Seaside Stitcher is the winner of the cookies.  Congrats to Sharon - please contact me with your mailing address.

It takes a village so they say~~
     and that surely is the case here - with me attempting to host my very first blogging event! This has been all consuming and a LOT of work -- but I sincerely wanted to do this for all of you:)
Some of my dearest blogging friends have stepped up to help me with this all amazing project--
~A special thanks to my friend Silke who helped me with this post. Silke spent several hours checking each and every link to make sure that all of your blogs were linked correctly -- you know how important that is!! 

~And a huge thanks also to my friend Karen Valentine who has supported and cheered me on in my undertaking of this project. Karen adapted my blog so that each of the links would open on their own,making it easier for you to visit all of the blogs listed here. Truly -- I am nothing without my friends~  

Coming up next -- a beautiful post showcasing all of those Pink Scarves that so many of you have generously donated!!! I can hardly wait to share these with you -- they are so very special!
For those of you who would like more info about my Pink Scarf Project -- you can find it here.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Frosty Morning Blanket for Baby

      like the beautiful sky
                       on the dawn of a new winters day~

                                    the glimmer
                                               of a frosty morning~

a single leaf
              edged in icy delicate lace~~

                  soft as the whisper
                               of a silvery snowflake~

to warm the winter dreams
of babes~~

                                 A sweet heirloom blanket
made for our newest grandbabe~
Kadence Noelle
(we are calling her Kady)

Her Mommy wrapped her in this little blanket
for her trip home from the hospital.
(made this gb so very happy!)

Pattern Details
~Wool Leaves by Jared Flood
(you can find the Ravelry link to
 the pattern here)

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

I'm obsessed lately with the color gray.
It's become my very favorite color.
What do you think that says about me???
(say it's not so!)

For all of you who tried to follow the link to this post that was "published" last night -- but goes to a dead link-- here is my story~~
I was working on this post late last night when our kitty, Homer (now referred to as Bad Boy Homer), jumped up on my computer desk and slid into third base hitting the keyboard -- and something he hit published the post I was working on!!  I had to quickly go in and delete it because it was still "in process!"   Now he is curled up in the computer desk cubby hole -- he says he is sorry!

It's almost time!! Oh My Gosh-- I am working day and night to get all of the blogs loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party -- we have almost 300 so far!  If you want info about the party -- a wonderful opportunity to grow your blog readership and add followers -- the link is on my sidebar.  You have until January 15 to sign up.   Its going to be amazing!