Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The "Shabby Nests" evolve~

"After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion.  And after ten years, throw it away and start all over again."
~ Alfred Edward Perlman, New York Times, July 1958

Every winter these little "Shabby Chic" nests 
are brought to life here in my
Sacred Yarn Room

while the concept remains the same --
the nests never are~

perhaps I dig a little deeper into the trunk
containing my Mother's collection
of vintage laces and trims~

perhaps I'll add some vintage
treasures that were purchased at my trips to the flea market
this past summer~

every artist knows that when you create--
you do it from your soul --
in the moment--
not by a set pattern
or directions

 every year,
my nests seem to change just a little~

when I look at them collectively,
(one from each year--)
I can see how over time that they have

to me--
they are the most beautiful this year,
than ever before

and yet~
there are still more beautiful laces and trims 
waiting to be brought to life 
my Mother's collection of laces and trims 
is an amazing legacy that
I am sharing with you 
these little nests.  

I know already that next year's nests
will be both beautiful and unique
in their own special way -- 
they will be different
somehow, someway~

the "Shabby Chic" nests
are not a part of my Designer nests collection.
(those designs are never repeated)
these Shabby nests are made every winter
for those who are on the current
 waiting list.
the "Woodland" nests are also made
every winter.
~~In fairness to the beautiful 
"Woodland" nest --
that nest will have it's very own 
special post later this

 You can read more info about the
"Shabby Chic" nest by
clicking on the "Nesting Updates" icon on my

(you may also email me for additional information)


In my next post -- I'll share with you a little variation of the Shabby Chic nest --
the beautiful "Shabby Treasure " nest~~ 

Just keepin' it real~
I can't stand this winter anymore.  If it snows one more time I think I may just go crazy here in this house!  If I could be here at home all day and watch the beautiful snow falling without having to worry about getting back and forth to work -- that would be wonderful.  I could totally get into a snow covered winter -- but the reality of things is that I have to leave for work at 5:30 am -- and the roads can be miserable at that hour.
 I need Spring. 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Itty Bitty Clothes

Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
     little itty bitty clothes~

little whimpers, little cries,
darling little sparkling eyes~

precious little fingers that reach out
for tomorrow~
always staying near to your

a whole new meaning of love
to explore~

one of the most beautiful
miracles of

a little "vintage inspired" coat~
(a baby gift for one of my friends at work)

a winter white blanket
 for the babe~

a little chenille bunny
for when those tiny fingers
begin to explore~
you can find the pattern for Bunny Blanket Buddy here

and a little beaded hat
to match the coat!

~a little wintery ensemble
that I began knitting in the early

Pattern details
a whispery soft pale pink wrap blanket --
I used a size 11 needle
(cast on 60 stitches and knitted in stockinette)
the "vintage inspired" coat--
Churchmouse Wee Ones

(I added a little standup collar and a few rows
 of 2x2 ribstitch around the sleeves)
Yarn details for the coat~
Fiesta Yarns - La Boheme
(I did some midnight shopping in my yarn stash
and this was my selection)
I wanted something that had a lot of texture for this style of coat.
This yarn is double stranded, with one strand being a soft kid mohair,
making this coat so soft and lovely.
I also loved the beautiful vibrant pink color of the yarn.
And -- it was in my stash --so once again---
I am stash busting! 
Woo Hoo!

The little pocket was made from a vintage handkerchief
that I purchased at the flea market. 
The hanky was beautifully embroidered - so I cut the pocket from part of the embroidered section.
A bit of vintage lace was added along the top 
along with a little pink tulle flower and beaded leaf. 
Pattern details for the beaded hat
Tilli Tomas flurries baby beanie
Yarn - Tilli Tomas Flurries beaded yarn
(also from my stash!) 
(stash busting again!!)

the blanket --
one of my favorite patterns by Jared Flood
Wool Leaves

yarn details for the blanket
(one of my Hobby Lobby favorites!)
(its friendly on your pocketbook, supersoft, and knits up beautifully)

Just Keepin' it Real~
I have finished my winter nesting -- I actually finished early!  All of the Woodland nests and the Shabby Chic nests have been delivered to their new homes.  This winter the little nests traveled to Europe, Australia, and Indonesia, in addition to parts of the US and Canada. Those nests are more traveled than me!

Next in line~~
Your Vintage Spring nests -- the next in my Designer series -- are already started and moving right along --for those of you on that reserved waiting list --- you won't be disappointed!

I've been watching some great television while I'm working on all of those nests~ I've loved watching these period drama series productions- Bomb Girls, Heat of the Sun, and

My sweet husband bought me a Kindle Fire HDX ( love, love, love!!) (the Kindle and the guy!!)-- so I've enjoyed downloading and watching Downton Abby on there.  I've also loved the free books that are available with the Amazon Prime membership.  Most recently I enjoyed reading--
 She Wore Only White.

Right now  I'm reading -- The Island.

 Not too many dull moments here in the Sacred Yarn Room!  The nests are constantly changing as they evolve in the making each year.  Up next -- I'll share with you the beautiful new look for this year's Shabby Chic nests.

Can I just say this~~ I am so sick of this winter!  ENOUGH already!!!! 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Prayerful Stitches

Every stitch a prayer~

a dear and precious friend 
fighting for his life~

a wife who carries the weight
of worry and the unknown
on her shoulders~

~anxious hearts filled with prayers
for this dear husband, father, grandfather,

comfort for my dear girlfriend
as she braves herself for her husband's
battle against this mighty

a bit of warmth against
the bitter winds of winter--
and worry~

no names spoken--
God knows~

yarn details~
(I loved this yarn -- maybe as much or more than any yarn I have ever knitted with --but the downside to the yarn is that it is rather costly.
The yarn is discounted, however, when you order from
this website.)
this yarn is light as a feather -- I used 8 skeins and when the wrap was finished
it was light as air -- but SO incredibly warm
if you have travel plans and need to pack lightly --
THIS is the yarn to travel with - 
it weighs NOTHING!

pattern details~
you can find the free pattern here

Knitting prayers of 
hope and comfort and faith
into every stitch~

hours and hours of quiet, contemplative knitting--
every second, every stitch
filled with prayers
 for our dear friend
and his family

"because he bends 
down to listen,
I will pray as long as I have
Psalms 116:2
(new living translation)

my Mother's Bible
 is tattered and worn--
but the words inside are ever  
constant, strong and true~

your prayers for our dear, dear friend
are requested and so very 

my heartfelt gratitude to you all
who sent emails to me filled with appreciation for my 
recent Grow Your Blog party.
I received literally hundreds of emails, and
I just could not possibly answer them all.
Please do not feel slighted if I did not answer your email --
in most cases (when I am not so overwhelmed) I DO answer every single email
that I receive. 
Now that things have slowed down a bit --
if you wish me to email you regarding a concern or question --
please send me an email me again.
I promise to answer you.

To those of  you who left comments and emails
asking to be added in after the party had started --
I am so sorry, but I just could not do that.
I spent hours and hours adding in blogs to meet the deadline --
over 600 blogs,
and at some point, I just had to be finished. 
I hope you understand.
Please watch my blog sometime in the late fall,
most likely October,
when I will start to talk about next year's party details.
If you are looking for the 
Grow Your Blog party post --
you can find it here.