Friday, August 30, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project -(late summer edition)

If you have ever been to the Blue Ridge Mountains --
                            then you know why they call them blue~

My friend Marsha and I took off on a "girl trip" to these mountains -- a trip that for us had many missions. You can read about our special reason for choosing these mountains here.   
While we were in the mountains,
we took photos of your beautiful
donations to the
Set against the backdrops of the Blue Ridge Mountains
and the beautiful Biltmore Estate~
here is the next edition of your generous gifts from
"heart and hands"

 donated by Paulette Racanelle
(photo taken at the Mt. Mitchell State Park 
"Hewat" Overlook)

donated by Chris Berry
(photo taken at an abandoned stone house,
 close to the entrance of the Mt. Mitchell State Park)
we walked though TALL weeds to get to this beautiful stone window!

donated by Jim, Ron, and Sophie
(photo taken on the observation porch
at the Mt. Mitchell restaurant)

donated by Sherry Ellison and her friend Bev
(photo taken along the wooden split rail fences at the Ranger station 
in Mt. Mitchell State Park)

donated by Valery Powery
"Yarni Gras"
(photo taken at abandoned house just outside
Mt. Mitchell State Park)
we fell in love with the mossy steps and rusty door!

donated by Cory Dogwood Moore
"Pink Dogwood Blossom"
(photo taken near the Bass Pond
on the Biltmore Estate)

donated by Suzi Harbison
"From City Streets to Country Roads"
(photo taken near the Bass Pond
on the Biltmore Estate)
(the bridge in the background is original to the Estate
and is one of my favorite viewpoints
 near the pond.)

donated by Paulette Racanelle
(photo taken near the Bass Pond
on the Biltmore Estate)

 donated by Debbie Burke
(photo taken near the Bass Pond
on the Biltmore Estate)

donated by Debbie Keyes
(photo taken near the Reflecting Pond
on the Biltmore Estate)
my MOST favorite place on
the estate.

donated by Marrianna Daugherty
"Red Dancer Studio"
(photo taken near the Reflecting Pond on the Biltmore Estate)

donated by Susanne Leach
(photo taken near the Reflecting Pond on the Biltmore Estate)

donated by Gale Vanderella 
(photo taken at the Reflecting Pond
on the Biltmore Estate)
wonder how we got those geese positioned so perfectly in these photos?

donated by Cory Dogwood Moore
"Pink Dogwood Blossom"
(photo taken at the Reflecting Pond on the Biltmore Estate)


just keepin' it real~

(in the middle of nowhere -- on the road to Mt. Mitchell)

(Biltmore Estate - Bass Pond)

(Mt. Mitchell observation lounge)

(Biltmore Estate - Reflecting Pond)
(the geese are heading towards Marsha - she has the popcorn!)

We have reached an astonishing 300 scarf donations. (gasp!!)  My heart beats faster every time I think of this amazing display of generosity.  When this little project first began -- I was crossing my fingers and holding my breath that we "might" get 50 donations. YOU are the most giving and generous souls --- thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your gifts will touch lives, bring smiles,  give hope~~

My home is FULL of Pink Scarf donations -- they are everywhere!! In just a few days, I will be traveling with them again-- this time to take photos in an autumn setting.  And then in October -- they will go with me to another beautiful location where I will photograph the last of your donations.  If you wish to read the latest updates about the project -- you do still have time to participate by sending in a handmade or purchased scarf~~  all the latest info is here.    
How can I ever begin to thank you for all the support you have given to this project? What in the world can we all do that could possibly ever top this amazing project?  What will I do with all my extra time when this project is completed??  
What extra time??? 

Up next --
a little bit of my "real" life -- our babes, things I love, a little mix of this and that.  A little blog segment that I hope to do from time to time --"just keepin' it real"


ps - I will be adding these scarf photos to the "Pink Scarf Project" Pinterest board soon~ xo  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer's last blooms~

Autumn is in the air.
I can feel it. I can smell it. 
I can sense it on the breeze that blows and scatters the leaves
                              that fall from my summer blooms~

Before the blooms all drop off,
before they scatter in the winds of Fall~
I want to share with you the beautiful
flowers that we have enjoyed 
all summer

Summer has seemed so very short this year!
(I'm SO not ready to give it up yet!)

no story to tell here -
just enjoy my beautiful

Yeller Feller in his favorite spot!

Yeller Feller and Sissy cat

Our back deck is my little project -- although I can't take all the credit-- (the Gardener helps keep my flowers watered on the days
 I have to work.) How is that my little flowers know that Autumn is just around the corner? Makes me sad~~

Everyday more pink scarves arrive in the mail!  We have officially hit the 300 mark!  I am so very humbled to accept your generous donations and add them to this ever growing collection of gifts from your hearts and hands. Very soon -- I'm off on yet another photo opportunity with your scarves.  (I'm so excited!!)

But -- up next are your scarves photographed against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Biltmore Estate.   Marsha and I had a wonderful time taking the pictures in these amazing locations -- they are truly stunning! 

Remember that you have until October 5 to send your donation if you wish me to photograph your scarf.  Otherwise, I will be accepting donations until the end of October.  For the full updated info on the Pink Scarf Project - click here. 
Thank you for the never ending love and support that you all send my way.  I am so touched by your comments, your emails, and the touching stories that you share with me.  I just want to say this again -- and again---
I love you all.