Friday, July 15, 2016

Where Bloggers Create--- Welcome to my Sacred Yarn Room

Thank you for visiting me here in my little creative space...
I tried to organize and straighten up a bit since you were coming, but.... well, you know how it is in a craft room! Organization just means that "there is a path"...(sort of!)

Let me just preface this little tour by
acknowledging that I have too much stuff...
(seriously, is that even possible?)

My little "empty nest" room has become my catch all
for all things craft related...
all my yarns,
(and I have a lot!!)
and all the little bits and bobs
that I use to accent my creations..
If there is any truth to the rumor
that  "the person who dies with the biggest yarn stash is the winner" ...
you guys might as well not even try for that honor-
I'm gonna win hands down!!

 so, I have all this garland hanging all over my room...
it's everywhere...
(I'll show you what I make with all this stuff
a little further along in this post...)

Scattered all around my craft room 
are several collections
of vintage jewelry pieces
as well as buttons and
of course, my "way too large"
collection of vintage knitting needles. 
Most of my treasures are found at
some of my favorite flea markets..

I'm thinking,... that you are thinking...
that this does not look very organized...
but trust me -- it is!!
I swear, I can tell you where everything
is in this room...
well, except for a few things
 that I've been looking for these past few months,
and STILL have not been able
 to find! 
also pictured here (in the little teacup)
 is my collection of
Vera Bradley string tags...
(why??? you ask... do I collect those string tags??)
keep reading --
all will be revealed!! 

My obsession with yarn is well beyond just knitting
with beautiful yarns.  
I am fascinated by the knots and tangles
that sometimes result from my knitting projects...
I save them all.
every knot,
 every tangle,
 every scrap.

that suitcase in the photo
once belonged to my Mother...
she took that suitcase on her honeymoon
 over 60 years ago,
the luggage tag for the train is still attached 
to the handle...
needless to say, that suitcase is
priceless to me...
it sits open on a table and contains
some of my yarn knots 
and tangles..

a collection of trims 
and a little jar
that holds some of the tags 
that I often attach
to my creations...
(those little tags were created especially for me
by my sweet friend Suzie..)

...another collection of vintage jewelry pieces..
they are sitting on a glass topped table 
that I purchased at the flea market.
The table has room to hold a collection 
underneath the glass top,...
so of course, 
I filled it with some of my yarn!

my "Jamaica" straw purse is also a flea market purchase...
I have filled it with a collection of vintage scarves
that are used in my creations...

a well loved straw beach tote, 
holds yet another of my vintage knitting needle collections,
a vintage McCoy pottery planter
holds a collections of ribbon spools,...
you can see part of my ribbon roses, a collection of eggs,
and a lovely nest created for me
 by my friend Karen

doesn't every yarn room come complete with 
a yarn loving kitty cat?
my "Bitty Kitty" is one of my best
buddies here in my yarn room....

this vintage Bluebird platter
 once belonged to my Grandmother...
a glass fruit bowl (another flea market find)
holds more of my ribbon rose collections...
that little berry basket is one of my favorite 
Anthropologie finds,
I use it to hold my business cards...

you may have noticed that I have this little
obsession with birds...
these glass jars have cute little
birds on the lids...
(and then, there is this turtle dish that holds
some little jars of glitter...
I brought him home from one of our
trips to the islands..)

oh, it never ends...
more vintage jewelry, 
a collection of beaded trims,
and this gorgeous bird pin cushion
that was created by my amazingly talented  friend Pat...

this old bowl holds more of my yarn
tangles, knots, and pieces...
(mostly I save them all because I think they are beautiful...(I'm weird like that...)
but also, I love to incorporate them into my creations..

a close up view of my business cards...

continuing on around the room on this little tour...
my beautiful painted tea set, 
a gift from my dear and talented friend, Marsha..
(I have no painting skills whatsoever, 
my Mother was an amazing artist and painter,
several family members also inherited the talent,
but me...I can't even draw a stick figure, let along paint one..)

a collection of vintage glass canisters
that hold some of my torn fabric strips
and more of my vintage scarf collections...

a wider angle of one of the previous photos posted here..
and a little story...
after my parents passed away, 
I found a bag of my Mother's knitting 
in the attic at their house.
My sisters and I were cleaning out the attic
in preparations for selling the house.
Inside the bag, was a sweater that my Mother had been knitting, 
when I took it out of the bag, it was just as if she had just laid it down,
meaning to return to it later...
the row counter said "53"
I framed that sweater just as I found it on the needles,
giving it a place of honor here in my
"Sacred Yarn Room"

more yarns,....
and a few birds who feel at home here...

the view from the window in my craft room...
(and a little garland nest that I made on top of the lamp)
my husbands beautiful flower garden
is in the yard below...

 and a view from the same window looking toward the front
entrance to our yard...

oh mercy...
what a tangled mess ...

a collection of buttons sits
on top of my suitcase filled with yarn scraps...

a partial view of my wall of yarn
and my collection of knitting pattern books
 and magazines...
I hope you have enjoyed this
little tour around my special place,
my "Sacred Yarn Room".
I wish I could say that you've seen
all my "stuff" --
but, there is still
lots more! 
(we will save that for next time!!)
This place is
where I "work my magic", 
the place where I find my peace
and contentment...
the place where all my little
treasures are to be found...
and it is the place
(well, I'm actually still
looking for some of them...!)

here's the story...
like most knitters, 
I began my knitting career making
 simple square things...
but,over time,
as my yarn obsession continued to grow 
and grow...
(I am completely in love with beautiful yarns)
my desire to create using my tangles and knots,
my beautiful yarns, and all my
embellishments and trims...
led to this... 
quite simply,
I make nests.
All kinds of nests...
lots, and lots of nests...

(you can read about my nests here on my blog,
you can see them on my Pintrest page,
(link on my sidebar)
and you are welcome to email me...

...because we are all craft lovers here,
in one form or another...
I would like to invite you all to participate, if you wish
in my latest charitable project...
"The Kindness Quilt" project.
you can read about the project 

and lastly, 
I would like to thank dear,beautiful Karen,
for once again, 
graciously hosting this amazing
gathering for those of us who love to
there is no one who is as helpful
to those of us who blog
 as Karen. 
She is consistently my "go to" person
when I need help with
 blogging issues. 
she always throws
the very best