Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two Pink Hats...

Busy, busy, busy... I've been working hard to finish some special commission projects.  There have been several items on my project list nearing completion-- I'm finally checking them off and sending them on to happy homes.  These pretty little hats were among my favorites...

 don't be mislead
by what looks like a sunny day here...
these photos were taken
on a rare day a few weeks ago when the sun was out 
for about 2 hours in the afternoon...
 the embroidery and beadwork
on these hats is especially
 one of my cherished possessions
is this old painter's ladder...
the old chippy paint
stains are my
every little flower
is accented with bead work...
 the leaves and vines
are also accented with beading...

this has been such a long and gray winter,
just being outside in the sunshine
 to take these photos
was sheer bliss!

this old ladder belonged
to my husband's
favorite Uncle...
it was great fun to drag it out
for these pictures..

these hats were some
of my most favorite so far...

the yarns are so 

so there you have it...
the tale of two pink hats...

Notes from me...
I'm on a serious countdown to Spring.  Cannot stand one more reminder of winter here at my house.  I have taken down all the winter decorations on the front porch and replaced them with a spring wreath and some spring flower decorations. 
 I. AM. Done. With. Winter.
 of course,
the weather is calling for snow showers
the next several days...
(guess the joke is on me!) 
The details are being finalized for my next charitable blog project.You will all be invited to participate... I think you will love this one!  I'll be posting more about this project sometime in early April.

I've been on a little reading binge --- loving our subscription to Kindle Unlimited.  My latest great reads are...

Thanks so much for your visits, comments, and emails.  I have tried to visit everyone who left a comment on my last post.  I treasure your visits and thoughts,....
I'll be back soon with another one of my finished projects.

ps -- if you are on my Nesting list, you will be hearing from me soon.  Those little spring nests are in the works now...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sophie's knitted "Frozen" dress...

This little dress was created for beautiful Sophie, the daughter of a friend. She wanted a special dress to use in their family holiday photos. I'm way late in sharing these photos,( that's just the way my life is rolling right now.)  But I think you will agree, Sophie is a little doll wearing this dress...

 what little girl
doesn't want her own little

 (these photo's of Sophie are used with her Mother's permission)

this little dress
was knitted in a size 4
with modifications for added length
 my photos were taken
at the home of Sophie's grandmother
using a vintage
1967 International truck
as backdrop...
(serious vintage rusty truck love!!)
 the neckline was embellished
with beads and a little snowflake...
 a little "photo-bombing"
by the kitties...

loving the rust on this old truck!

the dress was accented with beaded
fabric patches...

tiny snowflake accents
were randomly sewn onto the dress...

some of the patches
were made from old flannel shirts...

a little I-cord belt
finishes the dress and gathers up
the fullness...

modifications were made to the pattern
allowing for larger armholes and neckline
so that Sophie could wear a little blouse
underneath the dress...

extra length was added
so that Sophie could wear the dress with 
her leggings and boots...
(I added about 6 inches to the knitted length) 
 tiny crystals were sewn on to each
 little snowflake..
 yarns used...
the light purple yarn used for the bodice
and accent stripes is
Debbie Bliss cashmerino 
 the other yarns
are a variety of washable cottons
from my stash...
 the dress was adapted
from a pattern in the book
(with modifications as noted above) 
 oh to have a sunny day
to bask in the warmth of the sun....
(I'm growing so tired of winter!!) 

Some updates...
With the recent amazing success of our Josephine's children charitable project, and before that.... the Pink Scarf project-- many of you have written to ask me what's next. I never really have a plan, as you know, I just wait for something of quality and compassion to present itself.  And something has....

In the next few weeks, I will be posting about another wonderful charitable project that will appeal to all of you.  An opportunity to use your talents to show compassion to someone in need of a little bit of love. If you can sew,knit,crochet,quilt,paint,.... or if you can raid your craft stash, then you will want to watch for this posting! And of course.... I will have some lovely gifts to share with you as well. Truly it will be an amazing opportunity for everyone to show some love...

just in case you missed my
lovely yarn giveaway...
you can find it here.
You have until March 1 to enter.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sharing some YARN LOVE.... a lovely giveaway for you

February is the month of love...
sweetheart love, family love,... and for me, yarn love...

 the wonderful and talented 
ladies at Tink yarn
make beautiful, beautiful yarns...
(click on the link above to be directed to their website)

Ashley, Terri,and Laci 
have taken their love of knitting and yarns
to the next level...
creating their very own 
yarn dying company...

these sweet ladies have shared some of their
gorgeous yarns with me
so that I could tell
 how wonderful they really are... 

these are the softest yarns
that I have ever held between
my fingers...
the colors are blended just perfectly,
this yarn is to die for!

 I think that I have just found
my new favorite yarn...
 last week,
 we were in the midst of a blizzard~
more than 15 inches of snow
covered our world in a blanket
of white... 

so of course..
I grabbed my beautiful yarns
and went out into the middle of it all
to take these photos...
(doesn't everyone photograph yarn
in the middle of a blizzard?)
 because I love this yarn SO much...
I am going to giveaway two beautiful skeins
of this yarn to one of you...
(please note, that the yarn in the photos is my yarn...
yours will be just as lovely,
you will LOVE it!
To enter..
simply leave a comment here
 on my blog.
(as always, my giveaways are open to all my readers,
regardless of where you live 
in this big wide world...)
For another chance to win...
please share this post 
or link to it on your own blog, Facebook, or Instagram page.
then come back here and leave another comment
 telling me that you have done so..
the winner will be announced HERE on
this page on March 1,2016.

the winner of the yarn giveaway is
Lesley Anne 
from the blog Plum Hollow 
this contest is now CLOSED

perhaps you would like
to purchase some of these beautiful yarns
for yourself...
you may use this discount code--
for a 15% discount 
when you make your purchase. 
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February is upon us...
the shortest month of the year.  I always feel that once February is here, we are closer to March, and that March brings us closer to spring. Its that little trick that I do that makes me think that winter is almost over...
I've been doing lots of knitting, (of course!) and will have some new projects to share soon. I have watched some great shows while I am clicking away at my needles....
 Downton Abbey, of course...(I'm so sad that it is ending)
Anzac Girls (have you seen it?  I thought it was wonderful!!)
Call the Midwife...(I am so behind on this one, and loving every minute of it!)
Some books that I recently finished and loved...
Circling the Sun, Along the Infinte Sea, and the Milliner's Secret.
 All were wonderful books that I could hardly put down -- perhaps you will love them too... 
For those of us still in the midst of winter... hang on just a bit longer...spring will be here soon! 

I'll be sharing some of these photos
later today on my Instagram page
"2 BagsFull"...
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