Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Beaded Dress

Six months of knitting and when I finally slipped it over her head-- she twirled~~

 The last row had almost 1000 stitches --- it took me over 2 weeks just to knit the bottom ruffle~

Stuff you might want to know--
Tilli Thomas Salt and Pepper yarn - you can find it here.
(try not to be shocked when you see how much it cost!)  (and please don't tell the Gardener how much it cost!!)  Just kidding --- he already knows!!

Mac and me - Silk Summer Dress pattern -- you can find it here.
 ***I made this dress in a size 2.  The pattern calls for 3 skeins of yarn for this size.  3 skeins was NOT enough to finish the ruffles on the dress -- I had to go back and buy a 4th skein --- ($$$!!!)  You will probably have enough if you make a smaller size -- but I wanted to make this dress when she was big enough to TWIRL!


 My Sacred Yarn Room looks like a Harvest nest bomb exploded inside!  The nests are going to be absolutely gorgeous!  If you are on the LIST-- you can start getting excited right about now!  

Here is your first official sneak peek of the yarns~~

 I'm over half way through this stage of the "nesting" process.  In a few more weeks -- Mary and I will begin to work our magic~~

I don't want to think it so -- but already, the summer is flying by SO quickly.  The colors of autumn will soon be here.  I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful days.  Don't mind me-- I'm just buried here in the craft room underneath all this beautiful yarn!!   


Friday, July 13, 2012

Where THIS Blogger Creates -- My Sacred Yarn Room

Welcome to my Sacred Yarn Room.
This little space is my haven, 
the place where I am inspired to create, 
a respite for my soul~~

Early morning in the Sacred Yarn Room -- my favorite time to be here.
I love the way the light filters in through the windows~

This room is filled with treasured mementos from both family and friends.
Perhaps insignificant in material worth,
but priceless to me.
My Mother's button collections are still nestled in the same porcelain bowl that she once used.
This rocking chair was one of my Mother's most prized possessions. 
She scrimped and saved to purchase this antique chair when she was first married.  
This was the first antique piece that she refinished- and most likely was the beginning
 of her love for antiques.

Fast forward to 3 years later and 3 little girls who were in need of Easter coats.
My Mother sold this chair so that she could purchase fabric to make those coats for her little girls. 
Fate and circumstance later brought this chair back into my Mother's life and she treasured it all the more after that reunion.    

Today that chair is holding my collection of fleece 
that I will use to make tie blankets later this winter. 
 Hanging on the side of the chair
is a sweater that my Mother knitted over 40 years ago.
A vintage suitcase holds my treasured yarn scraps.  
Every little knot and tangle, every cast off scrap, every little piece of waste yarn --
I save them all.  
(It's an obsession!!)

It is my love of yarn, and texture that I feel has brought me to this thing I do-
making nests. 
   This wooden crutch was salvaged from an old barn that belonged to my Grandparents.  
(I still remember my Grandfather using this crutch after he fell off the tractor!)
My sisters thought I was crazy when I walked away with this crutch, like it was a treasure.  
I knew immediately where it would go.
In one corner of my room is a little wooden cupboard
that once belonged to my parents.  
Today it is filled with some of the embellishments
that I use in my nests. 

(You can find my nest designs pictured on the sidebar of my blog.) 

The little chalkboard was purchased at a flea market last Fall.
I plan to use it in the photo shoot for my newest Designer nest- the Harvest Nest.
The word "Fall" was already written on the board when I bought it -- 
I'm keeping it that way until I take the photos.
 Every inch of this room is filled with some sort of crafting item--
this basket holds some of the yarns that I am using in the Harvest Nest.
In actuality -- there is a LOT of yarn in this room!!
This little vintage children's chair was purchased at an antique store.  
I am planning to "yarn bomb" this chair for my little grandaughter Keri Beth.
Perhaps if you visit me again later this summer -- you can see the photos of this project.  

Another view of this corner of my Sacred Yarn Room.
(you can click on any of the photos in this post for a close up view!!)

This little purple coat belonged to me when I was about 3 years old.  
I am the oldest of 3 sisters -- and our Mother made these little Easter coats for all of us.
The little green coat belonged to my sister, Belinda.  
Regretfully, we never found the little coat that my Mother made for my youngest sister Denise.
These are the coats that my Mother made when she sold her beloved rocking chair.

The pink sweater was found at the same time as the blue one that hangs on the chair.  
When we cleaned out the attic at my parents house,
I found a large bag of old worsted yarns.
Inside were the pink and blue sweaters that my Mother knitted almost 40 years ago.
One has button holes, but no buttons
an unfinished project -- 
 The "wall of yarn"!

It's not an obsession --
its a love affair - with yarn.

A collection of my yarns and vintage doilies.  
The collection of pink yarns will embellish my knitted wrap that is in the corner of the basket.
I'm planning to make a beach wrap out of the crochet doilies.
A collection of scenes from my Sacred Yarn Room
as the early morning light filters in through the upstairs window~~

~ the view from my upstairs window ~
    When there is a gentle breeze, 
I can listen to the rustle of the leaves outside my window.

I want to walk with you around my room
sharing with you
all the things that make this space
so very special 
to me ~

A vintage quilt covers the top of my entertainment center
 the decorations change seasonally -- 
always using this area to display some of my beautiful yarns
and favorite treasures.

The broken pottery heart that hangs on the wall
was made by my friend Susan.  
This vintage Hull sunflower pottery bowl was my Mother's --
she loved that bowl, even though it has a huge chip and a little crack in one side.  
Today it holds beads and vintage jewelry that I use to embellish my nests.

The little beaded and embroidered pin cushion is a treasure to me
A gift that was made by my friend Pat.  
(I can't bring myself to actually stick a pin in it !)

The beautiful painted platter was made by my friend Julie.
I love her pottery and her whimsical paintings
 this piece is truly precious to me.   
This bluebird platter belonged to my Grandmother.  
The little porcelain berry container is one of my favorite
purchases from Anthropologie.  
It's the perfect place to store my business cards.    

The fabric roses were used in a charity project that I just completed.
I'll be posting about that later this summer.  It's going to "knock your socks off"!!

This little bisque bird dish was a treasured possession of my Grandmother's. 
My Grandfather gave it to her as a wedding gift.  
almost 75 years ago. 


 This lamp was part of a set 
and these were the first lamps that my parents owned when they got married.
I will always remember them as setting on end tables in the living room of my childhood home.  
I have NO idea what happened to the other lamp in this set.  

The glass "nest" wind chime was a purchase this spring from
my favorite -- Hobby Lobby!

Tools of the trade-
part of my vintage knitting needle collection.

I just keep adding more "stuff" to this tree branch!
Pretty soon I'm going to have to go in search of a bigger branch!!

  This vintage sideboard is an heirloom from my husband's family
and once belonged to his grandmother.
Now at home in my Sacred Yarn room, 
this beautiful antique displays my button collection 
and more of my vintage knitting needles.

The "Blue Sky" lighthouse is a retired collectible piece 
that I treasure.

The blue lamp in the corner was a lamp that my grandmother
owned when she was first married.  
The lamp was refinished so that it could be used for electric.

~ some favorites from my button collections ~

It seems that every time  I sift through the large bowl of buttons
I find a new treasure that I want to display.

This vintage shell dish holds my Mother's crochet needles.
(if only I could crochet!!)

   One of my favorite collectible pieces---
this little vintage bathing beauty dish.
She makes me smile~

The porcelain "Capodimonte" nightlight
 once belonged to my husband's grandmother.

 One of my favorite books of all time
Anne Morrow Lindburgh's
"Gift from the Sea"

This book was a gift from my best friend Mary, many years ago,
at a time in my life when there was great despair~~
I can not even put into words how I both love and treasure this book
and our friendship.

If only this vintage suitcase could talk--
This suitcase was part of the first set of luggage that my Mother owned.
Her initials are set into the top.
She carried this when she left the train station in Lexington,Ky for
her honeymoon.

She never removed that "transit" tag for all the years that she used this suitcase.
Still, it hangs there and you can just barely read the words "Lexington, Ky".

My ever growing collection of yarn scraps
 is beautifully displayed in this precious piece.

Call me obsessed -- I admit that I am.
But - I love every tangled knot and piece of yarn. 
I love to run my hands through all the colors and textures.
Sometimes I weave these little pieces into my nests.

 ~ and sometimes I do this with the pieces ~

Whiskey is part of the heritage of my home state of Kentucky.
Some of my buttons are displayed in the whiskey bottles,
representative of the various distilleries in our area.

(No - I'm not a whiskey drinker - but we do love to cook with it--
and I can make a mean bread pudding with whiskey sauce!)

Can a person ever really have too many buttons?

Don't you just want to run your hands through all these yarn scraps?

  More of my "special" buttons
I'm especially fond of the little mink covered buttons - a rare find
at the flea market!

That little nest is THE first nest that I ever made.  
As is usually the case -- especially when you make
things over and over again---
the nests have "evolved" into a different look now. 

But that one -- is special. 

My beautiful assortment of eggs that I use in my nests
and my collection of Vera Bradley string tags--
folks from all over the states have sent me their little string tags!
I weave these little strings into my green Woodland nests.

Some specialty yarns that are "HARD TO FIND!!"
I love using these in my nest designs.  
And garland --- this room is filled with garland!

I'm constantly thinking ahead to new themes for my Designer nest series.  
Believe it or not -- everything here is already planned for use.  
My sketchbook is full of designs and lists the various embellishments that I plan to use.  
Oh yes, - I have a plan!

One of the MOST beautiful magazines in publication today.

This one is very special to me -- because I'm in it!
The new fall issue -- page 13-- 
I'm so proud!

A work in progress~~
my knitted wraps contain well over 100 different yarns.  
This is just one basket of yarns that I will use for the fringe.  
(there are 2 more baskets NOT pictured here!)

This table sits behind my couch
more of my crafting supplies are displayed here~~
Another collection of my Mother's buttons in a vintage tinware bowl~
a collection of fabric yo-yo's~
a blanket that I knitted for our newest grandaughter, Avila~
and a beautiful collection of crochet embellishments 
that I will use to decorate her blanket.  

and -- in the front is a little pink coat that I am knitting for baby Avila.

It's going to be adorable isn't it?
I will be showing all the finished projects a bit later!
(I hope you will come back to see them!!) 

This little coat will be embellished with tiny little seed beads
~ it's going to be exquisite!
A special little coat for our newest little babe!

So many of you have asked for a Spring Nest~~
well- it's going to happen-
there --- I said it!!

I'm collecting a beautiful assortment of  vintage flower brooches~
you'll be seeing these again!

This porcelain bowl was part of a "pitcher and bowl" set
that belonged to my Grandmother --
and before that, her Mother. 
The pitcher did not survive the test of time--
but the bowl is used to display more of my precious yarn scraps.
I truly love this bowl.  

And that little peek at the nest--
you are looking at a nest design that I have NOT shared with you yet!!
Yes -- I can keep a secret!!

This vintage sideboard belonged to my paternal Grandmother.  
For as long as I can remember, this sideboard was in her dining room.
I love that I have it here in my Sacred Yarn Room. 

Seriously -- aren't these scraps beautiful?
Do you think I'm crazy because I love these so much?
(don't answer that--)

I just can't throw them away!  
Especially the knots and tangles-- those are my very favorites!! 

One of my newest nest designs --
the Shabby Chic Nest. 
(you can see more photos and read about this new nest
 by clicking the photo on my sidebar.) 

~ filled with vintage laces and exquisite yarns ~
My newest nest is truly beautiful.
(Some of you are even sending me your precious mementos to be woven into YOUR nest.)

 A collection of favorites--
my family of little sheep,
"Trendsetter Dune", one of my most beautiful yarns,
and a favorite Anthropologie box.

A collection of vintage laces and seam bindings
used in my nests.

A little beaded dress 
that I am making for our little grandaughter, Keri Beth.

Actually, as I am preparing this post --- the little dress is just finished!
I have photos of our little 2 year old grandaughter wearing that dress - 
and they are precious!.  

I'm saving those photos for a very special post that will be coming up next! 
 I hope that you will come back to see how adorable she looks wearing this "priceless" dress!
It really is a "priceless dress"!!!
wait till I tell you how much that yarn cost!!
(please don't tell my husband!) 

One of my knitted wraps-
and a basket of my "nesting" yarns.

This wreath hangs at the entrance to my Sacred Yarn Room.
it's made from some of my yarn scraps,
  felted wool sweaters, old zippers, and vintage jewelry pieces.
The wreath is hung from two vintage silk scarves that I joined together
 and tied into a bow. 

and lastly -- my desk
the place where I do what I love -- blog.

I'm so grateful to have this blogging experience in my life.
So grateful for the chance to meet so many wonderful
and talented people from all over the world. 
So grateful for the new friendships that I have made.
I'm so grateful that you took your precious time,
to visit me here today and tour the place that is so
very special to me--
my Sacred Yarn Room.

I'd like to thank sweet Karen for once again hosting this incredible event. 
No one is a better friend to the blogging community than Karen.
Thank you Karen for all that you do for ALL of us!
I am thrilled to have this opportunity to meet other bloggers who create
and who, like me, want to share their special space --

(I'm also happy to participate because it guarantees 
that at least once a year--
this room gets a good cleaning!!)


A little later this year, Karen is going to be creating a Badge
 for my very own 
 "Grow Your Blog" party".
My way of giving back to the blogging community 
that has been so very kind to me.
If you desire more readers and followers for  your blog -
check out the details 
on my sidebar.


Are you tired from this "extended tour" of my special place?
Would you like some refreshments?

I'd like to reward one of my visitors with a box of my NEW favorite cookies!! 
These honey fig cookies are made my friends here.  

I will draw a random winner from everyone who visits and leaves a comment.  
The winner will be announced HERE on August 1.  
I'll send a box of these (wonderful, fabulous, OMG - to die for!!) cookies
to your home - where ever you live.) 

***Update  8/1 --The winner of the cookie giveaway is Tree Hugger Susan.  ***
***this contest is now closed***

Thank you for spending some time here with me today
your visit means the world to me ~~