Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project - "Early Fall Edition"

Autumn at Shaker Village has just begun.  The first of the golden leaves are dancing across the avenue of trees, swirling in the breeze, caught by the last of the warm summer winds~

Your pink scarf donations
traveled with me (and some friends)
to Pleasant Hill, KY
where they were photographed
at Shaker Village
and the surrounding area. 
Set against backdrops 
of handmade stone walls,
historic buildings,
and those iconic white picket fences~
Your donations were
beautifully photographed
in this quaint
early 1800's
historical village.

Donated by Patricia Eaton
Photographed at the 
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
(located just before the entrance to Shaker Village)

Donated by Paulette Racanelli
(all photos shown in the rest of this post)
are taken on the grounds of
Shaker Village

Donated by Diane Meredith
Shaker Village is home to the sweetest kitties.
We tried to include them in photos whenever 
we could.
This little cutie never moved the entire time
we were taking the photos.
He just laid there and watched us. 
As you travel around the Village-
there are signs of "kitty love"

Donated by Julie Thompson

Donated by Valerie Powery

Donated by Brenda Banks Strange

Donated by Liz Waring

Donated by Janice Phelps Williams
"Applachian Morning"

 Donated by Terry Lummer
"Sharing Divine Inspiration"

Donated by Janet Yost

This little lady and the gentleman in the above photo
were the sweetest people you could ever meet~ 
They made us all feel so welcome in the Village.
Each of them recanted their own 
personal connections
 to Breast Cancer.
Co-workers at the village were Breast Cancer survivors.
His wife is a Breast Cancer survivor.  
They were so excited to play a small part in this little project
and it was truly a pleasure to meet them both.

 Donated by Susan Cook

Donated by Marilou Bain
My "Fay" my friend~ was my best friend in the whole world except for my husband who I was blessed to have in my life for 20 wonderful years, leaving behind 4 children at the age of 40. Fay left at 55:) we had a friendship of 25 yrs and our children played together, grew up together. She lived just down the street. I stayed with her until she took her last breathe as her husband left 3 yrs earlier and she needed me. I will say these losses shaped me, forever changed me and gave me a different outlook on life. I cherish easy day, having love and compassion for my fellow human beings along the way. 

Donated by Dee Dee Johnson
"Dee Dee's Craftspot" 

Donated by Esme
"Chocolate and Croissants"

Donated by Lu Berber
"Romance of Roses"
(created by Cheyenne Brown)
a talented knitter at 16 years old!

Donated by Mary Lynn Goode

We are almost a full year into this "Pink Scarf Project". 
 The deadline for contributions (October 5)
 is approaching 
Tonight -- I carried 15 boxes/packages in from the mail.
I am overwhelmed
both emotionally and physically.  
That you all could be so generous
 and consistently support this project 
over the course of this past year
is almost unimaginable.
Packages have arrived weekly
all year long.
Sometimes, every day.
Please allow me a bit of extra time
to respond to each of you who have 
recently mailed packages. 
Packages are arriving quicker
than I can catalog
the scarves and contact the
I want to let each and everyone of you know
that your package has arrived
and that I am so very grateful
 for your contribution. 
I just need a bit of

(from left to right)
Eloise, Marsha, Deb, me

It was SO much fun to make this trip to Shaker Village with my friends! The highlight of this trip was my opportunity to meet one of my dearest blogging friends - Deb Hembree. 
Deb is so beautiful and talented -- she has generously contributed her amazing creations to so many of my Designer nests -- including the soon to be previewed Breast Cancer Awareness nest.
You can find Deb at her blog Mosaic Magpie. 
We all had the most wonderful time together, touring the village
and photographing the scarves.
I simply could not have undertaken this huge
project of taking all the photos
without the help of my 
(It's a job - believe me!!)

Keepin' it real~ 

This photo made me laugh out loud!
(we look like a bunch of "bag ladies")
Look at all the Vera Bradley bags--
we loaded them up with all of your scarves
and carried them all over the Village!!
(We attracted lots of attention
believe me!)

Kitty Love~

Some updates~
The Breast Cancer Awareness nests are completed!  They will debut on my blog on October 12. I'm so anxious for you to see the photos and to read their stories. If you are on the waiting list for the nests~ I will be contacting you shortly before the 12th. (Or -- you can email me if you wish.)

If there is time before the Nests debut, I'd like to give you a little tour around Shaker Village -- it's so peaceful and beautiful there. Will just have to wait and see - I'm so very busy cataloging all the scarves right now!  Those of you who wish to contribute but cannot make the October 5th deadline -- can still send your scarves. I am able to accept scarf donations throughout the month of October, but the last date for scarves to arrive and be photographed is October 5.  I'm making preparations now for the beautiful finale! 

It's been an amazing journey~
      YOU are amazing~

ps -- I'm afraid to even say out loud the "number" of where we are now in the scarf count. It seems surreal~
Stay tuned.  xoxo   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ode to the Gardener -- "Colorful Autumn"

Autumn begins with a subtle change in the light,
       the sky is a deeper blue.
                 When the sun is asleep,
                               the air is crisp and cool~

    Change is a measurement of time,
and in the Autumn,
 time seems to be on a fast forward

we find ourselves amongst
cool and foggy shadows.
The stunning afternoons of summer
will soon be gone.

Our garden
displays a colorful perspective
on this passage of time~

Already the days are noticeably shorter.
I leave for work in the morning darkness 
and return home
to early evening dark.
I hope you all find time
to savor the change of the seasons,
as each brings it's own
special beauty
to our lives.

Some updates~~

For those of you who followed me and my friend Marsha as we journeyed to the Blue Ridge Mountains to trace her Mother's footsteps -- sadly, I want to tell you that her Mother passed away last week.  So many of you left such moving comments relating to her parent's incredible love story in the most difficult of times.
~  Those of you who may wish to leave condolences for Marsha may do so here. Her Mother was able to read the blog post and relive those memories in conversations with Marsha before she passed away. Time spent with those you love is truly a precious and priceless gift.