Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Grow Your Blog" party updates...

We are just back from travels... 

Halcyon Cove, Antigua

While we were away, I received several emails about next year's
"Grow Your Blog" party. 
  I would like to take a moment 
and update you all
 on the event...

There most definitely will be a "Grow Your Blog" event next year. While the party is usually held in January,... 
I will need to postpone the party until late March or April, 2016.
I have some family obligations that will be all consuming
 shortly after the first of the year.
I would rather not make plans for the party in January,
 fearing that I might not be able to fulfill 
my obligations to you.
(I want to assure you that all is well, 
no reason for any concerns, 
just that I have some obligations that will take precedence
 and will consume all of my time during that period.)

I would rather just postpone it a few weeks -- 
and then in 2017 we can go back to the usual January date. 
 So.... watch for a sign up post 
with all of the information sometime around February
 of this next year --- 

If you are interested in participating,
 perhaps you might use this extra time to prepare your 
and make it all pretty for the party.
  If you would like an updated blog
 or just some nice changes to your layout--
 you can contact my friend Karen Valentine. 
 Karen is a blog "make-up" artist extraordinaire 
and would be happy to dress up your blog for you! 
Don't we all love a new party dress!!

If you have questions or concerns,
you know I'm here -- 
so just email me.

The Bath's at Virgin Gorda  
In my next post
I'm taking you to the most amazing place...
The Bath's at Virgin Gorda

Be sure to bring your bathing suit
and some sturdy shoes--
we will need to hike and swim
through a cave to get to this
beautiful place...