Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Wishes

Looking back on the months gone by,
As a New Year starts and an old one ends-
We think about what brought us joy,
And cherish our loved ones and our friends~

~~As we begin to open the book of this bright New Year -- we find that all of the pages are blank.  Going about the things we do from day to day, we will gradually add words to those pages.  The book is called "Life" and the first chapter begins here on New Year's Day. Strive to fill your pages with love, laughter, and charity for others~ 
 Happy New Year to you all -- my dear friends.  


This beautiful Angel was a gift to me from my precious friend Dorthe.  More beautiful than words, Dorthe creates dolls that steal your heart and make you want to fill your home with her lovely creations.  From my photo of this beautiful angel, I have created this New Year's card for you all.  Thank you dearest Dorthe for this gift that I love so so very much~ xoxo

Our Official Christmas Photo this year~

from our house to yours~
Happy New Year
Vicki and Dan

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My "Grow Your Blog" party -- updates and reminders

It's almost time!!! My "Grow Your Blog" party is just 3 weeks away.  We've been talking about this since late summer and now the date is almost here!!

Over 150 blogs are signed up to participate so far -- the opportunities to increase readers and followers for your blogs is going to be huge! So mark your calendars for January 19 and start giving some thought to your post. 

Some suggestions for your post--

1. You must have a dedicated blog post that relates to the Grow Your Blog party-- Introduce yourself and let the readers know a little bit about you and your blog. You might want to include a photo of yourself -- its not a requirement -- just a thought.  

2. If you wish - you can host a giveaway -- and you may gift anything that you choose.  There is NO requirement to have a giveaway -- it is a personal option.  Just remember that for those that do --- the contest needs to be open to all visitors to your blog and the only requirement to enter is just to leave a comment.
***For continuity -- lets all close our contests on February 1- you can announce the winner of your giveaway (if you are hosting one) on that date. Please go back and announce the winner on your actual Grow Your Blog post -- just add an update.  You will also need to email the winner or go to their blog and leave a comment telling them that they have won your prize.
3.  If you wish -- you might want to consider turning off your comment moderation for a few days during the party -- but that is also totally up to you. 

4. Be sure to link back to my blog -- since as the host blog I will have all the blogs listed who are participating.  Also - please include a photo of the blog logo as seen above. (Just so folks that visit you will know what's going on!)

5. Publish your post on the night of the 18th before you go to bed -- that way it will be ready to read for those folks on the other side of the world when they begin their day!

That's it -- that's all the rules -- we want this to be fun and easy for everyone.  Plan on visiting as many blogs as you can and sign up to follow those that interest you.  There is NO time period as the post will remain active on my blog and the link will remain on my sidebar for the rest of the year ---so you can visit the blogs as your time allows. 
**If you are interested in perhaps giving your blog a little updated look -- maybe a new blog header or just an overall new appearance -- you can visit my friend Karen Valentine.  She can breathe new life into your blog.  You can contact Karen by email here--

If you have any questions or concerns -- just email me.

Remember to keep spreading the word - do you think it's possible that we might hit the 200 mark??? That would be huge for your blog growing opportunities!!!  ***Please note that this is NOT the sign up post -- if you are new to this and wish to sign up for the event -- please go HERE to sign up. 

I'm getting very excited!!

****Update 1/3/2013--
January 15 is the last date that I can accept entries for the party-- entries are coming in faster than I can get them loaded in!!  I think we are actually going to come close to 300 participants!  I only have 2 hands and I am working them to the bones here!! LOL. So please - if you wish to participate -- you need to leave a comment on the official sign up page no later than January 15!**** 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Blessings

May the peace and blessings of Christmas be yours,
and may the coming year be filled with all the happiness your heart can hold~

Merry Christmas to you all ~~

This beautiful Christmas collage was a gift to me from my friend Suzy~ I photographed the collage and turned it into this lovely Christmas card to share with you.   Thank you so very much sweet Suzy for your amazing gift, it is truly a treasure. xoxo   

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Noelle's Snowflake Cardigan

An heirloom knitted coat for our little winter time baby~
             little tatted snowflakes
                          dance across the mohair coat~
                                             while tiny little pearls and crystal beads
        dazzle every snowflake
                        making her sparkle~~~ 

A most perfect coat for a winter time baby~

My own pattern, knitted from natural looped mohair.

tiny, hand tatted snowflakes (each one a work of art)
hand sewn on to the little coat
and then beaded with pearl and crystal accents

like frosty snowflakes that fall from the sky~
each individual little tatted snowflake is uniquely different
no two are exactly alike

made with love~
an heirloom for a precious new grandbaby

even the little "handmade by gb" tag is beaded

Pattern Details
~I used double strand looped mohair for the coat.
~The little sleeves are made to be rolled up.
~The natural, undyed yarn was purchased from one of my trips to the
 Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.
~The little tatted snowflakes were a custom order
made especially for me by Jennifer.

and of course~
a matching Snowflake Hat

Pattern details
~Yarn- Tilli Thomas beaded flurries
~pattern-Tilli Thomas flurries hat
~accented with 3 shades of silver and gray tulle

a little "vintage inspired" ensemble
for our newest granddaughter

"Snowflake Cardigan and Hat"

so precious
just like our baby~
Our first "Noelle"

"Kadence Noelle"
Born December 9, 2012
7 pounds

Our baby was due on Christmas Day -- but she wanted her birthday to be earlier!  We are so blessed and thankful to have a beautiful healthy new grandbaby --- Keri Beth is now a BIG sister!
This precious baby is our Christmas blessing~~


Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Nest for the Children

I think it was only natural -- fate perhaps --
that someday I would make a nest that would benefit the babies and children~~

A specially commissioned Nest
for the
 benefit of the
Hoops Family Children's Hospital. 

A safe haven
A place to be nurtured~
A place for waiting
(an expectation of good things to happen) 
A precious place where new
life springs forth.
A place of HOPE.



These heirloom quality nests are available within our community
as truly special keepsakes
honoring the generosity
of corporate and individual donations
for a generous donation of
$2500 or more.  


of these Limited Edition Designer nests
have been created to
financial gifts given to further
the medical well-being of infants and children
within our community.


In designing this nest~
I knew that it would be completely different-- totally unlike anything that I had ever done before.
I wanted this nest to tell a story about the children.

  I thought about the design of this nest for several weeks-
Then one morning I was walking through the pediatric floor on my way to the NICU- it was about 6 am, and this little toddler was walking down the hall followed by his Mommy and Daddy.  He was carrying a teddy bear that was almost as big as he was and dragging a blanket that looked like it had seen better days-- and I thought - that's it--
That's the story I want to tell with this nest. 

~~a story about security and promise and hope~~
All the things that this new Children's Hospital will represent for our children. 

A project such as this could not have been done by just my own two hands~~

The saying is true that it "takes a village" -- and my village begins with 
my best friend Mary. 

Mary's special contribution to this project is her beautiful beaded and sequined gauze-- her special creation that totally brings together the idea that this nest is created to benefit a Children's Hospital.  Tea dyed -- and embellished with tiny Swarovski crystal, seed pearls,and sequins (all sewn on by hand)-- it's simply gorgeous.  The very idea of using medical gauze in this incredible design still amazes me -- she's totally genius.  Mary is my biggest supporter, she is my sounding board, my "call your best friend up in the middle of the night" just to listen to another of my ideas-- FRIEND.  She is the person beside me in every nest that I create.  
Mary says--"Many years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Crohns Disease.  We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Yorum Elitsur and are so very thankful for his care of our daughter.  He became a true friend to our family.  I want to honor his life's work through my contributions to this fundraiser.  I am truly honored to be working with my best friend on the Children's Nest.  This Children's Hospital is a blessing to our area." 

A nest such as this takes months to create.
From idea -- to sketch -- to design coordination -- to completion.
These nests consumed nearly 8 months of my life.

If the beauty of art is realized in the details~
this Children's nest
is truly a shining illustration. 

More of my "village"~~ 
Deb Hembree's miniature crazy quilts are the result of hours and hours (and hours!!) of intricate beadwork and embroidery.  Her beautiful contribution to this project is not only a work of art -- it is a treasure.  Each little quilt is made by hand, embroidered and beaded, then lined with warm snugly felt-- just as a little child would want his "blankie" to be.  



On the back~
each little blanket is embroidered
with a message of LOVE.

When her first daughter was born prematurely, Deb Hembree of Shelbyville, Ky experienced an overwhelming range of emotions as she sought to care for her child.  Grateful that her local hospital was equipped to handle her daughter's needs, a burden to provide comfort for parent's in similar circumstances was placed on her heart. Her gorgeous "miniature crazy quilts" are created with thoughts of the healing and nurturing to come with the building of this new Children's Hospital.  Having so many hours and dreams stitched in to each one, the quilts were among the few items that Deb gathered on her way to her basement earlier this summer when tornadoes struck  her home area. 
"I did not want to miss this opportunity to share in something that could benefit so many.  The building of a well-equipped, state-of-the-art hospital-- where babies are the No. 1 concern-- is the perfect place for me to make a difference." 
You can find Deb at her blog 

Mary Jane Dodd's metalwork leaves are stamped with the word HOPE.  A visual reminder of what this collective effort represents:  a charitable cause to bring HOPE to our children.  The addition of the beautiful leaves was a latecomer to this project -- Totally out of the blue I received an email from MJ stating that she had been thinking about me and wondered if I had a current charity project in progress that she could assist with.  Her participation in this effort is a true gift from God.  I've said from the very beginning that I was not in charge of this project--clearly God is a nest designer as well.  

Mary Jane Dodd of Neptune, NJ is a mixed media metalsmith, mother of three children, and intimately familiar with children's hospitals.  In 1998, her third child was born at 23 weeks gestation and weighed just over a pound. After spending 4 months in the Intensive Care Nursery -- he required a tracheotomy and 24 hour respiratory support. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia became their temporary home where he received incredible care from multiple specialists.  Mary Jane's belief in the importance of  excellent pediatric care was further strengthened when her daughter was diagnosed in 2009 with Crohns disease at the age of 17.
"You cannot put a price on the piece of mind that comes with having an excellent children's specialty hospital.  It was a great honor to be able to help with this project.  I wish all of the families that come to this hospital peace and good health and extend to the staff my deepest appreciation." 
You can find Mary Jane at her blog,

My friend Sue Kosec has been a dedicated supported of my nest creations;  she can read my mind when it comes to designing the little tags, and cards that accompany my nests. Her creations are stunning.  For this nest she created miniature rosettes made from vintage fabrics-- a special touch that brings to these nest that "shabby chic" appeal that I wanted to create.  

 Sue also created the little tags that will accompany each nest.  She truly took my jumbled thoughts and turned them into these adorable tags that will embellish the wrapping of these nests.  Presentation is everything -- and I can always count on Sue to create something so very beautiful. 
Drawn to anything that involves paper, Sue Kosec of Euless, Tx.  fell in love with papercrafting about eight years ago and today it is truly her passion.  Her work has been featured in Stamping, Stationery, and Scrapbooking Magazine. 
"I am honored and thrilled to make a difference, support a dream, and be a part of this amazing endeavor for the building of the Children's Hospital.  It is a joy for me to help raise money for a much needed and worthwhile project."
You can find Sue at her Facebook page --Sue Daggett Kosec

Mary and I dedicated almost 2 weeks to the final phase of "building" these nests. Each nest was intricately embellished with the artisan creations and then we added the final adornments~ the handmade felted teddy bears, each clutching that gorgeous quilt under it's movable arms.  Completing this special design is a monogrammed sterling silver charm commemorating the special occasion for which this nest was built. 

From start to finish -- each nest has collectively consumed over 20 hours of intricate creating and embellishing.  "My hope is that individuals will be moved by the story of the nests and will want to contribute to this most worthy cause --the building of a dedicated Children's Hospital for our children.  In exchange for a most generous donation -- they can take home one of these heirloom nests -- a memento of a contribution that will change the lives of our children forever."   

"I think maybe one of the better things about getting older, is that it has given me time to do something really worthwhile. For over 30 years I have been blessed to have a career that allows me to witness miracles every day.  Working alongside amazing physicians and nurses... I see their dedication to the mission of saving the lives of premature infants. One of my dearest friends, Dr. Gilbert Ratcliff, recently retired after a lifelong service of taking care of tiny babies. His legacy has inspired me to want to leave something special of my own...

Another dear friend and collegue, Dr. Joe Werthammer... has been caring for tiny infants as many years as I have been a nurse in the NICU-- I often think about the fragile lives, the hundreds of babies that he has helped to save ... he, along with the rest of the nurses and physicians in my work place -- we are all building a legacy of caring for the babies.  In the creating of these Children's Nests -- I believe that perhaps I am creating a legacy of my own ...using my talents to help continue the care of our community's children -- for today and tomorrow ... and for years to come."  

  To inquire about making a donation to the Hoops Family Children's Hospital 
 please contact:

 Velma Workman
Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation Development Coordinator
For more information about the building of our Children's Hospital
click HERE

A special note to my readers and followers~
Although time consuming -- this project has been a true labor of love.  This is my very first commission nest and I am thrilled to finally be able to share the photos and the story with you -- this has been a year long endeavor and I have waited so very long to make you all a part of this amazing project.  I appreciate your support, your comments -- and the love that you have always, always shown to me. 

I'm very busy here in the Sacred Yarn Room -- the winter nesting has begun!  If your are on the list -- then shortly after the first of the year some of you will start to hear from me.  As you go about your holiday activities and  all the business of "making merry"-- remember to make a little time, a little special effort, a little something special for those who are not as lucky as you or me. 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An ETSY Christmas !!! A Shopping Extravaganza (and some give aways too!)

Christmas shopping time is here!! I'm sharing with you some ETSY shops that belong to my readers and followers, as well as some of my own personal favorite places to visit.   Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a wonderful shopping experience -- you don't even have to leave your house! 

These shops belong to some of my devoted readers and followers~~ 

1.  DreamChallenge-- my friend Jan knits lovingly for both children and adults. Some of her work is shown here in her shop. She is available for custom orders by request and is happy to knit something special for you or someone you love.
Coupon Code - JAN10 for 10% discount on all orders.

2. Bead and Needle-- Tanya says that her creations are deeply discounted for your shopping pleasures!

3.  Two Elephants -- Sylvia and Vilma invite you to visit their shop and experience their unique creations. I love everything they make! FREE Worldwide shipping!!

4.  Peace Love and Art shop-- Jackie invites you to view her jewelry creations. 

5.  Southern Ooaks -- Regina makes one of a kind sculptures and jewelry designs. 
 Coupon Code - 2BAGSFULL for 10% discount.

6.  Sun Flower Freckles-- Laura's unique handmade aprons are on display for you. 
    Coupon Code -2Bagsfull for 20% discount.

7. Betty the Wood Fairy -- is sharing her shop on Folksy.UK.  She makes handpainted silk treasures inspired by the Surry woodland where she lives.  

8. Wind and Honey-- Elizabeth invites you to view her whimsical  drawings of animals and children. 

9. Turquoise Owl Fibers -- Holly Marie shares her hand dyed fibers, rovings and yarns with you all.
Coupon Code - 2BAGSFULL2012 for 10% discount

10..  Lucy Jane Pennybright --You have just got to see Jenny's adorable handmade elephants!!!
Free World Wide Shipping - Coupon Code 2BagsFull

11.  Charmedone -- Linda specializes in creating cameo jewelry. All items are discounted 15%. 

12.  Fay Paints -- Fay invites you to see her unique embroidery pattern designs.  

13.  Brenda Sipe --- Brenda's handpainted silk scarves are truly exquisite.  You will see more of Brenda's work when the Breast Cancer Awareness nest is created next October!

14.  Crafting Addition-- Kathy makes lovely crochet embellished items.  She recently made an adorable owl scarf for our little granddaughter as a custom order.  She is available for your custom requests as well!  

15.  Bungalow Bling -- My friend Shell is THE Queen of Glitter.  Her shop is filled with gorgeous vintage Christmas decorations - made even more special by that "glittery" touch that only Shell can do!

16.  Shirley Stitches-- Shirley creates beautiful embroidery stitches on pillowcases, towels, and linens.  Her handwork is done with much love and attention to detail.  Shirley's "stitches" are helping her to get through some rough times right now --- (sending hugs to you girlfriend-xoxo).

17.  Buttermilk Cottage-- My friend Susan is a knitter and a talented designer of yarns and knitted creations. Her shop is filled with unique and creative knitting bags, needle cases and some of her own knitted creations. Her specialty fusion yarns are absolutely stunning -- and I want them all!
Free Shipping on most items -- see shop info for details. 

18.  Suziqu- Suzy invites you to view her exquisite shabby creations.  Suzy is famous for her detailed work and her creative use of lace and beautiful embellishments. 

19. Cottage Wishes -- join Di at her shop where she is offering a collection of vintage "this and that".  All the things that she would love to have in her own country cottage~

20.  Lorraine17--beautiful hand dyed embroidery threads - silks and cotten.  Gorgeous colorways! 

21.  FuzzySlippersDesigns -- Moriah invites you to view her handmade greeting cards, journals, and albums.  Coupon Code 2BAGSFULL for 10% discount. 

22. Cheeky Rose Boutique -- Jan invites you all to see her OOAK art doll creations and her vintage jewelry and clothing finds.  She describes her shop as vintage, upscale, designer and funky!

Here are some of my favorite places to visit~~

1.  Butter Blossoms-- you know I LOVE these cookies!!!!   Coupon Code - Vicki10 for 10% off. 

2.  Marie Dodd --  Mary Jane makes jewelry with spirit.  Her pieces truly speak to me.  She is an incredible artist. You will see Mary Jane's work on next year's Breast Cancer Awareness nest!

3.  SeaWashed--  Carrie makes beautiful paintings with a remarkable likeness to the sea.  Her seawashed Christmas creations are so lovely. I especially love her beautiful cards.  

4.   Bumpkin --   Follow the Country Lane to a whimsical, nostalgic world of animal Illustrations, Personalised Prints, Embroidery Patterns, Sew your own Bunny Kits & lots of adorable gifts in between! All created by British Artist, Catherine Young."  Everything she makes is precious. 
 Coupon Code - 2BAGSFULL for 10% discount.

5.  Hello Violeta-- I love her muslin creations. 

6.  Tessa Ann -- Tessa's handmade buttons for children are simply adorable.  If I could -- I would have one of each design. 

7.  Its Random-- Beautiful, drop dead gorgeous crochet necklaces -- I own 2 of Karen's incredible designs. 

8.  Lori's Place--  My "go to" place for beautiful decorated cookies.  Lori is an absolute sweetheart -- and her cookies are to die for!  Lori has a NEW website in addition to her ETSY shop.  You will find all cookie items discounted 10% as a special promotion on her new website. 

9.  TSCookies -- another favorite for decorated cookies!  Check out the adorable owl cookies!! Melissa packages her cookies so beautifully - you almost hate to open them! 

10.  Kylie Parry--Kylie makes gorgeous handmade art beads and earthy jewelry designs.  Honestly -- I'm in awe of everything she makes.  She is an amazing artist. 

11. Fiberluscious-- Jill's handmade pincushions are unlike anything that you have ever seen before -- they are incredible works of art!  Coupon Code FiberJoy10 for 10% discount through December 31.

12. CountyMouse -- Cherie makes the most adorable little baby coats! 
 Coupon Code Nestlingmouse for 10% discount. 

13. Andie's Specialty Sweets-- This shop is incredible! Edible cake embellishments that you are going to love!! I'm crazy about the edible buttons!

14.  Ropes of Pearls-- gorgeous leather wrap bracelets embellished with stones and glass -- seriously -- I love these bracelets Free WorldWide shipping!

15.  Tasha McKelvey-- sweet pottery pieces with little birds -- sigh~

16.  Unique Buttons-- I am in love with buttons.  I am obsessed with buttons.  I want to touch all of these buttons and make them mine!

17.  Guimauve Confections -- This newly opened shop features home made gourmet marshmallows -- heaven help me~~ Use Coupon Code 2BAGSFULL for 20% off your shopping!

18.  Crumbles Cookie Factory-- I'm thinking that my dear friend Bob - needs some of the bananas foster cookie bars that these folks make.  And -- I'm lusting after the key lime cookies!

19. UnderGlass--  unusual earrings made from resin -- I own several pairs and I LOVE them!
Free Worldwide Shipping!

20.  Glass River Jewelry-- Please tell my husband that I would love to have one pair of these beautiful floral earrings~ sigh

21.  Andria's Serendipity -- My friend Andria makes unbelievable jewelry from sea glass treasures.  If you love the beach -- you must look here!!  I own several pieces of her beautiful jewelry and I get compliments every time I wear them~ Coupon Code- HOLIDAY10 for 10% discount

22. RedPrariePress -- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cotton jersey scarves.  They are like heaven around your neck.  FREE SHIPPING -- info on shop header. 

23.  YouandMeConfections -- beautifully decorated cookies are made in this newly opened ETSY shop.  Their Winter Wonderland cookies are gorgeous! 
Coupon Code Winter2012 for discounts. (5% on orders of $25, 10% on orders over $40)

24.  LeatherDiva -- OMgosh -- just wait till you see these leather and beaded boho chic bracelets! Please tell my husband that I want one of these also!!  FREE SHIPPING!  Also a buy 2 get the third half price offer. 

25. Mosaic Magpie-- My friend Deb is sharing her vintage clothing, altered clothing and her knitting creations with you in her shop.  CouponCode  2BagsfullLOVE for 10% discount 

26.  Jurga Za -- I am in love with these felted boots.  You don't even need to tell my husband -- these just might have to be MY absolute splurge for myself this holiday season.  I think I might even dream about them.   CouponCode - FREESHIPPING  (all the way from Lithuania!!)

And -- just in case you might have time to visit one more shop--
I've filled my own ETSY shop with a beautiful selection of snuggly vintage sweater cowl designs. This year's collection is especially lovely -- lots of embroidery, button accents, and even some bling!  I've created a coupon code for free US shipping --and for my international customers  -- a code for 20% discount-- you will find the codes in the shop info And~~I'm sharing a special holiday treat with everyone who makes a purchase this next week! Your purchase this next week will include my special gift of one of those beautiful Winter Wonderland cookies from my friends at YouandMeConfections! (**just leave a note in the comments section on your purchase order that you came from the ETSY party and I'll pack the little treat up for you when I send your purchase!) 
(the photo here shows just a sampling of the collection)

And now -- on to some very VERY special folks who are hosting our giveaway!!

1.  Kathy and Gwen's shop is like a virtual flea market. Browsing the pages of this beautiful shop is like spending the day at the flea market of your dreams!!  Filled with amazing vintage treasures, you will feel as though you have rummaged through the best of the flea market treasures -- and still be wearing your flannel pj's!   The vintage part of the shop is directed by Kathy~ (where she finds all this great stuff is beyond me!!)  Her cousin Gwen contributes amazing original artwork.  Gwen's charcoal sketches and oil paintings are  unique and so very beautiful. 

This unbelievable charcoal sketch was a gift to me from Gwen.
(A surprise gift that I truly cherish!)  She created this beautiful sketch by looking at photos on my blog.  The photo shown below was the source for the sketch--

(me and my Maddy girl)


  Kathy and Gwen have generously donated these beautiful sketches created by Gwen as gifts for my giveaway.  They will come to you already beautifully framed!!  

2.  Rosalind makes beautiful jewelry.  She specialises in wedding jewelry and designs that are "glamorous".  By day -- she gives  wonderful manicures-- you can visit her if you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area!  But in her off time -- she creates.  Her passion for beautiful jewelry is evident in her designs.  Rosalind is offering this glamorous rhinestone design as a giveaway prize for one of you.  The necklace will be available with either a black or  white ribbon of your choice.  You can visit Rosalind in her shop and use coupon code GLAM15 for 10% off when you shop.

3.  My friend Joan is a talented artist who creates lovely hand painted clutch bags.  Her one of a kind, signed by the artist designs can be found in her shop. She is sharing one of her beautiful clutch bags as a giveaway prize for one of you.

To win one of these prizes -- simply leave a comment here on this post. (I'd love to here if you had successful shopping!!)
The winners for all of the prizes will be announced right HERE in this location on December 8 -- so be sure to come back here to see if you won! 

*****UPDATE ~~ CONTEST WINNERS 12/8/12*****
1. Carola Bartz - framed Charcoal sketch 
2. Susan (Buttermilk Cottage) - framed Charcoal sketch 
3. Suzie Q - handpainted clutch purse  
4. Rhonda Walker - glam necklace
Ladies - please email me privately with your addresses .  Congrats to all of the winners!!
*This Contest is now CLOSED.* 

So-- let the shopping begin!!  I hope you find some special gifts for everyone on your list!!   

Every week more beautiful scarves arrive for my Pink Scarf Project.  These gorgeous creations (five!!) were donated by an angel who asked that her name not be shared.  She wrote in a note to me that God had blessed her with the talents to knit and crochet and that she just wanted to use those talents to help others. I am so humbled to accept these beautiful gifts -- thank you. 

Sweet Susan has lovingly knitted this beautiful scarf.  The yarn that she used is SO incredibly soft and the fringe is gorgeous!  You can visit Susan at her blog Suztats where she shares her amazing tatting creations, as well as her painting, paper, and fabric designs.  Thank you Susan for your beautiful and generous donation. 

Happy "start of the Holiday season" to you all!

ps -- My Grow Your Blog party now has over 120 participants!  There is still time for YOU to sign up!  The party starts January 19th!!!

and ---- lots more PINK scarves just arrived!! They will be coming up soon for you to see!