Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Appalachian Christmas...

Appalachia is not just a place ... it is a heritage. A heritage that defines a people and their way of life.  Living in Appalachia is to live among places of incredible beauty, vast open spaces surrounded by mountains and hills, valleys that ring with the history of those who first came to this country and settled here to make their homes and raise their families.  We recently visited the amazing and beautiful Museum of Appalachia during their special holiday season.  The pioneer settlement there was all decked out and decorated just as our great great grandparents would have done all those many years ago.  My holiday gift to you is to share some of these holiday photos of our wonderful day at this incredible place...

 the pioneer settlement 
at the museum consists of more than
30 cabins...
each of them were a picture postcard
of holidays
 in years gone by...

follow us along as we tour the cabins
and wonder at the simple but beautiful
holiday decorations...

loved the display of 
vintage toys..

loved this wreath
hung on the outside of one of the cabins...

this photo would
make a beautiful Christmas card...

simple, beautiful, elegant... 

 loved the nature
holiday decorations of this

you just know 
that my heart beat faster
when I saw this little bird nest 
in the holiday

 such a beautiful mantle display...

the settlement at the museum
includes a historic 
old church..

there is also an old 

how beautiful is this
tree decorated
with children's handmade

the schoolhouse diaplay
was one ofour

in addition to the pioneer settlement,
the Museum of Appalachia
also has 2 amazing
 exhibition display rooms.
this pretty kitty
 followed me around inside the
display areas--
he was my little tour guide!

My Christmas wish for you is to enjoy peace and love this holiday season... may you feel the joy in your home that you have shared with me throughout this past year.  This is a joyous season to take a step back from our busy lives and enjoy time with our loved ones. Best wishes to you and yours...

ps -- I'm taking a little break from my blog as I work frantically to complete the last little details on the newest nest design.  Those of you on the waiting list for the "Snowbird " nest will be hearing from me soon.  30 little winter nests are almost ready to fly out the door soon!  I'll be back to share photos when they are completed.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Josephine's Children making crafts...

Josephine has shared some photos of the children making and using the craft items that you all so graciously donated and sent to them. We have had a difficult time getting these photos because Josephine's computer has not been working correctly.  I am so happy to finally be able to share photos of the children as they work on their crafts...

  earrings made with fabric yo-yo's

 a little vest made with yarns..

 this has been such an incredible project
for these children..

 so many wonderful crafting items
for them to use and enjoy..

 a beautiful necklace and earrings

 I'm loving this fashionable clutch bag --
so creative!

 the children are elated to be able to enjoy all the 
wonderful items that were donated
by so many of you..

working with the yarns..

 how fun it this!!
so many lovely yarns and threads..

 craft papers..
if Josephine is able to share more photos,
I will post them..

 sharing a few more photos
of the children enjoying their new
back packs..

 As the holidays approach and this season of giving begins,.... 
I just want to thank you all again for your incredible generosity and caring towards these beautiful children.  Their lives have been enriched and touched by your love and thoughtful donations.
On their behalf I want to say how very much that your gifts have been appreciated.  You guys totally rocked this project to  unprecedented expectations ---
 thank you from the bottom of my heart.