Sunday, October 23, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness-- a knitted wrap for a Warrior Princess

Fate whispers to the warrior...
                "you cannot withstand the storm..."
                              and the warrior whispers back 
                                          " I am... the storm."

 October is
Breast Cancer Awareness

in my own humble little way,
I am dedicating my latest knitted wrap
to raising awareness 
for women everywhere...

every woman who is diagnosed
with breast cancer
becomes a warrior...

this knitted wrap,
the most exquisite and detailed 
that I have ever made...
is truly fit for a 
Warrior Princess..

 one end of my knitted wrap
is accented with a pale pink ribbon-
a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness.
the pink ribbon 
is embellished with an exquisite
  garland made from
hundreds of seed beads, sequins, tiny glass leaves,
and my own embroidery accents.

unlike anything that I have ever made

the wrap is knitted
with my own combination 
of super soft acrylic yarns...
the beaded and embellished ribbon
separates a slight color distinction
in the design...
one end is knitted in a muted pink 
combination of yarns
while the remainder of the wrap
is knitted in muted tan colors 
accented with soft pink

a tiny muslin tag,
hand painted... 
bears the symbol of the
warrior princess...
so tiny that one would
hardly notice...
but she knows that it is there...

the entire wrap
is accented with beaded leaves,
vines, and flowers...

 over 50 tiny handmade leaves,
and over 40 flowers
are hand sewn
along a beautiful trailing vine...

every stitch
is filled with prayers...

 every leaf and flower
is accented with seed beads,
glass beads, and 
vintage accent pieces...

 and on one leaf,
another tiny beaded symbol for our
warrior princess...

beautiful blooms 
 are scattered
 along the trailing vine...

 every bloom
is beautiful and unique~
as is every warrior princess...

the charitable proceeds
from the sale of this knitted wrap
will be donated to
a women's ministry
that provides hope and support
to warrior princess's
who battle all types of cancer.
they have been kind to our family...

my "Warrior Princess"
knitted wrap...
can be found in my 
ETSY shop

I am humbled to love and admire
a beautiful and very special
warrior princess 
in our family...