Sunday, April 28, 2019

Introducing the Woodland Spring nest...

Just in time for Spring's much anticipated arrival...
Introducing my beautiful "new" Woodland Spring nest...

After an extended absence from creativity...
I'm so excited to finally bring you a new nest design.
A fresh and updated look to the long standing favorite
Woodland Nest..
the true essence of Spring. 

 to celebrate my return to "nesting"...
the Woodland nest is getting a "redo!"
A glittered gold leaf vine
encircles the nest.
Accents of vintage glass woodland flowers,
vintage silk millinery,
and a tiny fairy nest with eggs
are all part of this new 

Only 15 of these beautiful nests
were created.
When I announced that after a long absence, 
I was returning to
my "nesting"...
with a "new version of this old favorite"...
the waiting list was filled within a few hours time.
Honestly, I never dreamed that my nests
 would be so loved. 

All of these nests are currently RESERVED,
except for ONE!!!.
there  is ONLY ONE extra nest available
 for sale at this moment.
That nest is listed in my ETSY shop
Those of you on the waiting list
will find your nest listed in my ETSY shop
with your name in the listing.
(click on the link above to be directed to my ETSY shop)
For those who may be interested..
NEXT year's waiting list is currently available.

Some particulars about the nest..
Each nest measures approximately
 5 1/2 inches in diameter 
and is about 4 1/2 inches tall.
These nests are for home decor use only
and are not suitable for outside use.

this Woodland nest design
is created every spring.
This is the ONLY nest design
that is ever
(nests in my Designer series are not ever repeated.)
 Expect another updated new design 
for this nest next Spring. 
The waiting list is now open
and you may email me if you are interested
in a placement on the list.

 Many times I am asked
if someone may share my photos of the nests...
I want you to know that you may do so 
with my blessing.
You do not need to email me to 
ask for permission. 
You are more than welcome to share
my nest photos on any social media outlet,
including your own personal blogs.

Presentation is everything...
Your nest will arrive
beautifully wrapped in tissue paper 
designed by my talented friend Sue Kosec. 
(you can access her blog by clicking her name)
Tied onto every package
 will be one of Sue's amazing bird designs. 
Sue's tissue, tags, and birds 
are very much a part of what makes each nest
so special when it arrives at your home.

Working with my yarns again
has been exhilarating.
I am so grateful that you have welcomed
me back into this amazing community
of talented artists.
That you continue to love and support
my nest creations 
is so humbling.
Thank you from the bottom
of my heart...

Another new nest is coming!! 
A new design in my charitable Designer series will debut in June.
As promised...(way too long ago)...a Patriotic theme nest is now in the works.  The Freebird nest will debut in mid June...(so that you can display the nest during your summer celebrations). 
I'll have more info about that nest in my next blog post...
but for now, that waiting list is now open and available. 
I will make approximately 25 nests, (half of which have already been reserved.) 

Remember that my Designer series nests are never repeated. Once that design sells out, it is gone forever. The proceeds from the sale of that nest will be donated to charity..(more about that later, also.)  I'll be back in a few weeks with more info about that nest.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Woodland Spring nest... coming soon

Coming soon...

Those of you on the waiting list will be hearing from me within the next few weeks. This nest is absolutely stunning... the most beautiful Woodland nest yet. I'm so excited for you to see it!
Coming soon....