Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Introducing the latest Woodland Spring nest... (a very special edition)...and updates on NEW NESTS to come

My latest Woodland Spring nests are truly a cause
 for Celebration...
 the first nests 
that I have created since my

I wanted to commemorate
this special occasion in my life
with a beautiful new nest...

tucked inside a tangle of branches
is a tiny tea cup...

beneath the branches
is a beautiful tarnished vintage spoon...

an itty bitty bird has 
claimed the tea cup as the perfect place
 to lay her little 
blue egg. 

the little tarnished spoon
has also been claimed as a perfect place
for a nest...

these are the most elaborate and exquisite
Woodland Spring nests that I have
ever made...

My "retirement version"
is indeed very 
they are listed now
 in my ETSY shop

These nests have all been RESERVED
and there is currently a waiting list
(in case that anyone cancels)...
next years waiting list starts

Tags, paper, and tie on birds
are created for me
by my talented friend Sue Kosec. 
Presentation is everything...
and your nest will arrive beautifully packaged
thanks to Sue's amazing creativity.
You can contact Sue directly at

Anyone who is interested in 
reserving a place on NEXT year's waiting list
may email me for more information.
In this time of turmoil and so much uncertainty
I feel that I need to say something
relating to my nests...
So many people are finding themselves
in the midst of struggles right now...
trying to pay bills,
and face a world that has suddenly turned itself
upside down...
I realize that the purchase of a nest
is so NOT important and rightfully needs
to take a backseat to so many other necessities right now.
with that in mind...
I have offered to everyone on my RESERVED list
the opportunity to delay their purchase
until October of this year, and beyond.. if necessary.
A friend told me today...
(in relation to my nests)
"true joy and happiness in days like these have no price.
Everyone deserves to spoil themselves
with something that brings light into their hearts..."
With that in mind and
this opportunity will also be available
to everyone who is on the RESERVED list for my upcoming
Breast Cancer Awareness nest...
the "Alicia" nest. 
for those who may be interested..
there are 3 spots left on the waiting list
for this next charitable nest.
You may email me for more info...

something a bit unprecedented...
Just in time for your "small family" Memorial Day celebrations,
followed by Independence Day, and Labor Day...
After the sellout of my Freebird nests last summer..
I found that I still had enough supplies
to make 4 more.
So...over the course of the winter,
I recreated a few more of these
beautiful Patriotic themed
They are listed now for purchase in my ETSY shop.
I have never, ever, done anything like this before..
recreated a Designer nest...
(and most likely will not ever do so again,
but I just felt like those nests
were calling out to me...
 to be made.

If anyone is interested in one of these nests,
and would also like to take advantage of the opportunity
to delay their purchase,
please email me for more info.
We can make that happen for you... 

That's it for now...seems like a busy post. 
I plan on posting again in a few days... bringing you some updates on our life 
here at home in the midst of all this madness. 
I hope everyone is healthy and well..

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Hello from Quarantine... (our life at home, nest updates,... some book reviews)

Greetings from my little part of the "Quarantine" world...
We are trying to make the most of this situation,
 sheltering at home...
I am so thankful for spring weather and all that it brings.

I am so thankful for spring weather and all that it brings. 
Our yard is filled with beautiful blooms, their delicious scent fills the air
 and somehow it helps me 
to remain calm. 
 We are blessed to live very close to an amazing place of beauty...
Carter Caves State Park
We have been out almost every day trying to exercise and stay healthy...
all the while keeping our social distancing..
(which has not been difficult, as we have not seen one person on our trails!)
 the Spring nests are coming along...
and will soon be finished.
I have been giving a lot of thought
to the release of these nests
in this time of turmoil and hardship.
I will be back soon with an update
and some "unprecedented"

(I've been doing a lot of reading...)


As someone who lives near the John A. Roebling bridge
(Cincinnatti-Covington Ky bridge)
I found this book to be absolutely intriguing...
Being the wife of an engineer myself, 
I could not wait to read this book...
(and I absolutely hated for it to end.)
An amazing insight into all that is involved in the building of such an immense structure
while carefully weaving the story of the personal  involvement 
of the wife.
This is a story of a woman's determination 
to carry out her husband's dream
of building the Brooklyn Bridge
while making her own personal sacrifice in order to do so. 
There is great loss within these pages, 
the loss of life, the loss of love, the loss of personal dreams...
all for the purpose of making her husbands dream come true. 
The story of Emily Roebling's commitment to this project 
has largely been lost to history.
I was happy to learn that a plague in her honor
is to be found on the Brooklyn Bridge.
This book has just recently been released for publication.
While I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy prior to publication...
this review is my own and is in no way required by the publisher.

A story of the crippling and isolating effect of unimaginable grief.
Iris has devoted her life to creating and maintaining a "secret garden"
 type of oasis for herself...
this is how she survives and lives with her grief and loss.
She devotes every single day to her magnificent
"healing garden".
A duel story that focuses on Iris, and also Abbey,
 a young woman and her family 
who move into the house next door to Iris. 
Abbey's young daughter becomes ever curious about the house
next door and the garden that she has seen when she stood on a chair
and peeked over the large fence. 
She is also fascinated by the old woman who tends to that garden
every day.
Over time, Iris softens and allows this young girl to come into her garden
and also her heart. 
There are so many reasons to LOVE this book...
The story of the garden, the flowers, their smells and blooms...
this is a powerful story of healing.
You can easily picture this beautiful garden in your mind... 
 the descriptions are so real.
This is a lovely book...
one to cherish as you read the story.
This book will be available as published on April 28.
I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this book prior to publication.
This review is my own, and is in no way required by the publisher.

You won't be able to put this one down!
Reading this story is like being on the receiving end
Summer Darling's transports the reader to Martha's Vineyard
in the early 1960's,
home to the rich, famous, and spoiled.  
The story centers on Heddy,
 a college girl who dreams of a better life for herself,
and longs to be part of the jet set society on Martha's Vineyard.
She takes a job there as a summer nanny to a privileged couple.
All to soon she comes to realize what life is really like for the powerful
 social set on the island. 
This could be considered a coming of age story 
as Heddy comes to realize what is really important in life. 
If you ever wanted to be a little bird on the windosill
of lives such as this...
this book will put you there!
You can look forward to the publishing of this book on May 5.
I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this book prior to publication. 
This review is my own and is in no way required by the publisher.

To all my friends... 
please stay safe at home. My prayers are for us all, that we will soon be on the "back to normal" side of this difficult time. 
Never again...
 will I take things for granted.
If there is anything good that has come from all of this..
it is that I have a new appreciation for all that is a part of my daily life. I love my front porch, my beautiful yard, this quiet time at home, the feeling on not being rushed to get hings done... because after all, we have months to do it now. This slower pace is not a bad thing. We are getting projects done at home, my back deck is already scrubbed and ready for flowers,.... and today I plan to totally scrub down the front porch and wash the walls and furniture! 

My love to you all...



Sunday, March 15, 2020

New Spring Nests are coming...

It's been the longest winter...

 gray skies have finally given way 
to sunshine..

 Our days are longer now,
birdsong and chatter fill the air...

 Retirement is a wonderful thing...
I'm finding time for me...

We've been enjoying some wonderful travels
and I've been able to find more
leisurely time 
for my knitting projects.

The "soon to be" arrival of Spring
means that it is
 "nesting" time...

The new "Woodland" nests
will be ready for their homes 

This is my first nesting creation
since my retirement. 
I'll be honoring that in a big way...
pulling out all the stops
to make this year's "Woodland nest"
EXTRA special!

I've collected some lovely vintage millinery
as well as other vintage treasures
that I've been saving 
for this very special 
celebration nest...
in honor of my retirement.
(43 years of Neonatal Nursing)

 This year's nest will be a showstopper
for sure!

 As always... there is a waiting list
for this nest.
Because this nest is going to be
 so very special...
I am extending the opportunity
to join the waiting list.
A few additional spots have been added
for those who are

If you wish to be added
to the "retirement version"
list for the 
"Woodland nest"...
just email me.

Even though I'm not often here at my blog...
my promise continues to always post here first
regarding my nests and knitted wraps.
Because you ALL are my first love...
I will always post here before
posting availability on my 
Instagram account. 

 As a reminder...
this year's Designer nest will be a new
Breast Cancer Awareness Nest.
By now you know that the making of this nest
is a deeply emotional investment for me....
my way to honor our beautiful
The "Alicia" nest will be beyond
You may email me if you are interested.
There are a very few spots left
on the waiting list...

I love and miss you all,
(If you have established yourself
an Instagram account..
please follow me there..
2 Bags Full.)
Our travel photos are there...
photos of my chickens.. lol,
some favorite recipes,
and my life in general.
Just me...

 I'll be back soon,
with photos of the new
(and very special)
"Woodland nest"...