Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The "Shabby Nests" evolve~

"After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion.  And after ten years, throw it away and start all over again."
~ Alfred Edward Perlman, New York Times, July 1958

Every winter these little "Shabby Chic" nests 
are brought to life here in my
Sacred Yarn Room

while the concept remains the same --
the nests never are~

perhaps I dig a little deeper into the trunk
containing my Mother's collection
of vintage laces and trims~

perhaps I'll add some vintage
treasures that were purchased at my trips to the flea market
this past summer~

every artist knows that when you create--
you do it from your soul --
in the moment--
not by a set pattern
or directions

 every year,
my nests seem to change just a little~

when I look at them collectively,
(one from each year--)
I can see how over time that they have

to me--
they are the most beautiful this year,
than ever before

and yet~
there are still more beautiful laces and trims 
waiting to be brought to life 
my Mother's collection of laces and trims 
is an amazing legacy that
I am sharing with you 
these little nests.  

I know already that next year's nests
will be both beautiful and unique
in their own special way -- 
they will be different
somehow, someway~

the "Shabby Chic" nests
are not a part of my Designer nests collection.
(those designs are never repeated)
these Shabby nests are made every winter
for those who are on the current
 waiting list.
the "Woodland" nests are also made
every winter.
~~In fairness to the beautiful 
"Woodland" nest --
that nest will have it's very own 
special post later this

 You can read more info about the
"Shabby Chic" nest by
clicking on the "Nesting Updates" icon on my

(you may also email me for additional information)


In my next post -- I'll share with you a little variation of the Shabby Chic nest --
the beautiful "Shabby Treasure " nest~~ 

Just keepin' it real~
I can't stand this winter anymore.  If it snows one more time I think I may just go crazy here in this house!  If I could be here at home all day and watch the beautiful snow falling without having to worry about getting back and forth to work -- that would be wonderful.  I could totally get into a snow covered winter -- but the reality of things is that I have to leave for work at 5:30 am -- and the roads can be miserable at that hour.
 I need Spring. 



NanaDiana said...

Vicki- I had never seen anything like these before last year when I stumbled across your blog. You do the most amazing things with those nests. They are just phenomenal pieces of art. What a great way to add a bit of beauty by using your Mom's lace collection. Gorgeous!!! xo Diana

Farm Gate Creations said...

It certainly is a very luxurious nest.

Lorraine said...

My nest is even more special now knowing some of your Mom's laces and treasures may have been included. Look forward to hearing about the vintage treasure nest - sounds fabulous. I so remember rising so early when I nursed. Driving the roads at that time when so few are out and about and after a snowfall - can imagine it would be unpleasant to say the least. Stay safe and warm!

Donna said...

Yet another genius nest vision that you have dreamt up! This one is springy! I agree about winter. But I think spring is not far away. It's GOT to come.

Think of you often.....

Sue Kosec said...

Girlfriend ... you are a genius!!!

Again, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of these beautiful creations.

And "beautiful" they certainly are!!!


Karen B. said...

Oh my gosh Hunny,
the nest is so lovely!! I know I already have one buy maybe I need another one like the Shabby Treasure nest!?
I am already excited for my Vintage spring Nest!!
I love, love, love your nests so much!
I hug you dear friend.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Deb said...

Your nests are so beautiful; so unique. I can imagine they would be fun to create. I'm with you when it comes to being fed up with winter. I have to be on the roads, too and I am so sick of the snow and ice. More coming down as I type this. 20 more days 'til Spring. Deb

Wilma said...

Hello Vicki,

This post is so wonderful. I love the Shabby Nest !! It is so gorgeous, wished to be a little bird...:) sitting in there so quietly, watching you creating all your beautiful works of art.
The pictures are great, love the background too !
Do hope for you it will be Spring very soon :).

Hugs and Blessings to you,
Wilma, Shabby Royale.

Jackie said...

What a cozy and beautiful little nest indeed!! Please be carefule out there and spring will be upon us in no time!!

maggiegracecreates said...

I adore my nest. I put it on the mantle and find myself (under the pretense of fluffing) touching it often. Turning it to seen a new bit of the luxury. I love all of the laces and yarns and ribbons and trims. Just stunning.

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Vicki, I totally understand having to get out of the house to drive to work-that is one thing I am most greatful for now that I am retired-I had to drive 37 miles each way on rural roads in northern Illinois-and some years it was a nightmare for me-so I totally understand-hugs
Your nests are just so special

Julie said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Tanya said...

Heavy SIGH...just gorgeous! Stay warm, my friend...I'm sure you are, if you are locked up in that house! Spring is on its way - I promise. XOXO

Unknown said...

I LOVE this section
"every artist knows that when you create--
you do it from your soul --
in the moment--
not by a set pattern
or directions"! So lovely! Praying for Spring for hard to wake up so very early, leave in the dark and freezing cold...xoxo Jen

Dorthe said...

Dearest Vicki,-your nest this year, is the most adorable and beautiful beautiful, so soft and just fabolous.
Dear ,take care and drive safe ....I send you love and warm hugs.

Unknown said...

Magical, mystical, fantastical, ethereal! Chrissie x

Jan Thomason said...

SHABBY TREASURES NEST??? oh, my gosh, what a concept!! Love it! Want it!
Oh, wait, I love and want all of your nests:)

You are amazing, sweetness. God's gift in your hands turns out blessings for all who hold dear your nests. I love you! J.

Jan Thomason said...

Oh! and the vintage nest w/ your mom's vintage laces - of course I am in awe at your generosity and proud to be an owner of such a wonderful nest.
However, to be clear - all of your nests bless me - each in a different way.

xo, J.

A Scattering said...

Love the shabby chic nests and boy, am I hearing you on the winter whine! I can't imagine how long it will take for our snow to melt.......**sigh** This February has been just awful.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I'm right along side you on the Spring thing.
That nest is stunning! Beautiful work!

Createology said...

Your knitted nests are each beautiful and unique and treasured. Safe travels in your extreme snowy winter as we experience our "exceptional" drought. Mother Nature should share more equally. Knitted Nests Bliss Dear...

Mosaic Magpie said...

Don't look now but the forecast has us digging out of more snow! These nests with all the laces are beautiful. There is something about mixing all the white and cream colors together that produces such an elegant look. Your new nest with vintage treasures, sounds really neat and a good way to showcase family heirlooms. You are indeed the Queen Of Nests...often imitated but never duplicated!

Pom Pom said...

Lovely nests. Nest is a beautiful word.
I agree with you. I am tired of snow, too. I am tired of cold. Bring on the tulips.

Suztats said...

I want spring now, too! I've heard more storms are on the way for some in the U.S. so please be careful on your trips to and from work.
As always, your nests are delightful!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki, I'm in the middle of updating my blog and started by saying if my vote had been taken, February would have been kicked to the curb the first week! I am SO over February and I don't care if March comes in like a lion, at least it'll be one day closer to spring!
LOVE the nest, it's like angel speak.

Marlynne said...

How fun it must be to look back over your years of nests, reminiscing about each years creations! Oh yes, 5:30 am is bad in any weather, but with snow and ice a double Boo!

fairyrocks said...

Oh, I do so love a good discovery of treasures. The things you do are wonderful. Keep smiling and creating.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear Vicki, I sure wish I could send you some warmth and sunshine from my corner of the world. We just returned from Sri Lanka where it is a balmy 32 C all year long. A bit humid, but still enjoyable to get out and walk and see the sights that we never tire of no matter how many times we go back. I love that you are putting your mom's vintage trims to such good use. Your nests are absolutely incredible. As are you! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Beedeebabee said...

Vicki...Every nest you make is so beautiful, so special. They truly are little treasures, knitted beauties created from the heart. I just CHERISH mine!!! xoxo

Eugenia Maru said...

Lindos nidos, son tu especialidad, nadie los hace como tú.
Un abrazo

Jim said...

Vicki, these are adorable and it just hit me! I bet you were the most creative child at home and at school. And look! You are living out and expanding on all those childhood creative fantasies.

DreamChallenge said...

Vicki, I have read this post over and over. The words reach out to me and the pictures are beautiful. I am thinking about Moms treasurers and how to give each grandchild something to treasure but have no decisions yet. Thank you for your inspiration. Jan

Betsy said...

Vicki, I love the beeds with the gold thread, they look just like leaves in your nest! They are all so gorgeous, everything you create is gorgeous! They must contain a piece of your heart in them, I know my creations are given with a 'heartstring' attached!