Monday, April 8, 2013

The Shabby Chic nests ~ (their story)

My Mother's Bible is old and tattered.
   The pages yellowed and loose from their bindings~

Her precious collection of vintage laces sat here in my
 Sacred Yarn room for years ---

silently calling to me~

until finally~
I had the courage to listen.

Filled with laces from my Mother's collection-
the Shabby Chic nests
  are now more beautiful
 than ever before.

them sitting on my Mother's Bible,
 just seemed fitting.

To make them even more special~
I'm adding your very own personal treasures.
your grandmother's pearls,
tiny lockets,
pieces of a wedding dress,
ribbons from christening gowns,
your Father's handkerchief,
pieces of a treasured prayer cloth,
laces from your own collections,...

For weeks now,
tiny packages have been arriving here to me~
filled with precious memories
 from Your past and present--

This note made my heart stop~
a stark realization that life is fragile,
there are no promises.
We should tell the people we love --
that we LOVE them.
(I am sharing this photo with the permission
 of a very special lady).
Bringing these nests to life
with your own precious treasures
has brought me the greatest

My own collection of vintage embellishments
made a lovely photo~
pearl necklaces, beaded garland, millinery branches,
and feathers.
(I'm adding these embellishments and
lots of beautiful wispy,
 white feathers~)

I've been steadily working on nests since December.
First -- I made all of the Woodland nests.
And then -- we traveled to warm places (sigh~)
(photos coming soon - I promise!)
Since I have been home
I have dedicated long hours to creating these
Shabby Chic nests for those of you
on the waiting list.
If you would like info about NEXT year's waiting list --
you are welcome to email me~

Of course, Yeller Feller is helping me in the usual way~
My goal is to have the Shabby Chic nests finished by
early June.
Those of you still on the list
will be hearing from me

Some updates~

Your generosity and participation in the
continues to amaze me!
When we returned from our cruise to warm places,
these packages
(containing 24 scarves!!)
were waiting on me!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
To date~ the Pink Scarf Project
has collected over
 100 scarves!!!
~~ If you would like info
about the project --
the photo link is on the top of my sidebar
or the link noted above.
(I am already working on the beautiful spring photo shoot for the scarves!)
It is going to be amazingly beautiful!
I'm getting SO excited to share the scarves with you all! 
All scarves received from this notice on --
 will be photographed in the
photo shoot.
(I'm thinking they might take a trip to the seashore!!) 

A bit of news~
Here I go again-- off on another little blogging break.  For real this time!!
I will return on May 7 --(set your clocks for 2 pm EST) --
Visit me here for a beautiful post featuring my collection of Vintage Millinery -- and a little preview of something new!!~
You are always welcome to email me at any time.  And, can I just say this to you all~~ I love you.

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