Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prelude ---- to a Snowbird Nest

so pure...
    so white,
          the most beautiful creation,

words cannot describe
the delicacy of one tiny little flake
falling to the ground...
so fragile~ 

one of the few redeeming 
qualities of winter is
the true and absolute beauty 
of snow~

there is nothing
so magical as looking out your window
and watching those first flurries
falling to the ground~
(this beautiful snow owl vase was created by my friend Julie Whitmore)

 when the snow builds up 
outside our houses,
we are enveloped inside our own warm
little nests~~

it is the time for
fuzzy slippers, a cozy blanket,
and a cup of
steaming hot cocoa~

 the snowfall is silent, 
so slow--
with a delicate whisper,
it settles upon
 the earth~

white and weightless,
the snow makes no noise~

it falls on the fields gently,
blanketing everything with its
 pure and silent

 "I wonder if snow loves the trees and fields...
it covers them up snug, you know
with a white quilt;
 and perhaps it says,
Go to sleep, darlings,
till the summer comes again"
-Lewis Carroll  


sleeping softly through the day,
 never making a sound,
only waking up
when the sun goes down,
that is when little Snowbirds
come out to play~

she opens her eyes
ready to fly,
wings at the ready
on the edge of her nest...

 she flies from the forest 
into the night
her path lit by the light of the moon~

Coming next January
just in time for the winter snows...
an exciting new addition
to my Designer nest series--

 Soon to come--
the beautiful, icy, glittery, white
Snowbird nest.
each little nest will come with it's own
beautiful glass
you may reserve yours now if you wish
(there will be 30 to share)

Just keeping it real~~ 

I would have to pick one of the coldest days of the year
for this photo shoot!  
Took me all day to take these photos
as I could only stay outside about 10 minutes at a time!!
I think I wore 3 layers of clothes!

Are you ready for spring yet? I am so ready! --- between the cold, the icy roads, the threat of icy roads, the gray days, ---- I am desperate for sunny and warm. Sigh~

 I've been busy working on the little Woodland nests all winter, -- those of you on the list, should have heard from me by now.  Soon, I will be starting the Shabby Chic nests -- so if you are on that list -- you will hear from me soon. 

Thank you to everyone who turned out for my third "Grow Your Blog" party.  We are off and running and it has been a wonderful experience already for so many new bloggers.  There are over 300 blogs participating.  If you would like to make some new blogging friends, you are invited to visit the party list and travel the world of blogging! (the link to the party is on my sidebar).
Thank you especially to all my volunteers who helped me this year -- almost 40 people were needed to help me monitor this year's party!  So many of you have emailed me to say that your readership has grown already and some of you have actually doubled your followers!  I am so happy for the success of your blogs and that you are beginning to enjoy the rewards of blogging.
For the next few weeks, I am taking a little blog break --   This has been a very, very, busy winter -- with nesting, long hours spent on the blog party, and... I've had some awful something that has hung on forever ---
I'm going to take some time to feel better, to begin to work on the photos for our virtual travels to the Gaspese, and to find the sunshine...
 If you need me -- I am always here--

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 "Grow Your Blog" party

Welcome to my "grow Your Blog" 2015 party! 

I am so very happy to have the opportunity to host this party once again!  My sincere welcome to those of you who are participating for the very first time and to all of you who have come back once again to visit and participate with us here.  I am just blown away by the incredible response to this party -- I think we have over 400 blogs participating this year --(the final count will be made tomorrow.)

The purpose of this party is to meet new blogging friends and to extend an open invitation to "follow" each other.  There are SO many blogs in the "less than 100 Followers" category -- more than ever before.  I have met so many wonderful folks and seen some truly amazing blogs in this category.  So while, you are visiting and making new friends,  please take an extra moment or two to make a special effort in visiting these blogs who are just beginning their journey and want very much to make new friends.  We do all remember what it was like to start as a new blogger and to want so desperately to have a dedicated family of followers!

Before I briefly introduce myself -- I just want to take a moment to tell you that it has not been all that long since I was a brand new blog writer.  I remember all to well what it was like to publish my blog and wonder -- "is there anybody out there who reads this?" 

In my early days of blogging, there were some wonderful ladies who, through their own blogs, helped me so very much--- Lynn and Dawn.   I will always remember their kindness in helping me to bring attentions to my blog, and through their kindness, I was able to truly Grow my blog.  

Now, I am so happy to pay that kindness forward.  This party is my way of sharing that with all of  you --- sharing with you the opportunity to meet new friends and to "Grow your own blogs".

 My name is Vicki -- your host for this blogging event.
I love to knit 
Am admittedly obsessed with yarn
(I have more yarn in my craft room than should be allowed!!)
I love to travel
I love my family, my husband, sisters,and our precious
I blog about all of these things. 

just a little sample of some of the things
that I do with yarn...

and that other little thing I do with yarn--
I make nests...
(you can read about them on my sidebar)
If you would like to join me in my
2 Bags's Full Facebook page
you can do so

Some of the folks participating in this event will be hosting
a giveaway on their blog--
I would like to use this space
to introduce you to one of my dearest
and-- most talented friends--

My friend Sharon Lovejoy is an amazing author.
She has dedicated her life to writing
for children.
Her latest novel,written for young adults,
is a captivating story of young courage
that takes place in the
pre-Civil War era.
You can read about Sharon's latest novel
 by clicking here 
My giveaway will be an autographed copy
of Sharon's latest novel.
The giveaway will take place on February 15.  
Everyone who visits my blog and leaves a comment
will be entered in the contest.  
I will post the winner here--
so please make sure that I have a way to contact you.
You can find Sharon at her blog
where she shares her gardening expertise
and talks about her 
wonderful life in sunny California and coastal Maine.
Be sure to visit her and say "Hello"!
Update --- 
the winner of the book -- "Running Out of Night"
is Sherry from the blog Createology.
This contest is now CLOSED.

NOW --- on to THE PARTY!!!

Before you begin -- a few brief notes to mention -
 My email --

1.  please check your own blogs for any mistakes I may have made.
I have 40 wonderful volunteers, if your link is wrong they will catch it -- but you are free to email me as well. No need to panic.
 I will be home and at my computer all day --- if there is a mistake I will fix it very quickly I promise! 

2. There are so many new blogs this year in every category -- but especially the "less than 100 followers" category.   Perhaps you might especially try to visit some of those folks and become friends with them.  We all remember how hard it was to start into blogging and to begin to grow a follower family. 

3.  This party post will remain up for the entire yearThere will be a link to it at the top of my sidebar for the year.  So please know that you will continue to receive visitors throughout the year.  I would suggest that you consider leaving your party post up for a minimum of 2 weeks before you move on to you next posting.  You should also consider a link on your sidebar or someplace easily found that will take folks to your party post after you have moved on to other postings.

Welcome to the party!
Meet my wonderful group of Party Volunteers !
(this party has become so BIG --- I could not possible host this
event without their help!  A huge THANK- YOU to everyone who volunteered to help me this year!) 

A Half Baked Notion -- Monique

Alaska Blue Moose -- Karen

Apple and Apricot -- Wendy

Aunt Marti and 52 Quilts -- Marti 

Back Porchervations --LuAnne

CatieAn and Company -- CatieAn 

Comptonia --Quinn 

Deb's Artistic Impressions --Deborah

Debbie's Corner -- Debbie 

Dreaming of Vintage -- Kelly


Fil's Place- Old Songs and Memories-- Fil

From My Carolina Home --Carole 

Full Circle --Rhonda 

Good Golly Ginger --Katie

KathyinOzarks Pages -- Kathy

Hooked on Quilting -- Gloria 

Home-Ec-Mama -- Jennifer

Lou Messugo -- Phoebe

Mosaic Magpie -- Debbie

My Painted Garden -- Erin 

Nanmade -- Nan

Normandy Life -- Maggie 

Pretty Little Things in a Box -- Angela

Roses, Lace and Brocante -- Shane 

Shauna's World -- Shauna

Shirleystitches -- Shirley 

Stitch Lines -- Linda 

Stitch and Quilt -- Thearica

Stitchin At Home -- Cindy

Sugarplum Patchwork-- Laney 

Sunflower House Art -- Debbie 

Suziqusthreadworks -- Suzy

The Crafter's Apprentice --Wendy 

The Enchanting Rose --Stephanie  

The Seared Blue Haired Comment -- Tammy  

The Whimsical Dowager --Beth 

Thistle Cove Farm --farm life, travels 

ThreadPainter's Art -- Sharon

Under a Creative Spell -- Asia

Val's Quilting Studio -- Val

Less than 100 followers

Section One

A Bit About Britain -- Great Britain history and travel photos

A Country Chick Retreat- crafting at retreat

Addicted 2 Fabric  -- textile art, quilting

A Symphony of Stitches --cross stitch

Adventures in Mixed Media --thrifting/collecting,creating,cooking, life in country with chickens and dogs 

A little love everyday-- crochet, paper crafts, drawing

A Focused Journey --art journals, mixed media, photography 

A Grandma's Blessings --faith, family, tea time

A Quilted Passion--quilting

Applique and...knitting, stitchery, genealogy, food

Around the World (As Voltas no Mundo)--travel photos, running

Arranged Words--knitting, painting, writing

Art, the Beautiful Metaphor --embroidery

Section Two

At the corner of Scrap and Quilts --quilting 

Barbara Lilian in France --country gardening, watercolor painting, photography

Blessings in the Country --cross stitch, primitive/country crafting

Bluejeans and Tea Cups -- all things TEA,Christian historical fiction, hospitality

Brownie's Chair -- cross stitch

BQuiltin' Studio -- quilting

busybusybeejay-- knitting, crochet, reading 

Catie An and Company --mixed media, DIY projects

Catrinket --polymer clay creations

CHANNELBANK CREATIONS --crafts, gardening, simple life

Chasing the Sun -- photography

 Section Three

Cheeky Rose Boutique -- doll maker

Christ in Me--spiritual faith, weekly "word bytes" 

Cloister of the Heart --mixed media art, soulcollage, assemblage art

Colourful Cross Stitches -- cross stitch

Colours In The Breizh--travel sketching, nature, book binding, dress making

Cooking with Amanda -- recipes, food photography 

Coser Tejer Crear

Country Fragrance --knitting, sewing, crochet, gardening

Country Lady Quilts --quilting 

Country Wife --lifestyle

Cozy Expressions --folk art fabric creations, primitive art

Crafts, Cavies and Cooking -- quilting, cooking, guinea pigs 

Section Four

Crafting Paws -- cross stitching, candles, mason jars 

Crochet Bliss --crochet

Cross Stitch Angel --cross stitch 

Dapple Design --photography, sewing, crochet, snippets of life

Debbie's Corner --knitting, cross stitch, cooking

Doodles"n" Daydreams --outdoors, family, life in general

Diary of a Novice Quilter -- quilting 

Ditsy Gran Quilts--patchwork, quilting

Dillman's Dallies --lampwork beads, jewelry, upcycle leather crafts

Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry --jewelry, beading

Duchess Declutter --retro/vintage, decluttering, life in Australia

Section Five

 Easy Street Ramblings --quilting, cross stitch, country life

Fabric and Memories --quilting, sewing

Fabulous Frivolities -- quilting

Fancy Foot Farm --quilting, sewing 

Felt by Rae --crafting 

Fitz's Stitches

Flora's Bee Crazy Quilter --crazy quilting, beadwork

Field and Fen --food, character dolls, nature walks

Fil's Place - Old Songs and Memories-- singing, travels

Finding Simple Treasures 

 Section Six

Four Miles North of Nowhere -- knitting, quilting, card making, life in general

Frances Lilly Designs -- quilting 

Fresh Off The Frame --quilting

Full Circle --mixed media, quilting/textile arts, natural dyeing fabrics and wool

Fun with This and That - painting, mixed media, fabric arts, travels 

 Gentle Wanderings --getting fit and healthy, food,gardening, crafts

GEM'S PC CORNER --polymer clay creations  

Ginko et Coquelicot --beads, jewelry making

Glass by Lindi --stained glass,quilting, sewing, jewelry making

Gone Beading --jewelry making, crochet, random life

Great Balls of Wool --knitting, crochet, sewing

Gypsy Spirit Rising -- everyday life as wife and mother 

Section Seven

Hand Embroidery Journey -- hand embroidery 

Hattie's Attic --primative decor  

Heather's Sewing Room--quilting, box making, crafting, living in Asia 

Hexe im Hollerbusch --knitting, stitching,quilting, gardening


Jennifer's Vintage Paperie--card making

Judy Cooper Textile Images --textile art, hand/machine embroidery, felting

Judy's Fabrications Art and Craft Creations --cloth dolls, lace creations, patchwork, Zentangle drawings

Just  A Little Stitchin'-- cross stitch

Section Eight 

 Keeping it Real --sewing, crochet, crafting

Kiwirachfindinghome--crafting, vintage items, self-reliance

KNETTYCRAFT--needlework, soap making, family life, mixed media

Leaning into Life -photography

Lessons on Linen --embroidery, cross stitch, sewing

(Life and Creativity) with Four Quirky Greers 

Little House on the Dairy --quilting, sewing children's clothing

Living My Dream --crazy quilting, embroidery, cross stitch

Living to Work -Working to Live -- machine embroidery, mixed media

Making It From Page to Table-- crafting

Marly's Quilts --patchwork, quilting

Section Nine

Marti's DIY --quilting, home remodeling

Measi's Musings -- cross stitch

Mel Makes --crafts, sewing, vintage items

Memorias Coloridas -- cross stitch 

Modern Parti Quilts --quilting 

Mountain Stitches 

Muffin Tea House --painting

Section Ten

My Paper Daisey-- paper crafts, stamping, card making 

Nan Made -- jewelry making

Needleworker's Samplings --needlework, reading, knitting

Neverending Book Quest --a quest to read all the Newbery Award Winners

New Horizon Reviews --book reviews, cooking

Nonna Rose Creates and Cooks --knitting, cooking, photography, gardening 

North Yorkshires Craft Guru-- crafting, upcycle crafts

Of Art and Other Things --drawing, painting, mixed media

One Crafty Creature -- card making, mixed media 

Section Eleven

OUTBACK CRAFTAHOLIC -- quilting, embroidery, soft toys, family life 

Paper Vernissage --hand made cards, photography, Zentangles, recipes 

Patching Pixies --patchwork, embroidery

Patchwork Allsorts --patchwork, quilting, embroidery,crochet 

Peachy Pages --quilting, travel scrap booking

Pedal Sew Lightly --quilting, crafting,bicycling 

Pepsi Max Addict --life with cats 

 Section Twelve 

Pickles Quilting --quilting, sewing, crafting, photography 

Pink Doxies --modern quilting and sewing

Pinkz Passion -- home decor, art, travel 

Q is for Quilts -- quilting

Quiltn 4 Fun -- quilting

Quilting Fun -- quilting 

Quilting Nonnie --quilting 

Section Thirteen

Rainbows and Sunshine -- crochet, knitting, jewelry making, photography

Reflections of a Desert Rat--cross stitch, knitting, crochet, jewelry making

Red Eye Crafts --quilting, knitting, baking, papercrafts

RobinSueQuilts -- quilting

Romancing the Ordinary --cooking, knitting,crochet, pets 

Sarah Lizzies-- quilting, sewing, knitting, gardening

Sanderella's --crochet, knitting, baking, gardening 

Sami's Colourful World--life in Australia, travel, cats,crafts

Sarah's Uncensored --photography, writing, crafts, cooking

Section Fourteen

Sew Much to Quilt --sewing quilting, embroidery

Sew..... This Is My Blog --quilting 

Shabby Royale --fabric/lace books, vintage crafts, personal wedding gifts

Sharing Divine Inspiration -- knitting, crochet, needle felting

Shellsaquiltin -- quilting, teaching young girls to sew

She's Lady of the Manor--gardening, tablescapes, crafting

Shroo's World --art

Silver Springs Acres Labors of Love -- art, gardening, lifestyle 

Simple Things --family time, crochet, sewing 

Simplicity and Domesticity --cooking, baking, reading, stay at home daughter

SIN-Sometimes I'm Nice --- cross stitch

Southern Charm Inspired --quilting, sewing, cooking

Spud's Daily Photo --photography, travel 

Section Fifteen

Stitch and Sow...the handwork of home and garden--gardening, simple living, sewing, quilting

Stitch4therapy--cross stitch,crochet,beading

Stitched Together --stitching, embroidery

Stitchin At Home --quilting

Sugar Moon -- faith, crafts, gardening, quilting, photography

Sugarplum Patchwork --sewing, quilting, drawing, painting

Summer's Sewing Room --cross stitch, sewing, latch hooking 

Sunflower House Art

Susan's Scrappy Domain--quilting, embroidery

SuZeQ Creations --paper creations

Sweet Serendipity --reading, cooking, family time

Section Sixteen

Tasty Textiles by Textile Cottage -- textile art and embroidery

Temenos of the Blessing 

The Cat's Meow --jewelry making

The Country Witch's Cottage --witchcraft, herbalism, divination

The Crazy Earth Mama-- parenting a toddler

The Lady of the House Speaking -- lifestyle, scrapbooking, reading, travel 

The Mag Rag --mixed media, jewelry design, paper crafting

The Misadventures of Myrtle Grace --cross stitch, punch needle, recipes

The Next Stage --life after retirement 

Section Seventeen 

The Phantom Zucchini--humor 

The Seared Blue Hair Comment --art, stitching, nature photography 

The Victorian Gypsy -- living life, crafting with joy

(th)INK Positive --rubber stamping, mixed media, art journals

ThreadPainter's Art --machine embroidery, pen/ink drawings

Threads of Inspiration --cooking, sewing, crafts, fiber art 

Section Eighteen 

Through a different lens --photography

Timeless Romantic Designs--sewing, crochet, knitting, roses

Toothpaste and Orange Cat --quilting, sewing, cross stitch, life style

View from the Teapot -- life in France

Through my hands --living in Oregon, fiber arts, embroidery

Where Blessings Gather -- rustic vintage and shabby creations, everyday blessings

With Work in Hand -- cross stitch, knitting, embroidery, crochet

Wuthering Stitches--cross stitching

Wyrd Needles --embroidery, cross stitch

100-200 Followers

Section Nineteen

Accroquilt--quilting, free motion journey 

Africanaussie --crafting, cooking, gardening in Australia

Alaska Blue Moose --book arts, photography, knitting, mixed media 

A Half Baked Notion -- jewelry design

Anne's Attic--interior design (French Nordic/Shabby Chic), weekly craft projects

A Prim and (not so proper) Quilter --quilting

A Spirit of Simplicity --photography, writing

All Thingz Sewn --sewing, farming, family

Anna Nowicki - Textile Artist ---embroidery, art to wear costumes, thread painting

Section Twenty

Ariadne from Greece -- sea glass collecting, crafts, cross stitch, traveling

Beads and Birds --crazy quilting, sewing,crochet

Beth's Raggedy Attic Prims --primitives, folk art, country style crafts

Beneath the Witch's Moon -- magical life and life in general 

Cache-Mire --making pine needle baskets, knitting, travels

Comptonia --cashmere goats, fiber art, nature

 Section Twenty One

Conversations from My House --crafting, flea markets, Tea Cup Tuesday 

Cup on the Bus --raising 2 granddaughters, weaving, current events

Cynthia Crane's Art and Gardening Goodness -- gardening, decorating, pottery making 

Deb's Artistic Impressions -- watercolor painting, sketching, textile designs 

Dogwood Lane Rambles --quilting, cooking, country living


Section Twenty Two

Everybody Loved Clark --cross stitch, quilting, soap making 

Fat Dormouse getting thinner--food, nutrition

French Oddities--sewing with vintage linens, quilting, embroidery 

Gadget's Joyful Page -- cross stitch

I Dew Quilting --quilting

Jayne's stitching tales --cross stitch, knitting, beading, sewing 

Judy Cooper Textile Images --textile artist, quilting, sewing, embroidery

Section Twenty Three

Just Another Flamingo on the Lawn --stitching, parenting, life in general 

KathyinOzarks Pages -- soap making, fiber arts, hand dyeing, weaving 

Les Quilts -- quilting, stitching

Liniecat at Large -- quilting

Magpie's Mumblings-- crazy quilting, knitting, crafting 

Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions --pin cushion dolls, crazy quilting, small stitching projects 

Mia's Creations-- making bags, quilting, crafting

Mooshie Stitch -- embroidery

Paisley Rain Boots --writing, photography

Phoenix Heirlooms --quilting, sewing, textile art, painting

 Section Twenty Four

Pug Mom Quilts --quilting, pug doggies 

Quilt Fabrication -- quilting

Quilting through Rose-Colored Trifocals --quilting, nature 

Rosy Stitches -- cross stitch, beading, crochet

Sewing After Seven--sewing, quilting

Shauna's World --quilting, digital scrapbooking 

 Section Twenty Five

Shirleystitches -- embroidery, family 

Stitch Duchess Crazy and Sane-- quilting

Stitching in Crosses and More --cross stitch, growing orchids, reading 

Stringing Fool --photography, create nature inspired jewelry

Sunshine Reflections --paper crafting, sewing 

Tanya Quilts in CO-- quilting 

The Crafter's Apprentice--crafting

The Dusty Cellar --travel photography, historic places photography

The Flying Needle -- cross stitch

Section Twenty Six

The Quilting Queen Online --quilting, crafting, cooking, gardening 

The Summerhouse by the Sea--crochet, sewing, papercrafts 

Things I Make --quilting, sewing children's clothing, cookie decorating

Through My Window -- cooking, knitting, fiber art, art quilting 

Tosty's Quilting Tidbits --quilting

UK City Crafter -- quilting, sewing,crochet

Under An English Sky --homeschooling Mom, knitting, gardening, stitching 

Valley Primitive Stitches -- primitive creations

200-500 Followers

Section Twenty Seven
A Cozy Little Place for Stitching-- cross stitch

Apple and Apricot -- mixed media, embroidery, sewing, crochet

Back Porchervations-- reading challenges

Butterfly Tales : Metamorphosis from the Cocoon --photography,journaling, travel, family

Caring Stitcher--cross stitch, bead weaving

Cottage Wishes-- repurposing, junking, painting furniture, mixed media

Crafty Cat -- cross stitch, beading, sewing

Crafty Gardener --gardening, crochet, knitting

Creatin' in the Sticks--sewing, quilting, crafting

Section Twenty Eight

Donna's Designs --paper crafts, gardening, photography 

Dragon Stitches and Stuff by Astrid --cross stitch, Pintrest interests

Dreaming of Vintage --scrapbooking and crafting

"E." Lizard Breath Speaks -- travels, camping, hiking, kayaking

From My Carolina Home--quilting, crafts, hikes, sewing

Gilly makes--sewing, crochet, knitting,quilting

Good Golly Ginger --fabric, quilting

Section Twenty Nine

Hooked on Quilting --quilting

Joyce's Love of Life --cross stitch, greeting cards, scrap booking

Julie's Lifestyle--crochet, knitting, cooking 

Kitten Stitching --cross stitch

Kwilty Pleasures -- quilting 

Little Wandering Wren --life in Australia, travel, family/pets

Lou Messugo -- life in France, travel

Section Thirty

Michell's Place --patchwork stitchery, cross stitch

Moose Bay Muses --quilting

Mosaic Magpie -- needlework, smocking, crazy quilts 

Mountain Quiltworks --quilting, photography, outdoor life

Needle and Hook --Tambour embroidery, needleembroidery, sewing 

Nellie's Nest --paper crafting, sewing, gardening 

Normandy Life --life in France 

Patty's Pretty Things --paper crafting, crochet, sewing

Picking Poppies --lifestyle, photography 

Section Thirty One 

Pretty Little Things in a Box--cross stitch, knitting, crochet

Sew. Darn. Quilt -- quilting, sewing, cross stitch, mixed media

Sew. Knit. Create.--sewing, knitting, home decor, cooking  

Sew Many Yarns --quilting, embroidery, knitting 

Shelia's Quilt World -- quilting, wool, embroidery

Silly Goose Quilts --quilting

Silver Nik Nats-- jewelry designs

Step by Step until you can run--reading, writing, traveling, music

Stitch Bitch -- cross stitch

Stitch Lines --quilting, gardening, reading

Swapping Howdies --photography, digital design, crafts,... life in Munich, Germany 

Sugar Lane Designs --quilting, recipes 

Section Thirty Two

Super Mom-No Cape!--sewing, homemaking, recipes, crafting

Todolwen (old to new)--creating from old, tattered, and tarnished

The Alchymyst's Study--cross stitch, sewing, knitting

The Whimsical Dowager --wool projects, paper arts, mixed media, jewelry making

Thrift Shop Commando -- thrift shopping, sewing

Val's Quilting Studio --quilting

Villa Loredana - life in Croatia

Section Thirty Three

What Happens at Grandma's-- quilting, crafting with grandchildren 

Wendy's Quilts and More -- quilting, cross stitch, embroidery 

Wisdom with Needle and Thread --cross stitch, needle point, paint Limoges boxes 

wont-to-be-quilter-- quilting

World of Charity Stitching 

Greater than 500 Followers

 Section Thirty Four

Altered Book Lover --mixed media, altered books, gardening

Artsy Fartsy --crochet, mixed media, Pirate back yard

Aunt Marti and 52 Quilts-- quilt making, knitting

Books, Books, the Magical Fruit -- book reviews

44th Street Fabric--quilting 

Faeries and Fibres --quilting 

Section Thirty Five

Fit, Fun and Fashion After 40

Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

In The Boon Docks --quilting, sewing,crafts, raising kids and chickens 

Kiln Fired Art -- arts and crafts

Martha's Favorites -- tea cups, Tea Party Tuesday, decorating, grandchildren

Mindy's Needlework Mania --crochet,cross stitch, needlepoint 

My Painted Garden-- painting, gardening, photography

PREFERABLY PRIM-- primitive country decorating, cross stitch

Section Thirty Six

Roses, Lace, and Brocante --photography, gardening, travel 

Sew in Love -- needle arts, sewing

Stephanie Farris --lifestyle

Stitch and Quilt --crafting, crazy quilting, quilting 

Suziquesthreadworks --mixed media, lace/fabric journals,creating with beautiful laces

The Enchanting Rose -- crafting, recipes, spiritual encouragement, book reviews

Thistle Cove Farm --farm life, travels 

Under a Creative Spell --paper crafts, card making, home decor, mixed media

Thanks so much for visiting us all here at the
 2015 Grow Your Blog Party --- just a reminder that a link to this post will remain on my sidebar this entire year -- so feel free to come back and visit whenever you wish!


ps -- a huge thank you to my dear friend Karen Valentine for her help in the design of this years party badge.  Karen is a wonderful resource person for bloggers everywhere.  If you would like help with your blog design, need help setting up your blog or making changes -- she would be happy to help you!