Saturday, October 12, 2019

A new "Breast Cancer Awareness Nest"...

the month of pumpkins, acorns, scary costumes,"trick or treat".... and all things orange.
And also PINK.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month...
and no one in our family needs even this as a
We will never forget 
our beautiful Alicia and her warrior strength
as she fought this demon disease.
She left behind a legacy
of strength and faith for everyone
who loved her. 

 In memory of Alicia...
I am creating a new
Breast Cancer Awareness nest.
 The second design in this series,
this nest will be beautiful and special above
all others...  

 The "Alicia nest"...
will debut NEXT October with very
limited availability.
Once the waiting list is full,
it will be closed.
There will not be extra nests
to sell ...
these will be on a reserved basis

 In Alicia's memory,
the charitable proceeds from the sale
of this nest
will be donated to her favorite 
Breast Cancer Awareness charity...

 It has taken me until now
 to be able to do this...
the creation of this nest
has been my "elephant in the room"
 for the 
last few years.
Because of her brave battle...
it had been my plan to make
another Breast Cancer Awareness nest
to honor Alicia...
but now,
 this nest will be
created in her memory.
The "Alicia nest" will truly be a labor of love
and one that is filled with 
deep emotions.

As always, I can't do this alone..
My best friend Mary, will be helping me..
(we are an awesome team!)
We will also be supported
by other talented artisans who will
be joining in the collaboration
of this very special project...
Karen Bailey (Todolwen)
I've been collecting BEAUTIFUL items for this nest
for several years...
(vintage and unique)
knowing all the while that someday 
I would make this nest.
Sadly, I just did not ever expect that it
would be in her memory...

You may email me to be 
placed on the waiting list...

The absolutely beautiful and special
"Alicia nest"
will be available in
October NEXT year,

A note....
Finally, I am retired!! We are so gloriously happy, we are traveling, spending time with our grandchildren, playing in the garden, (retirement has been good for my flowers!!... lol). And of course, my chickens are happy to have me home also!

I've been posting lots of photos on instagram....(It's SO easy you guys). For those of you who do have IG accounts, you can find me there at "2 Bags Full". 

I will be back again in a few weeks with some lovely creations for the approaching winter season. (Try as I might, I just can't hang onto summer much longer...)

Thank you to everyone who still visits me here...