Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project - "Early Fall Edition"

Autumn at Shaker Village has just begun.  The first of the golden leaves are dancing across the avenue of trees, swirling in the breeze, caught by the last of the warm summer winds~

Your pink scarf donations
traveled with me (and some friends)
to Pleasant Hill, KY
where they were photographed
at Shaker Village
and the surrounding area. 
Set against backdrops 
of handmade stone walls,
historic buildings,
and those iconic white picket fences~
Your donations were
beautifully photographed
in this quaint
early 1800's
historical village.

Donated by Patricia Eaton
Photographed at the 
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
(located just before the entrance to Shaker Village)

Donated by Paulette Racanelli
(all photos shown in the rest of this post)
are taken on the grounds of
Shaker Village

Donated by Diane Meredith
Shaker Village is home to the sweetest kitties.
We tried to include them in photos whenever 
we could.
This little cutie never moved the entire time
we were taking the photos.
He just laid there and watched us. 
As you travel around the Village-
there are signs of "kitty love"

Donated by Julie Thompson

Donated by Valerie Powery

Donated by Brenda Banks Strange

Donated by Liz Waring

Donated by Janice Phelps Williams
"Applachian Morning"

 Donated by Terry Lummer
"Sharing Divine Inspiration"

Donated by Janet Yost

This little lady and the gentleman in the above photo
were the sweetest people you could ever meet~ 
They made us all feel so welcome in the Village.
Each of them recanted their own 
personal connections
 to Breast Cancer.
Co-workers at the village were Breast Cancer survivors.
His wife is a Breast Cancer survivor.  
They were so excited to play a small part in this little project
and it was truly a pleasure to meet them both.

 Donated by Susan Cook

Donated by Marilou Bain
My "Fay" my friend~ was my best friend in the whole world except for my husband who I was blessed to have in my life for 20 wonderful years, leaving behind 4 children at the age of 40. Fay left at 55:) we had a friendship of 25 yrs and our children played together, grew up together. She lived just down the street. I stayed with her until she took her last breathe as her husband left 3 yrs earlier and she needed me. I will say these losses shaped me, forever changed me and gave me a different outlook on life. I cherish easy day, having love and compassion for my fellow human beings along the way. 

Donated by Dee Dee Johnson
"Dee Dee's Craftspot" 

Donated by Esme
"Chocolate and Croissants"

Donated by Lu Berber
"Romance of Roses"
(created by Cheyenne Brown)
a talented knitter at 16 years old!

Donated by Mary Lynn Goode

We are almost a full year into this "Pink Scarf Project". 
 The deadline for contributions (October 5)
 is approaching 
Tonight -- I carried 15 boxes/packages in from the mail.
I am overwhelmed
both emotionally and physically.  
That you all could be so generous
 and consistently support this project 
over the course of this past year
is almost unimaginable.
Packages have arrived weekly
all year long.
Sometimes, every day.
Please allow me a bit of extra time
to respond to each of you who have 
recently mailed packages. 
Packages are arriving quicker
than I can catalog
the scarves and contact the
I want to let each and everyone of you know
that your package has arrived
and that I am so very grateful
 for your contribution. 
I just need a bit of

(from left to right)
Eloise, Marsha, Deb, me

It was SO much fun to make this trip to Shaker Village with my friends! The highlight of this trip was my opportunity to meet one of my dearest blogging friends - Deb Hembree. 
Deb is so beautiful and talented -- she has generously contributed her amazing creations to so many of my Designer nests -- including the soon to be previewed Breast Cancer Awareness nest.
You can find Deb at her blog Mosaic Magpie. 
We all had the most wonderful time together, touring the village
and photographing the scarves.
I simply could not have undertaken this huge
project of taking all the photos
without the help of my 
(It's a job - believe me!!)

Keepin' it real~ 

This photo made me laugh out loud!
(we look like a bunch of "bag ladies")
Look at all the Vera Bradley bags--
we loaded them up with all of your scarves
and carried them all over the Village!!
(We attracted lots of attention
believe me!)

Kitty Love~

Some updates~
The Breast Cancer Awareness nests are completed!  They will debut on my blog on October 12. I'm so anxious for you to see the photos and to read their stories. If you are on the waiting list for the nests~ I will be contacting you shortly before the 12th. (Or -- you can email me if you wish.)

If there is time before the Nests debut, I'd like to give you a little tour around Shaker Village -- it's so peaceful and beautiful there. Will just have to wait and see - I'm so very busy cataloging all the scarves right now!  Those of you who wish to contribute but cannot make the October 5th deadline -- can still send your scarves. I am able to accept scarf donations throughout the month of October, but the last date for scarves to arrive and be photographed is October 5.  I'm making preparations now for the beautiful finale! 

It's been an amazing journey~
      YOU are amazing~

ps -- I'm afraid to even say out loud the "number" of where we are now in the scarf count. It seems surreal~
Stay tuned.  xoxo   


Unknown said...

Vickie this is such a beautiful project you are working on I feel as if I know you from your photos on this blog and Deb is a blogger friend of mine too. Shakertown is so beautiful. Maybe you could come to Bardstown one day and photograph some of the scarves. There are some wonderful sights to be seen here. I have dedicated my blog this month to my only, beautiful sister who died at 32 of breast cancer.

Hindustanka said...

How wonderful to see all those scarves! What a rich donation!
You are fabulous ladies!
The cats are so peaceful looking..meow

Tanna said...

I LOVE it!! YOU are amazing making this whole Pink Scarf Project work. I love the fun you have had with your friends doing the photo shoots, too. So much love in all aspects of this project. I FINALLY got mine in the mail Monday! Yea!! Thank you for throwing the first stone of compassion so the ripples could flow... blessings ~ tanna

kathyinozarks said...

These posts are just so amazing and I can feel the love and I can feel all the work involved too from everyone.
Just want to give you a big big hug Kathy

Unknown said...

Wonderful - you are such a blessing. I love Shaker Village and hope to visit it again at some point - it's been years since I was there. Hope to send another scarf this weekend. Hugs!

Julie Marie said...

Absolutely beautiful dear Vicki... the scarves, the ladies, Shaker Village,the kitties, your words... everything... this is an amazing project you created and completed... and I am so very proud of you!... and all of the ladies who made it possible as well... I am sure you need a long rest you have worked so hard on everything... I know you must be tired... but a "good" tired feeling... I love you, xoxo Julie Marie


Hello Vicki,

WOW what a super wonderful photo shoot down at Shaker town.. Such absolutely gorgeous gorgeous creative scarfs everyone has donated.. I have enjoyed looking at them all and visiting the many sites you have shared..

I also have greatly Enjoyed seeing ALL you "Bag Ladies" together working as a team for such a wonderful cause..

Thanks for all your hard work and I know all those "Exquisite" Pink Scarfs will be gratefully accepted and will bring heaps of smiles to those who need them..

Hugs Judy

Irene Helms Designs said...

Absolutely wonderful project. And great photos!

maggiegracecreates said...

Vicki - this project is so wonderful. The love put into each scarf is a tribute to the people who have created them as well as the people they are in honor and memory of.

And you have done a beautiful job showcasing them.

I love Shaker Village. We are near Athens, Ga and used to frequently go to the UGA -KY football game. That trip always included a day at Shaker Village. It is wonderful to see those pictures and have those memories surface again.

Have a glorious day.

SuZeQ said...

Simply wonderful. That's all I can say. Vicki, you have grown this event into something simply wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

PS - did you see the four leaf clover in the picture with the kitty in the cornstalks? I did!


Mosaic Magpie said...

This was one of those days that becomes a treasured memory. The scarves that you photographed that day were truly gifts of love, each so beautiful. Speaking of photographing, you go all out to get these lovely shots....you should have posted the photos of you lying on the ground, standing on you head and all the other positions you get into for just the right photo. Truly an eye for detail and a caring heart went into that photo shoot.
It was such fun to spend the day with you and your(my new) friends...I think we should take Peggy up on her offer to visit Bardstown!
Sister, you are truly 1 in a million and I am honored to call you friend. Thank you for allowing me to be one small part of your works of love.

Julia said...

Oh WOW Vicki, the scarf project has snowballed. Too bad you can't photograph them on a snow woman. lol...

You have truly put your heart in this project. I'm just about done knitting mine for Yaya of Whispering Pines. My knitting has been very slow as I only have time to knit at night and I get so sleepy as soon as I start to knit for some reason.

I feel such gratitude for those who care for the women who are going through the trauma of breast cancer. They are special people.

Thanks so much for for sharing all those photos of donations with us. Women are such supporters of each other. I hope that some day, breast cancer can be eradicated for good.
Big Hugs from Canada


Jocelyn said...

Vicki these pictures are amazing!! It is so wonderful to see the beautiful scarves. Thanks for showing us the love that is being shared.

dreamchallenge said...

Such fun pictures and smiles. Even the black kitty is smiling with all the attention. This project is a true blessing and will continue to be for months to come. Bless you...jan

Shirley said...

Vicki, What can I say, but what an awesome job you and your friends have done. It is has been absolutely wonderful with seeing all of the beautiful pink scarves, and all the wonderful countryside where you have photographed them. It has taken me on wonderful journeys to places that I have never been. For that I thank you. I enjoyed your previous post of the flowers. Have a wonderful day. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Pat said...

Vicki, Thank you so very much for making the huge effort to make a difference in the world! You are just the best. Thanks, too, for photographing my donation in such beautiful surroundings...makes it all even more special. It was my pleasure to do 'a little bit' to help out. My best to you and all concerned...and the recipients also.
Much love to you....pat

Carol said...

Your pictures are always so amazing!!! I really enjoy following you on this journey of love and dedication. Hopefully I will make it to the post office today to mail my scarf.

Betty said...

Shakertown is a very special place, it looks so calm and homely. Congratulations on the huge results you have generated from this project. Betty

Sea Angels said...

Well I don't think you look like a bunch of bag ladies.. more like a bunch of Angels to me.Such joy and generosity, so much love and it gives so much meaning to life whether we are the givers or the receivers, we are all blessed by these wonderful beautiful creations.
Love Lynn xxx

Wildflowerhouse said...

Such a wonderful project and such a peaceful place to photograph all those gorgeous pieces. I giggled at your bag lady comment. I just love my Vera bag.Thank you again! Sharon

Sara Kate MacFarland said...

Vicki,you are the heart of this project.Without you there would be *no* project! I speak only for myself, but I have a feeling that others may feel the same way. You are amazing,taking time to make each scarf look so beautiful in the backgrounds you put together for them. It is an honor to participate in this worthy cause! Thank you for setting us all on a path that even you did not expect would touch so many lives.

Sherri said...

Vicki, I sent you my scarf today. I waited until today because my friend is having a double mastectomy today and in honor of her I sent my creation to you! I love this project.

The Shaker Village looks awesome! Keep on doing what you are doing my friend. HUGS and love!!


Marsha said...

The photos are wonderful--as usual! It was a beautiful day for our visit. Also, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during my mother's illness and recent passing. They were a comfort to me.....

SummersStudio said...

Stunningly beautiful in all the right ways. Not only are each and everyone of these scarves beautiful, the love behind them is incredible. You refer here to this as a 'little' project, but really to me this is an enormous out pouring of love and hugs. A huge project. As a survivor, I know that when I was going through chemo, I would have wrapped myself in anyone of these and felt comforted deep down in my soul knowing that someone out there cared enough to send me a hug.

SummersStudio said...

Stunningly beautiful! And not just the photography and setting. I am so touched by this out pouring of love from women who simply want to send a hug to another woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I know that when I was in chemo I would have loved to have been wrapped up in any one of these pink scarves, knowing that so much love went into it's making. Truly, this is not a 'little' project as you say it. It's enormous and soul inspiring.

marda said...

Again the pictures and setting are just beautiful. I'm thrilled for you and the success of this project. The work you yourself have put into it with receiving all the donations and then photographing them has been amazing. What a generous heart you have.
Love all the kitty pictures too.
I'll look forward to more pics of Shakertown when you time allows.

Susan said...

How special to have my scarves displayed at Shaker Village! It is one of my favorite places. Thanks for the opportunity, Vicki. Thanks also for all your work on this project. It is appreciated.

Maureen said...

What wonderful women you all are for all your hard work and dedication to this project. I loved every beautiful photo.

Oh and I adore those kitties too! The black one peeking out of the cornstalks looks just like my Dakotah!

Fundy Blue said...

Hey Vicki! I've just gotten back from the post office after priority mailing a package to you. My two scarves should arrive Saturday. The way you have photographed all the scarves shows great creativity and love. Thank you! Thank you! I never really thought I'd knit again after so many years of not knitting. But your project inspired me to buy some needles and yarn and go for it! I'm sure you'll breathe a massive sigh of relief when the project is done, but I hope you'll carry warm memories from it for a long, long time! Take care!

Createology said...

Vicki Dear you and your helper (Bag) ladies are truly a blessing. Thank you all for all of your work, time and thoughtfulness. Every scarf is a labor of love and beautiful and generously gifted to comfort others. I am thankful I was able to participate. Blessings and Hugs...

Willow said...

This is marvelous !!

Quinn said...

My package went out in today's mail...finally! Thanks, Vicki :)

myriamkreativ said...

Hi sweet friend,
thank you for your lovely words. Your scarfs are soooo fantastic! I love the one with the turquoise in it... my favorite color. Yes, the kids are back in school and more or less happy with it *lol*. 'After summer its always hard to start... I am busy creating this and that because my scrapbooking classes will start again October, 15th ... we will make an album called "Spell of autumn" and Im looking very forward to it. And soon so soon I have to start the christmas things... unbelievable another year almost over! Where does the time fly?
Hope you and your lovely family are all feelin good and enjoying each other! Are you packing suitcases...... for your next trip? Look forward to hear from you soon.
Love & kisses

Dorthe said...

Dearest, dearest Vicki,-
You have accomplished so very much,- and I guess much more than you ever thought the day you found this loving idea in your heart and put it to words !!
You are a very special and very loving friend, your heart is big for everyone in need, and you do not just speak,- you also acts!! I love you dearly for that, and my heart is filled with love for you, for your beautiful way of treating, also me,- and my fear those last 14 dayes!! Oh sweetest Vicki,- what you have done the last year,can`t be messured in words and sayings,-only in love straight from your beautiful heart.
I know so many women out there will keep you in their hearts , recieving one of the "heart" scarfs from all those loving women -many of whom I know --knitting and crocheting them for heartfeld gifts for some needing to be kept warm.
I just love you my friend- you are a special , a beautiful and a dearest woman.
Your Dorthe

Bernadett said...

Wonderful scarves and photos dear Vicki.:)


A Scattering said...

Vicki, you astound me - this project astounds me! It certainly has taken on a life of its own. Bless you and all the pink angels. Love you, girlfriend.

Unknown said...

Vicki what a beautiful post, a gift of love! thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this project!
I hoped to get another scarf finished but since I spoke with you last and just recently I broke my ankle and I'm laid up and unable to complete and mail another. I'm so happy I was able to contribute one. Your gifts are many and you have touched all of us. my love to you Vicki!
Hugs Marilou

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wow, Vicki...did you ever imagine so many wonderful acts of love when you started this project last year? It's fabulous and so encouraging to see how many people are involved.

Beedeebabee said...

Another beautiful post, Vicki! All the scarves are so lovely, and the love that went into all of them and poured into this special project of yours is amazing! A huge thank you to you and to your special friends for taking so much time to take such pretty pictures to share with us. You never stop giving! I love you to pieces! xoxo Paulette

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Wish I had been there with you. I am SO PROUD of you and what you have accomplished.

Love the Shaker village. Jeff and I have stayed there twice for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed the easy, peaceful feeling.

Big, appreciative hug to you my friend,


Seawashed said...

This truly is anazing Vicki and i can understand what a huge job it has been to do this project. I do not kbow all the details because ive been away from blogging for so long so i am at the end of this project but i am wondering if i could send a painting thatci did a few years ago for breast cancer awareness. It is a canvas 11x14 painted bright pink with HOPE painted white in the bottom rt corner. I just want to donate it to your project if i could? I

Rhona said...

What beautiful scarves....and so many of them! What a wonderful project. Love to all the bag ladies for helping!!!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Thank you for taking such wonderful photos and the scarves are beautiful. We just had our Breast Cancer walk and I know how everyone love scaves.

Mom E. said...

Vicki, will you be doing this pink scarf project continually, or just this year? somehow I thought it was an ongoing project. I hope I can get a scarf in before it's over!
You are such a generous lovely woman!
Hearts to you,

Tanya said...

I cannot even fathom the amount of time and love you and your little army of friends have spent on this project...from inception, gathering of the donations, lovingly lugging them to and fro, just to photograph them, and sitting down to add words to the loveliness and wonder of it all. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!! I have loved every minute of this, this past year (am also so very excited to see that some of the projects came from such young girls - that makes me smile, in this day and age of electronics). XOXOXOXO Tanya